(Event) BugBet: Borgleball Playoffs

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(Event) BugBet: Borgleball Playoffs

Post by Master Buggie » Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:42 pm

Once more flipping through the latest headlines on your datapad, you happen to notice a vaguely familiar advertisement in the corner, beckoning you to wager on the upcoming Borgleball Playoffs, an annual sporting series that is especially popular among Humans. You briefly recall having heard about some of the spectacular last-second finishes from last year's Borgleball Playoffs, and, remembering the buzz that surrounded the Galaxy Cup earlier in the year, a familiar fire begins to burn within you.

You don't usually click ads, in fact, you just renewed your subscription to a program installed in your datapad to block them, but this advertisement didn't do any harm last time around, so you figure you can be safe to click it once again. A flashy HoloNet site loads on your screen, filled with colorful banners directing you to bet on the Borgleball Playoffs and earn a fortune. The banners are complemented by images of sentients from all over the galaxy dressed in the colors and regalia of their team. Are you a gambler? Even if you have been known to stay away from vices such as this, you can't help but feel somewhat drawn in by the prospect of profit. Before you can convince yourself to close the tab, you find that you're already surveying the odds.

If there's credits to be made, why not put down just a little money?



This is a small event that I am running based on the NFL Playoffs, which is taking place today through early February. This event will be strictly played with in-game currency. No offer of real life currency is being made, and the wagers are only for the purposes of earning credits in-game. No real life monetary rewards are being offered or negotiated, and no real life monetary rewards are to be offered or negotiated by anyone on this site.

With that out of the way, this is a small event that will be run largely the same as the Galaxy Cup event that I ran earlier in the year. What will be happening here is that I'll be posting real life game lines for these real life games under the guise that your character is betting on "Borgleball Playoff" matches. Like I wrote above, just pretend that your character ran across a betting site and is considering laying down a few wagers on the tournament.


I'll post game lines for this weekend's four games. Essentially all you do is read the game lines (I'll teach you how below if you don't remember how), you put down any amount of credits that you can afford on any piece of action you want, and if you win, you get paid. If you lose, you pay. There are no ties in the Borgleball Playoffs.

Give it a shot! There are users who made over a million credits on the Galaxy Cup event, so if you're looking for a new starship, this is the easiest way to get it, in my opinion. Spreadsheet has over one million credits to use for house money, so that means you can earn a lot of money for yourself if you play along, particularly if the house loses big again!


Easy peasy. Let's use this as an example:

Commenor (-200)
Corellia (+170)

In this situation, Commenor is the favorite (note the -) and Corellia is the underdog (note the +). A wager on the favorite, Commenor, might be risking 20,000 credits to win 10,000 credits. Alternatively, you could bet 15,000 credits to win 7,500 credits. At the end of the day, the bottom line is the same. You will have the opportunity to win your original wager, plus half of what that original wager was. In other words, risk 200% of your wager to win 100%.

Alternatively, you could take the underdog if you want to bet on the upset! An example wager on the underdog, Corellia (note the +), might be risking 10,000 credits to win 17,000 credits. Alternatively, you could bet 20,000 credits to win 34,000 credits. Again, the bottom line is the same; you have to risk your wager in order to win your wager, multiplied by 1.7. Another way to think of it would be to risk 100% in order to win 170%.

It should be noted that in some situations matchups will have two teams with + signs next to their line. In these games, there is no clear favorite; the oddsmakers are undecided. This will very likely not be relevant with the Borgleball Playoffs, but I do need to disclose this information, regardless.

The math is not difficult to work out once you wrap your head around it, but let me know if you still need an explanation.

At its base level, point spreads are a handicap toward the underdog, making the outcome as close to 50/50 as possible. A point spread will make betting on the favorite or the underdog equally attractive, since the favored team must win by a listed margin in order to cash. The underdog will obtain a buffer set of points to lose the game by, or, may win outright.

Let's look at another example using Corellia and Commenor, but this time with a point spread involved:

Corellia +14 (-110)
Commenor -14 (-110)

Commenor is the home team (listed second) and is favored in this example. The -14 you see above indicates that Commenor is a 14-point favorite, essentially meaning they have to win by more than 14 points to cover the point spread. Corellia is a 14-point underdog in this scenario. If they win the game, or lose by fewer than 14 points, they would cover the point spread instead. A Commenor win of exactly 14 points would result in an push, with all wagers returned to bettors.

As you can see, there’s another number in our example above. The -110 in parentheses should feel familiar to you if you read the preceding section; this figure is expressed in the same fashion as a game line, with either a negative or positive sign in front of the number. In this case, in order to place a wager on either side, you would have bet 11,000 credits to win 10,000 credits. You will see similar figures with point spread betting, as opposed to what you saw during the Galaxy Cup with heavily favored teams.


Please post the following if you'd like to place a bet:

Your Character's Full Name
(Team 1) vs. (Team 2)
Team you are Betting on
Amount of Bet

For example:

Master Buggie
Commenor vs. Corellia

After that, you must send your credits on the SLIU to the user named Spreadsheet. Simple as that.