And So...Her Journey Begins...

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Re: And So...Her Journey Begins...

Post by Kita_Ikari » Mon Jul 08, 2019 4:01 am

(Ooc: @Ben Kenobi, skipping my turn. Ur next. Not waking up til I'm on the ship guys. -_-' )
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Ben Kenobi
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Re: And So...Her Journey Begins...

Post by Ben Kenobi » Wed Jul 10, 2019 7:45 pm

The spear of yellow burned brightly where Jacobi Wylcott should have been and in his place was left a resultant detonation; it was small in scale but enough to pitch the Mandalorian Warrior onto his backside. In that same moment Prazutis wheeled around behind Ben, then came the impact of the blast. As mentioned before it was a small scale detonation and with Kenobi already at an extended range it did little more than temporarily damage his vision with spots due from the light of the blast. He recoiled his spear and rotated, Prazutis was giving his back to Ben, however, he was at too close a proximity for Ben to sweep his saber into his foe without giving then Jacobi a massive opening on him!

Torn, he made his choice and sent the haft of his staff screaming out towards Prazutis’ head. Whether it connected or not it would force the assassin away and offer up some breathing room for everyone as Ben intended to disengage, reevaluate the situation and circle back in if plausible. This event was prompted swiftly by Jacobi’s own attack in which he sensed coming only too late and the Mandalorian’s knee collided with his chest and the elbow came down on Ben’s shoulder.

Blunt impacts hammered true, Ben Kenobi was sent sprawling backwards and away from Prazutis and Jacobi. He fell hard in the sand though he wouldn’t be such an easy target and so he lessened his prone profile and executed a swift roll horizontally away from the ongoing melee. By the time his roll terminated he was well outside of melee range.

Climbing up to a knee he surveyed the combat, it wasn’t going well. It seemed these two foes had tricks aplenty and they weren’t afraid to use them to their betterment. It wasn’t so much a natural melee or even a trio of enemies but more so it felt as if this was a grudge match between three men that refused to back down. They were out for blood or so it seemed. Ben calmed his mind and ensured such emotion didn’t cloud his own actions… But it was clear that this fight had vicious elements in it that did not bode well.

The impact to his chest was a bruise, nothing more. His shoulder though pulsed with pain, possibly a fracture or bruise to the bone. Going forward he would have to play things more cautiously…

For the moment the melee only consisted of Prazutis and Jacobi…

Jacobi Wylcott
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Re: And So...Her Journey Begins...

Post by Jacobi Wylcott » Thu Jul 11, 2019 9:56 pm

Knocking Kenobi to the side was a minor victor in itself, the Jedi Master was a worthy opponent and any strike was one well worth mention. It seemed however that the other foe seemed the more agitating as once more he avoided Jacobi’s attacks altogether and not only that he made an attempt to put the Mandalorian in a bad way where he’d be vulnerable - had Kenobi maintained his ground then surely the ruse would have bore fruit for Jacobi was set to land well when an invisible hand snatched his lead leg out from under him and it dumped him into the sand.

Rolling from his stomach to his back he now had Prazutis towards his feet with Kenobi out to his left by some reasonable distance - clearly the Jedi was falling back and assessing the situation which was to the benefit of the Mandalorian as now he could focus his full attention to the Dark Assassin. Already he was running quick scenarios through his head to combat and break this foe in half - but then he received an update on his HUD that the target was onboard the Jai-Galaar and so was Mercy - it was time to extract, not to extend this fight.

For that matter this fight was non-pivotal. This was not the center of a larger battle nor was it the tipping point in some crucible of war. It was a simple skirmish action in which the objective had already been achieved. It was time to make away from this rathole. Granted - leaving enemies alive was a bitter pill to swallow - but if one thing that Jacobi Wylcott had learned since his awakening and slow reconditioning back towards his moniker of terror it was that pride blinded what was important and humility wasn’t a bad thing even in the heart of a Dark Lord.

Swallowing the pill whole, he made his decision.

Bringing up his right arm to aim at Prazutis he ignited the wrist mounted flame thrower which sent a solid sheet of burning flames right at the foe. If it burnt the assassin then all was well, if not it would buy Jacobi some breathing room. Not waiting around to see the results - his jetpack flared once more but this time it was not a burst to send him into the offensive but it was a sustained burn.

He shot away from the melee and up into the sky where he landed firmly on the deck of the Firespray-31’s extended ramp. As the Jai-Galaar screamed away into the clouds above - Jacobi watched Prazutis and Kenobi - he vowed silently to himself that this would only be the beginning.

High enough into the skies of Tibrin now that the island was but a tiny speck, Jacobi turned away and stomped into the hold of the ship, slamming the ramp and sealing the door closed behind him. His visor flashed down at the unconscious youth and then to Mercy. “Let’s get out of here. It’s a few days from the Reach.” With a flex of his hands his wrist blades retracted into his gauntlets.

He reached down and grabbed the girl by the foot, dragging her along until he unceremoniously dumped her within the range of a small containment field - it activated at his command and so the girl would be confined for now. They wouldn’t have to worry about her trying to escape while their backs were turned.

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Re: And So...Her Journey Begins...

Post by Neive Undant » Sat Jul 13, 2019 9:25 pm

Prazutis surveyed the situation only a moment, seeing not only the staggered position of Kenobi and Tormentous prone on the ground, but also the ship that the dark lord had arrived in now beginning to prepare for takeoff. Prazutis needed once more to act quickly before this opportunity he now held would be lost.

Quickly, Prazutis jumped forward at Wylcott before seeing his arm raise, a heil of Fire bursting from his arm and engulfing Prazutis, charring his armor and blocking his vision. His spirit had been thrown off, just for a moment he was thrown off his guard, falling to a knee before he saw Jacobi enter the ship, and the firespray began to take off.

"No... You're not escaping me!"

Prazutis stood, regaining himself and reaching out, gripping the back thrusters of the ship before they gained too much speed or power, pulling them back and down towards the ground with everything he had in him. Being a smaller ship, Prazutis had a fair grip, but alone, the ship would take mere seconds to escape Prazutis' grip and exit the atmosphere.


Prazutis, at this point, knew that the Jedi would help if he could at all. If not to bring down Wylcott, then to save the captive girl that was now aboard the ship. He wasn't sure what the Jedi would do, but at this point, he was almost sure that Kenobi would prioritize rescuing the girl and taking down the mandalorian over simply attacking Prazutis himself.

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