First mission

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Master Buggie
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Re: First mission

Post by Master Buggie » Tue Jan 05, 2021 2:22 am

Buggie stopped in his tracks and held his hands out away from his body to signal that he didn't wish to draw a weapon. He turned slowly at whoever had yelled out to him and saw a disheveled looking spice addict. Judging by their face, Buggie estimated that they were Mimbanese. More important was the blaster pistol that they had pointed at his torso. Buggie could handle this thug, but the Mythrol that approached from the other side of Buggie would be likely to blast him just as quickly as he could put down the red-fleshed Mimbanese.

"You're an offworlder," the Mimbanese observed, looking Buggie up and down, "Good. The Hutts are out searching tonight, and you're our ticket off this moon."

The Mythrol nudged his blaster up against Buggie's back and commanded, "Take us to your ship."

Buggie protested, beginning to say that he had no ship and that they were both mistaken. That lie was met with a shove to the ground and a kick to the midsection. The Mythrol's foot probably took the worst of it due to Buggie's hardened carapace, but all the same, the message was received. Buggie got up and was forcefully guided toward the spaceport.

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Neive Undant
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Re: First mission

Post by Neive Undant » Thu Jan 07, 2021 9:43 am

Prazutis looked over the spaceport, tracking the fearful source of his sights. Focusing again on physical sight, he saw the same Rodian that the recruit pointed out.

Good observation... that seems to be him.

Prazutis reached out his hand, focusing on the Rodian and grasping onto the man through the force, holding him in place.

Go and greet the man.

The blue skinned Rodian stared forward towards a landing pad, and hoped that the thugs he had to deal with would come through with a way off-world. With the public transports paused for the Hutts’ search, he was desperate as any others to get off-world... but the data drive he held that was at one point meant to be given to Alliance loyalists that came from Tython, only to be told the Empire was on to the scheme. Sending Coaxium to Alliance ships in order for them to be able to jump to hyperspace in the case of invasion...

Now, with the Tython Loyalists formerly his ride off the planet, he had to rely on the thugs to get out of the system.

But as he suddenly felt a pressure throughout his body, holding him in place... the fear he felt instantly spiked, yet he said nothing.

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Re: First mission

Post by Kyrsha Heaken » Sun Jan 10, 2021 11:26 am

A bit taken aback by the action she went to the Rodian.
"going somewhere"
The fear in the Rodian rises not being able to move but not anwsering
"Holding back any informantion from us isn't in your best interest you know"
Searching the Rodian Kyrsha found the data drive. "Well, what do we have here?"

She quickly puts the data drive away. Now came the time of deciding of what to do with the Rodian.
Knowing if they let him go would lead to him being either captured and telling them what happend which would lead to his dead.
She hadn't got time to think as the enforces were comming closer to them.
"Fine"she muttered to herself, returning to her surperior, they knew they had to leave fast before the enforces searches them. Letting the Rodian go
"So where to now, we got the data disk."
Looking at him she saw he was occupied with something else, looking of to a darker lit part of the spaceport.
She just saw 2 creatures scurying away, thinking nothing of it despite well everyone running away or hiding from the enforces.
"Sir?" she asked

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