A Rock and a Hard Place (Jom)

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A Rock and a Hard Place (Jom)

Post by Master Buggie » Sat Jul 13, 2019 8:38 pm

***Outer Rim Territories, S-4***
***Corporate Sector, Issagra System***
***Issagra Space Station, K'ellam's Den***

"That's my man," Buggie murmured to himself, as he subtly looked over from his untouched drink to the downtrodden Human walking away from the sabacc tables.

Bat Tamoth was criminal slime-- provided Buggie could still say that about someone else. While Tamoth was slime, it was true that the man was also well-connected enough to have access to an array of illegal starships and starship components. Tamoth ran his own garage where he switched transponders, installed illegal military-grade modifications, and moved starships restricted from private ownership or even ones blacklisted from Imperial Bureau of Ships and Services registries. In the Corporate Sector, where the Espos were ever-vigilant of operations such as Tamoth's, he was one of a few who managed to remain in business-- and he was paid a handsome fee for it.

To his detriment, Tamoth usually spent most of what he earned in gambling dens such as K'ellam's, and that weakness made him ripe for exploitation by the Blue Star Pirates. While the history between the Blue Star Pirates and the Corporate Sector Authority meant that this sector was the last place Buggie should be, he saw the opportunity in Tamoth's business. It was said that Tamoth had just acquired a functional CEC Heavy/Light Attack Fighter 500, which was a vessel that the Corporate Sector Authority had historically purchased under contract with the Corellian Engineering Corporation. Having one of the ships that the Corporate Sector used to defend its territory would be valuable, especially as far as gaining access to the hostile sector. Tamoth, with any luck, would be vulnerable enough after a bad night at the sabacc tables to exchange the ship for credits, provided Buggie could convince him.

As Tamoth made his way toward the exit of the gambling den, Buggie slid a credit chip out of his pocket to cover the drink and prepared himself step out himself and blend into the regular space station traffic as he pursued.

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