April 2021 Writing Prompt

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April 2021 Writing Prompt

Post by Master Buggie » Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:08 pm

Neti boy, our guest judge, has decided on our writing prompt for this month:
April 2021 Prompt wrote:Your character has a DIY project. Examples may include building a desk, adding on to their living quarters/home, or furnishing a ship cabin. Describe what the project is and how it is accomplished.
500 words is the limit, as always. Please turn in your responses by the end of the day (GMT) on April 14th, 2021. Rules and general introduction here.

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Slade Xandir
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Re: April 2021 Writing Prompt

Post by Slade Xandir » Thu Apr 08, 2021 6:09 am

"I want it to leave him just on the verge of unconsciousness." His scowl deepened as he deciphered cryptic images with a critical eye. It had to be perfect. Slade didn't necessarily want to kill him, but just leave him breathless. Get his adrenaline pumping. Make him want MORE until he could want NO MORE. So he could tire him out, without laying a hand on him, or interacting with him, whatsoever. The goal was to play smarter, not harder. "There's people that are professiona-", Kressara began, her arms crossed and her confused gaze laying on the document in his hands. He silenced her with a look, causing her to toss her hands up and leave him to it. He would have his victory over his child. There would be no more sleepless nights with a howling demon baby, or random zoomies and homewrecking debauchery or space putty in his shoes or the toilet seat - No More.

The contraption called for long series of pipes, durasteel strips and bolts, rollers and tracks. It took just a few more minutes of staring at the setup, turning the manual upside down, rightside up, and more tilted to the left than the right as he got an idea of it all. Ordered off of Nebulas Prime, it cost quite a few credits. He cared little for that - He just wanted the end to the chaos which was The Prince. Placing pipes into their interlocking nodes, he began the soldering process, heating the metal with the blowtorch, and only using the lasers of droids where his torch was too big to wiggle through the thinner gaps. First the top wave, something well over his height by atleast another 4 feet. He built the higher rounds first, smoldering the left bit of the loop to its proper pipe set. Mirroring the other side of the frame, eventually he set them freely to each other, and basked them together in molten heat that sealed their fates this day. Running a hand down the sliding pipe, he glanced at the manual again, noticing the second roundabout that required a more keen eye so it wouldn't accidentally send his child careening off into the wilds. Ensuring he got the correct distance for the underlying poles, he tacked them in place with their placeholders, mashing the metal nails through, and burned them in their coffins. Now that the outer frame was crafted, the tracks themselves were prepared to be lain. That took little effort, merely placing the flat boards upon the start and finish of the 'fun time ride' and burning them into place. The car itself had been premade, and he sat it on the rollers, testing the seatbelt and latch. A gentle push confirmed the unpowered car was magnetically attracted to the track, and wouldn't unhinge. Wires became live with the push of a few buttons-

And the baby's roller coaster was born.

"Great, now get it out of the kitchen."
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Jacobi Wylcott
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Re: April 2021 Writing Prompt

Post by Jacobi Wylcott » Sat Apr 10, 2021 5:01 pm

He was finally prepared. His project had been a true DIY project - but not in the normal sense of a material item so much as it was a biological one. Sithspawn were such fickle creatures. Bent to the will of their creator and shown to the world as abominations of creation itself. Darth Tormentous cared not for the labels it would inherit: freak, monster, living nightmare. What he cared about was its ability to get the job done. A holocron sat nearby with the specifics on what he must do here.

Every portion of this project had to be churned out to perfection for one single misstep would create a disaster of untold proportions and when dealing with Sithspawn should you create something awful and uncanny then you were really in a bind for the creature would be strengthened by the Dark Side of the Force itself and could easily carry out its destructive tendencies on its creator! The painted circle across the stone floor was delivered with the blood of the finest slaves taken from the pit mines of Gala. Strong men and hard women who were not afraid of doing whatever it took to survive in a slave’s life. Their sacrifices here would go far to opening the gate of the void itself and granting access to the Dark Side’s most wicked nature. Torches were lit at specific intervals while censors of incense surrounded a station where decanters sat filled with the chemicals necessary to begin the alchemy process.

Checking the holocron’s projection one last time for clarity, Tormentous summoned the skeins of sorcery itself and with both hands outstretched he brought forth a vivid picture from the aether. A bubble formed in the middle of the circle and floated steadily. The shape was dark yet colorless in hues not yet even named. Tormentous’ enchanted words given form by the ancient Sith tongue gave the sphere its contiguous shape where it remained perched above the stone floor which itself was now beginning to heat up with the proximity of such vile powers. Granted time to release the sphere the Dark One maneuvered to the decanters where he cursed them with a sorcerer’s tongue and flung the entire contents including the glass fixtures into the midst of the stone center.

Shattering the liquids spilled out, glass shrapnel scattered yet melted in midair and added their rainbow of colors to the forming mixture which was now steaming as if an entire copper cauldron was beneath it while in truth it was the width and breadth of the Dark Side’s very hand. Tormentous barked a command and the sphere lowered into the mixture, the melding process brought forth the echoes of eternity itself from the past schemes of so many Dark Lords and even lesser sorcerers who had enacted these very plans. The final piece of the puzzle was at hand.

Mixing the contents took hours on end and each and every step he followed the recipe to the letter through the assisting aid of the holocron. Finally complete he dipped a ladle into the steaming pool and withdrew a portion of the chemical. Pouring these contents into a fresh decanter he lifted it up to view in the sun.

“Finally, with this I shall grow an illustrious mane of hair that will put Sovereign to shame!”

The hair growth formula complete - his bald days were now over.

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Re: April 2021 Writing Prompt

Post by Zechs Merquise » Sun Apr 11, 2021 5:08 pm

It started with a box like nothing good often did. A box with a set of instructions. Guidance to some. To ignored by many. Zechs was neither. They were iron clad rules to be followed to the letter and any divination from them was a hearsay demanding immediate execution.

He jested. It was just instructions, but only an idiot discarded them. They were the dullest gift from far to clear the way the box of pieces and parts. A gift to free his mind from thought, so his hands might follow those distant commands.

Two droid helpers assisted him. One to make him a sandwich. The other to keep the iced beverages coming. Tea this time. He’d need his wits to rest, but his hands steady.

He started with step one. Went on to step two. And all of a sudden he was on step three. Zechs went through the motions as he kicked on some tunes. The latest jizz to sway his hips to.

Step this. Step that. Twirl this. Sit on that. Instructions. A glorious thing. It let him not think while doing a thing. It was like so much in life. Best to not think while doing your thing.

On for an hour, Zechs tumbled about, reread the same passage a few times too many, and dug for parts. A missing screw. An extra tooth. Something painted blue. Some he wasn’t sure what they’d do.

Soon, the work was done. Only two extra parts. No more sandwich. No more mindless fun. No more daydreaming to paper commands. Back to the waking world full of thoughts not worth printing.

So Zechs stood up with a mute glee and beheld his new... Well, someone else’s creation. A toothbrush extension for his medical droid. Now, it was time for droid three and the best piece of all.

A piece of chocolate cake.
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Neive Undant
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Re: April 2021 Writing Prompt

Post by Neive Undant » Sun Apr 11, 2021 9:52 pm

Prazutis sighed. Again tasked with menial labor due to everyone else being busy. Now he had to make a new desk in his own office...

The kit came in and it was the standard layout, the plank on top, legs, with pegs on 2 of them, compartments to hold parchment, and a bag full of hardware to use in the process. Brackets, screws, and a single screwdriver the size of one of Prazutis’ fingers.

Tossing aside the tool, Prazutis lifted his arms, reaching out with the force, letting the kit float in the air, every piece moving to where he intended to place it.

The legs were pushed to the bottom of the planks, and the L brackets were placed on them to connect, Prazutis making the screws spin before driving them into place to connect the leg and the plank to the bracket. This held the legs in place, 2 brackets on the inside of each leg, connected to the top as well.

Prazutis turned to the metal compartment, sliding the wheels into the tracks on the sides of the drawer meant to go into it and setting metal caps onto the ends to prevent the wheels from sliding off. He then installed the wheels and the drawer into the compartment’s interior, placing the same caps at the front of the track of the compartment itself.

Once the legs were in place, and the metal compartment was ready to be added, it hooked onto the pegs via holes in the left side, and then Prazutis screwed the compartment into the legs fully through the thin metal.

Everything went fine, and the project was done, until one of the screws from the compartment sank too far into the leg, detaching from the metal and leaving the compartment hanging on one corner.

Prazutis was furious at his own miscalculation, anger welling up inside him from the simple mistake. He pulled his armor’s arms out to the sides, and in turn, he ripped the 4 legs and the compartment from the top plank, breaking the brackets and a corner of the plank off in the process as the legs flew into the walls and immediately fell to the floor after, the plank following as Prazutis broke his concentration.

Prazutis looked at the mess he had created, and knew he would have to order a new desk kit...

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