At Hero's End

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Re: At Hero's End

Post by Silas Karn » Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:55 pm

As Tormentous filled the last vial Sovereign collapsed the sphere of the sorcery allowing his self to be released from his exertions. Being gifted the extracted miasmic toxins drew a smile to the priest’s countenance. Taking the time to safeguard the rare specimens from any light inspection of his temporary sanctum, an already almost impossibility, the Sovereign removed the potential temptation. Finally finished with the forging of the soul sealed blade the High Priest gave further inspection to the horrific weapon. “I would fear that blade more than any sentient currently alive, its make is beyond us all.” It was a word of warning, carrying far greater weight than any he had ever levied towards the Dark Lord. The weapon the three had crafted was on a tier higher than even the Jidai Maras which was already a living artifact in its own right.

No practitioner of the Force alive in the current age or perhaps in all the ages that had already passed could survive its wrath unchanged. However, the use of the weapon and the effect it would have upon the galaxy was a matter for another day. With their labors completed another call had to be addressed. With a snap of the Sovereign’s finger two figures swiftly arrived. Thralls of the former overseers of the starports and orbital stations soon stood at attention as the Sovereign shifted his notice.

“Ready my ship then await further instruction should Warvanus have need of the same.” As swiftly as the pair arrived the priest waved them away. Looking back to the War-Bringer the High Priest spoke in a firm tone, “I see you have learned much. Yet simply accessing the great pool of the Sith’s cumulative knowledge and power is but the start.” As it was not specifically the Sovereign’s place to offer instruction to the man that had claimed the title Darth as well as supplanted all others in garnering the place of the Dark Lord’s apprentice he left Warvanus to acquire their true understanding. All that now remained was to follow Tormentous to the source of their shared disturbance.

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