[continued] When in Hell, Keep walking. (Training)

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[continued] When in Hell, Keep walking. (Training)

Post by Corran Vellar » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:21 am

(Since I haven't been able to access the old site to post a link So I'm going to post my last post in the thread to help remind me to keep my training going, we'll see if it works xD )

29 ABY, Prison D77EA, Asteroid, Hutt space.

The days were going by and thugs were getting harder. Every day brought more torture and beatings, today things needed to start moving in a better direction. He'd been growing in the Force but there was still much to learn, today he'd push to the next step towards his break out. He needed more allies...

~Control Mind app begin~

Corran walked to the door of his cell, Vo was currently off in a session of torture leaving the Corellian alone with the guard. He took a deep breath and stretched out with the Force opening himself to the ocean of currents around him. This place was filled with rough tides from the overwhelming cruelty. His senses landed on the guard who stood in the hall. Corran focused on the man, a Weequay, studying his aura. He had no knowledge or understanding of the Force, that much was clear and he created nothing more than a small splash in the infinite Force.

Corran stretched out a tendril of Force towards the guard who stood ever vigilant. The unseen extension of the prisoner wrapped around the mind of the Weequay and he began to focus on the alien's very thoughts. Corran knew of the Jedi who could influence people's thoughts and he needed to do that to help in his eventual escape. Corran fully focused on the man's mind and prepared to influence it.

"Guard, come here and give me your knife," Corran spoke. A small spark shot down the tendril and into the mind of the Weequay. There was no noticeable reaction to Corran.

"What did you say pale skin!" The Weequay spun around, anger revealed in his eyes. "I'll put my knife in your gullet."

Corran could feel the man's mind deflect the weak spark away. His mind was stronger than the Corellian had perceived originally. He refocused his concentration and called on the Force once more.

"I said give me your knife!"

The spark shot forth once more, larger and with more intensity than the first attempt. It flowed through the tendril in the Force and hit the mind of the guard. The Weequay shook his head for a moment, his hand rubbing his temple as though he had a head ache. The Force had broken through some of the mans mental barriers.

"Huh?" The guard spoke, confusion and anger in his voice. "What did you say to me!?"

Corran became frustrated at the lack of true success and he felt his own anger rising. He looked the guard straight in the eyes and spoke again.

"I demand you hand over your knife to me, now!"

In the fit of rage the tendril shattered and a large beastial arm shot forth from Corran. It was glowed a deep red and latched onto the Weequay head. It's clawed fingers dug into the skull reaching for the mind of the thug. Upon connecting a flame traveled from Corran through the Gundark arm and into the alien's mind. The humans normal green eyes growing yellow for a brief moment.

The Weequay straightened and his eyes glazed over for a moment. His hand dropped to the knife and he stepped towards Corran's cell. Unclipping the blade he passed it through the bars. Corran smiled as he retrieved it, the connection still burning between the two in the Force.

"Anything else sir?" The alien asked without emotion.

Corran looked him over and spotted his water canteen. "Your canteen, pass it through."

Another flame shot through the intangible arm and into the mind of the alien. The guard twitched for a moment before reaching for his canteen and handing it to the prisoner.

"You may go back to your duties and not bother me."

The flames sparked again and consumed the man's mind. The alien stepped back and returned to his position in the hall, Corran could feel the man's weakened state. The Corellian took notice of the waves now being created in the Force around the guard. The Force was reacting to what he'd done. Corran pulled the hand off the Weekquay's mind and pulled it back. As he did so he still saw a strand connecting the Weequay to the prisoner. A residue of the connection Corran had forced between them with the Force. He took a deep breath feeling the exhaustion from using the Force in such a forceful way, but what other choice did he have?

~end app~

Several minutes later Vo was brought back to the cell and looked drained. Corran was sitting on his bed sipping the canteen of water and immediately jumped to his cell mates side. "Here drink," the Corellian spoke, giving the Kel'dor the water.

Graciously accepting the liquid he looked at Corran. "Do I even want to know how you got this?"

"It doesn't matter, what matters is I have it," he replied with a smile.

"I thought so," Vo muttered.

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