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Echani News Network - First Quarter

Post by Silas Karn » Fri Feb 01, 2019 9:35 pm

***Echani Sovereignty Official News Affiliation Headquarters***

The entire complex had been on high alert following the ruling couple’s diplomatic mission. Chancellor Xenolith himself had arrived in order to assure orderly procedure. The scheduled HoloNet transmission was swiftly approaching as only ten minutes remained until 1800 GST. A well refined woman of pureblood features sat promptly at the news desk with papers in hand. Xenolith, for his part, stood back with the staff. Soon the studio lights illuminated the desk as the cue was given to begin. “Good Evening, my name is Malani and this is SONA. Tonight we have been granted an exclusive interview with the Chancellor from Thyrsus as well as a critically important transmission from the Lord Sovereign his self.” Malani, who had at first looked visibly nervous, managed to regain her composure.

“Due to the impactful nature of our Lord’s message with no further delay we will now relay his transmission.” Within moments the luminous visage of Silas Karn replaced that of the news desk. Synching for potential audio delay the news affiliation plied their craft. “It has been too long since I last spoke with you all. As many have been aware I have not always remained within the boundaries of the Sovereignty, at times for lengthy missions apart. To be withheld from the quiet tranquility of Eshan or the rugged warmth of Thyrsus has been a sacrifice. This sacrifice has been a burden I have been more than willing to make.” Silas’s countenance looked almost weary as he allowed his kin a small glimpse of the pain he carried on a daily basis.

“However, it has been through such efforts that our borders have been kept safe this past cycle. Indeed, even with such sacrifice it would have been all in vain were it not for the likes of Lady Idaan or Chancellor Xenolith maintaining order here at home.” Silas gave pause as the speech was nearing its conclusion. “Recent events have left the Sovereignty without the protection it desperately needs to keep our borders safe. Without proper assets all of our work toward prosperity could be cleaved from us at any moment. It is with these concerns in mind that Lady Idaan accompanied me on a mission of diplomacy. Through that effort we have secured a place amidst the Galactic Alliance with guarantees to the defense of our borders against those that would seek to do us harm.” Another pause, though this one was for effect as no doubt many would question the rashness of such a move.

“To those that would decry a succession from the empire I must regretfully report that beyond all sense of logic it seems that the Empire, or at least a sizable portion of its military, has aligned its interests with the Sith Order. The same fanatics that burned a trail along the Hydian Way on route to sacking the Imperial Center on Coruscant, have managed to reach agreeable terms with the Empire. It is this union that threatens the security of this Sovereignty. As such this is a formal declaration of succession for all systems within Echani held space. Eshan, Thyrsus, and Exibil will now be counted among the Galactic Alliance.” Of course the evidence Silas held currently against the Empire was circumstantial in nature, however, as the vocal authority throughout the Sovereignty his word was final.

Silas had wagered that the Alliance itself would soon hold more concrete proof of his claims allowing him to skirt the issue for the moment. The issue of the Sith was far easier to lean on as Silas’s own falling out with Blood left little room for discernment on the matter. The Sith could easily be aiming to strike soon and if Blood did hold enough influence to wield the Empire against the Sovereignty, Silas had needed an appropriate counter. As Silas’s image faded the news desk once more came into view, this time with a new face. Malani began anew, “SONA wishes to thank the Lord Sovereign for his continued efforts to safeguard our borders.” Malani gave pause before shifting in her seat to face the new arrival.

“Here with us tonight as our special guest is Chancellor Xenolith. Chancellor, what brings you to SONA?” The middle aged Thyrsian smiled warmly before answering, “First of all thank you for the introduction miss Malani. As for the reason of my visit it is merely to field a few question I’m sure our audience has been already dying to ask.” Xenolith, who at this point was the foremost politician with the Sovereignty, continued to reaffirm Silas’s position. Furthermore, the wise chancellor admitted he had been chosen as the official representative for the Echani people as senator to the Alliance. This meant he would soon chose a successor as his duties would require far too much of his time to play both roles. Shortly after Malani signed off and the imaged faded, soon resuming the regularly scheduled format.

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