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Re: Fall of Tion

Post by Kell Sangros » Tue Nov 17, 2020 12:13 am

=Rhen Var In the Sky=

We Have Incoming!

One of the Squadron leaders yelled as more and more Alliance fighters and drop ships had entered the frey. They were ready for such a development. Without word two of the Razor fighter squadrons broke from their task and set to intercept the Alliance Fighters, unloading their arsenal their new task was to keep the Alliance fighters occupied. The Skies looked like hives of angry insects fighting it out for superiority. The Alliance would not yield and in a misguided way the Sith could respect that even if it were being lead by the Jedi Infidels.

The Comms were screaming likewise, chaos. With everything happeneing and new sets of orders coming in to the Sith Starfighters. A squadron of the Skiprays changed course unleashing their payloads of death, going for the Towers, and the AA Weapon placements. Proton Torpedos unleashed, aiming to eliminate the AA placements and the towers, they would Execute as many fly-bys as possible. Their new orders specified to bomb it into dust.

The Last of the Skiprays deploying Sith Troops made it to inner-walls One by one they landed unloading the Sith troopers who came out blaster rifles firing, they were close to the Emperor’s proximity. The first two of three Skiprays had been successful in taking off again after deploying its cargo. The third had landed, boarding ramp extended and more troopers storming out, but the whole squadron of soldiers did not disembark before the third Skipray caught enemy fire, turning into a fireball. This did not disuade the newly deployed troopers, if anything they fought even harder and ferociously. Not only did Tormentous have an army at his back but fodder if needed.

=Rhen Var The Outer Walls=

The Soldiers who were deployed further out had gained ground with little to no resistance. They had watched Warvanus in awe as he had unleashed the Electrical attack on the wall and then to leap on to the outer walls mowing down any who got in his path. They had tried to follow him and keep up, but because of his efforts, Sith Troopers were able to climb the outer wall, they had scattered as to cover as much ground as they could. Once in position they had opened fire down into the courtyard of the post.

The Soldiers who did not scale the wall, went through the torn gate. They had met heavy resistance. The Kill ratio was more in the Alliance’s favor because of the Battle Meditation that the Jedi Infidel Grand Master was employing. Even without it the Sith Troopers under Warvanus were a breed above the standard soldier in the Sith Military and they would not give up or be dissuaded. Physically and Mentally conditioned, each trooper was a a force to be reckon with.

=Elsewhere on the Outer Walls=

Warvanus had been staying on the wall, thinning out the Alliances forces, he eyed the ground level, and changed his tactics He dove off the wall using the Force to augment his descent where he landed in a forward roll, he propped himself on one knee near an Alliance trooper where he brought his lightsaber in a mid level strike, the strike cleaved the trooper in two. Warvanus rose to both his feet, and began his approach. He could see Tormentous not far ahead. An alliance trooper charged him, a fool who wanted glory, he wanted to be the one who would end Darth Warvanus…

Not Today!

The Charging trooper was met with a Force shove that sent him flying towards the wall of the nearest building. The force of it did not kill him, but definitely would be sore the next day if he lived to see the day.

He proceeded without another thought. He was on track to meet up with Tormentous, his efforts on the wall had paid off by paving the way for their soldiers to make the walls. Now he would relieve the Alliance forces who dared to get in his path of their lives. As he walked he saw the Skiprays deploying his troops, he smiled through his helmet. They were ahead of him, closer to Tormentous than himself but now the party would get real. Really fun he thought to himself. He kept on his path, daring anyone to take him on as he was getting bored with the fodder that the Alliance had set against them.

They were in the “Jungle” it was time for them to “Wake up” for it was “Time to Die!”
Darth Warvanus
=The Warrior King=
=The War Bringer=-

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Re: Fall of Tion

Post by Ben Kenobi » Wed Nov 18, 2020 12:47 am

The Jedi Master’s robes had frozen as he knelt within the snow, at this point he even appeared as a statue for all the snow resting upon him. Ben’s face was flush red as he continued to focus through the biting cold. His head remained bowed and his center was ever resilient. There was a looming shadow coming towards him and while in this sort of meditation he could not visually see what was going on around him he could feel the proximity of great and terrible danger. Though he had faith in Evelyn Swann to watch over him as he supported the defenders of this ill fated station.

Time was getting close for him to break his meditations away but not yet. If he could only provide the Alliance personnel with the best chance of their survival then he will have done his duty. If that meant he had to knowingly put himself and his Padawan in harm’s way then that was what must be done. This is what he had trained her for; despite his reservations about the totality of her preparedness, he knew she was ready to stand by his side and stare in the face of a true nightmare.

Finally the initial retreat had been successful. Yes, they had lost many men but not even close to the amount they would have lost had they not been supporting them as they had been. His senses expanded to encompass the larger theatre and soon enough he could sense the incoming drop ships. Three heavy landers that had heavy armor within and a half squadron of Gamma-class ATR-6 Assault Transports. He could feel that they were under fire and while it was within his ability to assist them through the meditation he was within, he could not divert his attention from the ground conflict unless he was willing to sacrifice good men. They would have to make it to the ground themselves, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t guide them to land in the best LZ’s possible to better meet the Sith threat.

Reaching outward he touched on the coordinator of the reinforcing units and showed the officer the best locations in which to dispatch the assets in question. For the Alliance Vangaurd Team he showed them the broken front gates and the positions of the Sith Soliders that were on the walls that would no doubt engage them. With this information they would be able to prepare for the fight as soon as they hit the ground.

Additionally he showed the armor assets that should they land beyond the Vanguard then they would be screened which meant the Sith would be very hard pressed to bring any significant anti-armor fire down on them which in turn meant the Alliance Armor could harry the Sith positions without fear of immediate reprisal.

The it was for the incoming Jedi. He could sense Master Winters and immediately he channeled his thoughts to her in that she should split her strike team. One should support the Vanguard’s advance while one team should drop from altitude to his position which was soon to be the pivotal location where the battle would be decided. Should she take this advice however was up to Master Winters.

With the foreknowledge that the Alliance was swift to come to their aid, Ben’s mind cut through the scenarios in which the least amount of casualties would be suffered. Until the Vanguard releived the LP’s beleaguered defenders, they were still in a dire and outnumbered situation. Especially since the Sith just dropped fresh reinforcements into their own lines which meant essentially a second wave of Sith was already right on top of them. It was seen to him that the initial order to fall back should be expanded upon. He therefore called upon the LP’s Security Personnel, there were many left but their numbers were dwindling with the severity of the Sith assault. His call was to them that they should retire from the immediate defenses and man the center of the compound where the Antarian Rangers would take up the brunt of the fight. A more skilled force that was better prepared both mentally and physically while they also knew better as to whom they were fighting.

His next orders given, the Security Teams were already rushing back to the center of the compound where they began manning the ‘keep’ of the defense. The final fall back point where every man, woman and sentient would make their last stand. Hopefully, the reinforcements had arrived well in time to prevent this fate. Screening the retreating defenders, the Rangers bravely kept up the desperation of the fight.

Overhead the bombing runs of the Sith Skiprays and Firesprays seemed to intensify. Torpedo runs can down hard on the remaining towers while the AA defenses, not being focused on the aerial forces, were sitting ducks for the experienced eyes of the bomber pilots. One of the AA positions was hit dead on and erupted in a mushroom cloud of fire when the torpedoes hit the arsenal of rounds stored in the magazines. The second position was torn to shreds by Skipray cannon fire. It was still capable of being manned later, but for now it was well and out of commission.

As these bombing runs panned out the Skiprays still bearing infantry units began to land at strategic locations thanks to the Sith’s well planned coordination. Landing within the walls was a good move that the Alliance would be hard pressed to counter. Surely they would be under constant fire from the disciplined and veteran Antarian Rangers, but Alliance aerial support couldn’t hit them without risking hits on their own forces. Fresh Sith Soldiers built on the already present numerical advantage the Sith held within the walls.

So it seemed the Sith, despite the Alliance coming in from orbit, still held control of the field…

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Re: Fall of Tion

Post by Evelyn Swann » Thu Nov 26, 2020 7:14 pm

Rising up from her kneeling position, her blaster still aimed at the approaching Sith, her grip around her vibrosword tightened. She could feel the strangling aura of the Dark Side getting closer for each moment passing by. The young lady's hazel coloured eyes squinted in focus on the foes ahead of her, as she watched the outcome of her little plan as well as the Listening Post's own little trickery. The Antarian Rangers and Varn succeeded in taking down two of the five Sith Warriors, which made young Miss Swann smirk. So far so good. People were fighting and keeping up resistance. Master Kenobi's Battle Meditation was indeed working its wonders and Evelyn knew they couldn't stop now. The most powerful of the four remaining Sith had been wounded, but his emotions shined through. Anger and destruction emitted from the man, and she was aware that a lot of the anger and fury was aimed at her. Taking a deep breath, the brunette called upon the Light Side of the Force, to stay with her, to guide her through this, as she could see that this was about to go down any moment now.

It didn't help that the other strong Sith had chosen to jump down from the walls and join in behind the Sith Soldiers storming through the outer walls. Quirking a brow, Evy began to realise, that the wounded Sith approaching her, was the infamous Tormentous himself followed by his Sith followers. He was leading them, she could read it from his confident posture and body language. Had she just been playing with fire? He certainly didn't seem too happy about the defiance, that much was she was sure of.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the Sith Warrior with the lightstaff approach some of the Rangers close to the second defense line, but she was confident in the Antarian Rangers. They had all been out in the open field and encountered the rough environment. They knew each other and their strengths, they would prevail and keep the Sith Warriors in check so Varn and herself could focus on the two that were the biggest threat right now. Which seemed like a really good idea as Tormentous directed his sword towards Evelyn while the walls began to crawl with Sith Soldiers taking cover and finding better positions to attack and make a possible push forward against the second barrier. The other two single bladed Sith Warriors seemed to be not that far behind Tormentous. That was fine with her, she had her plans. Her mind was full of different ideas and crazy thoughts. Some she wanted to bring to life, while others would just remain as ideas. Only time and depending on what the Sith chose to do, would bring her ideas to life. She would improvise.

Evelyn's sense for danger stung her mind like a flick on the ear. Tormentous was about to do something that would put them in harms way, and then she saw the arcs of lightning dancing across the wielded sword aimed at her. She had read about Force Lightning back on Permafrost. Nasty Dark Side power, the energy destructive but not impossible to counter. Sadly young Padawan Swann didn't have a lightsaber yet to deflect the dangerous Force energies, and she was not near anything that could protect her against that kind of attack. Her energy shield wouldn't be of any help here, neither would her vibrosword. But she did have an idea she wanted to put into work when the time was right. Using the surroundings would be the best defense one could use right now. She only had to be a bit more patient, it would come. She trusted in the Force.

She could sense the change in the outpost, their allies were beginning to change tactics and change positions for better defense. The Light Side of the Force itself was extremely livid around her. Ben sure could be a beacon in the dark. Though this meant now more than ever, she had to protect and defend. She couldn't move, if she did, the possible attack Tormentous had in mind would end up hitting Master Kenobi, and this was just not an option. Evelyn would stay put and use the Light Side as well as her connection to it to the best of her ability through her strong connection to the Force itself.

"Varn, take cover quickly. I need you unharmed and at your best. Stay away from melee for as long as you possibly can. I have a bad feeling. Stay focused and on your toes." Her eyes didn't sway away for a single moment from the Dark Lord. She knew his full intention was to harm, she was fine with that, she had no fear left in her being. Her mind was way too determinded to even think of being afraid. Evelyn kept Ben safe, so he could keep the Battle Meditation up for as long as possible, and even if this terrifying Sith used her as a punching bag in the meantime, she was at peace with that. They were helping these people in this outpost and the more lives they could end up saving the better.

"Ranger Srid... Varn and I got this, go further into the Command Center with our wounded trooper, I need you both to be safe, you are too exposed here. Go, now." She swiftly addressed to the green Twi'lek further behind her. Srid was the other Antarian Ranger aiding the bleeding trooper to get stabilized. The Sith wouldn't be able to get to them as long as she stayed put. Evelyn was the shield between the attackers and the ones exposed to danger within the Command Center itself. And with Ranger Varn aiding her from less close quarters hopefully, they should be fine for now. She was playing the waiting game now, to see how patient the Sith could be, if they became agitated of the lack of herself and Varn not running out there guns blazing head first.

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Re: Fall of Tion

Post by Varn Badaash » Wed Dec 02, 2020 10:11 pm

The battle was far from over as the Alliance Starfighters screamed overhead engaging the Siths. The pull back order was called for the Alliance troops but not for the Antarian Rangers. Instead they were ordered to hold the line for as long as possible. The three teams of Rangers had gathered at the constructed barricade and were exchanging strategies.

The Sith troops were landing not far from their barricade and Sith warriors were carving their way towards Kenobi, one of which was the Dark Lord himself. They were no direct match for him and knew that the Jedi would have to hold off such a force but the rest of the troops they could counter. Once again the three teams slit up, each had taken a few casualties but they were still a highly trained group of soldiers and fighting the Sith was one of their main duties. They began a series of hit and run tactics where one squad would open fire on the encroaching Sith while another moved into the next position. They knew they couldn’t hold just one spot and that as long as they kept moving it would be hard for the enemy to pin them down. The same tactics would be used on the remaining warriors that followed the Dark one, keeping their distance and always moving so the reflected laser fire would be harder to aim back at them.

Varn looked to Evelyn as she prepared her defenses, he could see the woman’s determination and patience, a patience that the Dashade currently didn’t share. He glanced down at his power mace hanging off his utility belt but decided he would respect her instruction to stay out of melee, at least for now. One idea that did pop into his mind as he took that glance was to use the electronet grenades hanging right by the mace. Varn returned his vision to the Dark one who was now charging up his bastard sword with electrical energy drawn from the dark side. He knew there wasn’t much in the way of defense that the two of them had to counteract that so Varn had to enact his plan to try and stop the dangerous attack before it started.

Raising his T-21 and flicking the power switch to max, he released two quick crimson bolts towards the powerful foe. As soon as both shots released the gun fell slack, its strap catching it and causing the weapon to slam against the Dashade’s hip, Varn’s open hands grabbed the first grenade, flipped the switch and tossed it straight at the Dark lord. The shell pulsed with energy before breaking apart and releasing the bright yellow energized net. For better or worse, Varn felt he was going to draw the Sith’s ire, he could only hope that his natural resilience would aid him long enough for the Jedi to dispatch this foe.

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Re: Fall of Tion

Post by Annan Rainwalker » Sat Jan 16, 2021 7:06 pm

Orbit of Rhen Var
MC90 heavy cruiser Liberty
Tobali system, Thanium sector

"Ops, you better have something for me and it better be good," Captain Antilles suddenly barked as he finally unglued his eyes off the viewscreen and spared a glance at the relevant console.

The Mon Cala's face almost seemed to swell as he began shouting. "Aye, Captain! The First Vanguard is about to land more or less in one piece, and all our remaining ground forces still onboard the capitals are prepped for deployment at a moment's notice. All we need is the green light from Tactical and they're gone. Also, while our deployed flights should be able to hold their own with their current numbers, all hands are at battle stations and the entire fleet's fighter, interceptor and bomber complement should be ready to deploy within standard minutes the moment the Sith fleet ships revert to realspace."

The Mon Cala fell silent as the Togruta communications officer chimed in. "Captain, we have reestablished contact with the Listening Post, I repeat," she paused, attempting to tune out some static. "Yes. We have contact. This is the capital ship Liberty hailing Rhen Var Galactic Alliance Listening Post, does anyone copy?... They copy, Captain."

"Updates on the ground situation," Admiral Valark mumbled to Antilles.

"I want updates, pronto!!!" hollered the Captain, but the Togruta, Communications Ensign Ekhura Sato, was already on it. Within minutes, the viewscreen lit up with a more or less live tactical analysis of the battle raging down below.

Admiral Valark suddenly felt something ethereal brush against his psyche. It was an usual sensation. In his decades of working with the Alliance and the Jedi, it was not the first time he had felt it. Yet, despite its warmth and welcoming nature, as someone who was not Force-sensitive, he always found it rather unnerving. Shaking off the resulting goose-bumps, Admiral Valark pressed a button by the side of the command chair, intending to order the exactly as Master Kenobi had suggested.

"Admiral Valark to Tactical. Coordinate the landing zones of the First Vanguard exactly as I command..."


Orbit of Rhen Var
Tobali system, Thanium sector

"Drop, divide power between forward and rear shields in a 70:30 ratio," Green Two instructed as he clutched down on the stick, cutting off the engines entirely and suddenly beginning coast along inside his X-wing at turtle speeds. As the concussion missile crossed the distance between them, Green Two opened himself up to the Force completely, letting the ethereal light flood in and take over the controls from him. He was from now reacting on gut instinct, letting the Force do the decision making.

In actuality, what appeared to happen in slow motion to the Jedi occurred within a grand total of approximately five galactic standard seconds.

The cut in flight speed increased the effective distance that the concussion missile had to cover get within lethal range. That gave Annan more than enough time to lock onto it with his targeting computer and release a relentless volley of laser fire, forcing the missile at a safe distance. The moment it did so, Green Two maxed out his engines and shot through the unavoidable explosion cloud, losing only about 10% of his forward shields due to debris friction and the heat of the fading explosion; unavoidable damage.

"Hmm, he's good," Annan commented as he saw the enemy craft slime his way out of direct attacks by his wingman, Green Four, and the duo Greens Three and Six, with minimal damage.

<He's slimey is what he is,> Green Four commented through the coms; he had narrowly avoided the brunt heavy laser canon fire by reversing his X-wing in a rapid-sequence clockwise barrel roll; the stray fire that had hit had bounced off his shields largely. He had, however, lost considerable shielding as a result and needless to say he was not happy. Green Six had also avoided Sovereign's onslaught without considerable damage yet Green Three had not been so lucky; one the ion canons had hit directly and paralyzed his fighter he needed immediate cover.

"Green Four, cover Green Three and Green Six and help with the entourage," Green Two ordered, as he brought his own X-wing around in an arc chasing the descending TIE. "This one is calling to me."

<Turn that sleemo into Hutt poop, Rainwalker.>

‘Follow me, fight me, save your allies. Refuse, and see their lives forfeit.’

It was true that the presence of a single powerful well-spring in the Force like Sovereign could bring about the death of many of his Alliance comrades, but that was precisely why Annan had singled him out. The Jedi smirked at the subtle Force suggestion, and could not help but convey his mirth through the Force. It was obvious to the Jedi that the TIE pilot meant to lure him, but he had intended to be lured. 'Which one of us is the trapped and which one the trap master, I wonder?' he thought to himself, knowing the TIE pilot would be able to pick it up if he was paying attention.

Cutting off a little bit of power to rear shields, Annan shifted it into his engines - maxing them out and thus accelerating through the void towards Sovereign - and armament - augmenting his laser wattage, as he attempted to lock onto Silas' craft with his targeting computer. The moment he succeeded, he would volley the TIE with a relentless barrage of heavy laser canon fire.


Airspace, Listening Post, Rhen Var
Tobali system, Thanium sector

As the dropships carrying the complement of T1-B Hover Tanks, heavy tracked T3-B tanks, Alliance Troopers and Jedi descended through the planet's atmosphere towards the Listening Post, Jedi Master Jade Winters reached out with the Force, her mind brushing in the ether across that of the legendary Grandmaster who sat upon the frozen flatlands as if he were an effigy of his own predecessor, the first Kenobi. She did not need to be told that her fellow Jedi, too, had understood the mute command.

Jedi Master Jon Wyk spared a glance at Jade by his side, and she nodded without looking at him. Master Wyk then proceeded to ignite his green lightsaber with a snap hiss and, as the dropship carrying the Jedi flew across the airspace directly over where Knight Swann was facing off against the Sith monstrosity, Master Anu commanded a small contingent of four Jedi in addition to him to jump off the dropships and dive straight down, naught but the Force to cushion their fall, towards the thick of the battle.

"May the Force be with you, Master Jon Wyk," Jade Winters whispered into the ether, as the dropships pulled a two-seventy towards the perimeter walls.


GA-LP outer walls, Rhen Var
Tobali system, Thanium sector

Finding a space of wall free from Alliance personnel, Grey Five yanked on her stick and nose-dove straight down after pulling her X-wing in a three-sixty roll. S-foils locked on the battalion of Sith Troopers scaling the walls after pushing the Alliance forces back and rushing in through the front gates, she unleashed a relentless hailstorm of heavy laser fire at them, vaporizing a considerable number of them before they ever even set foot into the courtyard of the Listening Post.

<Grey Five, friendlies at your eight.>

Jelon looked up out of her cockpit the moment she heard the transmission, seeing the Alliance dropships approaching. Knowing through a flare in the Force that she needed to provide cover, the pilot-turned-Padawan-learner brought her X-wing up and around in a J-turn, ready to shoot any offending Sith vessels out of the sky that got too close to the landing zones. She saw the dropships carrying the tanks and armor assets land and deploy their assets comfortably inside a safe area within the Listening Post. The Alliance Troopers would land in the courtyard, distal to the assets, in the thick of the Sith Troopers' onslaught. She smiled as she the masses of First Vangaurd Alliance Troopers quickly storming out of the landed dropships.

Smiling and knowing she should return to her flight, Jelan Widom yanked her stick upwards and shot back into the buzzing thick of the aerial battle, rejoining her flight and helping Gold Squadron take out multiple Skipray Squadrons using her proton torpedo payload not soon after.

The LP's defenders cheered as their morale boosted even higher not only by Master Kenobi's battle meditation but also by the arrival of reinforcements.

Five Jedi, led by Master Jade Winters, stepped out of the dropships, the frozen winds of the ice world billowing their dark cloaks and robes out and about. Multiple snap-hisses would result in the ignition of three blue blades, one green blade and a single purple one.

"Remember, brothers and sisters. Knowledge and defense, never attack," Master Winters' voice carried across the winds.

"That said, no one ever said anything about not 'defending' with style," Steev Rohjerr, Jedi Knight, quipped, twirling his blue saber around twice, leading to uniform smirks across the faces of most of his peers including Master Winters.

Within moments, the GA Troopers alongside the newly-reinvigorated LP defenders, had all gone open season on their Sith counterparts, covered by the five Jedi 'defending with style'.


GA-LP inner walls, Rhen Var
Tobali system, Thanium sector

The five Jedi in Master Wyk's half of the division used the Force to guide themselves towards the heart of the listening post, where the titans of the galaxy were soon to clash. They could tell, through the Force, that this would be the last stand for many of them, yet they also knew that there was no death. Only the Force.

Jedi Master Jon Wyk, leading four other Jedi, would land from the air right between where Padawan Swann were covering Master Kenobi from the approaching Darth Tormentous and Darth Warvanus.

Master Wyk spared a glance behind at Miss Swann to ensure the young Padawan of his support, before holding up his green lightsaber and staring on towards the Dark Lord of the Sith in silence. With a focus, commitment and sheer will that few others in the galaxy possessed, he settled into a wordless Djem So stance.
"Since the beginning of time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light."
—Journal of the Whills 1:1

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Re: Fall of Tion

Post by Silas Karn » Tue Jan 19, 2021 7:21 pm

*Orbit of Rhen Var, Warhound*

The ED Moraband, the CEC Ruination, the CEC Varkai, and the CC-7700 Obsidian erupted from their hyperspace travels alongside their compliment of fighters and bombers as planned. However, the terminal location of their arrival was not on an immediate flank of the Alliance fleet. Instead the Sith forces were positioned such that they could begin delivering immediate assistance to the troops already planet-side and it would take repositioning of the Alliance’s own fleet to directly oppose them. With the CC-7700 Obsidian facing rearward, with the three other vessels flanked out in front for maximized coverage and protection of the ship, its gravity wells were swiftly engaged. While remaining out of immediate contact of the Alliance fleet, Warhound was in range to stymie attempts to depart the system.

*Moraband - Bridge*

“Jam all communications, deploy our ground assets immediately.” A powerful boom echoed throughout the bridge followed by further orders. “I want those assets properly escorted, we can’t afford losses enroute. Fighter elements not surface bound are to maintain a perimeter beyond between us and the hostiles.” The captain of the Moraband was stern and efficient at the helm as he pushed his men to move as swiftly as possible. The available window to offer assistance would be brief and if missed the Sith were likely to be overrun.

*Orbit of Rhen Var*

A compliment of four AT-AT’s, ten HaV wA5 Battle Tanks, alongside a prefabricated fortification was rapidly loaded and joined up with proper escort. In addition, necessary infantry with droids and even speeder bikes were allocated for a massive relief effort to the embattled Sith already down on the planet. The flight path thanks to the almost passive terminal coordinates of the fleet was well clear of the engagement zone and reluctantly the landing zone was to be sixteen kilometers from the LP. The seemingly uncharacteristic approach of the Sith fleet it was not likely to draw the necessary attention required to be blunted let alone halted altogether.

*Advance Forces*

With Nil’s notification the Sovereign’s two former wingman immediately altered course, seeking to capitalize on the disabled alliance ship and those foolish enough to protect it. Opening fire with their full compliments the Alliance fighters would be given all they could handle, further isolating Annan. For his part the Sovereign sensed the nature of the adept’s flippant reply to his words. “Nil, it seems that while I’ve garnered the attention I desired the impact of my message has not been heeded as desired. Locate their flagship, it seems the arena for our engagement must be given greater gravity.” The cold tone of the assassin gave response only so much as to allow Silas to know it was processing his request. As he waited the Sovereign reclaimed control over the Defender and pivoted the ship violently back toward the fray. Despite his best efforts the former imperial vessel had lost 7 percent of its total generated power. Regardless, the High Priest allocated the full brunt of the ship’s power to its engines and forward deflector shields. This left the forward guard shy of its former maximum yet granted peak velocity. “MC90 - coordinates locked, plotting recommended flight path now.” Nil alerted as the TIE’s targeting computer lowered into position to allow Sovereign the necessary logistics to fulfill the necessary adjustments. With the engagement zone between both faction’s fighters and the skirmishes between the advance forces own ships alongside the High Priest’s former effort to draw Annan planet-side the Sovereign had a clean path to the Alliance flagship if left uncontested. With immense speed, likely unmatched by any ship yet in the field the Sovereign launched towards the capitol ship. With the young adept already in pursuit Silas was forced to make many evasive maneuvers as the skilled pilot attempted to lock onto his ship. “Our objective does not rely on the survival of this craft. All that matters now is forcing entry.” The docking bay for the vast craft soon filled the viewport of the Defender as the High Priest maneuvered to lock onto the shield generators protecting the docking bay. Despite his years of combat Silas tensed as the next few minutes carried great risk. Regardless of his best efforts evading another ship while lining up a shot was a treacherous line to walk.

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Re: Fall of Tion

Post by Master Buggie » Tue Jan 26, 2021 1:07 am

**Outer Rim Territories, Spadja Sector - Q-6**
**Edge of Spintir System**
**Keldabe-class Battleship The Azure Wind**

"Admiral, transmission from Draukyze," the communications officer onboard The Azure Wind's bridge reported crisply.

Admiral Idris called for the transmission to the holoprojector nearest where she stood and waited a brief moment for the connection to stabilize. The report on the other end came from the captain leading the detachment that had been ordered to Draukyze. It appeared that the squadron of Starviper-class attack plaforms that had been ordered to the Galidraan system had returned and reported finding nothing of interest. The squadron sent to Rhen Var, on the other hand, had missed their timetable to report in. The captain reported that all efforts to reach the squadron had been unsuccessful and awaited further orders. Without a moment of consideration, Idris ordered the rest of the forces to Rhen Var and terminated the connection.

Draukyze was vacant, as was the Galidraan system. If anything had caused the Galactic Alliance task force to cross the Perlemian, it had to have come from Rhen Var. The evidence was now too great to ignore, as was the conspicuous lack of resistance the fleet was encountering on their push to the Gordian Reach. The fleet had skirted along the edge of the Spintir system and was about to plunge into the easternmost limits of the Reach once The Azure Wind's navicomputer had finished making the calculations and transmitted them to the rest of Cresh Fleet.

**Outer Rim Territories, Thanium Sector - R-6**
**Tobali System**
**Rhen Var, Close Orbit**

"Commander! Look!" one of the pilots called to the squadron leader.

Just as the squadron of StarViper-class attack platforms was about to jump to hyperspace, a new group of signals emerged from hyperspace and registered on the sensor grid. Among them was a CC-7700; the last thing that the squadron leader wished to see. The ship must have been prepared for this entrance, as it almost immediately activated its gravity well projectors, which stopped the squadron from escaping to hyperspace.

Blast it! The squadron leader thought to himself silently before ordering the squadron to scatter and make evasive maneuvers.

It wouldn't be enough to get the squadron out of this jam. One of the fighters in his squadron had already attracted the attention of Sith fighters in orbit over Rhen Var and was in danger of being cut off from their wingmates. If they wanted to survive, their best bet would be to throw in with the Galactic Alliance fighters. It was becoming clear that acting as a neutral party would not keep the squadron from being pulled into the fight.

"Twelve, try your best to get a hold of that Mon Cal cruiser and let them know that we're friendlies," the squadron leader ordered, "Everyone else, follow me through the Galactic Alliance fleet and engage all Sith fighters that you see targeting us. Let's hope those capital ships can provide us some cover with their laser cannons."

Reports of the heavy fire zone filtered across the squadron's channel. The squadron leader paid them little mind, as his cockpit viewport was already reacting to the flashes of laser cannons pumping their vibrant energies all around him. Six, the fighter that had been pulled away from the rest of the squadron, died first, their scream sounding like a momentary blip of feedback in the squadron's comm channel. Twelve, who had been assigned the crucial task of getting the Galactic Alliance to recognize the squadron as friendlies, now seemed to be ducking out of formation, heading on an intercept vector toward a TIE Defender that was swooping down toward the flagship. The squadron leader had no time to protest or wonder where Twelve's wingmen were, as a missile rocketed past their cockpit. Where were his wingmen? Was anyone else left?

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Re: Fall of Tion

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---Rhen Var, Listening Post Interior

Ethereal lightning played across Jidai Maras as its’ lord and master had imbued the deadly Sith Sword with raw and vengeful power. Darth Tormentous would no longer suffer these fools life - every moment in his awful presence was an affront to his will. It was time for these whelps - to die. With a glare that stole the lives of many that had come before he set his gaze on the Padawan, his stride began to accelerate. His Warriors sensing their master’s desire - they did not attack the Dashade nor the Human female - they parted and continued their oppressive advance.

The Dark Lord came forth. Darkness roiled off of him, every wave slammed into the willpower of all those that were around him, so strong were those waves that they were physically harmful just as they were mentally. Of course the Dashade would feel far less of the effect yet he was not overall immune. The Padawan was now only around five paces away or so, Tormentous’ muscles flexed as his mind ran through the scenarios and possible attacks and avenues of approach. His eye ran across her body and he studied her in that moment - her stance was prepared yet she was calm in the face of his ire - this amused him. It was time to show this little child her place was not here before the devil himself.

Beneath the face mask he wore he grinned at the thought of bringing utter ruination to her very soul. For that he did not wish to kill her for it was far better to keep her alive with the scars of his passage and to force her to live with the trauma she would receive here today. On the other hand killing her would hurt Kenobi badly - at the end of the day he was the threat here, not these pests.

Perhaps he would decide later on their fate.

His arm muscle coiled and he was to come down on her with a massive overhand strike to bisect her from right collarbone to left hip. Though as he settled on this attack he felt danger spike in the back of his mind and he pivoted on his heel on instinct alone. Extending his free arm a scorching blast of energy slammed into his gauntlet and dissipated to his might will. A cascade of smoke and spars exploded from the epicenter of impact. Another round came in hot and heavy and tagged his lower right hip. The blast ricocheted off due to the angle of impact but that didn’t stop the shot from catching him off guard and he lost his footing to boot. Down to a knee he crashed and with it his concentration of the Waves of Darkness.

His dead eye shot up and looked to the Dashade with vehemence. ’Clever.’’ His mind raced with additional curses and inappropriate titles for the alien beast. That first shot was aimed well and would have hit him square in the chest. An impressive flanking maneuver - but now Tormentous was watching him and saw him huck the grenade - for this he was thankful - had the Dashade launched the grenade as his opening then perhaps the attack would have landed.

With disdain in his heart he claimed Evelyn Swann with an iron grip of telekinetic energy and pulled her to him as he stepped backwards thus superimposing the girl inbetween himself and the oncoming attack. Should this be successful then he would have no fear of his brief retreat not being enough to escape the net’s grasp. Though it was unlikely she would be able to resist him as his concentration on the Waves of Darkness had subsided and allowed a greater majority of his will to focus on controlling the girl’s being.

To his further perturbance he would not be able to renew his assault on either the girl of the Dashade. A wave of Light came from above and as the Dark One glanced to the skies he witnessed the descending group of Jedi. He spared one last look back to the duo that had valiantly stood in the face of his wrath - he would not forget them.

Leaping backwards just in time for the Jedi Master to come down from on high. Immediately Tormentous was set to the defensive as one Master and four Knights set upon him with a suddenness that he could appreciate. Their cunning was well placed yet poorly executed. He stepped aside of a flurry, sent his elbow into a chest for some breathing room and his sword looped around and the tip cut into one of the Knight’s thighs though the wound was minor and would do no harm. Lightsabers of blue and green flashed though now as the moments expanded his focus and mind set to the conflict at hand. They began moving in such sluggish motion that they were no longer of concern to his absolute control.

Not one more step backwards did he take.

The purple blade flicked in and out of attack and defense with graceful measure. But this foe was beneath Darth Tormentous and he would not suffer it. As a blue blade came in he reached up, captured the wrist and with all the immense strength of which he was granted due from the feeding he’d done so far, the wrist shattered in a hundred splinters. This allowed him to easily twist the arm to his own manipulations. He gutted the Jedi in the next eye blink and with the newly pilfered lightsaber he threw it. Though these were no mere soldiers, the targeted Jedi caught the weapon expertly - yet this instance was a window and Jidai Maras sank into the Jedi’s chest. He kicked the Jedi free and by that time the Sith Warriors joined the fray.

Lightsabers clashed and sparked, a melee of old, an epic tale to be told. The Master wasted no time in felling one of the Warriors with relative ease after a series of parries with which the Warrior had come with chaos in his heart - not wise against a Master of the Jedi Order.

Darth Tormentous glared, not that a Warrior had been slain but that the Jedi had managed this nonsense in the first place. He came forward, a Jedi was in his way and he throttled the foe with a backhand though he didn’t bother finishing him - though the Warrior he’d been fighting advanced and was also smashed aside for his trouble. Tormentous came at the Master with hatred fueling him, arcs of lightning played from his sword and slashed the ground and even coursed across the purple saber of the Master. A few errant bolts struck his own armor - he could feel the heat and the pain surged him to new heights as he fed off the feelings.

Immediately the Jedi Master was pushed backwards to Tormentous’ relentless assault. That the Master had lived this long was testament to his abilities. Forward he came. Strike after strike was turned away though in truth Tormentous was not looking for the killing blow just yet. He was setting the Jedi up for a proper end.


---Listening Post, Walls

The Sith Soldiers along the walls held a substantial position. Yet they suddenly found themselves aiming their weapons to the outside of the Listening Post as incoming drop ships were not theirs but rather marked with the iconography of the Galactic Alliance. Without being ordered to they turned their rifles onto the landing ships with the Alliance Vanguard Teams. Their small arms would do little to the tanks or the Jedi. But the infantry they could cull.

Heavier weapons such as heavy repeaters and sniper rifles though - they were turned on the Jedi. Such weapons were not so easily turned aside by the lightsaber’s blade and even then it would take a skilled one to reflect such weapons of automatic and high powered fire respectively.

As typical of a Sith force under the Warhound’s command, they never deployed to any surface assault without anti-tank weaponry either. Teams of heavy assault troops, from the safety of their walled cover, set up lanes of fire and cross kill zones where as soon as those armored assets hit the ground they were under the guns of MSMS Launchers. Four launchers in total, spaced out along the Sith held walls. Their salvos would not be so easily ignored.

Continuous strafing runs from the Alliance aerial assets were beginning to take their tolls. There was still a final wave of Sith infantry that had yet been delivered, but as these cursed Alliance fighters kept punishing their lines, the outcome was still uncertain. The only thing the Sith forces had for them that were really saving them from these harassing guns runs was that they were entrenched and in heavy cover. It wouldn’t save them ultimately but it would make it much more difficult for the Alliance starfighters to continue engaging them effectively.

There was something to note here though - the advance of the Sith infantry had been ground to a halt and now they were digging in. With so much arrayed against them they were no longer able to push but they could surely man those walls and defend and they would do a far better job of holding these walls than the Alliance had. These men were not security personnel - they were hardened veterans of many engagements. If the Alliance was expecting something swift - they were terribly mistaken.

---Rhen Var, Low Atmosphere

The dogfight was no longer stalemated - at least until the Sith Fleet reinforcements could arrive. Slowly the Sith fighters were beginning to falter thought this was in no way an indication of a rout as they still had plenty of fight left in them for their numbers were equal to the Alliances originally. In truth the dogfight over head of the Listening Post was absolutely massive and would go in someone’s historical records for certain.

Under escort of Razorfighters - a flight group of Skipray Blastboats and two Firesprays formed up and set their sights on the landing zones of the Alliance. They figured to secure safe LZs - the Sith would show them how secure those landing efforts were. Blastboats unleashed warheads targeting the dropships themselves. Even a single downed dropship was large enough to crush their payloads on the surface. Firesprays strafed infantry and their ion cannons delivered devastating blasts of blue lightning down in the direction of the Alliance’s landing armor. Where it would take sustained fire to piece a tank with anything short of a warhead - ion cannon fire would disable and pin those armor pieces down in place and render them easy targets for the heavy weapon teams along the walls.

Razorfighters did not strafe the landing zones, instead they focused solely on providing escort for this small strike group that was to waylay the Alliance’s so-called reinforcements.

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Re: Fall of Tion

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The troopers along with Warvanus continued their advance until they had caught up to their Emperor. Soldiers from both sides dropping during the fierce battle. The War-Bringer saw the wall of Jedi protecting their precious Grand Master. He laughed
“how pathetic” he thought to himself how the air was so thick with fear. Whether it came from the Jedi or the Soldiers he did not care. They all feared Tormentous. Warvanus’ job was to make sure that fear was instilled and justified. Behind them now was what was left of the advancing troopers, of course there were more scattered throughout the battlefield. He would give his Emperor first pickings. He powered down his Lightsaber and clipped it to his belt. He then made his choice, He reinforced his mental shielding (Force Shield) and then made his move.

His gaze turned to the Dashade who stood in their way , How dare he try to end the life of his Emperor. It was a futile effort. Drawing harder on the Dark Side of the Force He reached out for the nearest metallic debris he raised his hand (Telekinesis) and hurled it in the Dashade's direction

He snarled at the Dashade “You betray your species’ legacy Beast!” he said oozing contempt and hatred, through the sounds of battle he did not know if his words were heard but his contempt and hate rolled off of him much like how darkness rolled off his Master.

The troopers who followed the War-Bringer continued their assault, keeping the field clear for the Lords of the Sith to wage their battle with the Jedi. The sound of blaster fire, and explosions could be heard all around. This once quiet listening post was now a chaos filled battlefield.
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Re: Fall of Tion

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Feeling instead of seeing. This was the way in which Master Kenobi was to view this battlefield of Rhen Var. He could touch upon the feelings and emotions of each and every man and woman on this bloody field. He felt keenly every allied loss and even despite his best efforts he’d been unable to save a great many here today. In truth, he had even been forced to make sacrificial decisions of which he did not agree with. Moving a group of men here to relieve another group where the maneuvering piece would suffer casualties only to gain the greater advantage a moment later. Ben had a bad taste in his mouth from these actions, he did not believe in using brave men as pawns. His new talents in battle meditation were extremely powerful; and also terrifyingly capable of corruption and loss. When this was all over he would have to meditate long and hard on these things.

Although the meditations were supporting his allied forces to an extreme level he knew by the feelings he was gracing that it was time. He could feel the danger to his Apprentice and while not as much to his friend Varn, he was certain that Evelyn would not be in trouble without that Antarian Ranger standing shoulder to shoulder with her.

Instantly he understood the consequences of his actions. If he released the meditation to save the two of them then more would certainly perish. The Jedi in him told him this was unacceptable. In the war against the Sith sacrifice was the only thing that kept these evil doers from winning and that Varn and Evelyn too knew what they were getting into when they came here; even when they’d joined their respective professions. They knew well and good that as an Antarian Ranger and a Jedi respectively that they’d be put into these situations.

…the lives of two are not worth more than the lives of a thousand…

Or even the greater picture. If the Alliance did not hold the line here at Rhen Var then neighboring Galidraan would likely be next, or Ossus or even the greater Tion Cluster to the southeast. Two lives. His sensed closed in on Evelyn and the faint, vague picture of Varn Badaash. Two lives weren’t above that of billions.

Jedi Master Ben Kenobi was not an orthodox Jedi though. He was still human and his imperfections were there. He’d lost so many along the road to get to this point. He couldn’t lose two more when he knew that he could prevent it. Being the focal point of the matter, he couldn’t stand having to decide these things. Though his decision had been made…

Releasing his hold on battle meditation was like viewing a brilliant portrait of a million shades and images and suddenly tearing all that away to a water coloring of black and white. The sounds came back. Snap cracks of blaster discharges. Feelings died away and he began to see the carnage openly. Shutting away the implications of that which he was seeing, his senses were instinctively reaching out and he found Evelyn, his eyes snapped to her and they widened as he saw him.

Darth Tormentous… His sword arm with that vile piece of steel upraised to strike her down. It had happened so fast there was nothing even the Jedi Master could have done. But as Evelyn’s life flashed before Ben’s eyes the Dark Lord of the Sith shifted! And he was shot from the side! Ben leapt to his feet and began running forward. Evelyn was yanked hard from her standing position and a massive piece of slag was hurtling straight towards Varn.

“No!” Ben shouted a command. The steel that surely could have crushed the Dashade was not entirely halted by Ben’s command but rather redirected and it slung its way through the sky to collide with the blanketing electronet. The electrified net embraced the slag that hurtled away and landed harmlessly aside.

Ben Kenobi’s outstretched hand lowered and he took up his staff, igniting his lightspear and sending a bright yellow beam of light up to announce that the last stand of the Rhen Var Listening Post had begun…

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