Family is everything(Krox, Tormentous)

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Family is everything(Krox, Tormentous)

Post by Neive Undant » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:10 pm

In the expanse of the galaxy, everyone had their own sides. Whether it was good, evil or their own interests, there was no neutral zone in this war. However, that doesn't mean there is no place for enemies to meet out of battle.

Nar Shadaa. A planet known for its many bars and places of business throughout the planet. However, it was a planet ruled by the hutts, and Neive knew that a place that had large crowds and wasn't controlled by the alliance or empire was something rare. So, as his trilon aggressor sat in orbit, neive thought. "There's just not enough information... I need more details." He shook his head, leaning back. "I can't just send in a fleet without knowing what they'll be combated with... of course they'll be preoccupied but that still won't do it. One fleet moving in won't force their force across the galaxy, it would leave them too open. So how would they react?" Neive looked down, not sure what to do. But he knew one thing, and that was he needed more information. However, time was of the essence at the moment, and it was too late for him to try to get any more information. It was time that the other side came up with a battle plan... and if they were going to pull this off, he needed to get them to band together.
"Pilot... send word to the hammer. Tell him that it's time that I cashed in on that plan that we had." So long ago, Neive remembered. Although they were enemies, they were still family. The plan... for Neive to give Krox information on alliance plans so that they could use it against them... it wasn't exactly what they first had, but it was close. It definitely wasn't something to use against the alliance, but someone else... They would not expect a thing.
The droid in the pilot's seat opened a holo-communication to Krox's ship captain- or whatever his title was now, and spoke. "Attention sir, this is pilot droid X2-88. I speak on behalf on Neive Undant, and ask for this message to be sent to Kroxata Akhoi. Mister Undant states that he wants to "cash in" a plan between him and the hammer. With this communication comes coordinates to our current location. Such is subject to change depending on the planet we currently orbit. Mister undant awaits your response."

Neive nodded a bit. "One more message. However, don't send it verbally. I want it encoded."
"Who is the recipient?" The droid asked for clarification.
Neive hesitated for a moment before responding. "Send it to Ziost. A channel should be open for this ship. Direct it to Darth Tormentous."
The droid nodded and started the transmission.

As the message was sent, Neive knew it would meet its destination without any decoding. The sith were secretive, and their communications had to be as well, even if the other party was not apart of their ranks.

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