Fated Encounter (Ali/Kita)

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Fated Encounter (Ali/Kita)

Post by Kita_Ikari » Mon Sep 13, 2021 2:55 am

♡Outer Rim Territories - R-5♡
♡Esstran Sector♡
♡Dromund System, Dromund Kaas♡

♡The Spire Prison♡
♡3 Days before “Heros End Part 2”♡

Coming back to this planet only brought unease to Silvanius. A tall sleek dark grey tower within a mountain on Dromund Kaas overlooked the area. The sky dark with ash and clouds looming overhead.

Despite the fact she was no longer in danger or meant to remain once again in this dark pit of hell within the galaxy, the young sith apprentice still despised being there. Disembarking from her ship, Silvanius watched as guards in the distance took out a line of prisoners in chains to work, smashing rocks and doing hard labor for the Dark Lord until the time they were meant to be sent back to their cells.

Silvanius knew this was meant to break down the hopes of these prisoners. Most never made it long before losing hope in ever escaping or leaving this place. The sith had a way of breaking their captives with starvation, humiliation, treating them like mere animals. The only way out of this heavily guarded prison was death. Unless of course like the sith apprentice, the Sith Lord seeked you out for a reason. And knowing her master, they may not have lived anyhow, but instead be sent out on a seemingly hopeful mission which only ended in their demise. For which half of them committed suicide just so they didn't have endure the mistreatment any longer.

Each life here meant nothing to her master. They were nothing more than dirt to step on, or disposable tools to be used. Which is why the sith apprentice was here now. To pull out her masters "tool" from the darkness of the spire.

However, she didn't go alone. Following beside her was one of the Massassi that her Lord had brought back to their home on Moraband months back. The race stood tall, muscular with red hair and skin, donned in nothing more than their loin cloths for modesty and a belt over their chest that may have carried a weapon or two. Menacing looking, they were warriors. And servants to the Sith. They were known to remain loyal. One reason why she decided to bring one of them with her. For she didn't trust anyone on this forsaken planet that her master ruled over.


Reaching the corridors of the tower, Silvanius followed the force signature of her jedi rival. Opening a large heavy steel door, it creaked open, a cold dampness quickly sweeping over her exposed skin. This only brought back memories of the things she endured in the lower cells of the spire...exactly where Lord Tormentous had put the Padawan Aliclair for the last 6 months in preparation of weakening her, prepping her as bait to reel in her masters jedi rival Ben Kenobi.

But Silvanius knew better. Like herself this young Jedi apprentice and herself shared a similar stubborness to give in. The two both pinned as Rivals from day one, both training under the Dark and Lightsides head Masters. Both seemingly equaled in combat. And both incredibly loyal to whom they served and fought for. There was no doubt in her mind that breaking Ali would be difficult. For even Tormentous had yet to break Kita's spirit. Only time would tell...

Her footsteps echoed with a confident rythym down the stairway and into a single hall of steel cells. Dimly light by torches on the stone walls. Just enough light for Silvanius to see, but enough to leave the prisoners in darkness. Guards bowed respectfully towards Tormentous apprentice as she passed before resuming their tasks.

The familiar sounds of every human and alien voices crying out in pain, anger, and sorrow hit her ears. It was enough to wanna cause Silvanius to go into a panic attack...yet she tried to remain calm. To many memories flooding back to her that she wished she could forget them all. So many lives lost in the year she stayed there...and she had never forgotten them.

Keeping a calm composure, Silvanius approached the cell Ali was held in. The padawans arms chained to a stone wall, nothing more then a simple thin white peice of clothing which was a bit sheer covered her.

There were no baths of any kind given to Ali upon her stay in the Spire Prison. Only one the day she arrived. Silvanius knew Ali had been disinfected and sprayed down with ice cold water before given the clothes she now wore from 6 months ago. Water and food was given daily. But only enough to keep her alive.

The Padawan's current physical state was no different then her own before being discovered by Lord Tormentous. Ali had lost a good majority of her muscle tone, ribs showing and malnourished. No doubt scars had developed from the physical abuse given and from the shackles that dug into her skin with metal spikes. Even Silvanius could not rid herself of those scars forever leaving their mark on her wrist.

Typing in a few numbers into a keypad, a click was heard and the Massassi opened the door, entering the cell yet awaiting the Sith Apprentices orders.

Silvanius smirked, taking in the sight for herself at Ali's weakened state as she leaned up against the entryway. She couldn't help but take a bit of pleasure in this...especially after Ali had left Silvanius severely wounded in their last meeting on the trains in Port Puerto which if left untreated, she would have surely died from her wounds. Silvanius had spent 3 days in a Bacta tank before finally being released and preparing to collect items and build her saber.

"Enjoying your stay?" She asked sarcastically, a hand settled on one of her bare hips in her classic silver attire.
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