First Steps... (Char Dev)

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First Steps... (Char Dev)

Post by Corban Jalaar » Fri Apr 24, 2020 4:51 pm

Corban had spent alot of time as of late resting and recovering, healing from the wounds he was dealt on Corellia. He was fortunate to be alive. He knew that, and while he had not extended the hand of justice to those who tried to end his life over a few measly credits he was grateful that justice was carried out. Not vengeance, not murder but justice. At first he wanted to murder each and every single one of them but as time healed wounds he spent time contemplating this. It was like an onion he peeled each layer back until he realized he did not want them dead just to pay for their misdeeds. Their poor life choice. The company he had kept now helped him, guided him in this process. At first he did not believe it was the revered Jedi Knights who had rescued him or a Jedi Padawan. He was grateful at their timely intervention. The galaxy was an ugly place it was comforting to know good people still resided.

What was even more amazing was the fact he was told he had the potential to become a Jedi himself. Though they had made alot of emphasis that it was not a easy path, nor an easy life. At first he refused to believe them, then as he had before peeled away the layers of his disbelief until he saw the truth of it. He had not made an attempt to touch the Force or whatever it was that one does when doing this for the first time. There would be someone who would guide him, if he decided to do this.

Corban did not how long he had spent mulling this over. He knew that if he did this, everything would change. His life, his perception on the world and galaxy around him. How he saw things. It was not just a change it was a re-birth of sorts. One that Corban mulled over in his mind for what felt like months. But finally he had made his choice. He would undergo this rebirth. He would not try he would do or do not. There was no try, it was something he had heard spoken alot as of late. As they were quoting a former Jedi Grand Master of the past.

Leaving his room he made the short trip to the meditation chambers, where one of the instructors waited for him. He entered, dressed in a simple tunic. The instructor did not acknowledge him, he was an older man who sat crossed legged , his eyes closed. Corban quietly sat down and crossed his legs emulating the way the man was sitting.

"No need to be quiet, I felt your approach" He had said

Corban nodded his understanding. No doubt this man was meditating communing with the Force.

"Close your eyes, still your breathing and stretch out" the man instructed who was still meditating. As he instructed this new comer he opened his eyes and through his own eyes observed the young man before him.

He did as he was instructed, he closed his eyes, and slowly stilled his breathing, deep breaths in, slowly exhaling, he repeated the process over and over as he did so he could feel his body begin to relax after much effort to get to that state. Now he had the other senses, and with that Corban stretched out
Begin FS App 100 Word Req.

The Room was quiet, the air still he could hear his own breathing, as he stretched out with his feelings expanding his awareness the sounds of the physical realm seemed to retract as a new level of awareness was dawning, and he could perceive its energy all around him. Raw and untamed, energy he could not yet touch, or control or even access these energies. He was merely aware of its presence. Corban kept his focus on this. It was bright but no glare. Through the energy he was dimly aware of he could perceive many sensations, harmony was the strongest of the sensations. Just as sudden this new awareness dawned in his mind, it began to ebb away, he strengthened his resolve, he renewed his focus to stay with it, but this was beyond his abilities for the moment. The still quietness of the room returned to Corban’s awareness as his eyes popped open

End FS App 155/100
Corban found himself breathing hard. Sweat had formed on his forehead it was as if what he had just experienced took every ounce of energy he had. He was once again aware of his healing injuries. He looked at the man sitting across from him, who was to his surprise studying him. He rose from his seat and walked over to Corban and put his hand on his shoulder. He had a look of satisfaction on his features but only said to the young man

You have done well Acolyte

With that the man took his leave and left Corban to process what had just occurred.

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