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Arvil Kross finished his report and looked at Rhoden. “So, we know everything about the man’s personal life, little of his professional, and nothing of the task force.” Rhoden growled, ignoring the distant clangs and persistent grinding noise of the final stages of work on Outpost A-832. “Right.” Arvil said, “Sorry to say it, but it seems like we’ve hit a wall.” Rhoden shook his head, “No.” Arvil blinked, “The Empire has nothing of use to us, but the Rebellion just might.” Rhoden said.

Rhoden reached over and pushed a button, a highly detailed map of the galaxy filled the room. Pushing several more buttons and inputting a security code the holomap suddenly became much more detailed. There were tabs and lists of information, names, hardware and base descriptions, and much more which was hidden beneath the top layer of information. “As you can see, Mr. Kross, the Carbine family has a great deal of manpower.” he said. “We have an impressive amount of firepower to be sure.” Rhoden said, pulling up a particularly lengthy list pertaining to Coruscant. “However the majority of our reach is focused around well-placed and highly skilled Shadowguards like Jorvan.” he finished.

“Furthermore,” he said pushing another button. The map changed once more now showing information largely around the outer rim though with several marks and notations throughout the mid rim and core worlds. “I have fairly reliable sources of information within the fringe.”

Kross’s mouth hung open but, seeming to realize as such, he shut his mouth and turned to Rhoden. “Er… so what do we..?” he said, stumbling over the words and leaving the sentence hanging. Rhoden raised his eyebrows, and pushing yet another button turned off the map. “These sources widespread and varied as they are have provided me with the location of an Alliance Intelligence base. It is believed to be a rather high-level and detailed database of information and while well guarded it is, of course, not impenetrable.” Rhoden said, sighing “Unfortunately we only have a supposed location, we don’t know much about what’s actually there or even anything about the station itself really, so we’ll have to make passes with the Phantom’s, their cloaks should allow them to operate with ease.”

Arvil tried a weak smile, “Well… if your sources are right we’ll be well off, then.” Rhoden smiled grimly, “Indeed.” Rhoden said. He didn’t know what made him pursue this so avidly, but the task force which had waylaid his efforts to catch the rebel that had blown up a research station had bothered him. Rhoden knew that it was likely the Alliance was looking into anything they could dig up on his little Task Force by this point, but they’d have no more luck than he’d had with theirs. Rhoden suspected his deepest worry was over the Commodore, interesting as the man was he simply didn’t seem the special forces type. Lost in thought Rhoden raised his hand in a vague wave, “Thank you, Mr. Kross, you can go now.”

Rhoden sat waiting, his TIE Phantom was cloaked and the Intelligence base loomed nearby. Fortunately the base was relatively small and the force defending it virtually nonexistent, it seemed that in this case the Alliance had favored secrecy over security. The Dreadnaught-class cruiser moved off and flickered as it made the jump to hyperspace. It was time. Whether for some security reason beyond his knowledge or simple idiocy the Alliance was leaving this station virtually undefended while the Dreadnaught underwent a minor refit. Though of course, Rhoden reflected, they expected the station to be unknown to most parties, which made the attack by a squadron of TIE Phantoms the last thing on their list of threats.

There were, of course, fighters strewn about, but they gave no major worry to the finely honed skills of the Inferno Squad, for the normal pilots of the Phantom’s had been replaced with the members of the elite squad.

“Did they get a transmission out?” Rhoden asked as he dodged a volley of turbolaser fire and landed in the hangar along with the other nine fighters. “Not that I picked up, still, lets make this quick.” Pyrs said. “Right, let’s go.” Rhoden said.

Rhoden entered the corridor immediately off the hangar, and was greeted by a colley of blaster fire--some of which missed him entirely, the rest of which either bounced off his armor. Raising his blaster Rhoden fired several shots into the only rebel remaining alive, as the rest of the squad had returned fire before the first volley had even hit. The squad proceeded with the same absurd ease throughout the station.

“Not very prepared, this lot.” Raya said, nudging one of the bodies in the head with her boot. Almost as she spoke two droidekas rolled out from the end of the corridor, followed by several rebels who hastily set up an E-Web. “You just had to say something.” Molne said. Raya cursed under her breath and leapt behind cover, as did the rest of the squad. For an absolute wave of blaster bolts had been loosed from the droids and the turret.

Rhoden was holding his hand up to his faceplate in as good a facepalm as he could manage. “Make them dead, Jorvan.” he said. Practically feeling the man roll his eyes Rhoden heard a snap and several clinks. Jorvan had tore off his band of thermal detonators and linked them to detonate simultaneously. Three seconds, two, one. Rhoden slid back behind a console as fire and shrapnel flew from the end of the corridor.

The group proceeded past the mangled remains of droid, turret, and bodies reaching the command room. The door slid open and revealed, “Nothing.” Haly said sounding surprised, “Yeah, they threw everything they had at us in that last stretch.” Rhoden said pulling up a schematic of the base. There. “Right, this way then.” he said turning and running down the hallway. At the end there was a rather heavy blast door which slid open obligingly.

“We just grabbing all of it?” Kross asked, “No, we can only grab so much. Here.” Rhoden said handing Kross the data card and stepping out of the way. Kross nodded and set off to work. He was done in ten minutes, “I got a good amount of information, but we don’t have the time for anything more.” his voice was urgent and, indeed, Rhoden was beginning to feel uneasy about the time they had taken.
A few more minutes of sprinting and hopping over bodies and the squad was back in the hangar, roaring away from the station and making the jump to hyperspace. Rhoden breathed a sigh of relief as the tension left him. He’d felt certain that the Alliance would get reinforcements to their location, smiling he settled in to wait for his return to Imperial space.

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