The City of Masks (Viso, Doren and Jom. Closed.)

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Viso Gelgan
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Re: The City of Masks (Viso, Doren and Jom. Closed.)

Post by Viso Gelgan » Sat May 04, 2019 1:36 am

Gathering his small frame from the edge of the roof, Viso quickly sprung to his hands. He offered a quizzical look to the man whose name he did not know yet. The man had yet to identify himself, but the Dug figured that time would come soon enough. Instead he chose to ponder about what the man had to say. Viso did hold a very high confidence in his own abilities when it came to anything mechanical or technical. Truly, he hoped his confidence didn’t convey arrogance to this new friend he had just met. He only wanted to communicate to the man that he was the Dug for the job, the one best able for the mission at hand.

“Ship?” Viso questioned with excitement. He continued to follow the man down the stairs, “Yes… Yes, let us go to ship!”

The pair seemed to equally enjoy the views of the city during the night. It was drastically quieter than Coruscant, but life still bustled around at this hour. Viso had grown to enjoy the culture of this city, it seemed its inhabitants had a greater appreciation for their life on this planet.

Music began to dance through the street as they quickly approached a local cantina, a crooked smile could be seen on the Dugs face as he struggled to keep the pace the man did. Nevertheless, Viso could be seen scurrying about behind the man toward the starport.

The two swiftly found themselves at their destination as the man offered a card to reveal yet another beautiful star ship. It was another glorious piece of machine that Viso would get to observe in action.

“Wavedancer…” Viso repeated back to the man.

Pausing for a moment, he began remembering back to the barracks with the militiamen. Viso could often hear them rousing each other for fun; he figured it was to build a stronger bond between their ranks.

A slight smirk fell over as he figured he would do his own rousing here with the unknown man. “She is nice… No Talon though,” Viso replied in reference to Mr. Kenobi’s Corellian YT 2000 Light Freighter. It didn’t quite cross the Dug’s mind that this man might not know what he could be referencing.

The Dug chuckled to himself before settling on a more serious question for the unnamed man, “Name?”.

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Doren Vassyl
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Re: The City of Masks (Viso, Doren and Jom. Closed.)

Post by Doren Vassyl » Mon May 20, 2019 5:41 am

***Moon of Iktotch, Narvath Sector, Grid Coordinates O-14***

***Imperial Stealth Freighter Pasha Peddler, Main Cockpit***

"Kazz ma kazz!", Doren growled over the main transponder, "Finitez cetez detox?!". The Captain's grasp of Bocce was not nearly as polished as his proficiency in Hutt, but he knew enough to grasp the weight of his present dilemma. The journey, despite the young officer's neurotic ticks, had been relatively smooth up until this point. Then, in keeping with Doren's luck, the Imperial Away Team happened upon a rather unfriendly merchant flotilla, who had seemingly mistaken Vassyl for a frequent contractor. A contractor who, much to his clients' chagrin, had racked up a rather large debt. Of course, the ever-dependable alliance constabulary was nowhere to be found, and keeping with Outer Rim traditions, it was likely the matter would come to blows.

Diplomacy was crumbling spectacularly, and Vassyl knew that weapons could go off at the drop of an accidental, misplaced nuance. Thankfully, whilst the Captain was knee deep in explaining the case of mistaken identity, he was simultaneously dictating preparatory tasks to Ensign Etro via a series of silent hand gestures. Galactic Sign Language, or GSL, was not a required skill within the military academy system, but each cadet was encouraged to pick up a few non-verbals for the sake of emergency situations. And indeed, now was the time for haste and discretion. Jom would have his hands full readying both the sublight engines and primary weapon systems. Still, either would be a welcome edge. The strike team was very near their goal, and Doren would not seem them beaten down prematurely. They would find a way- or go down fighting.
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Jom Etro
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Re: The City of Masks (Viso, Doren and Jom. Closed.)

Post by Jom Etro » Sat Jun 22, 2019 9:47 am

The importance of this mission through hostile territory was a detail greatly stressed on Etro during the hasty briefing before launch. However, all had seemed to fare relatively well. Unfortunately for the Imperials, conflict seemed to be harder to avoid than they had thought.

Etro ran a scan of the flotilla visible out of the cockpit. Meanwhile, the Captain seemed to be negotiating with the enemy ships, or at least that was what he thought they were doing. The pilot had no idea what the two were saying to each other, let alone what language it was in. The situation was not looking good for the Imperial envoy.

Suddenly, a few discrete movements caught his eye. Vassyl was making signs with his hands. It took a moment for the realization to hit the ensign. Those were GSL signs. Although Jom was rather rusty in the language, he was able to pick certain parts out. He scolded himself quietly for not knowing the signs better. There was something about sublight engines... and was that weapons? The pilot had to admit that the use of Galactic Sign Language while distracting the enemy flotilla was a genius move on Captain Vassyl’s behalf.

Giving one last look out of the viewport, Etro knew what he had to do. As quickly and discretely as he could, the pilot keyed the power to the main sunlight engines and, after flicking a few switches and hitting a few more keys, the main thrusters were on standby. Now came the more difficult part. If Etro readied all the weapons systems at once, he ran the risk of the aggressive merchant fleet detecting it and opening fire. At this point, both Imperials probably knew that an alternative that didn’t end in conflict was preferable.

Slowly, he began diverting power to individual subsystems, making sure to leave short intervals in between the readying of each one. A drop of sweat began rolling down the man’s forehead. Hopefully those merchants weren’t keeping too close of an eye on their scanners. He held his breathe as he prepared to divert power to the last subsystem. This was last job. He keyed it to life with a push and the work was done. He breathed a sigh of relief as no one had been reduced to molted slag just yet. He tapped the side of the controls twice in the hopes that his superior would know that the job was done. Just in time as well, as it didn’t sound like the being on comms was getting any happier. If Dorren wasn’t able to sort the ordeal out, things were going to get tricky real fast.

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