The Road Ahead

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The Road Ahead

Post by Silas Karn » Wed Feb 06, 2019 8:47 pm

***Sector N-8, Eshan***

Furious activity greeted Lady Idaan as she returned home to the palace. Xenolith greeted her immediately and began relaying important details regarding the mass migration of the Echani. “The census has just been completed as of six standard hours prior to your arrival. To fulfill our Lord’s wishes the orders necessary to populate Exibil have been transmitted and the palace guard here on Eshan as well as the individual clan protectorates have been dispatched to ensure orderly departures.” Idaan was granted a datapad with further details to inspect as the pair walked the courtyard. “Chancellor I am afraid this may come at a difficult time but I believe to enhance the aims of these measures you should, as our senate appointee, I would like you to see to the creation of a colony deep within Alliance space.” Idaan’s aims were easily understood as Xenolith merely nodded in acknowledgement. “Yes, I’ll sign off on that so long as you alter the initial outlook toward Thyrsus. I have been in talks with the Alliance and it looks to be that a defense platform will be superfluous moving forward. I’d rather see an acceleration of the building efforts on Exibil instead.” Idaan paused a moment to consider before signing a waiver to Silas’s original plans.

***Eshan Orbit, ED-1 Vasto***

Kross stood with his hands held behind his back waiting at attention as Xenolith returned from his meeting. “We have need to make contact back at the Alliance. Things are moving swiftly and it is imperative I seek council.” In minutes a proper holotransmitter was setup in the captain’s cabin as Xenolith was allowed a private connection. Sending a properly encrypted communication back to the de facto senator’s contact with the Alliance Xenolith began the necessary discord to birth the creation of a new colony. “This is Chancellor Xenolith, it seems the current political unrest is still foremost on the minds of the Sovereignty. As such I am requesting a survey of prospective territories by which we may forge a colony inside Alliance territory. It is believed through this act that we may secure the Echani moving forward. We will of course fund the project and grant manpower as necessary. However, given the situation I must ask this be turned over to the colonel such that it’s given the priority it deserves.” Xenolith signed off and then sat down wearily. Even for a man so skilled in the realm of politics the upheaval was beginning to wear upon him. It seemed he would not be returning to Thyrsus for some time.

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