The War-Bringer

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The War-Bringer

Post by Kell Sangros » Mon Dec 30, 2019 9:03 pm

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Warvanus awoke, the Force still a distant stranger to him, as he found himself surrounded by those rat lizard things that stole his power. Deprived of his Lightsaber, things did not look good for the War-Bringer. He did not know how much time had passed. He was very isolated, he wondered if they believed him dead. He did not know. He was greeted by mercenaries who roughly got him to his feet and escorted him to a single chamber. It did not take him long to recognize it.


He was surrounded by mercenaries, on all sides but in front of him was a man who was dressed differently than the Sorrells or the Mercs. He did not recognize him. But the man appeared to have known him.

Hello Kell” the man said, he looked like he was about his age.

Warvanus showed him no signs of recognition, while he said nothing his mind was at work formulating an escape.

Don’t recognize me do you Kell?” the man who looked bout his age had worn a mask removed it. The disfigured face had the same eyes that blazed hatred of the Sith Lord he had become.

When you decided to kill Feluela and the rest of our village maybe you should have made sure everybody was dead.” He took a step closer to Warvanus

She loved you Kell, and you first abandon her when she needed you, and then when you are reunited with her, you murdered her” he spat in the face of the embodiment of his hatred

I would kill you a thousand times slowly if it brought her back for just one hour” he said then contining “I loved her!, I was there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and soul when you selfishly went wandering to “conquer your own grief” “ He withdrew a small dagger

Warvanus did not speak, he would not give this man the benefit. He would not waste his breath on him not until this man’s life was in his hands.

Nothing to say Kell?” with that he drew the blade across each cheek. Blood trickling down his face. He studied Warvanus face as if setting his features to memory gave a nod to the men restraining him.

This was Warvanus’ que, he gave the man to his right a full on mid kick to the stomach, but numbers was not on his side and found himself paralyzed from a stun bolts that were shot at too close of a range. The man laughed as he watched with detachment at Warvanus’ futile attempt at freedom. The mercs each grabbed an arm and dragged him to the edge of the pit. They tossed him in unceremoniously he hit the ground with a thud. The stun bolts now beginning to wear out he tried to rise to his feet. He barely was standing when the Carbonite freeze process began, there was no escape. After a few minutes a black block rose, that inside contained the being known as Warvanus, a Sith Lord. The man looked at the readings

He’s alive, put this block with the others I am sure someone will pay a handsome price for him

With that the mercs loaded the block of carbonite that was Warvanus onto a transport…
Darth Warvanus
=The Warrior King=
=The War Bringer=-

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