Greetings - New Character

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Greetings - New Character

Post by Arrik_Othneil » Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:07 am

Born on the Mid-Rim planet of Sarka lying close to the trade route known as Perlemian. His parents, Viktor and Selene.

Sold into slavery by his mother and father shortly after completing his advance studies. During his time as a slave Arrik learned to be ruthless and cold hearted. He butchered his slave masters as part of that learning. Free, he located his parents and murdered them. A bounty was placed upon his head, and the young man was pursued by many bounty hunters. He observed the methodologies and means of the bounty hunters who tracked him, learning and acquiring the necessary trade skills. He used his new-found skills to eliminate each bounty hunter that pursued him. Eventually, over time the attempts on his life ceased. This allowed him time to track down and kill the people responsible for placing the bounty.

Not only did this signal the completion of his training and the transition from childhood to adulthood it convinced him to become a bounty hunter himself, taking contracts from whoever would pay. He has served as a contract killer, enforcer, mercenary, bounty hunter, body guard, soldier of fortune, assassin as well as spy. Not only does Arrik enjoy his line of work that he has found himself doing, but also the thrill of the hunt and kill. It is akin to no other sensation.

Well educated, Arrik has travelled across the galaxy.

Like Others before him Arrik has weaved a multitude of life histories in an attempt to conceal the reality of a lifespan streching back in the centuries. Combined with his talent of disguise has allowed him the necessary freedom to wonder the galaxy undeteced.

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Re: Greetings - New Character

Post by Master Buggie » Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:53 am

Wow-- great character introduction. Can't wait to see you in the Docking Bay. Welcome to Sithlore!

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