Kalidor Freight - 0721

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Re: Kalidor Freight - 0721

Post by Marlith Laurien » Sat Jul 31, 2021 4:22 am

Marlith landed her cargo ship on Ossus . She she started to unload the cargo from its holding bay. She helped the droid unload the cargo. She figured it was faster if she helped. She was no stranger to hard work. Her paint and grease stained hands handled the packages with care. Thankfully the paint had dried to her hands by now. Marlith finished unloading the cargo.
And turned to checking on her ships. She was checking out the wiring under the das of her Yt-2000. She looked at what attached to what and made diagrams papper adding it to a pile of grease stained ones.

"Ok so that gos to that. Got it."

She muttered to herself while chest deep under her dash.

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