One more for the road

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Zasabi Ray
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One more for the road

Post by Zasabi Ray » Wed Jun 02, 2021 1:14 pm

It had been a long time since Zasabi had handled a shipment himself. Distancing himself from the mining operation had been one of the better choices he had made in a long time, but he couldn't help but feel nostalgic about the long journeys he'd taken across the stars aboard these ships.

"Alright, everyone got their ducks in a row?" he asked aloud, trusting the droid crew of his ship to maintain constant communications.

"Beta is ready. Course is plotted and laid, navigation is slaved to Alpha'sdirection."

Nodding, Zasabi let out a small yawn. "Alright then. Onward!"

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Ben Kenobi
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Re: One more for the road

Post by Ben Kenobi » Fri Jun 04, 2021 4:00 pm

Breaking out from hyperspace a pair of BFF-1 Bulk Freighters pulled into view of the blue hazed atmosphere though they held their position in the icy grip of space. Designated as vessels under the employ of Kalidor Freight, owned and operated by Ben Kenobi. His recent acquaintance with Zasabi Ray had found himself in a lucrative shipping contract that would benefit both companies and ultimately the Galactic Alliance as well.

Ben leaned forward and activated the communications console, switching over to Ray's frequency. "This is Kalidor 01 and Kalidor 02 reporting in. Our payloads are stored and are awaiting your formation orders. I'm transmitting our manifest data over to you for clearance."

Switching off the console he went to work in transmitting the appropriate data and then opening his navicomputer to the jump coordinates which Ray would be providing for this journey.

Hopefully this would be in and out. No fuss. Nice and easy...

OOC: Shipping

BFF-1 Bulk Freighter - 298 RU
BFF-1 Bulk Freighter - 298 RU
Total: 596 RU

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Annan Rainwalker
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Re: One more for the road

Post by Annan Rainwalker » Fri Jun 04, 2021 10:10 pm

The Blue Star Captain Ashara Rys grumbled at her luck. After an unexpected encounter with Galactic Alliance authorities on her way back from Corellia to rejoin Aurek Fleet on the Celanon Spur, her personal starship had taken significant damage. The pirate captain had therefore been forced to revert to using a dummy alias and taking a small job hauling cargo for Kalidor Freight. It injured her pride, but it was the shortest way to get back to Aurek Fleet with the entirety of her contingent in the limited time they had while still milking enough credits off those pesky Rebs to get her starship fixed, something she was not willing to return without.

Cloaked with the hood drawn so as not to be recognized, the Togruta captain glanced at the rest of her contingent: an Eirrauc, a Hysalrian and a feral Jedi. The latter had concealed himself in his obsidian robes in much the same manner as herself and had proven himself to be rather useful once again. Apparently, the Firrerreon had friends in the right places - for a Jedi; weren't they supposed to be monks having renunciated the galaxy? - and the means to get in touch with those friends. The Firrerreon had produced, of all things, a personal Action V-class transport. A brand new one, at that.

"Okay, colour me impressed," her first mate, Shoroc the Eirrauc drawled, though his eyes betrayed his surprise as he stared up at the ship. Basi'li Kromo, her Hysalrian navigations officer, was practically drooling.

"Y'know sssomething, yer not sssuch a bad mammal after all," Basi'li hissed out when he finally found the words to speak.

"Hnn. Let's just say someone at the CEC owed me a debt and leave it at that, Captain," Annan proffered vaguely when he found Ashara staring at him for longer than he found comfortable.

"Tche," the Togruta clicked, before turning back to stare at the gigantic freighter. "Whatcha' gonna call it?"

"Hmm..." Annan thought for a bit, as Shoroc and Basi'li began to board the vessel. "I hadn't thought of a name for her."

"All pirate ships must have a name, Jedi!" Ashara exclaimed as she began to stalk up the boarding ramp. "Something sweet and catchy," she then glanced at Annan, scanning the Firrerreo from head to toe and back, before turning back around and continuing up the ramp. "I dub her the Targon's Tusk!"

Raising an eyebrow, the Jedi merely watched as the boarding ramp to the newly-dubbed Targon's Tusk began to recede. The pirate captain would be commanding the Action V, but the Firrerreon himself had decided to tag along in a fighter escort. His personally modified B-wing starfighter was something Annan still had clearance for since he had it registered under the name of Resh Roark instead of Annan Rainwalker. This was unlike his T65XJ X-wing which had become a recognizable asset of the Alliance's Green Squadron starpilot Jedi Knight Annan Rainwalker and so he no longer had the means to access it without alerting the GA military, even though it had been a personal gift to him by Master Buggie. In hindsight, it was kind of surreal how the two Jedi had both ended up with the Pirates in one way or another; not that Annan was regretting his decision to stick around for a while in any way. There were all kinds of pirates out there, but the Blue Stars... there was something different about them, and the Jedi had taken a liking to Ashara and her crew. So he had decided to let the Alliance presume him MIA after Tion for a little while longer.

Thus, his true identity concealed beneath a black hood, an equally black cloak, a Force Mask, and the alias Myles Marmaduke - a pseudonym he hadn't used in a long time - the Jedi ascended the flight of steps and found his way in the cockpit of the B-wing. Proceeding through the preflight checklists, Annan ensured that both his own B-wing and the Action V-class freighter Targon's Tusk were cleared for take-off and in full coordination with both Kalidor 01 and 02, Alpha and Beta, and any other vessels constituting the convoy.

-> Action V-class Transport Targon's Tusk - Freighting 320 RU - 4x RX-24 Pilot Droids, 3 NPC Pirates
-> A/SF-01 B-wing starfighter - Escort - Annan Rainwalker
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Salem Norongachi
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Re: One more for the road

Post by Salem Norongachi » Mon Jun 07, 2021 2:33 pm

The Helix class Interceptor 'Wave Dancer' slipped into real space not far behind the others, in its wake the Firespray 'Blackheart' followed. Its droid pilot, TW-4T following standard wingman protocol. Norongachi hummed a tune as he brought them into escort formation with the developing convoy, his body taking subconscious control of the literal and metaphorical wheel.

"One mercenary escort, as promised, old man." he comm'd to Kenobi, they'd met previously although the Jedi Master had been in something with more teeth at the time.

The two ships slipped past the metal bulk of a transport, traversing its length, then circling around the others before taking up a wider defensive pattern. Sal's com-panel beeped and he looked down to see a scrawl of translated droid-speak from his mechanical wingman.

"Because he's old," Norongachi replied to TW while he sought a cigarra in one of the many compartments on the control board. "I don't actually think I asked, now that I thi-" the response cut him off as he attempted to extract a cigarra from its pack with one hand. "We are not the same age, or maybe we are...he LOOKS older." a flame danced at the end of his finger briefly and the cabin filled with the smell of burning vegetation. "Cut the chatter!" he snapped with a scowl at the text.

Roger, Maybe Just as Old Man.

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Varn Badaash
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Re: One more for the road

Post by Varn Badaash » Mon Jun 07, 2021 7:42 pm

A Mobquet and Pursuer dropped out of hyperspace at the rendezvous location. The two vessels transmitted their clearance codes and began to form up with the large transports. The Pursuer began to take up a patrol around the edges of the formation while the Mobquet took position above the current formation.

The large Dashade stepped onto the small bridge of the Mobquet and stared out at the handful of cargo freighters. “Alright Mynocks let’s make sure no one pulls any tricks like we pulled a few weeks back,” the Ranger Captain spoke, his gravelly voice traveling through the bridge and the comm to his squads Pursuer.

A confirmation came back from the secondary vessel and with that the Silver Mynocks were ready. The comms officer patched Varn through to the convoy lead. “Alpha, the Silver Mynock is in position and ready to follow on your order.”

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Ranah Jansen
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Re: One more for the road

Post by Ranah Jansen » Mon Jun 07, 2021 7:51 pm

Ranah was once again among the stars, piloting her interceptor that she had dubbed “Blackstar One” in homage to her former GA Spec Ops Unit. She had received her coordinates, that had come from she presumed Jedi Master Kenobi. She docked with a hyperspace ring, and soon was en-route to the assigned coordinates.

Word had come to her that this was a very lucrative convoy and with her success with helping Captain Buggie, she had come highly recommended. The time she sat in hyperspace she spent meditating once again using this opportunity to practice some of what she had learned in her Jedi training. For she did not know when another opportunity would arise to do so.

OOC: Escort
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Adar Bolner
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Re: One more for the road

Post by Adar Bolner » Mon Jun 07, 2021 8:59 pm

Escorting shipments. Not the most exciting of tasks, but someone had to do it. For Adar, it was a chance to test his flight capabilities. He had been practicing for a while now on his Delta 7 Light Interceptor, which he had named "Lightspinner". He loved the way it felt to move around and maneuver in, and it was quite comfortable overall. He still was far from a good pilot, but he was good enough to be tasked with escorting this convoy.

He was however a bit anxious. It was his first time on the hyperlanes, flying in formation with a group. He was assured that this was nothing and it would all be done before he even realized it. His role was pretty routine, ensuring that no one even thinks about raiding the shipment of resources. Most of the time no one bothered, but with the surge of Sith activity these last few months, it was better to be safe than sorry.

As he exited his jump from hyperspace, he approached the convoy coordinates and made sure to check in. After that, he would engage the jump with the convoy, and stand back meditating, curious to see if the Force flowed differently when in hyperspace for an extended period of time.

"This is Adar Bolner, Delta 7 Light Interceptor, reporting in. Ready for jump to hyperspace on your order."

OOC: Escort
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Master Buggie
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Re: One more for the road

Post by Master Buggie » Thu Jun 10, 2021 2:48 pm

The appointed time had come, and the Blue Star Pirate operative engaged their holoprojector and entered in the necessary transmission code. The holoprojector, recognizing the code, began cycling through the necessary layers of encryption before connecting the transmission. As the transmission stabilized, the operative gazed upon the cloaked figure at the other end. The Intelligence Operational Division had strongly suggested that the figure that had formed within the display would be a Sith acolyte. As a cold shiver ran through the spine of the criminal operative, they felt certain that the intelligence they had been given was accurate.

"We have two of our best men on standby," the operative began, "The Pirate Council has tasked me with negotiating what compensation our pilots may receive for their cooperation in this matter. Our agents agree with the information you provided; the target convoy is heavily guarded..."

(OOC: I'm not participating, but I have two other BSPs ready to go. I thought it might be fun to negotiate through RP, rather than talk OOC and just have BSP be there for no justified reason.))

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Aliclair Austjor
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Re: One more for the road

Post by Aliclair Austjor » Fri Jun 11, 2021 4:21 pm

Aliclair, in one of her stronger suits, her ETA-2 exited hyperspace accompanying her Master's shipping convoy. She'd provide protection by any means. The mission ahead was to safely escort some cargo. A mission she was no stranger to, and one of the more knowledgeable skills she had; flying and piloting. She decided to stay to herself, but still listen into the comms actively, reaching in a compartment in her ship to take out some jerky, chewing against it as she flew.

[ OOC: the snack part was suggested by Ben --
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Emic Lai
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Re: One more for the road

Post by Emic Lai » Sat Jun 12, 2021 9:02 pm

"Solemn Quiet to acting Sith command ship," she put out over the comms of the array of starships hovering in space. "ID: Aurek-112-Actual. Got a full compartment of marines at your command. Out."

The troop bay was filled with the clacking of weapons checks and vacuum seal inspections. Helmets slid on one-by-one, preparing to board some Alliance ships and steal some good stuff. Emic never really got into the pirate life, but was more than happy to be a merciless privateer. Fighting on starships was its own challenge, what with all the narrow corridors and little cover. Had to be daring, and most importantly, a crack shot. Fortunately, Emic was all of these things, and so much more.

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