Warning on Battle Solicitation

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Warning on Battle Solicitation

Post by Salem Norongachi » Wed Jun 02, 2021 7:51 pm

“IV.i Personal Duels

Personal duels are fights between individual characters or groups of characters. It is often the case in roleplay that a fight is imminent. The Sithlore universe is a dangerous place, and it's inhabitants are often violent people!
There are a couple of rules which govern personal battles and their creation:

You may only participate in one battle (Starship, Ground or Vehicle.) per month.

It is not permitted to be in more than one battle at the same time.

It is not permitted to fight against members of your own faction.

Before a battle is ready to be generated each participant has to have made at least 10 posts. A post must consist of more than a few short sentences, at least a paragraph of writing please!

It is not permitted to create a post simply for the purpose of a battle, they should have backstory and developed plots.

This last point is very important. Sithlore is a roleplaying game. We are here to roleplay, not to gain experience for its own sake.

It has come to the staff's attention that members have been soliciting others for the express purpose of battling and gaining exp. As per the sites rules (above), this is unacceptable.

The following members are barred from participating in any generations or events that generate xp for the month of June:

Silas Karn
Master Buggie

Questions or concerns can be directed at myself via discord, the ruling however is final and not subject to change.