Collected Minutes of the Blue Star Pirate Council

The legendary Ryustlore- the secret base of the Nefarious Blue Star Pirates.
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Collected Minutes of the Blue Star Pirate Council

Post by Master Buggie » Tue Apr 20, 2021 9:22 pm

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Jay Mertaal - Chairman/Admiral/O.D. Chair/Clan Leader
Brakken (via holo) - Admiral
Paneg Liszt (via holo) - Admiral
Jera Nyi'Esta - O.D. Chair
Manth K'Derak - O.D. Chair
Buggie - Member
Checbaca (via holo) - Member
Kal Tenabi - Member
Mace Kearon (via holo) - Member
Manan Embalik - Member
Sash Allkar - Member

Absent with Apology
Miral Tansa
Saiu Altarian

Absent without Apology
Anak Idris
Barg Narra
Gorda the Hutt

1.) Preliminaries
2.) Confirmation of minutes of previous meeting
3.) Matters regarding the disposition of Cresh Fleet
4.) Matters regarding current events of the galaxy
5.) A.O.B.

Min. 1/05: Preliminaries
The meeting was brought to order by Chairman Jay Mertaal at 20:05 Galactic Standard Time.

Min. 2/05: Confirmation of previous minutes
Secretary TY-P12 read minutes of the previous meeting which were confirmed by Admiral Paneg Liszt as true reading of the matters previously discussed. This was seconded by O.D. Manth K'Derak.

Min. 3/05: Matters regarding the disposition of Cresh Fleet
O.D. Jera Nyi'Esta informed members that Cresh Fleet's last received transmission indicated that it had breached the Gordian Reach just beyond the Spintir system, within the Spadja Sector, approximately 35 hours ago. At present time, dispatch vessel reports Cresh Fleet is in position at far reaches of The Cometwash, and all "Unfriendly Waters" protocols are actively being observed. No losses to report; commerce raiding initiatives have commenced approximately 12 hours ago. Vessels dispatched from Cresh Fleet prior to breach of Gordian Reach have returned to safe habor with varying degrees of damage. No further vessels are expected to return.

Min. 4/05: Matters regarding current events of the galaxy
O.D. Jera Nyi'Esta informed members that Cresh Fleet moved upon actionable intelligence concerning a task force-level engagement between the Galactic Alliance and Sith in orbit and on surface of Rhen Var, within the Tobali system of the Thanium Worlds. Member Buggie added to report and verified the presence of Galactic Alliance Task Force Liberty-- Admiral Valark commanding. Sith forces were deemed unclear, and were assumed to be under the command of the entity known as Tormentous. Simultaneous breach of Tion Cluster by Sith forces has been reported approximately 20 hours ago. Reports place a build up of Imperial assets and VIPs traversing galactic north upon the Braxant Run, presumably to the Sartinaynian system, within the Braxant sector.

Min. 5/05: A.O.B.
Motion by Chairman Jay Mertaal to position Aurek, Besh, and Dora Fleets for Kingsmaker Protocols; unanimously approved. Motion by O.D. Manth K'Derak to transfer Captain Buggie from Science O.D. to Logistics O.D.; 4 votes for approval, 1 vote to reject (O.D. Saiu Altarian), motion approved. Orders received by Captain Buggie from Chairman Mertaal, Admiral Liszt, and O.D. Manth K'Derak for Outland Transport to perform re-supply and intelligence relays between Pirate Council and Cresh Fleet based on smuggling experience within Gordian Reach. Motion by Admiral Brakken for Pirate Council to begin vetting process for manager of operations on Kafrene station; unanimously approved. Motion by Admiral Paneg Liszt for Raid Group Nova to enact rescue of Erk Niial aboard The Slag penitentiary facility based on recommendations of Fleet O.D.; unanimously approved. Motion by O.D. Manth K'Derak to initiate BROSE reorganization based on Fleet O.D. and Logistics O.D. initiatives; unanimously approved.

Min. 6/05: Adjournment
There being no other business, the meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be held in approximately one week's time at the same venue.

Minutes by:
Secretary TY-P12

Confirmed by:
Sash Allkar
Besh Fleet

((OOC: I don't think I'll be doing this format again. It seemed like it would be fun to try and would also help avoid huge blocks of dialogue, but it was kind of a chore and I suppose you could argue that it's not technically RP.))

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