A Brief History of the Empire

Driven from Coruscant by the Galactic Alliance, the governing body of Imperial leadership now resides upon the world of Bastion.
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A Brief History of the Empire

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A Brief and Recent History of the Galactic Empire
ABY 25 - Present

ABY 25 - Year (Cycle) of the Five Empires.

High echelon personnel made a stake for the Imperial Throne after the assassination of the Emperor. These five individuals commanded a significant portion of Imperial Military assets and became Warlords poised to fight for their right to rule. A civil war ravaged the Galaxy spanning Empire and shattered its strength. When the dust settled, Admiral Severus Kol was the only Warlord remaining and he established himself as the Galactic Emperor.

The status of the Galaxy was shifted at this point. During the Imperial civil war, the Galactic Alliance rose from the ashes and swept through Imperial Space to effectively divide the Galaxy between Imperial and Alliance Territories respectively known as the Galactic North (Imperial) and Galactic South (Alliance).

ABY 25 - End of the War - Battle of Tinnel IV

Once the five factions of the Imperial Warlords had been wrangled into one, the attention of the Empire then turned to the surging force of the Galactic Alliance. A massive Alliance Naval Force was spearheading north up the Rimma Trade Route and obliterating Imperial defensive networks. It branched onto the Corellian Trade Spine and Bestine was the last Imperial Stronghold to fall. Additional Alliance Naval assets combined with the existing push at the intersection of the Corellian Run and the Corellian Trade Spine; Tinnel.

The Alliance Navy pushed on the Tinnel System and was met head on by a large contingent of Imperial Navy assets; focused on a singular enemy, the Imperials dug in and stood their ground. Eventually, during the harrowing battle, the Alliance fled from the field with their backs broken. A battered but stalwart Imperial Force was all that remained. Thus the Alliance advance Coreward was halted and the lines of the factional territories hold to this day.

During the Battle of Tinnel IV, it is notable that command structure had fallen apart and an ambitious Sub-Lieutenant stepped up to the challenge; rallying a line of Victory-class Star Destroyers and harrying the Alliance’s flanks, preventing the terrorists from maneuvering and causing considerable damage to a MC90 Mon Calamari Heavy Cruiser. The Lieutenant’s name: Argus Kraiov.

ABY 25 - Aftermath

Severus Kol was proclaimed Imperial Sovereign. Maximillian Kol was appointed Grand General. Alexander Kol was appointed Grand Admiral. The Kol Dynasty begins.

ABY 25 - End of the Forth Quarter

The Wayland Incident. Commander Jorge Havoc of the Strike-class Medium Cruiser IN-125 and his Executive Officer were found guilty of conspiracy to extort a large portion of the Wayland population. Under the support of the current ISB Director, Colonel Griin Audo Morven; Agent Kilran Houk was sent to vet Sub-Lieutenant Argus Kraiov. Finding the Lieutenant as loyal, the pair was informed of Commander Havoc’s treachery and they were ordered with the arrest of the Commander. They conducted themselves until confronted by a well armed mercenary; Silas Karn. With the defeat of Karn, Kraiov made back to the IN-125 and the confrontation opened up. In the end the traitors were executed and Argus was field promoted to Commander with the command of the IN-125.

IN-125 reflagged as the Retribution.

Top Secret SSD Project begins. Admiral Train presiding.

ABY 27

Commander Kraiov is given command of the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Hunter.

Silas Karn is hired by Commander Kraiov and sent on a vital mission to root out a large nest of pirates within the Kwymar Sector. The mission was a resounding success. Through the valor of his actions above and beyond the contract, Silas Karn was offered Imperial Citizenship which he accepted.

Clara Sond is given clemency on Silas Karn’s behalf. Imperial Citizenship granted.

A large skirmish in the Kwymar Sector occurs. The Yuuzhan Vong are the protagonists; their first appearance since the original Yuuzhan Vong Invasion nearly a decade prior. Imperial Forces under the command of Commander Kraiov move to the assistance of a beleaguered independent Dreadnaught Star Frigate, the Phoenix.

Lady Death gives Commander Kraiov knowledge of a pending Yuuzhan Vong incursion.

Krynn Karn is found wandering and confused on Coruscant. Kidnapped by an unknown Force Adept.

Argus Kraiov establishes the Omega Initiative. Today’s Stormtroopers are proven to be a reduced quality of thirty cycles ago during the First Galactic Civil War and those Stormtroopers were a reduced quality of the Clone Troopers before that. The Omega Initiative was established to train and produce an exceptional Imperial Infantryman that went well beyond today’s and yesterday’s standards.

ABY 27 - Fourth Quarter

The Sith begin to conquer the Gordian Reach. They strike non-strategic worlds at first and are largely overlooked.

ABY 28 - Second Quarter

Silas Karn is sent on a highly classified mission by ISB Director, Colonel Griin Audo Morven. All information concerning this operation is privy to the eyes of the Lord Regent of the Empire, the Director of the Imperial Security Bureau and the sovereign of the Empire, the Emperor.

The Red Plague ravages the Chiss Ascendancy. 65% of the Chiss population is wiped out. Chiss High Council is among the casualties. The Ascendancy as a geo-political force, ceases to exist. The Unknown Regions revert to a lawless territory.

The Sith conquer the entirety of the Gordian Reach and officially establish it as a buffer to the already difficult spacelanes of the Stygian Caldera. Sith Space is secured.

ABY 28 - Third Quarter

Yuuzhan Vong Incursion over Telos IV begins. Temporary and fragile alliance of Imperial, Sith and Chiss Forces oppose the invaders. The aliens hold a dying worldship with the aim to turn Telos IV into a replacement which could be used to devastate untold worlds. The Imperial Forces are led by Line Captain Argus Kraiov, supported by Moff Silas Karn of Thyrsus; the entire Imperial 3rd Fleet is present. The Sith Forces are represented by a small contingent of vessels and Vesper Maris. The Chiss Forces are represented by a small contingent of vessels. The independent Dreadnaught Star Frigate Phoenix is present.

Mandalorian Warrior Jacobi Wylcott is discovered already on the surface of Telos IV. He’d made a pilgrimage to the world a month prior to this point when he’d learned of the Yuuzhan Vong. His purpose was to hone his martial prowess against the legendary invaders.

The Phoenix is shot down. Krynn Karn was aboard. An Imperial response team recovered the girl and got her back off world. The girl steals an Imperial Shuttle and departs the System.

ABY 28 - Fourth Quarter

Yuuzhan Vong Incursion ends. With the defeat of the Warmaster on Telos IV at the hands of a few independants, the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong army and navy and worlship at the hands of the Imperials and the surgical strike led by the Imperials to slay the High General of the Vong, the battle is won. Surviving Yuuzhan Vong are executed on Captain Kraiov’s order and the worldship is put into orbit of Telos IV to prevent a collision.

In the aftermath of the battle while the Imperial Forces were still cleaning up, Line Captain Kraiov sends the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Aedi Dab to pursue the stolen Imperial Shuttle.

All contact is lost with the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Aedi Dab.

Kraiov and Moff Karn arrive over an uncharted world and recover the Aedi Dab though all hands are lost save for a single Imperial Army Sergeant and the lost girl. Sergeant Gallas and Krynn Karn respectively. Now under the Empire’s care, Krynn Karn is brought in for reeducation and rehabilitation. Gallas is promoted to First Sergeant.

During educational indoctrination programs, Krynn Karn’s aptitude for ingesting knowledge is discovered. She proves to excel in all aspects of political discourse and lore. She is inducted into Carida’s War College though will not complete her studies.

Kyr’amur Null, the Zabrak of Iridonia, is discovered and recruited by Moff Silas Karn.

Omega Initiative is funded.

ABY 28 - First Quarter

Candidates for the Omega Program are handpicked. Captain Kraiov sends them to Carida’s Cliffside Academy. Silas Karn and Kyr’amur volunteer themselves for the Program and Krynn Karn is tasked to join for an evaluation term.

Omega Program Begins.

ABY 28 - Third Quarter

Omega Program Ends. Omega Company is brought to Active Duty Status. Captain Kraiov is called to Imperial Center by the ISB.

ABY 28 - Fourth Quarter

The ISB Coup occurs. Attempted assassination of Line Captain Kraiov is a failure. Director, Colonel Griin Morven has his right hand cut off by Krynn Karn. Kyr’amur is given a field promotion to Commander and granted control of Omega Company. Moff Silas Karn mobilizes loyalist forces to put down the Coup.

ISB Headquarters assaulted and occupied. Morven is slain in the action. Through ISB Files it is learned that Emperor Severus Kol was assassinated by one of Morven’s Agents shortly after his ascension to the throne in ABY 25 and replaced with a pawn of the ISB. Omega Company, Commander Null and Silas Karn mount an offensive on the Imperial Palace to secure the throne and establish a proper Imperial ruler. Captain Kraiov and Krynn Karn join the assault.

The Imperial Palace secured. Omega Company is now field and combat tested, proven as the most elite Infantry Unit ever to be produced to date. Captain Kraiov is shot in the back, presumed dead during the skirmish. Krynn Karn eliminates the false Emperor and seats herself on the Imperial throne. Silas Karn presents his support as a Moff and silences political opposition. Commander Null presents his support and silences much military opposition due to Omega Company.

In critical condition, Line Captain Kraiov is sent to the medical facilities of the Imperial Palace and healed though under the command of Empress Karn, placed in stasis.

ABY 29 - First Quarter

The chaos caused by the Red Plague begins to spill over into Imperial Territory. Chiss raiders start attacking Imperial Shipping. Plans are drawn up by the Lord Regent to put an end to the attacks.

Empress Karn and Regent Karn travel to Tatooine on personal business. Ambushed by Mandalorian Warriors Wylcott and Starr. Assassination attempt is foiled.

Plans to secure the remnants of the Ascendancy are approved. Regent Karn and a large contingent of the Imperial Navy travel through the Unknown Regions and besiege Csilla, the capital of the Chiss. The Mandalorian Jacobi Wylcott and a contingent of his Clansmen oppose the Imperial effort and cause significant damage to an entire Battalion of Imperial Infantry though are unable to alter the overall invasion.

ABY 29 - Second Quarter

The Sith surge from the Gordian Reach under Vesper and Nakarus. Vesper and his forces besiege and take Vjun for the Sith. Vesper seats himself as King of Vjun. Nakarus lays siege to Ord Radama.

In response, Empress Karn and the elements of the Imperial Navy that stayed behind in Lord Regent Karn’s absence, sally forth to repel the Sith. No response is available for Vjun, it is lost to the Sith. A response is sent to Ord Radama and the combat was savage, ending in the capture of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Aedi Dab by the Sith along with the Empress and the fall of Ord Radama.

Csilla is secured by Imperial Forces. Lord Regent Karn gains word of the Empress’ capture and races back to Coruscant. The Invasion of the Chiss Ascendancy is officially stopped though the control of Csilla stems the piracy along the Imperial border.  

ABY 29 - Third Quarter

Nakarus defects from the Sith and takes the Aedi Dab and the Empress deep into Alliance Space as a gift of good will to the Jedi. Arrives at Koda Station, transfers the prisoner and departs.

Regent Karn, limited on potential actions since the majority of the Imperial Fleet was still on its way from the Unknown Regions, arrives back on Coruscant and draws up a team of Storm Commandos to go and rescue the Empress. Though before his departure he is confronted once again by the Mandalorian Wylcott, who offers his skills to aid in the Imperial efforts for the Empress. Knowing of Wylcott’s prowess in battle, Karn agrees and the unlikely team moves swiftly towards Koda Station.

Koda Station Massacre occurs. Allegedly the Empress Karn, escapes the clutches of the Jedi and proceeds to defend herself against them though her wrath is extended not just to Jedi and Alliance personnel but also towards the civilians. Nearly a thousand civilians perish as a result.

Regent Karn and Wylcott arrive at Koda Station and infiltrate the station. Karn is appalled at the aftermath of his sister’s inability to restrain herself. Wylcott is indifferent, remaining true to the mission.

A confrontation occurs between Jedi Master Kenobi, Wylcott, Empress Karn and Regent Karn. During the conflict, Regent Karn is convinced his sister needs help. He resolves to turn her over to the Jedi. Wylcott opposes and is ultimately undone. The three are taken into custody of the Galactic Alliance.

ABY 29 - Fourth Quarter

The Belsavis Prison Break occurs. Taken in for pending trial, Regent Karn is granted temporary pardon for his participation in the capture of Empress Karn. He is released to return to Coruscant. Jacobi Wylcott is sent to Belsavis to await trial. Empress Karn is sent to a very secure facility to await trial.

The Alliance launches a massive offensive stemming from Corellia towards the Imperial Core. Their ultimate target: Coruscant.

Wylcott escapes, proceeds to break free the Empress though he is killed in the aftermath of that conflict. The Empress escapes Belsavis through the confusion and officially she returns to the Empire where she remains secure on Bastion. In reality she takes Wylcott’s corpse to the Sith where she is captured by them.

The Sith Armada launch a massive assault, chaining attacks from the Gordian Reach up to the Core Worlds along the Hydian Way. The Imperial Interior is devastated.

ABY 30 - First Quarter

Imperial Center falls. Argus Kraiov is woken from stasis during the conflict and granted a field commission as High Admiral. Under Kraiov’s leadership, Imperial Forces maintain an orderly withdrawal from the besieged world. The alternative was to be wiped out or captured by Alliance Forces. Regent Karn arrives and assists Kraiov’s defensive efforts.

During the withdraw, the Sith Armada arrives and launches a flanking attack on the Imperial Navy. Critical losses occur and the Sith manage to send over two hundred and fifty bombers through the planetary shield opening that the Empire used to retreat and much of the cityscape was bombed including the Imperial Palace.

Doren Vassyl graduates with honors from the Imperial Naval Academy and is given an immediate commission. The Alliance launches a follow up assault on Anaxes. Kraiov and Vassyl move to relieve the beleaguered Imperial Forces there with the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Hunter and elements of Omega Company.

High Admiral Kraiov is reduced to Admiral per the Council of Moffs. The circumstances of Empress Karn’s disappearance and Kraiov’s appearance are too clouded. Though, recognizing Kraiov as a powerful figurehead, do not strip him totally and simply deduct his rank to a less influential position.

Battle of Eol Sha occurs. The Sith invade Eol Sha. Imperial Forces under Admiral Kraiov’s command arrive and successfully rebuff Sith Forces. This marks the Imperial’s first victory against the Sith since their reemergence.

Battle of Tanaab occurs. Unruly dissidents of Tanaab begin to rebel. Admiral Kraiov and Regent Karn are sent to quash the scenario but discover the Alliance and the Sith are present. A large pitched battle ensues between the three titanic factions. (OUTCOME PENDING). 

ABY 30 - Second Quarter

Lieutenant Doren Vassyl is sent to the Hapan System to recruit a Hapan scientist for the Empire. The situation quickly goes south in an assassination attempt which Vassyl deftly shuts down to successfully escape ambush with the Hapan scientist in tow. Lieutenant Vassyl is promoted to Commander and granted the Strike-class Medium Cruiser Warden as his Command.

Battle of Spintir occurs. The Sith Battlecruiser Malevolent arrives over Imperial held Spintir and launches a sortie above the planet; starfighter & bomber assault with a brief orbital strike. The Imperial response is swift; the Strike-class Medium Cruiser Warden at the command of Commander Doren Vassyl was first to respond and soon after the engagement began a contingent of hyper-capable Imperial starfighters led by Admiral Kraiov would arrive. (OUTCOME PENDING).

ABY 30 - Third Quarter

Unification War occurs. Regent Karn moves on Eshan with intention to bring it peacefully under the Imperial Banner. The Echani Council of Six attempts to assassinate Karn but fail. Admiral Kraiov launches a ruthless counter attack to seize the world in one swift action. Secretly the Sith are on Eshan and abducting Echani youths right under the noses of those involved but are eventually caught. Imperial Forces rally to press the Sith from Eshan. (OUTCOME PENDING).

Battle in the Red Nebulae occurs. The Strike-class Medium Cruiser Warden under the command of Commander Doren Vassyl, is tasked with proper reconnaissance of the Red Nebulae. The mission immediately takes a turn with the appearance of a Yevethan Thrustship and a Sith Battle Cruiser. (OUTCOME PENDING).

ABY 30 - Fourth Quarter

Council of Moffs holds a summit to discuss the fate of Csilla. A cost to benefit analysis is ordered and the Council comes to the decision that it would be most beneficial to reconstruct the Chiss High Council in order to reign in the wild regions of the old Ascendancy. It is commanded then that the New Ascendancy would become an Imperial Satrapy though the timeline on said objective would lay within the determination of Division Alpha Director, Admiral Argus Kraiov.

ABY 31 - First Quarter

Gree Incident occurs. Commander Vassyl is tasked with the establishment of an Imperial Research Branch out of the planet Gree, due to the world’s seclusion. Upon arrival a large portion of dissidents rise to oppose the Imperials. It results in a harsh Imperial occupation. Lo and behold, it wouldn’t be the Gree who are completely responsible but the Sith. (OUTCOME PENDING)

The Imperial Navy moves to establish a Naval Base and Naval Outpost on the far edge of Imperial Space in the Galactic Northwest. The planets Ansion and Nirauan are targeted. During the operation the primary convoy with the supplies with which to establish these posts is attacked. (OUTCOME PENDING).


Battle of Xilkarth occurs. Imperial Intelligence discovers the location of the Empress Karn after two cycles of searching. Admiral Kraiov organizes a massive Imperial Command Group and spearheads into the Gordian Reach. Praetorian Group includes sixty Imperial Navy Warships. Commander Doren Vassyl is assigned a temporary Line Captain’s status and given Praetorian Groups Wolf Pack (All Frigates and support ships). Agent Kilran Houk is assigned command of Praetorian Groups Starfighter Compliment which consists of over twenty-five hundred Imperial Pilots. Commander Kyr’amur Null established reconnaissance into the Gordian Reach and led the entire Group through unknown and hostile territory. The Imperial Knights are tasked by Admiral Kraiov to secure the Empress at all costs. Failure may result in the disbanding of their entire Order. (OUTCOME PENDING).

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