Assembling the fleets (Decker, Kota)

Driven from Coruscant by the Galactic Alliance, the governing body of Imperial leadership now resides upon the world of Bastion.
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Neive Undant
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Assembling the fleets (Decker, Kota)

Post by Neive Undant » Mon Mar 29, 2021 10:58 pm

Coordinates: M-10
Core/Colonies region

Major Walkko Frass entered a large conference room on board the VSD Reverent, where the Captains of most ships in the battle group, and the Admiral of the Empire's 3rd Fleet, were gathered to listen in on the conference.

Alongside them, be them in holograms from their own vessels or in person, stood Pilots Mitras Thane and Decker Willo, of the in-progress Spearhead Squadron, and Arlan Mindar, a recruit from the Navy that was among many others moved into the 3rd fleet temporarily to support the incoming operation.

And at the head of the room, silently listening in behind the major, was Prazutis.

As the last of the transmissions and attendees arrived, Major Frass finally gave word to begin the talks.

"Gentleman, Ladies, and all imperial ranks in attendance. Today begins a new offensive to combat the foolish rebellion that calls themselves the Galactic Alliance. Today, we will show just what a United Empire can accomplish! The Empress watches our every action during this offensive, so know that as we fight, we fight for a single cause."

The room was dead silent as the Major spoke, his pep talk ending as he stepped aside for Admiral Riteal, the Admiral of 3rd Fleet, stepped forward to explain the plan of action.

"We believe that we can take the Alliance by surprise with this strike. If we can execute a large enough strike against their fighters and light cruisers before they can have time to group up and retaliate, we should be able to drive them out before we take significant losses. However, a small portion of this mission will rely on their reinforcements, and the possibility of the Alliance sending their fighters from the surface into space to fight. That is where the Empire's new Enforcer comes in." The Admiral said. The last phrase caught many people off guard, but as Prazutis stepped up to speak, none had time to dispute the title.

"From a data drive recovered from Imperial loyalists on the surface, we've discovered an Alliance facility housing more than a few squadrons of fighters. I believe that I can go to the surface, possibly with an inquisitor, in case of Jedi activity, and use the force to pull the supports from the structure suspending the facility from the ground. This would destroy the ships within the facility and deal a major blow to their force, rendering little ground resistance and a blow to their protection in orbit."

"You can lead through example, or you can lead through fear..."

Decker Willo
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Re: Assembling the fleets (Decker, Kota)

Post by Decker Willo » Sun Apr 04, 2021 3:29 am

A briefing was in order for something extraordinary. An invasion, a strike against the Alliance that could potentially bring them down in the sector. And Decker would be taking to the skies in his new TIE Avenger. It still took a bit of getting used to, compared to his TIE Interceptor fighter. This would do well to test his new skills with the fighter. This operation was of great importance, judging by those involved in this offensive. And yet, it was with a relatively small force judging by the briefing.

The Enforcer. A decisive and quick strike with light cruisers and fighters. Decker felt he was ready for that. The Imperial pilot remained silent in his standing position, for the time being. There was no questions that he had to ask to the Major or Admiral.

He had yet to understand how the squadron he had joined worked together. This offensive would be an excellent testing ground to see just how their teamwork went, and where he could add in his own strengths...

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Arlan Mindar
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Re: Assembling the fleets (Decker, Kota)

Post by Arlan Mindar » Sun Apr 04, 2021 3:38 am

Mindar was silent as he listened to the different speakers, only moving his eyes about the room as his thoughts dwelled on the TIE Avenger he had been recently assigned to following his graduation from the academy. He quickly snapped his thoughts back to the present situation at hand, listening more closely as Prazutis went up to speak.

He pursed his lips a bit as he thought of the idea of the mystical warriors that once used the guard the fragile Republic years before the Empire, though, they were mostly only stories. And to think that these mystical warriors now served the new Galactic Government which his own faction fought against didn't help his opinion of the Jedi, though, he wasn't very optimistic about the use of the Inquisitorious in the current Empire. Mindar kept to himself though, aware his own opinions didn't weigh much against those of the Imperial High Command which deemed the Inquisitorious neccesary.

Mindar had to admit, he was mildly impressed by the new Enforcer's plan, though, was concerned still about the aspect of the awareness of the Galactic Alliance's pilots and general space defenses. He decided he would push these thoughts down though, keeping them in reserve incase something did indeed go wrong.

Lady Kota
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Re: Assembling the fleets (Decker, Kota)

Post by Lady Kota » Mon Apr 05, 2021 4:37 pm

Meanwhile in the Inquisitors building......

She sat in her office, inquisitors were being requested for an up coming mission. The grand Inquisitor was about to assign two to the mission when a knock came at her door. "Come in." She said. Argus entered escorted by guards, he dismissed them once inside. She eyed him. "You seem to have a habit of visiting here lately. Some one might think you're trying to enter the Inquisitors." She said. He chuckled a little. "I've come because of this upcoming mission." He said. "I was just about to assign two inquisitors to the mission." She said. "Prazutis is already going and I want you to be the second." He said.

She eyed him. "Why?" She said. "There are Jedi involved and I need someone to supervise Prazutis. Make sure he doesn't slip. He doesn't know you are being requested for this nor why." He said. "So if Prazutis goes over the line I can put him in his place?" She asked. He nodded yes. "Do you know what Jedi will be there?" She asked. He nodded no. She had a small concern but she didn't see it being an issue. "I'll meet the fleet when they are ready." She said. "Good." He said.

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