Hail to the hero(imps)

Driven from Coruscant by the Galactic Alliance, the governing body of the Galactic Empire now resides upon the fortress world of Bastion.
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Re: Hail to the hero(imps)

Post by Lady Kota » Tue May 11, 2021 12:22 am

It would be hours before a knock came, Argus stood there dismissing his guards before he stepped inside. The door closed after. "You made quite a commotion today with your request." He said. "What would you have me do? Watch the only thing I have called home these past 5 years be melted to scrap." She said. "You know our deal." He said. "And I have held up my end, yet I don't see my home yet!" She said in anger as she smashed her fist against the desk in front of her. Argus eyed her, but knew her anger. "I'm working as fast as I can I promise." He said trying to calm her. " Your request was granted, I suggest a new name and imperial crew to make it look good for the council. " He said.

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