I'm Free(Force Apps)

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I'm Free(Force Apps)

Post by Neive Undant » Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:18 pm

Prazutis' shuttle set down once more on Dantooine, near the same spot he had trained in the past. He came here once again to continue his training, examining the fields of tanned grass as he put distance between him and his ship. The void behind his armor's eye holes churned once more and called out to the dark side, summoning its power once again.

Force app: Level 10

(Begin force app: Lv 10)
(word requirement: 1,000 words)

Prazutis reached out to the force once more, wishing to call upon the dark side to enhance his level of unmitigated power once again, as he had done so many times before this. Prazutis felt the next surge of power throw itself into his armor, running through his skin into his muscles, energizing him as the dark side supplied him with what he had asked for, just as he had in the past. His rage… the Verpine, the journey to Eshan, his encounter with the pirates and the Herglic on Naboo… all of it again bottled up within his mind to create the rage, the ire… the suffering within him. All of these emotions to be released as the power that he now asked for from the Dark side around him. He felt the energy coursing through his veins, flowing through his spirit to every limb of the armor it was encased within, even running through the prosthetic right hand that prazutis had lost feeling in the moment he lost the limb to begin with. He felt the dark side’s power within his spiritual mind, within the armor that he was held inside, and all around him as the energy was now more free to move in and out of his spirit without the physical limitations he had before. The power energized him, empowered him to do things he couldn’t before, and also to do things already known with more ease. However, these things were only in theory. They needed to be put into action both to have knowledge of this new level of power and to expel some of the energy within him in order not to overwhelm his armor.
Prazutis put the hand of his armor out, a nearby rock grasped by Prazutis’ grip in the force’s flow, the dark side taking hold of the object he focused on. Prazutis lifted it into the air, bringing up his other hand and slowly spinning the huge stone before pushing it forward, sending it a few hundred feet before it rolled along the ground, slowly coming to a stop. Prazutis breathed heavily for a second, letting his body catch up with the energy that now moved through his system.
Prazutis felt more and more energy churning within him, needing to be expelled once more to regulate the amount that was passing through his armor. Prazutis put his left hand out again, putting a large amount of anger within the space in front of him, stiffening his fingers and thumb and thinking of an explosion, some kind of huge release of energy.
Behind him, Prazutis heard a loud crash, like a star destroyer had just been obliterated right behind him. Turning, Prazutis saw nothing had happened… but he was left with a strange sense that something had just happened, if not physically, than something within him. In any case, Prazutis thought, he needed to move on. He felt a relief of the power that built up within him. Perhaps the explosion noise had been his own doing? He wasn’t sure, but as he closed his eyes once more, he moved on from what had just happened.
Prazutis felt the energy that flowed through his system, yearning for release more and more. Prazutis thought for a moment before he crouched down, feeling the plates of his armor’s legs build up energy within them before he lunged forward, flying forward in a controlled but insanely fast pace. Just as he had done when learning this speed in the first place, Prazutis kicked one armor leg out to his left, observing his armor as he changed directions. The energy of the force kept it from being dented, but it wouldn’t always protect it, he thought to himself. He needed to wear it and test it, see its limitations so he could ensure that in battle, he wouldn’t fall due to over exasperating his armor’s durability.
In any case, he continued the quick changes in direction, noticing the ease in which he could now control the rate of which he could control not only the speed he would move in with each kick to the ground, but also that it was easier to see the angles of which he needed to hit the ground to move in the direction he wanted, along with how much force was needed to stop completely.
Prazutis continued his movements until he saw a large tree nearby. He thought for a second, knowing now that he didn’t have the muscles to empower that he once did, he would have to rely on the same method that he used with the prosthetic arm when he first learned the power.
Prazutis launched himself at the tree that stood in front of him, building energy not only around the knuckles of the prosthetic hand, but also on the elbow of the armor, to send the limb at its target with even more force.
As he reached the tree, he felt a slight lunge forward into it as his armor’s fist slammed into the tree’s trunk, with a small burst of energy around the area of impact sending the entire structured plant backwards.
The tree was sent crashing down, uprooted and decimated from the blow as it landed, making the full 90 degree fall to the grass below. Prazutis noticed the amount of power that was within that blow, much more than what he had used in the past, though when he used this ability on the trainee trooper on Spintr, he had held back much of his power already.
Thinking about yet another application of his new power, Prazutis thought back to another ability he held that he had yet to make full use of except for on a single occasion.
Although he had no knowledge of any true rituals, Prazutis did have the main idea of their abilities. Closing his eyes, Prazutis put out his armor’s left hand and felt the hatred within him, calling upon it, summoning the dark side to conduct the destruction he searched for. The death that he sought, not of his allies, but rather the pirates and Alliance scum that ravaged the Galaxy.
Prazutis opened his eyes and took a single step, outreaching his hand and harnessing that hatred into a burst of energy in front of him.
Only for a second did he see it, like a flamethrower the energy shot forward, all of the grass that waned in front of him crumbling to ashes before him out to about 10 feet ahead…
Prazutis looked down at the hand that he had just used to do this, seeing black burns on the metal, much of the palm and fingers of the armor charred and seared.
Prazutis felt his power now regulate within his armor, within his spirit. Finally, he had reached the next step of his training. One step closer to mastering the force, he thought to himself.

(end force app)
(Word requirement: 1,000)
(Word count: 1,152)

Prazutis looked back to the shuttle for a moment, thinking for a moment about whether he should make this training session a bit longer, expand further on his training, or if he would be needed elsewhere.... He wasn't sure.

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