Needed Training (Neive)

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Re: Needed Training (Neive)

Post by Neive Undant » Tue Apr 23, 2019 3:20 pm

"...Once you've prepared your blades, we will have a guest joining us for your next training session."

A group of troopers were practicing their own bladework in the gymnasium as Prazutis exited his quarters. Once more, he began dialing down his lightsaber to non-lethal concentrations of plasma in his blade. Seeing his pilot making his way towards the gymnasium as well, Prazutis nodded.

"Pilot. The training droid has been installed. You can use it if you'd like, but I'm about to be conducting a training session with the commander for a group of troopers. They'd all like to be able to hold their own with a blade, but they don't realize that holding your own is only possible for a select few."

Prazutis kept his lightsaber in his left hand as he walked towards the gym area.

"If you would like, you may join us, and spar with me alongside the other troopers. And after, perhaps take note of my technique to improve on your own against these men."

Prazutis would never admit it, but he honestly would like to see Etro become at least somewhat versed in lightsaber skills. It would provide leaps and bounds in fighting Jedi, having a pilot who could fight as well, and with more than just a few blaster bolts at that. Prazutis always said that sending troopers to kill a Jedi or a Sith would only end in massacre. But having someone like etro, who had potential to be capable against force adepts, at least in lightsaber duels, could possibly be a turn for the better for Prazutis. Although he didn't doubt his own ability, he would rather his pilot be able to defend himself in case Prazutis was fighting back at his ship rather than in the cities or other areas of the planets he's been visiting.

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Re: Needed Training (Neive)

Post by Solle Ozrok » Mon May 06, 2019 5:39 am

Solle was never the one to be the kind of person who regrets making decisions on the fly but learning ground combat isn't something a pilot like himself should do. Granted, a pilot is nothing without his or her ship and with the small TIE ships cockpits not giving most pilots enough room to carry a E-11, mostly a blaster pistol or maybe a vibro blade if you're smart enough. Not only the small cockpits but how most standard TIE ships carry no ship whatsoever, making them flying coffins, with enough force you could throw a rock at one of these things and it'll explode. So why is he taking these combat training sessions, What was the point in doing any of this? The wonder pilot thought as he examined his blade that was provided by the training regulations. He was definitely more fond of a blaster than a close quarter weapon.

He stood about, awaiting for the instructor to begin the session until he spotted a pilot. " Glad too see I'm not the only flyer here." The flying ace commented, it was relieving having someone who was a flyer to be in this class.

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