New Directions

Driven from Coruscant by the Galactic Alliance, the governing body of Imperial leadership now resides upon the world of Bastion.
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Doren Vassyl
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New Directions

Post by Doren Vassyl » Fri Sep 20, 2019 6:20 am

***Victory I Class Star Destroyer Reverent, Main Conference Chamber***

***Shortly after the Events of ‘Something Borrowed, Something Blue’***

“High Inquisitors”, Doren began in a neutral tone, “Commodore- thank you for convening on such short notice”. Vassyl inclined his head to the three shimmering holograms that fluttered in the air before him and his Twi’lek guest. Extending a cordial hand out in the wandering Force User’s general direction, Doren began his deposition, “As mentioned in my report, please allow me to introduce Miss Arruna Lom”. Three sets of eyes boiled down at the young woman, and then silently returned to fixate on Vassyl. “You will find my previous testimonies of Miss Lom in the briefing notes”, the Captain elaborated, adding, “It should be obvious by now that I vouch for her character with complete confidence. She has selflessly advanced the Imperial Cause on several occasions: this is an immutable fact”.

“And”, Doren carried on, “On the basis of charity and good faith, Miss Lom now wishes to formally offer her services to the Empire”. Vassyl paused for a moment, and shot Arruna an understanding smile. “However, concerns have been raised as to what function my companion aims to fulfill”, the Captain resumed in a more neutral tone, “It is common knowledge that Inquisitorius is a civil, yet martial institution. All who take the oath to serve are expected to serve a primary role as peacekeepers. And yet, there is nothing stopping us from expanding the program’s potential”. Whisking out an emphatic finger, Doren drove his point home, “Sitting here before us is one who wishes not to fight- but to heal. Miss Lom’s psionic potential is well-documented, and the consistent study and application of her abilities could pave the way for an entirely new narrative for individuals such as herself”. “But for now”, Doren concluded, his tone lightening, “I think it best to have our esteemed visitor explain things for herself: Miss Lom, the floor is yours”. Vassyl fell silent, and nodded approvingly. He was confident his acquaintance would make a compelling case.
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Neive Undant
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Re: New Directions

Post by Neive Undant » Fri Nov 01, 2019 1:20 am

Prazutis' addition into the inquisitorious had been an interesting one, to say the least. His methods were heavily criticized by the other inquisitors, and as he was given the title of High Inquisitor, he could almost feel the eyes on him that wished for his downfall. Although he had not met the Grand Inquisitor, Prazutis was sure that "Kota," as he's heard the Grand Inquisitor named, would not be pleased that a High Inquisitor would be using such power as he held.

Prazutis stood in the training facility of the SparrowHawk, arms crossed as Nimbus squad trained behind him, although they were unseen and unheard by the projector that shown his likeness to Vassyl and Lom.

In the name of expanding the Inquisitorious, Prazutis had to concede that it would be fair that while using the destructive nature of the force is needed, so is using the force to heal others. Plus, as Prazutis was well aware, it was needed to show the masses that the Empire isn't the prejudicial regime that it once was. Showing that imperials can heal just as much as they could hurt... there was something poetic there, though Prazutis was never a poet.

The High Inquisitor stayed quiet, crossing his arms to listen to this "Arruna Lom," trying to keep as open a mind as he could. Though, he knew he would need to choose his words carefully in reply when the time came.

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