No Mercy(force apps)

Driven from Coruscant by the Galactic Alliance, the governing body of Imperial leadership now resides upon the world of Bastion.
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No Mercy(force apps)

Post by Neive Undant » Sat Nov 10, 2018 5:09 am

Prazutis walked through the halls of the Fury, a I-class star destroyer within one of the battle groups of the Empire's 2nd fleet. He had not been in many of the larger imperial destroyers but he had to say, being in such a vessel was impressive. However, while his shuttle was refueling, he decided to see what he could do around the ship to assist the workers.
Passing through the holding cells, he noticed a rebel being taken out of his cell, to what he assumed was questioning... or perhaps aggressive interrogation, as he liked to call it.
The troopers didn't mind him following to observe their methods as they placed him in a chamber, one of them bringing out a stun baton to make him submit until they started the questioning. About 2 minutes of repeated contact between the baton and the rebel's arms, back and legs, and the trooper took his leave to join the others near Prazutis.
"He's softened up... who wants to talk to him first?" The trooper asked, putting away the electric weapon.
After a slight hesitation from the troopers, Prazutis looked at the interrogator.
"What is it that you need to know?" He asked.
"Well, we apprehended him just outside of Coruscant, We'd like to know all we can about the schedules of coruscant's resource transport, perhaps any specific route from the planet to Alliance space they may be using." The trooper said before Prazutis exited the room, placing himself into the same room as the weak, battered prisoner.
"Consider it done."

There were 2 ways he could go about this. Try and learn one new ability and force the knowledge out of the man, or go into his own version of "Aggressive Interrogations." Either way, he would be getting that information.

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