Driven from Coruscant by the Galactic Alliance, the governing body of Imperial leadership now resides upon the world of Bastion.
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Prazutis walked through the halls of the capital building with two troopers at his side, wondering what business the Lord Regent would have with him, rather than the Grand Inquisitor. Any large threats involving the force would usually go to her before she would relay the message, as per the chain of command. However, Lord Regent Kraiov asked to personally speak with Prazutis himself.

Prazutis was relieved of his lightsaber before he entered Kraiov's office, and a moment later, came face to face with the Lord Regent himself.

"Ah, high Inquisitor. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Lord Regent Kraiov said, standing as he looked over the armored figure before him.

"The pleasure, and honor, is mine, Lord Regent." Prazutis replied. Kraiov nodded before he continued.

"I'd like to not take up much of either of our time here, so I'll simply state my business. Due to the... abilities you possess, the loyalty you've shown, and the drive to execute the will of the Empire, myself, ISB Director Sond, and Empress Karn herself have discussed a... reassignment for you."

Prazutis was almost taken aback by the fact that those 3 names had acknowledged him in any way, let alone discussed him. However, it wasn't a joyful surprise. More confusion than anything.

"You wish to remove me from my current position?" He asked.

"Yes, but we do have other plans for you. You see, I had looked over a proposition that one of my colleagues, one Governor Vassyl, had attended a while ago. At the time of the proposition, myself and the rest of the top brass in the Empire were nearly disgusted at the words that were said, but something caught my attention."

Prazutis listened intently to the Lord Regent's words as he spoke.

"You once said that the Empire needed a new symbol of fear, a new... Lord Vader. And, in a strange way, I believe there is some truth to that statement. An enforcer of the Empire's will against those who seek our downfall... and who isn't afraid to exterminate our enemies. I've heard about your work in the field, and that's what I believe you are."

Prazutis nodded, then while Kraiov paused, he gave a reply.

"And what about the Grand Inquisitor?"

"The Grand Inquisitor is our secret weapon. We would send her after the Sith any day. But I have my doubts that she would perform as well against Galactic Alliance assets, or against the Jedi, as well as she would against the Sith."

"You believe she would hesitate against them?"

"I believe that, besides my word, nothing pits her against them. She has no ill will towards them. But you do not have those reservations."

Prazutis crossed the arms of his armor, nodding. It was true, Lady Kota was not as violent by nature as Prazutis was. Facing Tormentous or Slade, he doubted she would hold back, but facing someone like the Verpine, or Ben Kenobi...

"So, I want to arrange a bit of a... cosmetic change to your armor. And after that, you will take orders from myself, Director Sond, and if you are ever given the privilege to meet her, Empress Karn. Understood?"

"You can lead through example, or you can lead through fear..."

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