Stomping out the spark(All imperials available)

Driven from Coruscant by the Galactic Alliance, the governing body of Imperial leadership now resides upon the world of Bastion.
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Stomping out the spark(All imperials available)

Post by Neive Undant » Mon Apr 29, 2019 3:15 pm

Mid rim
Churnis Sector

Weeks of work had led to this bout. Once the ship found in deep space had been found to be transporting armaments to the planet of Ansion, the ISB has decided to get involved and after a quick squabble reported, the Empire had 2 new delta shuttles and the coordinates to what could be assumed as a much larger insurgent military facility. Considering the amount of blasters that were held in the cargo hold of that ship, according to the data in its own computer, there was a small army hidden within this planet. However, as the Empire didn’t want to outright blast the planet to oblivion, it was up to the ground troops to storm the compound and end this insurgency.

“We have 2 cruisers in the air, both of them with fighters in case any stragglers try to escape. Any Anti-Air resistance will be up to you to take care of, but we’ll have a close eye on the ground for those who are fleeing.”
Commander Kwedle Bornaro stood at the bridge of the Sparrowhawk, awaiting the departure of the ground forces onto the ground to begin this operation.


Prazutis unclipped his High Inquisitor cloth that hung from his armor’s neck, letting it fall behind him neatly to the floor, the imperial insignia sitting face up on top of the rest of the cloth.

Preparing for departure. Remember, no insurgent leaves this place. Kill or capture, it matters not who they are.

Prazutis stepped off the loading ramp, a group of 9 stormtroopers following Prazutis off the ramp to the grass below before the Sparrowhawk prepared to lurch into the air once more. Not far away, another Carrack cruised was doing the same. It seemed that the Empire was taking no chances in this insurgency spreading to other planets, being so close to the Imperial capital. But in any case, Prazutis looked out to the hills, seeing the base: an elevated metal support system holding a large rooftop covered in grass to prevent any Cruisers from noticing its presence.

Target located. We regroup, then storm the facility.

"You can lead through example, or you can lead through fear..."

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