Studying for the test(force apps)

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Studying for the test(force apps)

Post by Neive Undant » Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:21 pm

Prazutis walked through the halls of Captain Vassyl's own ship, a star destroyer named Reverent, thinking to himself as he approached the temporary quarters given to him for the length of the trip. He pulled up the notes given to him by his droid before the encounter on Spintr, reading over them as he thought both about the language he needed to learn and the force ability he had heard about that could allow him to learn the entire language from just these basic notes. He read over the basics, the text written in galactic basic, at least everything besides the Sith letterings showing how to write and pronounce them.

"[Hello]." Prazutis sounded out from the pronunciation description of the Sith letters.
"[I am... destruction.]" Prazutis spoke, merely saying his own name after the introduction. He knew his name's translation, of course, but saying it out loud... it was an interesting thing. But observing the basics of this language, Prazutis closed his eyes and began once again to tap into his potential within the force.

(Begin force app: Force Comprehension)
(word requirement: 400)

Prazutis felt the force energy within him, the dark side pulling the flow of the force into his body in order to keep a steady flow of the power he held within himself. Prazutis focused the energy into his head, his brain, letting his head adjust to the surge of power as he felt an ache in his forehead. Prazutis took a breath and looked once again to the materials in front of him, reading them and letting his mind process the workings of the language's basic foundations. Once he grasped the foundations, such as the conjugations of their verbs, he focused on the energy he diverted to his head, directing it again to his brain, more specifically his thalamus and his occipital lobe, the two parts of the brain used for taking in information. Prazutis felt the pain intensify as his processes of these areas began to speed up and take the information in with more detail and attention. Prazutis moved some of the energy from there to his cerebrum, the part of the brain used for critical thinking.
Leaning forward, he felt his brain making up for the information not already told to him within the materials, building the rules and translations of the language within his mind to replace the information he missed.
Prazutis leaned forward as his brain created this information and moved it all to his thalamus and cerebral cortex, the heightened pieces quickly storing the information in memories and moving on to the next batch of materials his brain replaced from the basis given to him. He could feel the neurons moving from the front of his brain to the center, and into his hippocampus and beyond.
Prazutis' mind then moved to the spoken word rather than the written, Prazutis quietly repeating words as his mind continued to fill in the almost endless blanks based on the notes he already held. Once more, he felt the intense headache in his forehead and in the center of his mind, moving just above his neck as his neurons moved almost triple the speed of normal as he took in the wave of information his brain created, processed and quickly stored all at once.
Prazutis began speaking insanely quick, sentences in the Sith language that made no sense at the time, but were only used to manifest the information he was processing to ensure he could speak the words his mind created and put into memories. Pain was shooting through his head, it felt like sparks were flying from his brain as neurons shot across his cranium, and his hippocampus ached just from taking in the massive amounts of information. Prazutis finally reached out to the force, pulling the energy away from his brain to gradually return his levels in his mind to his normal capacity, and to go back to normal and relieve this aching. He had enough information, he believed, to hold normal conversation, if not speak on a level advanced even to the ancient race, if they were still alive.

(end force app: force comprehension)
(word requirement: 400)
(word count: 506)

Prazutis looked up, breathing heavily from the pain and the energy he expended learning this new power. It had been worth it, he thought to himself, but it wasn't as easy as he thought it would be.

"You can lead through example, or you can lead through fear..."

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