A Sacrifice to the Darkside (Character Development , Alignment App)

With Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith, destroyed, the Sith Order have retreated to the sanctuary of the frozen realm of Zoist.
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A Sacrifice to the Darkside (Character Development , Alignment App)

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=Begin App for Darkside Alignment=
Req Word: 1000

It was the dead of night when Warvanus awoke to the all too familiar mental tug he felt through the Force. His master was summoning him as he often did when the Emperor had need of his servant. It was a short time later when Warvanus was in his Master’s presence; he prostrated himself as he bent the knee. He did not even say anything. His Master had given him his mandate and he was to go at once. Warvanus bent his head in acknowledgement and rose and departed his Master’s chambers. Warvanus made his way back to his room and began to pack of what he will need. All while mulling the words of his Master in his head.

This was a rite of passage” he had told him, he was to search out a woman by the name Feluela. He was to kill her and only by doing this would he prove his commitment, his devotion to the Dark Side of the Force. “By doing this will you take your claim to the Darkside” he had also told him “And the Darkside will stake it’s claim on you” This seemed to be a simple mission in itself. He wondered why killing this insignificant woman would solidify his devotion to the Darkside. He had packed a change of clothes, his commlink, sheathed his dagger and his sword. When he saw that he had everything needed he departed. His Master had told him where to go. His Master told him she was living on Tatooine and that she was last spotted in Bestine. It was as good a place as any to start.

It was not long before Warvanus was in the hanger in his shuttle, performing pre-flight check, checking the systems, and entering the co-ordinates into the navi computer. When the shuttle was ready he got clearance to depart. The Shuttle left and a short distance later was in hyperspace. Warvanus had a couple of hours to kill. He would try to meditate. He sat in the pilots chair, calling upon the Force and as soon as he did so. He was given a vision.

Warvanus saw he was surrounded by mist and in front of him stood a hooded figure. The figure wore a black cloak his features not visible but what he felt from this being or what he perceived he felt was darkness at a level he had never felt. In the vision they both stood neither moving, neither speaking he didn’t know how much time had passed. Finally the figure spoke to him.

Warvanus you approach a crossroad, you must claim your place with the Darkside. You must make a sacrifice, a very personal sacrifice only then will you complete the process you began when you accepted Tormentous’ offer to be trained” Each word had a booming echo but also as if thousands of voices were speaking in harmony. The figure raised a hand and pointed at the young Sith and suddenly Warvanus’ eyes snapped open. He could hear a beeping and realized he was approaching Tatooine.

He brought the ship out of hyperspace. He had the fake transponder activated nobody would know that he was traveling in a shuttle that was property of the Cauldron. He approached the planet letting the Force guide him or his gut he wasn’t entirely certain. The ship landed outside of a settlement. He wondered what exactly he was about to get himself into.

Normally he felt no fear, he felt nothing but this was different. He could not explain it. Maybe it was because of the importance of this task. This was a test this much he knew. But why? And why was he feeling hesitation and unease? He was Warvanus apprentice to the Emperor, Embodiment of war and destruction. He felt no fear, he felt no emotion that was of no use to him. Why then, was he feeling the faint small traces of Kell Sangros trying to assert itself into his consciousness? Maybe he was being manipulated as part of the test.
Warvanus secured the shuttle, activated the anti-intrusion system and disembarked. He wore a cloak and brought the hood up. It would protect him from some of the elements but not much. It was not a long walk till he found himself at the edge of the settlement but the entire way the unease he had felt in himself did not lessen, it intensified. He cursed at himself for feeling such weakness. “The weak live to serve the strong” his Master had often told him.

The structures in the settlement were built from scavenged parts. The people looked at him with a mingled curiosity and fear. Warvanus pretended he did not notice. He was above these people for he walked in the current of the Force, at the same time as time wore on the more unnerved he felt. For the first time he considered just abandoning this mission and claim he was successful. No his Master would know and then he would be punished. He shook the thoughts of a coward out of his thoughts. What power did this place have over him? It was not long before he found himself in the center of the settlement in their make shift square where people would trade and do business. It was scarcely populated. He made his way to a make-shift bench sat. He needed to clear his head. He needed to get a tight rein in on his emotions, emotions that should not be present. He sat and observed, he watched curiously as shop owners were closing up, vendors packing up.

There’s a nasty sandstorm coming stranger” A voice said breaking him out of his thoughts, a reprieve from the inner conflict that was now building stronger inside him. “Come inside take shelter” Almost numbingly he rose and followed the townsfolk inside what appeared to be a larger structure. He had not noticed this before it was better built than most of the building and huts he had seen since his arrival. There were several people in the building, men, women, children. He found an empty seat in the moderately large room about the size of an event hall. He watched the people he called upon the Force. Then it had struck him. Visions, fading into his consciousness images, people, events, as if he was watching a movie on fast forward. He blinked his brain trying to process what he had seen. His breathing quickened. He needed to process what he had just seen. It was then he heard a voice it was a bit louder than the general banter and conversation.

Feluela” he heard a woman say. He turned and looked and seeing her face. She was beautiful by most men’s standards. She had medium brown hair the flipped upwards at the ends. She was dressed in rags typically associated with desert nomads. The Force brought her to him. He could kill her but he would have to fight his way out. No he would use cunning and deciet. He would have to bide his time. He needed a plan. The visions he had seen he saw her. Were these really visions or memories bubbling to the surface? If it was the latter than this woman was a part of his past. He brought his hood down and turned away from her.

Kell?” he heard someone say he never thought he would hear someone call him. He willed himself to not turn around but his body betrayed him. He turned and was face to face with his target.

“It is you” she said softly she embraced him in a hug. The embrace lasted longer than he would like. Then without warning she slapped him across the face. Hard. Before he could react she spoke.

How could you abandon me like that? How could you leave me to grieve alone when I needed you most???” With each word her tone sharpening her volume rising, her eyes glassing over as tears threatened to spill over. He could only stare blankly at her.

Who are you?” He asked he knew her name because of his mandate. He was genuinely confused about all this.

Who am I?” she spat bitterly “You leave me after all this time, believing you to be dead and then all of a sudden you come back after 3 years and you have the nerve to ask who am I???” she paused “ I am your wife!!!” she glared daggers at him.

“My wife?” he said with wonder. If this was true this changed everything. How could he kill his own wife? And then he suddenly realized that this was the test the rite of passage. He needed to think but he had to push all this aside and use deceit and be cunning.

I am sorry” he began “I have no recall of the events you mentioned. My memories longer than 3 years are blank. The first thing I remember was waking up underneath a pile of rubble” he didn’t know where or how he happened to be there. “I wasn’t even sure if Kell was my real name” he continued. “Whatever I had done I am sincerely sorry” he lied to her.

She listened. Half believing half skeptical. “When our son was a stillborn you left you said you needed time to think instead of grieving together you shut me out and left. I had no idea where but somehow you made your way to the capital. There was a terrorist attack on one of the capital buildings in Bestine. “She continued “I believed you to be dead. I mourned you as I mourned for our son” Warvanus looked at her listening, she shook her head, and walked away.

She left him to just sit there. He had a wife? And a son who died at childbirth? He lived here among these people and then abandoned her to her grief? Furthermore he was caught in a terrorist attack and it was this that erased his identity. He needed to learn more. She held the key to his past. Those visions that flooded into his mind were memories of her, their life together. They felt disconnected, which was expected given the circumstances surrounding it.

Before he knew it the storm had passed and people were leaving the shelter. He had spotted Feluela and followed her from a distance. She must have figured he was going to do this and stopped cold and turned around. Her expression still hard she was not glad to see him. “What” she said slowly and deliberately “Do you want?

He wore the mask of remorse. “I want to know more about our life together” he said simply. “ I have been searching for three years for answers and by happen stance someone recognized me and it lead me here” he paused “Please” he was pleading with her
She looked at him as if coming to a decision she nodded indicating for him to follow her. He walked with her side by side “So “ she began “What do you want to know?

Warvanus thought and then answered “What did I do here? What was I like? Was I a bad husband?” He had a million questions. The more he studied her the more he found himself taken with her. Maybe…. No he chided himself this part of his life was over. He was a sith apprentice. There was no room for both. He found the conflict in him not only rising but intensifying. He never in his short memory had felt such conflict. Why should he? This woman was not a part of him anymore. But yet he felt a stirring that he had never experienced. All the while he was listening to her telling him that he was a decent husband outside of him abandoning her. That they had a happy life together, a life that Warvanus summarized was beyond reach now. There was a weight of sadness with the thought. As she spoke he could tell that her tone and feelings towards him were changing. What would it take for him to just run and live with her for the rest of his days. No, this was not possible. He did smile inwardly to learn he was the head of the militia of this little settlement. Even then he was a warrior.

As the hours rolled by they spoke about old times what had happened since their separation. Warvanus would leave out the part of becoming a sith or his training in the Force. As they carried on the more conflicted he felt. He could not do this, but yet he had to. Why couldn’t he show her mercy? Could he kill her swiftly so she wouldn’t suffer? Should he? Why couldn’t he have peace? Then it dawned on him. He could not have peace because “Peace is a Lie, there is only Passion” Was this woman worth more to him than his lust for the Darkside? “There is only passion” With that first line he knew what he needed to do. He still did not like it but he then realized that this was to be his sacrifice, he must sacrifice her which symbolized his past life, a life he could never return to. He did not know how long she had stopped speaking but they had stopped moving.

Kell? Were you listening?” she asked him he looked into her eyes which when he did she was taken a back. “Whats wrong with your eyes Kell? They’re gold?

“Kell” he began “is dead, I am Warvanus apprentice to the Emperor of the Sith Empire” he took a step towards her and with quick movement he drew his dagger and stabbed her in the chest. She fell like a dead weight a look of horror and confusion in her eyes. Before she could verbalize anything he continued by picking her up and as he looked into her eyes her lifeforce starting to leave her. “I am War personified, and you are my sacrifice, to my Emperor to the Darkside itself” and without further words he then slashed her throat and let her body hit the ground again. He watched as the blood spilled onto the desert sand.

He felt his anger growing, his fury white hot, hotter than it had ever been. How dare he let this woman get to him. How dare he for feeling weakness and fear. How dare he for feeling any emotions towards the corpse that now laid before him. He sheathed his dagger and drew his sword. He would not just sacrifice her. He would sacrifice the entire settlement. They could not be allowed to live. Their deaths would service his journey to the darkside. He could have chose her, yeah it would have taken some time and doing but in the end the darkside won. He made it his property and the darkside made him its.

It did not take very long for Warvanus to slay the people of the place at one time he called home. After the corprses littered it’s steets and huts. Warvanus set fire and from his shuttle watched the settlement burn. He stood at a distance stewing in his rage stewing in the fury that he felt. He let it fester to sink in, he gorged himself on it. It would make him stronger. The man who had been Kell Sangros was gone from the death arose Warvanus. He had made his choice. He only hoped that he had passed this trial. He would now leave Tatooine and return to his Master.

=End Application=
Actual Word Count: 2603
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