A Whisper from the Dark (Char. Development)

With Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith, destroyed, the Sith Order have retreated to the sanctuary of the frozen realm of Zoist.
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A Whisper from the Dark (Char. Development)

Post by Kell Sangros » Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:33 am

Begin Force User Level 5 Application

You will eat, sleep, breathe training, all your time you are not doing my bidding you will train and better yourself for my service” he could hear the voice of his Master reverberate in his mind. In one sentence he had given Warvanus his mandate until he said otherwise. One that Warvanus took to heart as the gym and training arenas became like a second home to him. In every training session he strived to discover new gateways to new powers and on the occasion that he discovered such a gateway he would practice it until it became second nature. How far he had come along since the first time he touched the Force under his Master’s guidance. Darth Tormentous had left his acolyte to discover his own way.
Once again he looked at his blade propped against the rack. He had been trying this for months to no avail though each time he got better. He was determined this time to be successful. He stretched out with the Force and through it he could feel the hilt of his blade almost as if his hand was grasping the hilt he could feel the cold steel of his blade, and with his will he willed it into his hand. What his blade actually did was like before it was shake in the rack and nothing more. Though what was different this time is it shook much more than his previous attempts. His blue iris’ became golden yellow as his rage took over and with a wave of his hand the rack toppled over and slammed against the wall. He let out a guttural growl. He had to get control over this. This would become his obsession he will master this ability. …..

Two hours had passed before he had a level head again to continue his training drills. The recent duel with Lord Blood played fresh on his mind. He had not won that battle but he didn’t’ feel like he lost either. His technique with the lightsaber had improved. He had gained a stronger control on manipulating the Force though his efforts from two hours previous were not a good example of it. He was now able to feel the objects he was trying to manipulate. This alone was a definite improvement. He had unlocked the ability to sense the Force in other beings. Something new he had not been able to do until recently. It was clear that Warvanus was growing stronger in the Force with each passing day. Each discovery was a victory. A long while ago he had engaged in a duel with a training droid one programmed beyond his skill level at that time. Now it was time to test himself against this again.

In this duel he would push himself to the limits and beyond. He had little time as the droid charged him training saber activated. Warvanus barely had time to activate his and block the first flurry of attacks. He did’nt think he let the Force guide his parrys. The droid took a swing again with the saber but Warvnus dodged ,this opened the window to go on the offensive. His strikes were faster than they had been and a bit more precise too. Each clash was hard as he put his anger into it. His anger fueled his power, anger at the settlement on tatooine, anger he had to sweep away pieces of his past anger that this could have been a potential weakness. They clashed for what seemed like forever the droid did not get the upper hand but then again neither did Warvnaus. It was a draw. Warvanus executed a Force jump over the droid to give him some distance between them. With a remote he hit the button to deactivate it. His skill was definitely improved since the last time he went toe to toe with this hunk of metal. However the remote was not responding and the droid fired a poison dart. It caught Warvanus in the leg. His anger once again getting the better of him he drew on the force could feel the droid in his grasp and willed it to break it’s neck.(attemptive tk) However much like his blade the droid’s head just jerked but it jerked hard enough to short something out and the droid now laid dormant.

The poison was now making it’s way through Warvanus, he had little time and drew inward. He could see the poison in his mind’s eye and willed it to leave his body, slowly but surely the poison began to seep out of the wound the dart made in his leg. He kept his focus and forced his will on this one task. It might have been 20 minutes before it was completely driven from his body. But he still did not feel right. While the poison was not inside him anymore it had left it’s mark. He would need rest he knew he would feel better in the morning.
Warvanus grabbed a towel and dried himself off, “Warvanus” a voice said silken and smooth he could almost hear it, but inside his head he heard it loud and clear. What had just happened. Who was calling him, he did not recognize the voice, though the voice had called him by his true name….. Warvanus. This would bear some investigation. But first he had to rest. He needed a meal and a refresher and then rest.

End Level 5 Application
Word Count : 910/500
Lord Warvanus
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