Cursed, Lost & Decayed - Recovered

With Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith, destroyed, the Sith Order have retreated to the sanctuary of the frozen realm of Zoist.
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Cursed, Lost & Decayed - Recovered

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***Force Sensitivity***
***ABY 29, Q - Unknown, Month - Unknown***
***Location - Unknown***

Where was he?


Did it matter?

Absolutely not...

Agony was all he felt, was it even a feeling though? He certainly felt it as both physical and emotional. Such agonizing pain! What was this? He held no wounds that he knew of. Why did he feel as if his chest was on fire to the enth degree and that his mind was as if the knives of a thousand dead souls were screeching all at once? His fingers gripped his hair while his palms were pressed upon his temples in effort to relieve the pain... He felt as if his mind was bleeding. He felt as if... he could see?

But it was pitch black!

He gazed about the room that he'd found himself in. It was dark, damp and frightening. An eerie emptiness swallowed him and held him in place. He couldn't move, but the needles on his brain forced a suffering like nothing he'd ever experienced. "Why!?" He called out into the darkness... his voice, it was muffled and dry. His hands fell to his face and he felt the metallic construct of a rebreather upon his face. Solid and unmoving, as if grafted in place. He fought to rip it away though he only screamed and cried out in pain. Near panic took him, he fell to the ground though he stood, he crashed into the wall though he'd not moved... his mind was thurming with the pulse of a heartbeat not his own. He reached down and as his fingertips touched his bare chest they graced the metallic surface of a construct and instantly he knew that something terrible had happened if technology was both breathing and pumping blood for him. He feared what was within his head in that case. < /div>

His eyes closed though it did nothing to hide the darkness surrounding him and further his mind grew in pain. It was unbearable. It was horrifying... Little did he know that whatever had become of his body, it had unlocked the sensitivity of that which he despised most - the Force. Whatever tragic occurrence had befallen him, he'd grown to such hatred that those needles in his mind were actually tendrils of the Force, reaching out to feel for the first time. Belying his hatred for the ethereal. With every fiber of his being his choler grew and broiled over. He fell to his knees and shouted in both anger and despair! He could hear further now though his ears were deafened through this cause that was the Force. He sensed the movements in the air, the sand on the ground, the resonations of sound upon the walls and ceiling, the condensation on the pillars. He could hear, feel, taste and see it all as if he'd never seen it before with his own eye.

Echoes of the Force were all around him, thundering in its presence and it began to drive him mad for he knew not how to control them. Surrounding him and within him, the Force's energy could be touched and felt though the control was absent and he melted down from inside. Such pain and suffering, brought about by an unseen enemy that he couldn't wrap his hands around and squeeze the life out of. Another shout of fury rose from his breast and finally silent. Whispers entered his mind, whispers of a hundred long gone souls. All speaking to him at once, all vying for control over a broken mind who was on the precipice of losing his own identity if it hadn't already happened.

Taking a hollow breath, his eyes darted from one side to the other. He could see ghosts that were not supposed to exist. They strolled about without care, ignorant to his gaze and he could feel their power coursing and radiating from them and all of which he could vaguely see as faint pulses in the air. As the Force made itself known to Jac... or what was once Jacobi Wylcott... it paraded before him and taunted him to his fate. His head lowered and wobbled, weak and defeated. As the last vestiges of Jacobi Wylcott slipped away... so too did the Force abuse his soul to torment... eternal torment...

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Galactic Doughnuts
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Hours... days... weeks... time was of no consequence down here. Wherever here seemed to be. The man once known as Jacobi Wylcott needed to focus. For as long as he could thus far remember he'd felt nothing but the agonizing scream of his fate, tearing at his conscience, eating away at his shattered mind. Focus of the mind, focus of the Senses so that he may see for the first time truly with both eyes that were not simply the eyes upon his face. Reaching out? What was reaching out exactly? By definition it would have been a physical expression but in this case he needed to reach out mentally and grasp that which he'd never done before. It was not such a simple task...

He drilled his mind over the course of time. Forcing it to shunt away the screams if only for a moment. This reprieve allowed him to channel or seek a new light in this hall of shadows. His mind raced with questions and his natural senses spanned out though it was not these feelings that truly coursed through his mind. What took precedence upon his conscience was that of what he'd never experienced before. While normally he could feel the grit of the sand with his fingers, now he could feel that which comprised the sand. He once could taste the dampness in the air, now he could feel the water in the air, each passing wave of dew upon the breeze. Once he could see great distances with sharp vision as that of a hawk, now his mind spoke to him and told him that there were several pillars in the room that he was in, none of which that he'd yet seen with his own eyes. He could feel out with this sense and touch the wall that was out of his arm's reach. The cool sensation of touch to the skin was not present but rather the coursing energy that skipped off of its embrace.

Everything around him seemed to glow with this... power...

And he hated it...

Knowing what this was, he despised himself for seeking atonement within the Force. Untrustworthy and despicable. That was the Force to him. His feelings however were conflicted as the utilization of the Force in this instance was brining him to center. To an unknown peace within his torment. As he sensed outwards with his fledgling senses, his mind graced the binds that chained him to the floor upon which he stood. They were cold steel, but there was something else within them. It was as if the Force which was surrounding him was also within these binds. Its presence... its power... seemed to flow within the solid metal of the chains and while he couldn't see them with such detail, he could feel the curvature of each link in the chain that encompassed the next link and which had been welded together on one side.

Slightly his arms shifted to pull against the chains and test their strength but what he found awaiting such movement was a piercing cry so furious upon his mind's watch that he nearly went unconscious. While maintaining his composure, he fell to one knee and so he reached up and touched his ear fully expecting blood. But his ear was dry save for the perspiration. Funny, nor were his ears ringing even though that cry was the loudest tone he'd ever experienced. Then he seemed to realize that it was his mind that had felt the noise rather than his ears actually hearing it as normal. Perhaps the chains had simply sounded to his ears as nothing more than chains shifting and falling. But to his mind, when the movement of the air occurred and the sounds displayed, with his current fledgling focus set upon the area, he had absorbed everything ten fold. In truth it had been his mind alone that experienced the noise of the chains. Weary, but undeterred, he stood once more and refocused his bearing down upon those binds once more.

Now knowing what he could expect, he delved down into the depths of the unseen once more. Touching the energy field of the chains and gracing their aura. Preparedness was enough this time to sustain him as he barely shifted the chains once more. Just as before his senses reacted though they were far more in tune. With each air particle that was shifted out of place, he felt them boldly and so too his senses caught their path and translated the sense to his brain which showed him that which produced the noise.

It seemed, that even the slightest of action could draw forth the essence of the Force. Even the tiniest of the most infantile of motions could be seen, felt and sensed with its use.

But what presented itself most was the energy field that he'd touched. Again to ease the torment of his mind he washed himself in the aura of the Force and his senses expanded yet again. This time perhaps he could see a full foot away from him. His mind's touch reached out with dramatic effort to succeed where he knew there was no victory. As he manipulated the Force to his will, he could feel further and more extensively with each and every attempt. Once he fell upon that unseen energy field though, his senses opened up to a new realm of possibility. He pulled upon the tendrils of the Force, each bound to the field of energy that seemed to surround and penetrate everything. But all he found within it was unforgiving emptiness. The more he felt with those brand new senses, the more he hated. The rage that was born today was as a blinding maelstrom, defying nature and vowing to provide his enemies with the same torment that he felt every agonizing moment since he'd awoken in this blackened hellish prison.

***Life Sense***

He growled in annoyance. Still he was suffered to remain in some dungeon with no one to answer him. And still the pain increased upon his mind. Evermore the pain sought to punish his existence and eradicate him entirely. He'd already given in to the pain. But now he vied for something else. He demanded that he find someone, whomever was responsible for his anguish. Once more he fell upon his new found senses to claim victory. Reaching out upon the tides of the horizon, his mind expanded outwards as a bubble of influence. Though he was not feeling his surroundings any longer but rather he was in search of that which was real. It wasn't until a shift in the air caught his attention that his mind became focused and he singled out what the source was.

Again and again the shift occurred. For many long minutes he tried ever more to see this thing and only with the fire of determination did he force a result. His senses fell upon that which he determined was a heart beat. A solitary heart beat amongst a land of nonexistence. He cursed the finding but he was pleased that he wasn't alone. The Force coalesced around this being in a way that he'd not seen with anything else. The Force's flow came upon this being and pulsated with energy and power. These pulses were determined as heart beats. As the tormented soul continued to discover, his senses touched upon the heart beat and he could feel an entirely different kind of energy field within this heart. It was different from when he felt the flow of the chains and the water upon the walls. This energy was as if it moved and abated as a creature. Yes, as if he could feel life. After a considerable examination, he felt the bright aura of life surrounding the heart as it took each beat... slower and slower...


He sought the life source and he could only determine that this life was waning. Seeping back into nothingness. Further he reached into its embrace, the bright bluegreen aura of life began to create a visual within his head. he was beginning to see what life was representing. He could see the blood cells, each pounded with life as anything else. He felt the muscle, filled with fibers and tendrils of that same life energy he'd originally felt. But in doing this, he could also feel where it did not exist. The lack of life energy was just outside this heart while it slowed to stop.

He would never know the old man that the life belonged too, but he could also feel the faint traces of the Force energy leaving the man to nothing. When life escaped, its energy seemed to dissipate and spread away into the surrounding aura-like energy field. All as one...

***Sense Force Disturbance***

A disturbance could be anything so miniscule as the shifting upon the wind or as world shattering as a world's population being extinguished in a single span of time.

With the passage of the days since his internment into this prison where he would surely rot away, he'd learned of the slight disturbances of the Force. Apparently he'd already been aware of such disturbances but he could not actively seek them out. With his senses spaced out no more than two feet from his position. He drew upon the Force and it soothed his mind while at the same time disgusting him and causing further pain than before. Onward his senses flowed until the disturbances beyond the walls of his mind could be not simply felt as before, but this time sensed and discerned. This time however the not-so-Jacobi man would feel his first far reaching sense of the Force yet. As once more, he reached forth with the senses he'd gained already, the reach of him mind's senses wasn't necessarily expanding as yet but the current of the Force would seek to show that which it desired.

Upon this current blew the hand of Jacobi forth and his mind fell upon a being whom he knew not. This being's power was incredible to behold and he nearly trembled in response to its gaze. Such power was causing a tremor in the Force. Its very presence was foul and degrading to the surrounding area. His presence was as a large stone in a lake. As the waves energy fields of the Force came to pass they crashed against the stone that was this man and they spilled away. His every breath of passage was awe inspiring though it was equally terrifying. This man was not sitting idle but rather he was violently manipulating the Force in a manner that was causing this massive tremor which by happenstance was to be garnered as a visage here. Each waking wave or pulse was more powerful than the next. Each one held the power of a Star Destroyer or so it seemed. Such was this disturbance that it seemed to echo across the stars and deep into the distant space beyond.

Then it was gone...

Now was the time of reflection and understanding. What was this disturbance? Clearly it had been something that the Force desired to gift him. A glimpse perhaps? That meant the Force as a whole was something of its own mind. Allowing a premonition or vision or some such thing to be granted on those it so wished. If that was so, wouldn't that also mean that such a vision or disturbance was linked to him somehow?

With nothing else to do... he fell further into his thoughts...

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Galactic Doughnuts
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***Force Level 2***

Power, glorious power... it was intoxicating. It was tempting... it brought more pain. As if the presence of this constant agony couldn't get worse, it displayed its potential to Jacobi and he could not resist but to move forth into the flames of his pain. The more he reached into the Force, the more painful everything became though the rewards of greater power were consuming his mind and his very presence. His ethereal gaze extended outwards to the stars and thus was his limitless potential. To gain this power was a base desire fueled by necessity and grief. Grief of his failures and the promise to rule once and for all. Gone was Jacobi's mind so far that it was as if a sickness had befallen him. Tears of his failed honor were steadily destroying him and he could not fathom anything less than the brutal suffering that he was forced to endure.

To gain this power that he sought, he reached forth into the vestiges that remained of his brief brush with Force Sensitivity. As he once touched this power, now it was time to grow in its potency and turn away from a fledgling and soar into a mountain of power. His mind swept away into the realm of the unseen and so he began to touch that which he'd done already. He could feel the unseen energies once more and his mind relished in his release. It was becoming hard to tell if the power of the Force actually eased the pains or if it rather intensified them, one thing was certain, it was fast becoming an addiction that he could not shake. It was consuming him, eating him with every ounce of power that he was bestowed upon. His mind rolled in the massing energy that began to surround him. While he may have thought that this power was incredible and that his cup was overflowing with its power, yet he was but a babe unto its realm and his greatest successes were minute and infantile in comparison. Though his power grew hence!

Flowing energy rushed about him as a breeze upon the far winds. His face brushed the burning sensation of what he'd thus far proclaimed as power. It nearly blistered his face though he did not flinch for the embrace of pain was to embrace the power he so sought. Both hands were bound though he reached up as far as he could to use his hands and arms as lightning rods in which he would use to harness this energy that was all about his vulnerable and weak form. Just as he'd anticipated, the flowing energy of the Force fumed into his hands and such a biting pain filled him enough to make him shout out. Though he could not relent as he drew forth the power of the Force as he sought to empty the wellspring and consume it whole. In reality this was but a drop taken up within him.

His mind wrenched back and too as the surging energy filled him to the brink until he felt that it might burst out. The teeming energies that he'd pulled into himself were ready to all but explode. Soon he would come to understand that he had done something great - he'd expanded his overall capacity of the Force. His every actions would now be further amplified thanks to his successes and his powers would too be magnified. He relished in the delight as he brought inward the secrets of his future. More and more the Force permeated his body and he drew in every single drop that his mind would allow. This would take experience to master and it would take a great amount of study to accomplish. It would only be through intensive conditioning that he would succeed here. Nothing would be given over night.


For all that glorious power, it would most definitely come with a bitter price. Jacobi cursed himself over and over again in vile mention as the power he'd taken in sought its own escape as his efforts to manipulate it failed time and again. This was unacceptable, he hadn't gone all this way and even gone so far as to accept his hatred of the Force just to let it all escape him. He squeezed his eyes shut and concentrated hard. He felt the energy of the Force yet again and just like before he could feel it escaping as water from an overturned bucket. He reached out and yelled with demands as he commanded the Force to stop, yet it would not yield. As before he extended his senses out and touched upon the current of the Force and he turned it around with his sheer will. This act of controlling power though did not relent upon his mind well. Blood seeped from his nose as the pressure built up to unimaginable lengths. But even so he soldiered on.

To command the Force was to control his mind. But how could he control a wandering mind that was as chaotic as a wild river?

He now looked inward unto his mind, the Force was here too and so he knew that he could manipulate it and thus he could also manipulate his mind. Bring the decay to a silence. The brain's aura was chaotic, he felt the waves of the Force emanating off of it violently. Each time he made to touch this radical power he was rebuffed though he persevered and he would overcome through dedication and outright stubbornness. The Force perhaps would run away though he would not allow it here. He grasped it and pulled upon its cord until it answered his call. Surging into his mind for a brief reprieve and then outwards as a breathing lung. Inwards again he commanded and so it answered his call accordingly. The Force opened itself to him in this moment and he handled it with a domineering care. He wouldn't let it get away this time and so he manipulated the Force to coalesce around his mind and submerge it in his power. Now, soaked in his own essence of control, he dominated the will of the Force and it took up his mind, that failing muscle of matter, and he soothed its toils.

Now, as his thoughts slowed and turned to one singular goal under his will, so too did the Force resonated within him. Beckoned to his call and to his mighty word. With sound mind, came a handle over the Force as he'd never yet experienced. He was able to control the flow of energy within him now. No longer was the Force some rabid animal that was running amok within and without him. Finally he was able not just to convince the Force that he would now be its master but that it would obey him without recompense. Utterly and wholly, the Force would obey his command. In this moment he was the master and commander of all. In this moment he was king despite his binds. Further into the depths of the Force he dove, his control upon it was becoming absolute, as a test he made due with the little power he maintained.

Opening his senses up, the amplified power of his previous training, combined with the handle upon control allowed him to touch his senses far faster now. At this time he didn't have to concentrate ten minutes to see life through the Force but rather eight. As his touch increased and his power increased, so too would his command over the unseen. Blocking everything else out, he continued the reach into the pool of Force energy he'd focused upon and he continued to manipulate its presence through his will. With the will produced from his mind, he control over the Force was grown again once more. Yet that he was still in the beginning stages, this mastery over the first tier or level of the realm and grasp of control was a valued discipline upon both his mind and body. His own life force surged with the control over the wild energy of the Force. Now with a better handle on controlling that which was never controlled before, his body was in essence - rejuvenated and refreshed. Control of the mind was the first step and the second was the control of that which the mind directly touched. It branched off into both body and the Force. Both extensions of the mind. Continuously the Force flowed to his every command and so his touch was stronger.

Little did he know now how exhausted his mind was. The next thing he knew, he'd be waking up in several hours...

***Alter Flow*** (During Control 1)

While the Force escaped his body and mind, he reached out with his unseen sense and his finger tips. The flow of the Force was beyond his reach and moved as a torrent. It escaped him as soon as he harnessed it during his attempts at controlling its aura. He reached outwards, brushing his mind across the surface, it was soothing at first but then turned to a hardening feeling. As the feeling solidified further and further, he eased it to his will and in turn he focused upon even the objects all around him, he realized how them all felt and how the Force coursed through them all. With this understanding he noted that things didn't flow as well through obstacles and as such he touched and manipulated the currents. At first the manipulation was pithy at best. Maybe only just the slightest adjustment. As he focused further on the currents in which the Force so gracefully traveled, he felt specifically - how - they traveled.

Harkening back to his understanding of the energy field likening, each item seemed to emanate the Force to some extent. In viewing the very items that he gazed upon as simple admonishments of the Force, he breached the secret to altering the Force's flow around them. Once more he preceded to infuse the Force to obey him and once more the Force answer though this time to a far greater extent. Through his mind's eye, the blue aura of the flowing Force began to bend around the pillars and practically reflecting off of the surfaces therein. All of which resulted in a much freer flow of the Force. Almost instantly he could realize the change in the room. The Force's aura burned ever more brighter now as he focused on its presence.

With a more free flow in the room, now he sought to literally alter the flow of the Force and turn the escaping energies back to himself. Using the same methods that he'd practiced, he slowly began to bend the Force to his will and in essence he was able to force the flow back upon himself. This recurring circuit then provided him with the tangible energy into which he could continue his control training.

***Absorb/Scatter Energy***

So much pent energy, so much excruciating pain. While thus far he'd become to learn to lean on that pain as a vice or as a tool, this pain was reduced by little. The lessening wake of the Force as it withdrew seemed to help, as such he sought to control even this aspect. Such as it was, he could already feel and control the incoming energy and once it was there he could manipulate it as he saw fit. Now he began to learn to press it away or dispense it. Touching that same power once more, he felt its flow and harnessed it accordingly, in doing so he shifted all this energy down to his hands and once there he made to discharge it entirely. While the Force energy within him was a free flowing instrument of his will, that didn't necessarily mean that he held the keys to its potential and as such he had yet to learn what to do with the energy he'd already brought in save for his sensory applications. Using his senses though did little in the manner of expending this energy.

He learned how to press away this energy, or to scatter it, by touching a physical item with his finger tips since they were the bodies' natural receptacle to the outside world. His fingers brushed upon the cuffs around his raw and beaten wrists and almost instantly he felt the energy he wanted to rid himself of wash away to some extent. Then came the realization of the process and the feeling of dispersal. That seemed to be all it took for once the feeling itself was expressed, repeating the process was a simple task. This time, he held his hands out, palms up. Focusing on the internal core of the aura of the Force within him, he sent the energy down within the palms of his hands and with a relaxing feel to his mind, he released.

His mind's eye, saw through the Force, silent eruptions which were in essence the pent up Force energy. The release of so much power was soothing to his body though he ached from the burden of it all. As a reversal, without the mental act of drawing in the Force as he would normally do, he sought to physically absorb that same energy that he'd just scattered away. Once more, his extended hands reached out. It wasn't the need of touching the escaped energy for it was all linked within the unlimited energy field. He touched the essence of the Force, each little tiny particle of power, they danced over his hands to a tingling sensation and eventually more and more of this energy bonded to his physical being. Then as one, he altered the flow from surrounding him, to blending into him through the conduits of his hands. Such a rush of energy swarmed into his body that he could feel that he could fly. Furthermore, he latched his ability of control over the energy and there he had it, hook line and sinker. It was now that the Force was literally his to command.

Once more he pressed the energy outwards and expelled it from his body, this time was much faster now that he knew what he was doing. With nothing else better to do in his pitch black cell, or wherever he was... he continued his training. Only by repetition and exertion of the mind and body together would one excel at such abilities for once the practical application of these powers occurred, it would do him no good to have to sit down and concentrate just to accomplish the most minute of abilities and techniques.
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Galactic Doughnuts
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***Lightsaber Combat***

Leaving the mind to wander in the pitch black darkness could drive a man mad. If that man was already falling into the abyss of the mind, that chaos would seek control. This control now sought battle as the body new it as second nature. To fight was to live again. It is what the man that was once called Jacobi Wylcott lived for. If he wasn't in the midst of bloody clashing of the blades then he was not fully alive. It was the Mandalorian heritage he'd lived by and came up from. With the touch of the Force so came a new means of combat - the understanding of the energy sword of the adept. Once more he began this line of thought the same; spitting mad and vile hatred. He'd fought the shining blades of light before and he respected their power, though still he was void of affection for the weapons of the Jedi and Sith. But to understand them was to know how to defeat them... to crush them beneath his heel. It all made sense perfectly. His entire life had been dedicated to war, he almost worshipped it though not fanatically as the Death Watch had. If he better knew the art of the laser sword then he would better in turn counter them.

With a basis formed to choke down his pride. He first began with everything he already knew about them. Normally lightsabers were customized hilts though they were all virtually identical underneath the skin. None were made of cortosis weave, a fact he noticed and noted dually. This was caused in some form or another by the reaction that the beam itself had upon the material and made its use ineffective, otherwise every Jedi or Sith would wield a cortosis hilted weapon. The same went for beskar iron though not as much and the same went for Phrik Alloy but to a far lesser extent. Phrik could possibly be used in conjunction with the hilt but there was no fact to back this up. Next was the power of the blade. Generally as he'd seen them, the lightsaber's blade could penetrate most metals with extreme ease. This was made possible by the blade's high energy and plasma output. While denser material such as bulkheads and hull plating took time to cut apart, the end result still applied with little strain on the weapon itself as he'd never seen a lightsaber short out from cutting even when Silas Karn cut through the walls of a space station with his own blue bladed and pointlessly curved hilted monstrosity. Then he also knew the blade could deflect blaster bolts. This was a fact made painfully clear to him on multiple occasions. This however was all a learning curve. Knowing that a blade of sealed plasma could deflect energy rather than dissipate it entirely suggested the blade was also magnetically sealed. Which also explained how a lightsaber could come into contact with another lightsaber without exploding.

These basics however wouldn't prepare anyone for the actual use of a energy blade as the blade itself was weightless. It was as if swinging the hilt without any opposition. The perfect tool to dismember one's own self. This point alone caught the focus of his mind. The entire theory behind the blade along with its execution and practical use all was built behind the weightless blade. It is why the Force was needed to utilize the weapon. That said, the entire operation of a lightsaber was weighed behind the operator's application of his own senses.

Despite being pitch black and damp as all get out within his entombed prison. His senses had previously graced a failing heart but also along with that heart was something aloof he'd not recognized before but now he could mention clearly. It had been one of those relic weapons of the old age. Once more he sent his senses out to search again for that energy pulse that dwelt within the lightsaber's hilt. Even for the mighty, these weapons seemed worthless when dead. He would remember this well. Across the expanse of the chamber his senses flowed outwards in a directional manner as he actively sought the point of interest from before. The strain on his mind was immense and he vowed 'never again' multiple times but without any other cause to fuel himself, he yet tried and again he failed until he either learned from the mistake or overcame in some form or way.

Touching the edge of the hilt which rested on the ground, his mind's eye came over the weapon as a blanket of mud, slowly oozing its way across its surface but once done it would cover every orifice of space until there was nothing left. He eased across the blade emitter shroud and his senses touched upon the carbon built up there from years of use. He sank into the blade energy channel, its dormant inner surface was worn from use though alive with the presence of the energy it contained deep within. Just beyond the sight of the channel was to be the crystal energy chamber where a cracked crystal was housed. It glowed red, deep and powerful though it nearly held its own emotion of despair. This he would come to know would be a focusing crystal. Beyond that was the primary crystal, dislodged from its mount and offset. Within the pommel which was just further was an energy cell that hadn't been used in many long ages though was still soaked with its own energy and potential.

In every piece of the item he felt, he could understand it further and through understanding came the potential for its use. Knowing how it worked and how it operated was key to even simply holding it whilst activated. He could feel the presence of the old blade, where is was ignited and soon came to rest on the ground. The ion particles that were splayed out in the patterns of its essence. Its legacy remained where it was now nothing but a museum piece. In that legacy came further knowledge for Jacobi. Wherein sat the power, so to that it was true. A recreation as it were.

In his own hands now was a haft of weight while outstretched from its palm came a beam of solid energy, perverse with its life. A simple mindful movement to the left was done with such care though the blade reverberated angrily, moving as a blur to his eyes and burning them with its passing in the dark. A weightless phantasm. A tool of the mind. The Darkside played games of promise and power with all, and those than gave in to its massive girth were bestowed its vile promise. With the mind of one so bright as Jacobi, it tooled him along as easily as the next man in his prison of weakness and relent.

He held the blade before him and yet once more only the flick of he wrist to make the slightest of movements had the blade respond forthwith. It blazed a trail through the air with a hungry promise to the ears. This weightless power was the true form of elegance in battle. Where the Mandalorian preferred the weight of cold steel in his hands, the Adept knew that the weightless was not weightless at all. As his mind raced with the truth in understanding, the visage of the blade glowed with its own power. It was not weightless because he would feel the energy in his mind rather than feel the matter in his hands. Each movement, each swing, it bought accuracy within his mind. Knowing now that such simple movements were required to maintain a steady hand on the blade's hilt without it carving a length out of you was the price paid of utilization. This was the basics of lightsaber combat. The first part of the battle was knowing, the next part was putting the actual item in your hand. With this first part accomplished, he fell further into what he now knew as meditations...
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Galactic Doughnuts
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***Force LVL 3***

Within the bindings of his torment, his eyes once more fell closed though it didn't necessarily matter much for the darkness surrounding him had long since swallowed up the light. He dipped deep down again into the ethereal realm of the Force and his hatred instantly spiked his disgust for the nature of such feeling of false power beholden to him by but an unseen field of energy in which he stood shackled and imprisoned. His mind fell into the depths of his most detested foe, the Force, and within this wellspring of power he sought exactly that - more power. So the power in which he sought was just before him, all he had to do was grasp it and take it. Outwards his senses were expanded to the depths of the darkness in which he currently dwelt, touching the tendrils of the field with a graceful mind, each tendril running back to a being within the Force and once he confirmed that which he obtained with his grasp, he began to pull upon it fully. The draw of the Force was akin to winds being brought within to a singular point. The ever spanning energy field of the Force answered to him and the manifestation of the Force began to fill Jacobi's body with its power.

A whirlwind of emotion came over Jacobi as he could feel the raw power within that which he was consuming. Mainly though, he wanted more. His hands reached out to his sides as far as his chains would allow and using his hands as conduits of his aura, he began to consume the energy of the Force within his body. The further and the more he consumed that power the brighter his aura became. His senses grew at that point, the potential of his powers formed a new mark of power as he could now sense things further and far faster than ever. The power was insurmountable but in reality it was but nothing more than a cast over leaf in a wind storm.

Jacobi continued to manipulated his control over the Force. His full capacity was soon breached and at this point was where he would learn quickly to attain a far higher understanding of what it meant to become more powerful within the Force. It all came down to the discipline of the mind. Jacobi's discipline all was formed under one single truth - pain. His victory within the Force was one of suffrage and unending pain. A pain that infuriated him and through his anger rose a hatred of himself and through that hatred he produced the power in which he so established a platform to stand upon. His power grew with every moment that he called upon it. Further and deeper into the Force he was fueled by. Those once invisible motions of the Force which he'd once detected during his long breadths of training in this isolation came to fruition. Echoes from beyond, they called to him and through his newest grasp of the Force he touched them all and he began to make out the wordings truth.

After investigation, he could feel that these echoes were constructs within the Force and they each carried a message. Though he cast them away as pointless. If they were indeed spirits of Adepts long gone, he turned his heel to them in hate. But the more he pushed them away the more they clawed to his aura. The more his aura within the Force grew, the stronger the visages would become and he fought them tooth and nail though he was in their realm now and would be playing by their rules.


Now it was his rules...

With effort and no small amount of fury, he delved into the Force further and clawed his own kingdom out. He defied the spirits of the long lost and decayed. If they be cursed, he would not suffer their presence. Their weakness would be a watch light so that he would not fail as they did. He would rise and devour all. His mind stretched to the whim of his confinements and there he found once more the energy field of the Force. He bound himself to it and along its flow his body seemed to rise from the earth though it was not so but in fact it was his ability that was rising. His potential. His potency through the power he now begat to wield. The Force soon bent to his will ever so slightly, it was an accomplishment of feat and through this, his very thought was a resounding shout in the darkness that he dwelt within.

As he opened his eyes... he formed an old classic lopsided grin. With the Force at his fingertips, he would be unstoppable...

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***Create Light***

Chains and binds held his body firm though his mind roamed with the time spent locked away in this forsaken darkness. No more... He would no longer suffer this stance any longer. Opening himself up to the Force once more, the pain began to seep in again and this feeling was welcome to his choler that rose alongside it. His mind wrapped around the chaos that the pain brought and he seeped ever closer to the Darkness within the room. But as he touched the energy field that surrounded his being, he took in the power through his hands as he'd done once before. Gradually the Force culminated to his fingertips and was channeled to the palms of his hands. He looked into the darkness that surrounded him and he grew angry with the failure he was presented with, whatever cause had brought him this low was soon to be crushed under his will. He'd seen an Adept use this talent once before and while he'd only glanced at its use, he knew it existed and by that merit alone, he would replicate it here and now.

Such determination forged itself to the energy he'd absorbed and with a great amount of effort he focused on a singular point within the palms of both his left and his right hands. Slowly the Force gathered to these points and soon once the energy he'd absorbed began to do the same, he began to think hard on this matter. To turn the Force into a physical thing, all he had to do was realize that the Force was already a physical thing. He touched the energy and with the thought aligned to the task, he compressed the energy to singular points in which he'd been concentrating on. Now within his hands were held firm two orbs of Force energy. It was raw and powerful to his mind and he reveled in the touch that fueled him further to give in to the pains he agonized over.

The orbs within his hands were invisible of course save for what he saw within his mind. Now that the Force had been pulled to one area, he turned and began flooding the orbs of the Force with the raw energy he had fed on previously and he too fueled the orbs with his own hatred and anger. So much energy combined and those two orbs began to glow faintly with an eerie light as if the darkness wasn't being pushed away but rather consumed. Sweat poured from his brow at this point as the mental strain bore him fatigue. Further he pressed. Channeling more and more energy as steadily as possible, the orb's glow intensified to a twilight hue and he could now visually make out the pillars he'd touched not too long ago. Gently the light faded and in anger at this backpeddaling he shouted out to the sound of ringing chains. Despite such an accomplishment, he expected.


He demanded more from himself. Straining now he yanked his arms against the chains and the cuffs bit into his wrists. Sadistically he began to enjoy it but in truth it gave him power. Once more the orbs formed to his command and once more the energy enlightened the orbs to an extent and now his mind cried out to the pain in his heart. Recalling all his failures in battle as well as his failure to... her... Hatred soaked his mind in this state and he translated that utter despicable hatred for the Force into those orbs and finally they shown as bright a any flood light could produce.

In the distance of his confines he spied a sarcophagus. Etched with the likeness of its occupant or what once was so. He was in a tomb, sealed away with no food, no water, no means of escape. A frown formed on his face... 'I'll not fail this time... when I get out I'll find who did this and I'll crush them!'
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~Alteration 1

He could see now, that was well enough, not as well he could also see that which bound him and it was a simple clasp and bind with a pin latch. Whoever had placed him here hadn't taken into account the ease in which he could be out. Though his hands couldn't reach his opposite wrists, it was the design of the chains themselves. Not to worry, for now the realm of the Force was his to command. He fell once more into the surrounding energy field, basking in the radiance of the power it promised him and so he would answer to it fully. He looked down upon the bind of his right wrist and he saw the pin easy enough. It held to key to keep it in place, by pressure alone did it remain and so he focused his gaze of the Force upon the instrument of his imprisonment and then he began to feel it in the same motion. The cold steel felt hard and alone, the Force flowed through this material just as it had flowed through the room and he sought to exploit this. As once he'd created orbs of light, he too would manipulate the pins out of place ever so slightly and in such a shift in pressure the pin would fall away to free him.

His menial senses took much in the way of time to reach out and actually touch the binders but when they did, his senses flowed over the surface of the binds and to his skin of which he could feel the strain of pain upon them. Yes, the pain, he fed off this pain and drew upon the power of the Force to claim his mind in this moment. As the energy field was absorbed to him, he began to bend it to his will and here is where he began focusing on the pin itself. The solid pin was of no weight worth mention and it was rather small being half the diameter of a man's thumb. But the physical aspects were not things in which Jacobi was concentrating on. His thoughts penetrated the pin and aggressively they felt through the pin's internal workings which were very bland and basic, for it was just a piece of metal, solid and whole.

The pin stuttered as his mind touched it vehemently and as the Force enveloped his mind, so too did it surround this pin and sink it into the energy field that now ran within the proximity of his hand. The tiny pin shifted once more with his attention, twisting in its holding but only a fraction of an inch. The inner workings of the pin began to move quickly as Jacobi's presence made the molecules of the pin begin to move. While not at all making the pin liquid but ever so slightly to actually bring heat to the pin in the form of only a few degrees difference from the friction inside of it. Once more the pin was touched and it responded by moving opposite its previous direction and so Jacobi began to double his efforts in the manipulation of an external object. The Force rumbled within his mind though he couldn't manage the pin to do anything other than a fraction of a movement and so his anger grew exponentially. To his credit the Force countered him constantly with the agony of a thousand nails cutting into his head but to Jacobi this was no excuse to his determination which held his mind accountable to his desires. He began to embrace his pain once more. Turning it to a tool rather than an instrument that was damning the control over his potential of the Force.

His hatred grew and with the bitter taste of victory within his lips, the bin budged once more but this time it twisted and actually became nudged out of place. Not far but a significant difference to where it had been before.

Again he fell to the Force and with a mind that was chaotically focused on a singular goal, he felt the pin again and this time her verbally called out to it while the Force came forth and manipulated it upon his raw command. The heat of the pin increased further now as he continued to infuse the molecules within it. Now the pin had become hot to the touch and he could feel the burns on his skin begin to form. He ever touched the pin again and once more it moved, this time double the length of that first time and here it was nearly a quarter of the way removed from the binding. While this continued to occur, he began to realize the intricacy of what it meant to touch another item or perhaps a being within the Force and manipulate it with the discipline of alteration. So with that determination in his heart he leaned upon the Force once more and the Force moved apart as he reached his invisible hand within and touched for a final time the pin.

The pin became largely heated now, beginning a discoloration of the pin itself due to his manipulation of the molecules and he used the Force once more to touch the pin and where he imagined the pin being gripped by his own mind, it too began to move - jinking at first - and then a steady twist of freedom until the pin lurched forward and free of the bind that fell to the ground to leave a smoldering burn on the outside of his wrist and the bloody mark of where it once was. Unable to harness the full potential of the Force in this area, he could not keep the pin in the air and even thinking so had the pin dropping to the ground but now it didn't matter.

He rolled his free wrist several times and with his thumb he jammed at the other bind and the pin was dislodged. Now Jacobi was free...

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*** Force LVL 4 ***

Freedom was nothing when faced with the impossible. He was naked, didn't know where he was, no tools or items or equipment or even a makeshift weapon. Completely and utterly defenseless. To combat this he knew that he'd have to learn upon the Force once more and this time he did so far more smoothly but he still had to spit the bitter taste in his mouth. His mind fell into the depths of the Force and before him was a glowing band of wind drifting out and away. This he'd come to learn of and know as the ethereal energy field that surrounded and seemed to, for lack of a better term, 'bind' everything together. It flitted its influence in all things and through the manipulation of that energy field he was able to utilize the ethereal itself. But there were different levels of competency in the 'art' thereof and he sought that now. To rise in level was to increase the overall capacity of one's potential and in turn it was to expand the potency of already learned skills. All in all increasing in tier or level was an advantage that this man would not dare leave on the shelf.

Fulfilling the term of desire was more difficult than he'd have liked to admit. At first and even for several hours beyond he slaved away within his mind, ever touching that elusive wind but only to let it whisk away from his grip. Time and again he reached out to grasp it and take it for his own but each time met with failure that not just discouraged but it sank him into a state of quiet and to the point of giving up. Once more he would fail and be cast aside as weak... wait... his name was forgotten but his will hadn't subsided in the least. Failure had never stopped him but rather pressed him to try harder.

"Again," He barked to himself.

Again indeed - he focused his mind and quieted the screams that so distracted him. He reached to the energy field and as soon as his mind touched on the parting winds, he locked that field down with his own measurable talents and this time instead of vanishing from his hands he drew it to himself and pulled on the strings of its power. Tolling on his mind was the least of his worries as now that he held the energy field's tendon he pulled upon it and the full energy of the Force itself was bound to his mind and with his ignorance in its use still, he couldn't unmove it. It was sealed within and he writhed in pain. The very essence of the Force washed over him and the hairs of his neck and arms stood erect at its passing and only after a considerable amount of time did he manage to focus this pool of energy and consolidate it. There he found the key of growth in the Force. Consolidation of power. As he impacted the absorbed power and energy into a solitary point of his body he was able to begin taking on much more and more of the same.

In essence, as he absorbed more of this power, so too did he expand his overall capacity. Now, gradually, he would be able to do that much more in the realm of the Force for a longer period of time. Now he would turn the extra Force energy and translate it into a more potent ability overall. As he didn't know many abilities within the Force, he chose to focus on creating light. To understand better where he was at would greatly advance the cause of freeing himself from whatever prison this was.

He extended his right hand, palm up. Closing his eyes he focused once more on that singular point above his hand and through his own manipulation of the Force he created an invisible orb. Then he charged that orb with the energy he'd amassed and the reaction was similar to his original experiments but successfully the orb formed itself into a bright glowing light. He opened his eyes though he didn't crack any such smile. Instead he lifted the orb into the air and gently cast it upwards. As soon as it left his hand he turned his palm and made a pushing motion. Responding to his manipulation the orb ever so gently rose away from him and now it was time to give it everything he had. Once more the closed his eyes and he imagined a threaded link to the core of the light orb to the center of his open hand. This cord would be his means of delivery.

Whether physical or imaginary, the cord only served one purpose, to give him an idea of translating Force energy into raw power that was brighter and more intense then ever before. His mind floated upon the cord of the Force and a trickle began as he started to learn how to shift this pent up energy to his hand and even to press it outside to the orb. As with everything, difficult at first but eventually he held a steady and live stream of raw Force energy moving from his inner core, to his hand, to the orb itself.

He fueled the bright orb with his utter potency and once he was prepared to do so he turned his hand upwards again and clenched his fist while bringing it down to his chest. The cut cord of the Force sent a reaction to the orb and the brightness broke out to a whole new level. Instead of illuminating his brief area it sent rays of light casting throughout the chamber that he found himself within. The action was brilliant and this time he did grin as he could feel the potential of his power. He'd grown to become strong and fluent. His knowledge of how the Force worked was expanding and soon he'd truly be unstoppable.
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*** Lightstaff ***

The next step to escape was a weapon capable of his strength and new found powers.

The interior room of the burial chamber wasn't just a singular room but as it turned out it had been an entire section of an ancient temple that must have been dedicated to whoever was buried here. The facility was complete with a small forge, training room and grand hall. For today though he would be spending his time within the smithy. Each step he took made him closer and closer to escaping his prison and enacting his revenge on the galaxy.
Blistering heat stung at his entire body as the fires of the furnace sought to destroy him. Once chains of iron had bound him in place and he'd been forced to learn of the Force to free himself. Now, those same binds would follow him into the future as a tool of destruction to cast the die against those that would stand in his way. A pool of super heated iron, bright orange and hot, sat in a pool at the bottom of a steel bucket held by tongs and a levered chain. He who was once Jacobi Wylcott grabbed the chained bucket and poured the contents of the bucket down into two molds of a decently sized eighteen inch, half of a hollowed cylinder. The heat rolled off his face as sweat that evaporated as soon as it dripped from his nose. The drops that touched the heated surfaces fizzled out into steam puffs whisked away to nothing.

After filling each of the two moldings of the cast and the filling of the attachment moldings, he sent the bucket away with the pull of the chain and then with heavy gloves and tongs he took each piece of the quickly hardening substance and once cooled he dumped the red hot irons down onto a table where he began hammering the irons into a desired form. Each hammer fall sent cascading sparks showering all around him but he didn't stop even for a moment. One iron became too cool and he dipped it into the orange coals of a roaring fire to heat it and once accomplished he hammered the iron into a cylindrical shaft eighteen inches in length. He pulled the cylinder out of the heat, doused it in a bucket of water and left it there so that he would let it cool and continue forging the cosmetics of the hilt itself.

When all was said and done, the design was simple but inlaid with interesting intricacies. The emitters were crafted as flares out from the body, not significantly but enough to notice. At the base of the emitter and spanning past it for a few inches was a single arching claw. It gave the whole gambit a menacing look befitting of the man itself. The rest of the haft though was basic and formed to be gripped best by the hands that would wield it. Paint was deftly applied - the haft was matte black with silver finishings and accents, the emitters were silvered as well as the pronounced claw.

He set the pieces out before him once he'd removed himself from the forge and smithy room and there he sat them without cause or setting. Then he began to meditate on each and every piece of the gathered items, they were covered with his presence as he perused them and he could feel the destiny looming over that which he was creating. Most notably though were the crystals that he'd pilfered from the sarcophagus within the burial chamber he was trapped in. The primary crystal was a deep blood red that seemed to burn to the touch and to focusing crystal was a clear shade but it felt sharp to the touch and together the Force flowed through these items with a purpose. No doubt these crystals had once belonged to a powerful Sith Lord of whose name was long forgotten in history. The dust of his bones was gone and the clothing was dry rotten to the touch but those two crystals seemed to not only have endured the centuries within this isolated box but they'd become more intense and cured with time. Filled further with the Dark side and Jacobi was here to fully unlock their secrets.

With the Force at his command he reached out and connected the pieces of his lightstaff with his mind, the tendrils of the energy field encompassed it all and soaked it in its essence. He began in the center of the hilt. Dividing it with an inert connector in case some upstart cut the haft in half - both sides would mirror - beginning with the power cell. Inlaying a power field conductor into the base of the haft and securing it firmly, he inserted then the datium power cell and clasped it in place with the power vortex ring. Already he could sense the power fluctuating within the eighteen inch paper weight. Next was the primary crystal mount, it was a very small cylindrical base which snapped into place easily. The primary crystals then floated into view separately they floated into the tube of the haft and settled into their mounts with ease within the crystal chamber. Immediately as he poured is essence into the crystals as they became seated, they started to glow in an eerie red that illuminated the interior of the haft well but seemed to swallow the light surrounding it.

Once the focusing crystal activator was seated and the focusing crystal mounted in place above the primary crystals, the cycling field energizers were pulled down with wires lining through the blade energy channel and the magnetical seal was achieved. With a hum of power the allure of the Dark side flowed within the lightstaff as he put the finishing touches into it with the blade emitter itself. Snapping everything into place the eighteen inch emitter to emitter haft landed gently into his open palm and his eyes opened with a satisfaction. It was now time to meditate on the weapon and imbue it with the hatred that he felt on a daily basis.

Closing his eyes again he reached to the energy field and he could feel the taint of Darkness looming ever so close to this place and it beckoned to his call with ease. Focusing on these properties (Alter Flow) he channeled the Dark side of the Force into the lightstaff and through it, ensuring to touch every inch of the haft both inside and out and once the feeling of dread and promise was to be seen throughout it, his hand clenched down upon it once more and his thumb activated the stud to send a crimson blade shrieking into existence with a vicious snap hiss. The hum was low and audible, a threatening sound to all that could hear it. His thumb moved to the other end of the haft and thumbed the stud there to send another blade out the other end. His eyes narrowed, it was time - time to get out of this prison and make those responsible answer for what they'd done to him...

Two weightless blades blazed through the air, there were still some adjustments to be made yet. He took out a wrench and disengaged the blades. With a firm hand he adjusted the elements of the blade length adjustment knob and most of all he tampered with the blade power adjust. Shortening the blade by five centimeters and decreasing the power output would better balance the blade's capability and when he engaged the blades once more they now were resting in perfect proportion to one another. Unable to get over the feeling of this weapon he slowly moved it about and the red coloring splashed all over his surroundings. Disengaging one end, he was then able to give the weapon a good swing to test its weightlessness. This would take a while the get too but once perfected in use he would be able to crush the opposition.
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*** Alt 2 *** (During Lightstaff Const)

With the acclamation of new abilities and a new goal, he sought to provide his own growth. The task at hand was the assembly of his newly forged lightstaff. It was a simple task but more importantly it was a task with a grand opportunity in which he would be able to grow within the Force.

The pieces were strewn out before him and he set his mind onto each and every piece. In order to see his new weapon come to reality he would have to see these pieces manipulated. He reached out with his mind and came into contact with the every expanding energy field that he had become quite accustomed to thus far. As before with the binds, he touched the pieces and felt the Force flowing through them in a dense enough current that he could actually see with his mind's eye. This was key to the process here as it wasn't really the items he would manipulate but instead he would be adjusting the current of their flow.

First of the major items came the diatium power cell. It was a reasonable long and slender chrome finished cylinder but it held incredible power within. This power was a beacon within the draw of the Force and he reached into this draw to discover the currents which seemed to flow chaotically. Upon inspection though they didn't flow any differently from anything else and this eased the efforts of manipulation by much. With the basic powers of manipulation that he held already he reached to the diatium power cell and upon his touch the cell moved ever so slightly. This is where he reached to the energy field surrounding it and (Alter Flow) changed the current of its flow to him rather than in a natural form. The diatium power cell where he once was able to only jiggle the item slightly, now one end was rising up into the air a few centimeters. This was a monumental success. But it wasn't nearly enough for him. He doubly focused on the diatium power cell and he allowed the Force to flow through his hands as a channeling wand or as a conduit. The diatium power cell fell back to the cloth in which it sat but it rolled now at his manipulation of the currents and just before it rolled from the cloth it edged upwards and very gently it lifted into the air and took a turn.

Shining in the light of his orbs, his left eye gleaned over the item and now came the task of orienting the thing...

The Force's energy field surrounded the diatium power cell and he reached from his own presence and out into the world beyond, this was the act of manipulation or rather alteration in this specific case. To alter that which was outside. His presence washed over the power cell and he focused on only the power cell in its entirety. He had to insert the elongated power cell into a long cylindrical shaft. Not an easy task. Touching the edge of the power cell with his mind he pressed upon the energy field and its current shifted upon his influence but yet the power cell refused to budge in the desired direction. Doubling his efforts he pressed his mind once more against the power cell and the shining cell of power was caught by the shifting currents of the Force and it turned to the direction so desired but it passed the shaft and continued in the spin. He fought to negate it but his experience was far to little yet. As it came back around he took a firm stand against it and there he managed the power cell to stop.

This is where things would become difficult. His left hand focused on the manipulation of the device before him while his right made a slight pushing motion with his fingers and the diatium power cell ever so gently raised up one end to finally become parallel with the shaft itself. He had to fight to hold the cell there in place for long moments as his composure was being rocked by the strain set upon him. Nearly he spat at the weakness he was displaying at the movement of such a small and miniscule item but he dared not tamper with his concentration. After a deep breath the power cell became steady and his focus returned solidly. With renewed vigor he commanded the energy field around him and around the power cell to his bidding and the energy field answered to his motions of the conduits of the Force which were his hands.

Ever closer the diatium cell floated to the lightstaff haft and it clinked against the wall only once before he managed to ease it within. As soon as he lost sight though the action was much more harsh although he managed to achieve the same thing. With his powerful influence the diatium cell flitted into the shaft and while it bounced practically off every surface within the lightsaber's haft, it was securely inserted within its mount. Such exertion placed into one simply thing. While before he'd only managed to shift things as tiny as molecules, now he'd achieved the alteration of actual mass. Soon his powers would see him far beyond that which any one else was capable of...

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*** Control 2 ***

For all the power and all the ability he was obtaining, he had nothing for he only had that basic control over it and without a superior handle on the Force then there was nothing but a worthless husk waiting to implode. Knowing this as a basic principle, he refocused his mind once more and he dove into the energy field of the Force where he began to manipulate its energies almost immediately. He held the ability to move mountains and starships but he could not control the energy that he was awash with and this was becoming a more and more recurring problem. He looked within himself and he felt out the flow of the Force, it was linked to that energy field that surrounded him and he harnessed the tether of that bind and took full control of the connection itself in order to sway his will upon the everlasting Force. Looking now upon his own aura and his own mind, the Force was flooding his being and the raw potential and the raw power was indeed immense but the problem was that he couldn't wrap his mind around the command of said power. It was just too much for his mental comprehension.

Bit by bit he wrapped his presence around the energy field and he felt it expand with his influence. He could feel the reaction and that was exactly where he wanted to go here. The flow of the Force once altered could then he specifically controlled with enough concentration and focus. He took a long moment to prepare himself, a deep breath and several minutes of silent meditation earned him a sense of quiet within his otherwise chaotic mind. This calm was necessary in order to properly learn and concentrate; later he would move the mountain, but for now he only desired to move the grain of sand. His mind fell upon the Force and he entered it as solid matter falling into a pool of water. The ripples and waves caused by his ascension to this monumental form of solid focus abated from his location at once but it was a single raised hand that froze the waters as solid ice.

His mind raced with the silent command spewed forth from his aura and he turned the tides of the Force's flow to answer his call. This task alone took a determination that was far beyond anything he'd yet done. His strains and trials tore at his mind though he forged on. The deeper he sank into the muck the further his conscience self decayed and in turn the more that the darkness took a hold of his mind. That same open hand curled back in to his body and clenched a tight fist. With this motion, since his hand was a conduit of the Force itself, brought the waves of frozen power to his call and it began to consolidate. This was a representation of his overall power and capacity within the Force. Before he could do little - perhaps change the course of a breath of wind or move that granule of sand - now he could nearly create that gust of wind or turn that granule into a diamond. Senses, altering manipulation of the physical... it was all perception and part and parcel of the highest order of command. Controlling one's own power and controlling the natural flow and turning it to one's own commands was as vital as breathing when it came to the operation of the Force and its abilities granted.

Now he would control - or command - the Force in a more powerful aspect since now he had a higher comprehension of it as a whole.

With his hand he motioned slowly and horizontally across his body with a straight edged posture and to his command the Force responded as a breeze. The power of the Force brushed his aura in the direction of the motioned hand and then he moved his hand diagonally and to his chest. Once more the flow of the Force beckoned to his command and now it began to flow into his body through this physically presented path of his own choosing. The power began to fill him once more; this time it was not that wild untamed form but now it was disciplined. This organized power begat his commands and refused to allude to any other. He pulled the flow in faster and he could now literally feel his growth within the ethereal essence of the Force's ebb. Such power he'd yet to experience and now he was all the more for he could control this power he was beckoning to him. To have something you couldn't control was a weakness that this man no longer held within him.

The powerful presence of the Force bound itself to his will whether it was willing or not for he was in control, he was the supreme master of his own destiny. The Force raged against him but as a wrangler he tied his rope to the neck and pulled the nose to the dust of the ground. He would tame the Force one way or another. A furious fire began to burn in his belly, this fire was the will of the Force combating his own and he knew well that soon there would be a confrontation and he would have to obtain dominion over the Force's own will for he would not allow himself to be subject to the order and call of a presence that was nothing more than a tool to be utilized and a weapon to be wielded. As his understanding and his abilities grew within the Force itself, he too grew to new heights and new levels he'd not known were possible. With the Force still surrounding him, he continued to manipulate his control over the essence that was. His power had grown yet again and he'd do well to gain experience enough to wield it properly.
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With this newfound ability and control over the Force itself, he sought further control of his surroundings and the elements within those surroundings. From the holocron that he'd found it was emanating a light and he had past experience with those that had manipulated the surrounding environment to snuff out both natural and unnatural lighting. Desire demanded he achieve this understanding too. He fell to his meditative stance and once he became of one mind once more he reached out into the energy field which surrounded literally everything, the answer was in here. Focusing on one area in the room his mind wandered with the hand of the Force through the ethereal fields and gracing the currents of the Force itself. He noted how the natural flow coursed through but he wasn't concerned with the temperaments of the wind nor the air. He was looking for something deeper.

His search brought him to the very luminescence of the room. It was not a thing of the physical he would come to learn but rather it was a being of the undefined. Grasping this concept with the belief he controlled it already, he imagined the area closing in on the holocron as to the visible and each and every fragment of light he gazed upon answered his calling and faded from reality to sink into the shadows of his mind. Slowly and painfully so, the room in question began to fade from light though the shadows did not move, this was no shade over a light source, this was the manipulation of the Force to engage the very visible terrain. It yet sank from sight until the shadows dispersed themselves into nothing and where the holocron shed its light, the rays of its being were devoured by Jacobi's will. Shunting away this light he thusly made darkness in the absence thereof. The energy dispensed on this skill alone was tiring and as such a testament of his fledgling ability though a proven depiction of his capability should he continue his training through self motivation.

As the Force rushed around him at his own will, eventually the lighting in the entire room was snuffed out and an unnatural darkness took over. This was a darkness that was unnatural and unlikely to be defeated by simple optic devices. Where there was no light the dark reigned. This command of these elements would prove to himself that the next step was no longer a mountain but a simple block to step upon.
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*** Advanced Lightsaber Combat ***

If knowledge was power then whomever had once lived within this tomb was powerful indeed... but ultimately it had not saved him from death. He strode slowly into a great library, he sought specifically knowledge on how to wield his newfound weapon. Upon the countless texts, datapads and holodiscs he finally came across something of use out of a tiny pyramid, faintly glowing red and coursing with Darkside Energy. He touched the holocron and it sent those same foreboding waves into his mental stream as he'd expected but it wasn't until he palmed the pyramid did it open its knowledge to him in the form of a nautolan male in black robes. This, he would come to know, was the gatekeeper of this holocron. He'd unfortunately forgotten his own name but that didn't stop him from divulging the wealth of information out to him.

So first he began with the description and art of the lightsaber and so too did Jacobi follow his instruction. He stood erect and with a good shoulder width stance. He followed the instruction as such:

He engaged the crimson red blade from its hilt and held it upright in a parry position on his dominant side. Keeping his feet in place and apart he learned this stance to be called the Defensive Neutral Stance which provided him with the maximum amount of blade surface area for deflecting blaster bolts. With the simple motion of lowering the tip of the blade towards the enemy the stance would become the Offensive Neutral Stance which would provide the least blade area for tracking purposes, it also forced the enemy to go through the blade first to get to him. Muscle memory was the name of this exercise and he would spend hours if not days enacting these stances - learning them and perfecting them. Simple rotations of the haft to the front and back, from high to low in expert transitions of fluid movement. These practices gave birth to perfection and he knew well that if he wished to survive out there then he would have to become not just a capable swordsman but an expert in the field.

It wasn't until he began to study two specific lightsaber forms that were intimate with a saberstaff that he realized that he would have to focus hard on developing his own lightsaber form, but that was in the future. For now he needed to learn the basics of saber combat and so he began with the Shii-Cho Form and dwelt upon that form until it became a nature mostly second to his own hand. It was difficult to employ at first, his own instincts were driving him to act far different but each time he began to employ his natural ability such as his Ordo blade styles he would find himself dangerously close to losing a limb. Instead he fought hard to focus on learning the teachings of the holocron specifically for no other style would work here but the ancient forms themselves.

Shii-Cho was based around combating multiple opponents but the movements and actions in each maneuver were aggressive and he was able to fuel these movements with the draw of the Darkside in which he was becoming so prone too. The combat was lethal and while double blades made for less precision he sought to counter that with faster and more active movements around his body in the form of spinning the blade end over end or rotating it around his body. Slow at first - agonizingly slow - he eventually began to prove himself as proficient in the movements and transitions of this weapon around his body and fully into combat prose. After though a full three days of the study of Shii-Cho, the holocron directed him to the mention of Form IV Ataru and Form VII Juyo which would suit his weapon well. But in all honesty his own designs would need to come to fruition in a Form VIII and he would call it Irus Novas. His form would center upon a faster attack rate but with emphasis on the longer range of the weapon for a better defense.

For now though the acrobatics of Ataru and the offense of Juyo is what he would now study. With a determination he'd not yet shown he summoned the gatekeeper of the holocron and dove headlong into the study of these ancient arts for the path to victory was the knowledge of all.
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***Begin Force Shield*** - 300
Tormentous stood unwaveringly above the surface of the world. He’d finally found he way to freedom but that freedom had come at cost. The spirits of the Sith assaulted him brazenly and unrelentingly. Tearing at his mind, or what he’d reconstructed of it. With no end in sight he sought to defend himself with his new prowess in the Force.
He attempted hard to quiet his mind though there was no thwarting the sentients vying for control within. As he felt upon the Force he called upon the energy field that surrounded him and he drew it within and onto him. With a newfound energy he was able to look upon the spirits with defiance though little could be done to withstand them at this time. So he did not stop there.
Erecting a physical barrier was one thing easily done to a man such as he - erecting a mental barrier was a titanic task whilst being assaulted at the same instance. Therefore as he delved deeply into the Force and called it to his command he was rewarded over time as the Force ebbed to his mind and once there he focused fully on the intrusive presence of one particular spirit and in doing so he more or less ‘targeted’ the spirit. The more he sought defiance among this spirit the more he understood its power and how the Force flowed within it.
Understanding came and once he could understand the difference between the Force’s flow and the spirit itself, he was able to isolate the presence within his mind and thus he began to block it out almost like a selective hearing. Overtime the spirit became nothing more than a white noise and Tormentous moved on to the next spirit. As he plagued himself through the motions of this mental block he began to understand how else it could be used such as in varying levels of potency and even to block out the energies unleashed by the expelled spirits that sought to beckon illusions to fool him again.
Even the stronger spirits that attempted to use the Force themselves to bind him to the ground or rip away at the devices on his face which seemed to keep him alive were all a series of altering the potency of this mental shield or wall in which he’d briskly learned to erect.
The Force’s call was weak where he commanded it to his will and once it answered unto him he wielded it as a sword. As his mental wall grew in strength, the voices in his mind began to quiet themselves and he was finally able to think once more.
***End Force Shield*** - 452
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***Danger Sense - 200***

Knowing absolutely not where he was, Tormentous, or who was to be known as such, walked out into the darkness of the mist. His freedom in this world was short lived as the unknown now became his prison. Predators stalked his movements, a distant instinct, something that couldn't be forgotten for muscle memory devoted itself to the fore - this instinct of danger was fresh and new. With the Force at his command, that faint sense of paranoia that something was about to eat you whole, could be enhanced so much more. Tormentous reeled into the art of his senses and tapped upon the energy field that surrounded him yet once more. The Force flooded his mind and assaulted his psyche, the pure pain of it was unbearable but he basked in its glory for every once of pain he endured provided a pound of power to wield.

The Force poured forth at his command and as soon as he took hold of his proper mind the surrounding area became still. His senses, while not all that acute, could feel the shifts in the Force well enough and this was only key to what he was to do now. As he tugged on the tension thereof, his senses stretched away from him to a one and a half meter circumference and there he felt the quiet. But soon enough the span of a moment passed and that shock he knew was to come was identified but this time it was far different than he could have ever imagined.

Typically he'd have saw the action in coming and reacted, this however was something new. He'd never dealt much with the Force but here it was, screaming at him. A piercing cry shattered his concentration as he could now see the rock coming for him. As if pulled into a euphoria of slow motion he reached out and plucked the stone from the air with a thick crack to his hand as it slapped his palm. Honestly he was far more stunned than anything. But the fact was right there before him as he'd found danger amidst a blanket of mist that vowed his defeat. He dropped the stone to the ground as he felt on the wind that another attack was imminent, this time as he was concentrating on the moment the signal that the Force gave off was much easier to sense and while he tried to understand it, a stone flew from the mist and struck him in the head just above the eye.

He recoiled and shook his head hard, it seemed that while the Force was speaking it was best to react rather than attempt to decipher, at least when this particular feeling was here.

Again he began and once more the feeling of caution was on the winds, this time he displayed his raw potential. A snap hiss destroyed the silence of the mist as his lightstaff's primary blade ignited and blazed a trail through the air burning the next stone into a molten heap. He reflexed his strike and poised at the ready to the sound of mocking applause.

***End Danger Sense - 524***
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***Alteration LVL 3 - 700***

"Who are you?" Tormentous asked to the silhouette in the mist that seemed so amused by his successes. No answer though came from the being and Tormentous quickly became impatient. Unwilling to relent and provide this obvious foe with any advantage he steadied his mind once more and he felt the hot rush of the Force flowing into his mind and body. The sensation was full of the promised power it was consistently granting him and once he was prepared he looked outwards to the shadowed being. "If you won't tell me then I'll crush it out of you!" He threatened.

Slowly his hand rose to the direction of the figure and from there he called upon the Force's energy field that surrounded and flowed throughout. He tapped this ethereal energy, this seemingly unstoppable cosmic flow and he bent it to the will of his choosing. As the Force flooded into him his hand was the conduit in which this gathered energy would be dispelled. He opened his mind to the expanse between them and he felt the flow of the Force within the mist itself. This is what he so desired to change. Already he'd shown quite competent with his control over the talents of alteration. Only now though he sought not only victory but advancement, using this moment in time as a play to become stronger in the very Force he hated so much. The mist was wet to his touch but thick with the Force. Each and every moment that passed the Force outside his own body bent to his will which here was the key to it all. The key to alteration was the influence one held over the outside rather than inside of the person.

Tormentous held an excellent grasp of the manipulation thereof and he displayed his excellence here. He reached out with the Force and it swirled as a whirlpool upon the advancement of his presence. Gathering it to his outstretched hand where he began compacting the raw Force energy into the palm of his hand until he became satisfied and once accomplished he reached forth and sent the energy outwards into the mist where the Force itself touched the physical matter that was the moisture in the air, causing the mist. Tormentous lured upon the particles in the air and they began to move in many directions, the mist remained but current in the air was picking up and plain to see that it was being manipulated by unnatural means. With the current discovered he pressed his will upon it and to him it felt as if pressing against the opposite end of a powerful magnet. It pressed back upon him, fighting to deny his very command and his presence recoiled at the current's defiance. It seemed that the natural flow of the physical, even something so simple as an air current, was not an easy thing to manipulate.

Undeterred, Tormentous washed himself in the Force once more, a deeper command was needed in that moment and he sought it out. He began gathering the Force to him once more but this time at such a rate he'd not yet seen. As if he'd broken over a threshold of understanding within the element of the Force, it answered to him anew and this time a tidal wave of power rushed to his very command. The dirt of the ground, the rocks and damp grass. The very moisture of the grasses dew. It all held an energy in which began to quiver as Tormentous beckoned. The sound of the thick rushing air was nearly an after affect of the wave of power that assailed to Tormentous' call and once it arrived he pressed it outwards and it reached to the currents of the air and obliterated them instantaneously.

Fragmented and shattered, the current of the air made still. Then he slowly rallied the thickness around him and began to cast it in the general direction. Eventually the flow of the Force controlled all and he controlled the Force. The mist broiled about in a controlled fashion and began to part away, further and further Tormentous pressed apart the mist, great fathoms of thickened air parted to his outstretched hand and he would not yield yet. The winds swept away the earth and the breeze was gone as there left only a dry realm to his passing. But he needed more.

With renewed vigor Tormentous touched upon the Force between himself and his target and he studied it well while manipulating its structure altogether. He churned it with his mind though the strain was immensely upon him. Though for the efforts he gave, he was rewarded as the potency of his overall alteration grew further this moment. When before he'd barely managed the manipulation of the Force's flow at all, then again as he barely managed shedding his binds. Now through his deeds here and constant training he managed to command the very Force around him with all but ease. It became a point where his thoughts could alter the outside world and as he grew further, the power of this man increased far further once more.

The new currents obeyed his outward commands and in the blink of an eye the mist fully parted upon the shadowed man to reveal... a stone. Nothing but a large stone that had appeared as a man.

He'd been fooled yet again by this world and he wagered this would not be the last... Powerful? Perhaps... but this world was unmerciful in all things.

***End Alt 3 - 927***
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***Alteration 3 Extension***

For everything that Tormentous excelled in though, the realm of the manipulation of the outside was his staple upon things. His desire for more fueled him to train further and through the mist and rough terrain he found himself to a hilltop adorned with a massive boulder the likes of which were smacking of the artificial as it was pronounced atop its mound. Tormentous, decided that he would see to move the hilltop's goliath rock and champion himself once and for all. He came before the rock and sought to stare at it, all the while his mind reached forth through the Force, touching the ethereal energies that both surrounded and infested this object of might. It weighed easily a full ton, not in the least it was exaggeratedly big and wore edges of teeth across it's surface.

The Force's flow within the rock was slow as the dense matter of the rock denied such freeform flow as which occurred in a being of life. Though this flow was Tormentous' will to command as he dipped into the current thereof. The natural flow began to twist and churn to him as he stood impassively amidst the fog of the morn. He extended his hand to the boulder and the Force's energy presented itself before his engaging skills and developing mind. The raw sound of power coursed through the expanses as the very will of Tormentous was given physical prose to call command and force the object to obey. He released the flow from his grasp as pebbles began to shift and fall, granules of sand shot away from the boulder itself and acted as a concussive wave as the energy of the Force surrounding the boulder made the inner rock a focal point of Tormentous' concentration. To say that the action itself was spectacular would be of dismay as the literal scene depicted a rock beginning to shift and nothing more. There was no fashion nor awe inspiring music, this was raw and solid power at work.

No quaking of the ground nor trembling aerial sonic booms. Reality was keen to bring those of animation down to earth. Tormentous was here to bid his will, not woo the masses that may one day observe his power.

A single rock on that same mountainside began to shift the dirt below, not through direct manipulation of the target itself but rather through the design among the Force that surrounded it. Tormentous was straining, even with his talent among the disciplines, manipulation of such an item was a feat to behold. He redoubled his efforts, stretching out his arm further and even leaning into it and with this effort came an answer. The rock, affected by the current in which he was puppeting, shifted three degrees clockwise. Dirt was shunted away and smaller rocks tumbled down the peak of the hill. Again the rock shifted, this time ten degrees counter-clockwise and a large portion of earth was displaced this time. Gravity then bought the rock and it began to heavily lean where the dirt had been shifted away.

Losing his grip, Tormentous grit his teeth underneath the breathing mask as he snapped his free hand up to support his lead arm as if he was actually touching the rock with it. The Force repelled with the recoil of Tormentous' mind and the rock slowly rolled off the hilltop and came to a rest some distance away. Tormentous lowered his hand and opened his eyes. He'd found success this day and while the rock had fallen rather then be lifted, it only told him that despite his adept ability and knack in this discipline, he still had much to learn.

***Alteration 3 Extension Complete - 616 words***
***Total: 1,543 out of 1,000***
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----Sense Level 2 Begin - 700 Words

He sought clarity in this mist forsaken world. There was literally nothing he could see with his eyes and knowing well of the tales he once knew and even experienced of the Adepts he'd encountered, they held sight beyond sight. With the basics in tow, he entered the miasma of the Force's realm once more that he might make it more his own. As his mind washed upon the Force, it formed a wake across the void which spread far and wide from his own being and from his own energy field. As the wave of the Force pressed outwards it touched physical objects and as water upon rock it rippled and echoed back to him. The feeling of the Force's flow being disrupted, its current being fouled, brought his gaze in the respective direction as his senses filled out the distance between them.

His hand reached out into the spaces but found nothing, confirmation that it was the eye of his mind that had responded to his call. As he went deeper though, he began to feel the Force's flow with far more intensity or rather in far more detail. As the energy came forth he could sense how much power, and its potency now. He could feel in what direction the flow was proceeding in and he could feel the waves of energy as it rippled away from the rocky obstruction that denied it an appropriate flow. The detail came in mass. From the dirt of the ground to the winds upon the air, he touched the Force which was in all things and he could feel the outward expression of it all. No longer was he confined to his own body but now he was able to feel the things around him with as much accuracy and detail as if he'd just pick them up and palmed them within his hand. The rough edges of a stone to the course crystalline figure of a grain of sand to a breath of a gust of air. He wasn't all seeing by any means, but the advancement was obvious.

The surrounding energy field of the Force, his own aura; he could sense this with clarity and he could now see the it with a sense of opacity. He could now understand how and what other Adepts felt when a strong presence approached them. They came into contact with another aura and it clashed against their own which in turn picked out their senses. But most of all, he could see and feel the Force's flow now. At first it was nothing more and perhaps contour lines on a map but as he peered off into the veil of the Force itself he began to see the cool aura and the gentle breezes which the Force could be described as. The currents flow was as a soft wind, flowing in and around all things and it had a natural flow to it all in a way that spoke volumes of even how he expertly manipulated it.

Fingers reached out and he spotted the visage of the Force's flow, how it was uninterrupted by his hands but how it flowed around his fingers and even through the hand itself. He could feel the warm tingle of the surrounding Force energy as his senses became more and more in tune with his mind. It was all about experience, the more he practiced and the more he looked, the more capable he would be overall. As he began to better understand how exactly senses worked within the Force, his ability with the Discipline of Sense also expanded. He looked inwards now to himself, the key to fully understanding the Force's flow lay right in front of him, the first step was understanding that alone. His senses stretched into his mind and he felt out the Force, into the reaches of his mind he swept. He could feel memories and pathways to dead ends and locked feelings. His past was here, but try as he might he could not learn of it, it was yet beyond his reach.

Emotions were next, he could feel the anger within his mind, how it bubbled just outside the surface. It was produced by the feeling of pain he obtained from his contact with the Force. But as his mind pointed at the source of the pain he was repelled again, the sorcery done to make him as he was, was far too powerful to be tampered with by the likes of him yet. Further he sought that which made the Force tick within him and as he entered the interior of his mind he could feel the Force, it was a torrential hurricane of chaos. Upended and violent as it swirled within him. He was as a whirlpool, devouring the emotion constantly from everything around him and producing it into his own viable strength and power. He could only assume that the cause was of the sorcery which Naverton had used to create him, had also caused this unnatural void to open up. The presence of it all was awesome to behold and he marveled at how the Force flowed and flooded within his own body as a being itself that he'd been blind too all along.

Once more though, even as he could feel and sense a hundred times better than he could before, he knew he was only scratching the surface...

---Sense Level 2 Complete - 906 Words
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-----Telepahy Begin - 400 Words

As Tormentous' discipline of Sense was still developing, he felt furthering the details within that discipline was a wise enough thing to do. So, as he stood out amongst the mist and the lonely covered pathways of this world, he ushered his mind yet again into the realm of the Force. He embraced the pain as the Force flowed through his mind and body in a most unnatural fashion. Naverton's tamperings had cursed him and that curse held firm even now. He focused on the pain, the morbidly horrid pain that kept his mind sharp and in check. Told him that he was alive despite even his own wishes sometimes. As the Force bent to his will, the emotions attached with his pain began to surface once more. Here he sought to teach himself the aspects of not only controlling his emotions, but also to control the emotions of others or rather to suggest what they may feel or think.

He dropped his sight, closing his eyes and taking in the darkness therein. Too, the darkness that surrounded his mind, he touched it and acknowledged it though he hated it and in that alone he found exactly what he needed. Hate. He feed from his hatred, it empowered him and gave him a confidence that he didn't have prior. The level of emotion was high and the ripples it gave off within his aura were strong. These rippled disturbances in the natural flow were heated and they felt simply, aggressive to the touch as his mind gazed upon them. This is what he interpreted as emotion through the Force. But the truth behind the base of this skill was actually sensing the receiver of the emotional transmittal.

Knowing firmly that there was someone near him, toying with him in this Force-forsaken mist, he focused on the pain and how it tormented him constantly in the irony that he had to use the hated Force to survive. Whomever did this surely had a nasty sense of humor.

Tormentous focused his senses around him and the orb of his influence was about a meter and a half. Everything, or the things he focused on, could be felt and touched within that small space. Specifically he sought the energy of life, its aura was distinctive enough for him to discover even through this thick haze. Surely enough he could feel the brightness of life not far away and the Force called to him as his focus emanated to the life aura. Immediately though he didn't allow himself to get distracted, he reached to the mind of this foe and touched the mind itself where he could feel the very same defensive shield that he'd learned to erect not long ago. Knowing how the shield worked though, he aggressively probed it for weaknesses of which he found none, but he could feel the string of arrogance flowing from this being.

Arrogance was an emotion.

He wrapped his mind around the emotion and the ripples it gave off, he memorized the distinctions between anger and arrogance, how vastly different they were but how they held the same base of feeling. Then he took all the anger that he held within him, pent up and caged, and he established the connection between himself and the being's mind. This connection was as a tendril of the Force, linking minds and bending wills. Though Tormentous was already acting and in a burst of his own rage he pressed his mind forth and indeed on the other receiving end the being began to feel the anger pouring off of Tormentous in such a measure that his own mental barrier became disrupted and in turn, he began to feel angry. Tormentous would have smiled in victory but he wanted more.

He fed now off the anger of his foe as well as the anger flowing off of himself and he transmitted the combined emotion into a denser telepathic energy. Soon, within the span of moments, the being was overwhelmed with the feeling of his own anger that his concentration in this mental bout collapsed in around itself and he screamed out in a rage which now allowed Tormentous an undefended door into the mind of this foe where he used his new power of telepathy to sense the memories and thoughts. He didn't see anything vivid such as pictures or images but he could faintly hear voices though none were legible. He also felt many emotions that were attached to these memories. No doubt, with practice, he would be able to piece the context of these emotions together and compare them to the reactions of the being, which in turn would allow him to suggest exactly what that portion of memory or thought was...

-----Telepathy End - 794
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-----Force Level 5 - 500 Words

On one of his knees he knelt, mind numbing pain coursing through him. Yet again it seemed that as the days progressed in his adventure through the realm of the Force, it sought to weigh him down and destroy him just a little more. Repetetively it seemed that the only defense he seemed to have was to further his mind and his way within the Force... within the Dark Side. As he knelt there, clenching his fist in anger, his eyes closed as the breathing apparatus reflected his deep breath. Opening his eyes now after centering his mind and filtering out the distractions, they narrowed as he focused on the incredible pain he was suffering. It reminded him of how weak he was. So weak that something he could not see was bringing him low and crippling his mind and motor functions. It was insulting to think about, how pathetic was he right now to be brought so low by the Force...

His teeth ground as the emotion grew further and in turn his Force aura also began to grow as he fed constantly off of his own emotion. Strength that was not his own brought him to sit up and he could feel the Force's flow as it bent unnaturally from its pleasant flow around him and the area to flow through him and energize him upon the beckon of his will. This time though he desired more from the Force. He pointed his focus now to his connection with the Force itself. Having more power within the Force didn't necessarily mean one was shaking mountains, creating continent wide storms with their thoughts or shooting lightning from their hands. No. What made one truly powerful and strong within the Force was one's connection. The greater the connection, the greater. the potential in which one could draw upon the Force and finally, in turn, the more power one would have.

Tormentous' connection though was created through sorcery and the Sith magics. As he turned his mental gaze upon the connection it felt rotten and grotesque to him though he knew he needed to open the connection further in order to reap the rewards of the Force. He looked upon the rift in the Force that represented his connection, it was a jagged form originating from his center of being and the Force was shown as a churning whirlpool. As he felt the rift and how it reacted to his gaze, he reached out to it and a sharp piercing cry echoed in his mind as the Force protested his manipulation of it. His expression recoiled at the rejection of his touch but once he recovered he went right back after it and this time he was expecting the reaction. Powering through the sharp pain he reached back towards the rift and he could now feel the Force thrumming through him. It was an ecstatic feeling. Like fighting a current as you walked through water.

Gripping hold of the rift he pressed upon it with his consciousness and naturally it responded to his mettling by recoiling but after a time it responded less harsh and bent towards his presence. In time the flow of the Force was coursing through his mind and body with a far more intense manner. He embraced the flow this time and he called upon it. The renewed flow of the Force flooded his body and gave him further strength, unlike the strength he created through feeding upon the Dark Side of the Force but this was rather an inner strength that was far more tangible. It was the raw energy of the Force, refueling his mind and body through exposure to its flow of power.

Tormentous began to rise up, putting his fist on the ground as his mind began to turn and run along with the Force rather than against the grain as he'd done all thus far with his training. As he finally stood to his full height his eyes opened and he glared out into the distance, he could feel his inner strength within the Force. His connection had increased and as a result the Force responded to him and he was able to absorb its' waves of energy with far more ease. Just one more step in the long run to achieving true power...

-----Force Level 5 - 722 Words

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---Force Choke - 500 words

Everything regarding the Force revolved around the flow of its current.

Tormentous roared in anger as he fed from the high of emotions he was giving off and translating those emotions into the raw form of power he was becoming so accustomed too. His hatred became him and the more he hated and the more he raged on like a wild beast, the more the Force responded. At times where he felt as if he was ready to explode his own head from the strain he cast out, he discovered a new threshold. Yet again he furiously clamored for revenge against the Force, the very thing that originated his own name and the cause thereof. Broiling his temper to the point of overflow, the Force gave him the energy and the power he so desired. With the Force so readily at his fingertips, he looked outwards. The man that had been toying with him all this time, a Sith Lord by the name of Naverton. Towing him along on these pointless tasks and endeavors to decide if Tormentous, his freakish experiment, was worth the trouble he'd undertaken. Naverton had finally shown himself once he could feel that Tormentous was fast becoming strong in the Force, so strong in fact that the Lord's nerves were beginning to be tested.

Though when Naverton displayed himself, he did so from a high ledge that clearly there was no scaling before the elder Sith escaped and continued this game of search and destroy. The elder began to monologue, expressing his plans for the greater Sith Order and how Tormentous would play a part as his pawn.

Tormentous however ignored this fool and instead, he only desired to kill him with every fiber of his being. Rather than listening intently, he closed his mind to the ramblings and focused himself upon the Force. Once more Tormentous envisioned the energy field which surrounded him. It spun and swirled in a gentle flow that was seemingly more powerful every time he sensed it. This power originated from his own body and in turn was a reflection of his own prowess that he was unlocking the potential of daily. The vortex of the Force responded as he outstretched his balled fist to Naverton. It spread around his extending arm like a mobile force field. Bending around every contour of his flesh underneath the cloth that adorned him. The flow of the Force that penetrated his arm was full of tingling energy as Tormentous shifted the flow from his entire body to the specific arm.

Naturally, ceasing the presence and flow of the Force through one's body was impossible. But shifting the majority of the Force's presence or flow within one's body to focus onto a body part, in this case his arm as the appendage, was more than possible. This was because Tormentous was utilizing the Force through his arm and hand as a conduit. His body continuously absorbed the Force's surrounding essence where his power of control and through his mind he sent that built up excess through his body to mass within his arm.

The limb began to burn with all the amassed energy and Tormentous was forced to grit his teeth to prevent himself from lambasting the pain with an inappropriate expression. His growl was deep but his determination was far more fierce. His mind set out from his body and he began to feel the flow of the Force outside of himself. It was wild and unchecked though his masterful talents of the Discipline of Alteration and Manipulation changed the course of the Force's path in an instant as it practically begged for his control over it. The distance between Naverton and Tormentous was negligible, his visual contact was all he needed at this time as his mind ploughed through the distance and established the Force's flow as a bridge between the two.

That is where Tormentous felt Naverton's aura. It was powerful in its own right but decrepit and decaying. His mind fell further to anger as this old man thought he was Tormentous' better. No, he would be ground to dust! Tormentous touched the energy field of Naverton and he could feel the Force Shield though through his overpowering will it would not stop his mind along its pathway. Once the connection of the bridge was complete, Tormentous reached to Naverton, opening his balled up fist to a clawed grip and then a low shout began to arise as Tormentous fueled the Force to extend and touch Naverton's very body, specifically the throat.

In a wash of power the Force ebbed to Naverton as a crashing wave. Of course Naverton didn't move, it wasn't a physical wave of power, but once the energy crashed over Naverton the elder could feel that something was amiss. It was only too late...

Tormentous churned this energy over and over again as he focused the Force's current to surround Naverton's neck. Once more as a force field, it spun around the Sith Lord at almost a will of its own as Tormentous established this flow's current. Then with all the pent up hatred and fury in his body he began to close his claw gripped hand as a physical representation of the Force around his victim. Immediately Naverton's arrogant monologue was silenced as he clasped a hand around his throat and staggered backwards. The crushing force of the Force against his aura was massive and Naverton ceased to pass air through his wind pipe as it was squeezed and pinched shut.

His fingertips felt as if he could actually feel Naverton's throat and he ground his teeth as he clenched his fist shut ever more. He felt resistance enough in which he could not close his fist fully, and in turn Naverton silently gasped for air, clawing his neck and falling to his knees. Tormentous twisted his hand in place for emphasis and even flexed his entire arm as a display of effort. The Force continued to respond to Tormentous' command, the flow around Naverton had been affected to where it was the thing that was actually strangling him.

It seemed the student had just become the master...

---Force Choke Complete - 1,032 words
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Galactic Doughnuts
Unread postFeb 12 '16#22
---Control 3 Begin - 1,000 Words

Control, it all began with control. It was a discipline as the base of all. The most important of these things, and so the most difficult to master in one's own realm of mind and body. It all began here, and so as well, it would end here. His hands shook, trembling with the pent up power of the Dark Side, it was out of control and once again it was devouring him. Crushing his mind as a cancer eating away piecemeal. His right knee was dug into the rocky dirt below as the pain and torture of enduring this curse brought him low. The chaotic pressure threatened to destroy him completely, once and for all. Classically to the history of Jacobi Wylcott, the man who'd defied all odds save death itself, his stubborn determination refused to relent against even the mythical aura of the Force.

His mind ached in pain and he suffered greatly, though he closed his eyes and started once more, from the beginning.

He reached down inside of himself and took hold of the Force's ethereal presence. How it continuously covered his being and how it flowed through him in disruption to the bind that held his soul to this plain. To consolidate the Force here would master his will over it and his triumph would finally be free. The chains would finally be broken. To a point of action, the Force responded to his presence as water covered a hand. It splashed over his being and obeyed him to an extend but refused to completely bow. Currently the Force ran rampant within him and the decay was quite visible indeed. Slowly he began to curb the grating presence of the wild and freeform of the Force's flow and subjugate it to his personal will. But this specific state of mind did not come with brute force or commanding the oceanic waves to obey. No, this began with the subtlety of mind and the grace of being. Quite the opposite of the stereotype.

Beckoning the Force, it flowed towards him and it drenched his entire form in its presence, immediately he could feel the burning sensations of the Force's power when it came upon him though this was not where he stopped. He allowed the Force to absorb him into its fold where he sank deeper and deeper into a near meditative trance. As he did so the actual connection between his mind and the surrounding energy field of the Force coursed through him and almost immediately he could feel the differences. How the Force reacted and responded to the angle of his thoughts and the tone of his very voice. Its reaction was cause from his action. The deeper the connection, the stronger the Force became within himself, though a stronger connection would only allow him to grow in a state of power not of actual control.

As such he ended the concentration of calling the Force to him and instead he began to focus on what he already had within his reserves. As he knelt there, he began to reach forth. Just as he did when wielding a lightsaber, the precision of control was here. Concentration and center of being. These were the key as he sought to refine himself not into the hammering juggernaut that he knew he could be, but rather the lethal viper that lashed from secret and with utter results. Tormentous drove his mind into the Force now and there he began to turn the flow inside of him, how it radiated away from the connection that bound him, he began to capture each pulsating beat of the heart. The first pulse was powerful and as it came to him he wasn't nearly ready for it and the wave of energy passed him by all the same as the wind to a net. Again he refocused his mind and prepared as the next pulse came forth, both hands extended to catch it but as his hands came to contact the wave of energy simply brushed aside of him. This was nearing impossibility, but yet he pressed on. Another pulse wave erupted from his center and once more it chaotically rippled through his mind and body, daring to shatter what was of his consciousness and once again he failed to capture this wave.

Redoubling his efforts would only lead to more failure and he recognized this. So he took a different route and he relaxed himself. The words 'mind and body' echoed through him, knowing he needed to make them one not just terms of physical being. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly through the rebreather on his face. The grainy attitude of the expelling oxygen was even part of his focus as he release the carbon dioxide from his lungs. He could touch the dampness of breath and see it's gaseous release. The world outside spun as normal, but it was that which was within him that began to become more clear as his practice occurred. 'Mind and body', he mused as once more he awashed himself in the Force and the flow this time felt as a cool breeze flowing in the valley of his body. It eased forth, rebuffed by his mind which was as the mountain on either side of the valley. The simplicity of this task was in fact overwhelming as Tormentous strained to contain his overbearing nature and simply, let the Force flow.

The basis of control was to be center of one's mind and body. He exhaled again and relaxed as the touch of the Force, for the first time, came as a soothing feeling rather than the bag of sharp nails raking down his spine. Once more he returned to that connection, still it pulsated with anger and this time he reached only but one hand out and as the wave approached, it began to tether itself to his hand. As a wave goes outward, this wave came inward as if his hand was a magnet. Still the wave crashed and shattered to move around his hand but the response this time was incredible as his mind and body came closer to being one. Again the next of the pulses came and his arm relaxed, no longer was his muscle tightened in the strain of his fury and anger as he released emotion entirely. The wave touched upon his hand, and it became still.

A circular barrier around the connection arose and the next pulse simply filled the gap inbetween. All at once the pain in his mind subsided and he unclenched his barred fist from the ground as a vast motion of relief found him and he became one of mind and body. The influence he now found within his own being was awe-striking. The sense, the alteration capability and most of all the control of himself had come full circle. As the base of discipline grew, his entire ability within the Force folded outwards and expanded to his very will.

As his eyes opened and he suppressed the agony within, he rose up in both mind and body and stood before the Force's rays of light to cast his shadow that much further over the ground behind him. His breathing was more smooth and the throbbing pain in his blind eye was gone. Control, it lessened the stress of life and made his entire being more in tune with the Force within and around him all the same. He opened his hand at mid level and instantly the Force responded to him now, it wasn't the same as before when he had to strain for this, now it seemed that the Force begged for his command. It rushed to his very hand and the power brought forth was incredible as an orb of light began in a nexus of power and expanded to engulf his entire hand, wrist and mid forearm in blinding light. (Create Light). It shown through the mist and he could see the lies just beyond his natural sight. This world may be the end of him but he would be damned if he allowed it to consume him without a fight.

---Control 3 End - 1,366 words.
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Galactic Doughnuts
Unread postFeb 12 '16#23
---Telekinesis Begin - 500 Words.

Manipulation was a powerful asset to Tormentous. It was the first discipline he had mastered and here he was yet again to delve into it. Why settle to hold the Force within oneself when you could reach out and obliterate those that oppose you. So here Tormentous was, walking down a narrow path until he was beset by a big rock. How silly it was that one so potent in every aspect of his life had been thwarted by an inanimate object.


If he could create light or extinguish it... if he could crush a sentient being's wind pipe with nothing but his anger and hatred... he could move this stupid boulder...

He took an aggressive stance, both feet spread shoulder width apart with one hand outstretched to the rock and he stood there for a long moment before he even began touching the Force's embrace. He focused his mind first of all and as per his training thus far, the Force raced to him and obeyed his every whim. Entering the mass of his body through the vast energy field that surrounded and spun about him like a hurricane, traveling through his limbs and finally expressing itself fully to the conduit of his hand and fingertips. His hand felt quite warm to the power of the Force as his mind then prepared to cross the distance between the wielder and the object.

Tendrils snaked away from each finger in jagged lightning-like arcs. The invisible energy of the force lashed outwards across the expanse to crash into the rock but yet nothing happened nor occurred. Dismayed, Tormentous chastised himself for the assumption this would be some simple task. He returned from the start and those lightning jagged arcs, he tied together to create one single tendril of energy which passed through like a solid stream and instead of violently crashing, this time it splashed against the solid boulder and it began to surround its mass. A spider web of his influence crossed slowly over the large rock like a acid eating the surface area. It oozed and crept its way across, obtaining full opacity over the object in question where Tormentous then began to imagine the rock lifting into the air.

Obviously as he opened his eyes and saw the rock still there his anger rose quite a bit but his concentration never broke. Instead he used his anger to fuel his mind and the emotion led to further power altogether. This mighty rock was being called upon and Tormentous wasn't about to let it best him. He extended his hand once more and established the raw connection through the Force to the rock itself and there is where his concentration began to flourish. Lifting the rock wasn't all about flash and prose, it was about the rock one's mind did to properly control his own being and alter that which was around him.

As he focused further, the dust which lay on the rock began to vibrate. The tiny particles of sand and the pebbles and the dirt, all of it began to shift and cascade to the ground as Tormentous could practically feel the rock's cold exterior with his mind. He felt how the Force flowed not just around the rock but through it and this was where he centered himself. If he commanded the Force, and if the Force was within this rock, then the rock too could be commanded. He balled his left hand up as it remained at his side, as he visibly strained at the effort. Sweat ran from his face as the exertion was high here. More and more he focused and poured his energy across the connection to touch that rock and more and more the rock began to respond.

First a simple crack along the dried dirt at its base occurred and then another as the rock itself shifted in place, not to the naked eye but just enough that there was little doubt that it was becoming dislodged. He called out to the rock with the Force and another burst of energy swathed over it like a blanket. His redoubled efforts demanded an answer due to his increasing capability and his mastery over the Discipline of Control and Alteration. Answering, the rock twisted briefly and he continued his efforts here as the Force battered the boulder according to his will.

Ever more the boulder began to rise but only just as a portion lifted but much of the mass remained touching the ground as the rock rotated into the air. His hand twisted in place as he now gripped at the rock and groaned with the strain he set forth to combat gravity in that moment. If he was to be the master of his environment then he refused to relent. Further the rock came off the ground until finally the earth and the object were completely separated by a full six inches where Tormentous remained in a great amount of effort just to keep it off the ground. Try as he might he couldn't move it side to side, but it was most definitely in the air at this time. He'd accomplished a great feat this day certainly.

With a gasp of relief he let the boulder fall to the ground with a thud. In his mind victory was at hand. He walked forward down the path and kicked the rock out of the way... all six pounds of it...

---Telekinesis End - 912 Words.
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Galactic Doughnuts
Unread postFeb 12 '16#24
---Force Level 6 Begin - 600 Words.

The taste of power had connected with Tormentous' desires as he trudged alone through the mountainous terrain to a goal he knew not. When he'd moved the stone through the Force, when he'd achieved a killing presence, the ability to absorb the values of the Force to be used of his own volition. All these were things, proof that Tormentous was becoming far more powerful by the passing of each sunrise and sunset. Again he would seek to press the threshold further.

In a test of his ability and in a show of moderation, he decided to amplify himself further in the techniques he already too stock in to know and understand. First he would begin with addressing his own shortcomings and place the Force within. He closed his eye and calmed his mind to hear the quaking tremble of the Force's natural flow through him. The vast energy field that surrounded him, which was connected to the inner flow, churned and pulsated with intensity as his mind's gaze set itself upon it. Reaching out to the energy field he focused on the current of its flow and he began to draw it to himself as he'd done many times before. (Absorb/Scatter Energy). He embraced the flow as his hands teased the fringes of the current and as his mind was made to flow alongside the Force, his connection grew all the more large in that moment.

The Force swelled within his mind and body in that moment as he experienced a vast plethora of its energy to be utilized by his hand and technique. He waved a hand through the mass of the pent up Force energy and it reverberated as he did so. It was an incredible feeling to have such power and potential at one's fingertips.

Tormentous then turned outward to the rocks and stones at the peak of a hilltop. He had defeated the evil stone that blocked his path earlier, now he would far surpass such ability and reach a new peak in his power. He focused outwards upon the stones. These ones were far greater in mass than the previous one. His senses crawled over each stone as a shadow filled the gaps of a dark place. He felt each and every cropping and jagged edge of each stone in a slow and meticulous manner so that his grasp on what he was doing would be more efficient. Several minutes out pass as the Force flooded the stone's surroundings and through them to the will of Tormentous as he studied them and intricately became knowledgeable with them. After some time there was nothing about these few stones that could escape him and to know one's enemy was to defeat it. He reached out his hand towards the first stone. (Telekinesis). The vast wealth of the Force scaled to his hand as a conduit where the Force went forth into the distance where the connection was made, one energy field to another.

His ability of manipulation immediately took charge as the sudden and abrupt arrival of his presence was made known and the first rock shifted, after a moment of concentration he broke the rock away from the earth, moved it aside and dropped it to roll haplessly down the hill. Again he returned and as he did so each time the task was made easier until his understanding of the ability itself can fully into his mind's view. The final rock sat atop the hill and this time he would not hold himself back in with patience. Tormentous curled his hand to his side and gathered the Force to his hand in a focused ball or orb. The power of the Force burned his nerves with the energy and upon the release he was shown the potential of this ability made anew. He shot his hand forth and opened the hand to release and at his command a burst of Force energy ripped through the distance, kicking up sand and dust as it went to make it look as a massive gust of air was passing by.

As the Force energy reached the final rock it touched first the rock's energy field and collapsed it, channeling the flow and current of the rock into the energy amassed against it. Next the ball of energy touched the rock itself and as if a physical wall smashed into it, the rock was dislodged from its position but the force behind it was more than anticipated and instead of being slingshot away, it cracked and shattered to explode in a million bits. All of which cascaded out and away in a cloud of dust. Telekinesis was a powerful ability to know and had many practical uses, and with the advancing power of Tormentous, his ability was soaring indeed.

He reveled in the vast reserves of the Force as his internal capacity level began to rise the more he absorbed and took in. His strangely calm demeanor was a key factor here as he displayed the aptitude to understand the Force, not just control it and wield it. Surely textbooks and knowledge was wasted on him, but wisdom and experience were flourishing altogether. He splayed out his senses and he began to key in on the subtleties and the intricacies of the Force itself for as he constantly grew in this manner, so too did every aspect thereof. He began to react in every manner much faster, but more importantly, far more potent then before. His typical senses picked up on the breeze in the wind and his control whipped the Force into action at his command while manipulating a small stone came with far more ease than before. It was at this moment that Tormtenous' connection to the Force exceeded that which it was before and his mind and body rose further within it.

---Force Level 6 End - 977 Words.

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Galactic Doughnuts
Unread postMar 02 '16#25
---Force Level 7 Begin - 700 Words

As before Tormentous sought more, it was the key to progression, more. But this time he held not the patience for meddling with the lesser energies of the Force and so he began to focus on the greater reserves of the surrounding energy field that heavily surrounded him. The vast plethora of power was out there and for all his training and experience with the Force he'd failed to fully grasp it as perhaps he should have been able too. The difference now what that despite his current progression, he knew there was more to be had. He opened his gaze to the Force's current and flow, it was a mighty streaming river spanning far into the distant mountains. He touched upon the ever flowing current and as it reacted he too began to react as a sponge, absorbing the vast swaths of energy that was available.

The ground did not shake, the earth did not tremble, but the ebb and flow of every living thing and even that which was not animate, began to all respond to his presence as he stood there before the mountain that he sought not to scale, but to turn over and topple. He reached forth with his right hand and channeled the Force's energy into his body and through to that particular appendage to act as a conduit. Consolidation at the hand and fingertips was only the beginning and as the concentrated power of the Force, through Tormentous, expanded he began to feel the mountain quake. Massive boulders began to shake apart and tumble to cast their contents across the floor but continuously Tormentous pressed upon the Force.

Reality of the situation was; the mountain was the Force. Tormentous was trying to channel the actual energy field itself, not just the flow. It was a mountainous task indeed. The metaphorical mountain of the Force answered to Tormentous as he reached out upon the whim of his mastery of the Discipline of Alteration. But as well this task beckoned upon his mastery of the Discipline of Control. He was forced to manage the Force's flow within himself just as much as he was forced to keep the forces arrayed outside of his body in check. The Force flooded all around him and it swirled like a vortex with him at the epicenter. The torrent ripped and lashed about but with the ever vigilant focus he was keeping, no mental harm would seek him this day.

His senses slowly magnified the affects of the new level of manipulation and control that he was seeking out. He could all the more better feel the pulsing vein of the Force, how it continuously recycled itself and constantly made power anew. It was truly a never ending reserve of power that he very much desired to control. He came forth with his mind and as the energy field once more provided him with excess energy from its current and flow, this was not what he desired and he fought and forged himself into a much deeper trance. The deeper he forced his mind to go the further his connection flourished but it also took a vast reserve of his mental power to also acknowledge and recognize what he was doing and achieving. With each step that he took the Force began to respond more and more. Every passing moment brought him closer to the enlightenment that he sought.

As it was unnatural for the actual energy field to be shifted, as Tormentous grasped ahold of it, a tremor occurred and echoed through the ethereal. But still he refused to give anything back. He pulled upon the threads of the Force and the energy field surrounding him began to bend but most certainly not break. With each tug he felt the shift from one edge of his conscience to the other and over time he began to realize that no matter how long or how hard he tried, the energy field surrounding him could not be either severed or too harshly altered for the energy field was a thing beyond the conscience plight of the mind and it was beyond the mental capacity to fully comprehend. In theory, if the energy field was altered as he had attempted and failed to do, it could cause a tremor so great that perhaps it would kill him. But theory was wasted without the application thereof.

He eased back on that area of manipulation and now he began to focus solely on his connection between his conscience mind and the ethereal. Fatigue washed over him but once more he would not relent as he’d yet to find his enlightened moment. He forced his mind off into the energy field of the Force and he listed along the current, basking in the radiance of its surrounding and swelling power. It did not soothe him however, it cause him grief and much pain. But this is what he’d chosen to embrace. Embrace the pain it wrought him and understand that this was life’s reality as it tortured him along his path to utter domination and supremacy.

His aura surged with his presence and vastly expanded to dominate a full ten foot radius of his mind’s center. The expansion of this power was no doubt the defining moment of his removal from the status of a half-hearted weak nerf, to a being that was able to be considered powerful and strong. Deeper he allowed his connection to soar, past the limits of his mind and while the capable power he now held was immense, his mind was yet to reach such limit breaking concepts and he couldn’t yet field the power he was capable of. Even so, as the Force encircled him and presented him with far more potential than ever, he now could feel and confidently set his mind around the fact that he had reached a new milestone and he was now all the more superior for it…

---Force Level 7 End - 955 Words
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Galactic Doughnuts
Unread postMar 08 '16#26
---Yavin IV
---After "The Bloody Return

The Lambda Shuttle touched down on the surface of Yavin IV and exiting its maw came forth none other than Tormentous, victor over his most hated rival, the Sith Warrior Morlev. In his hand he held the head of his decapitated foe, in the other he held his lightsaber firmly in a clenched grip. Tormentous was still on a battle high and near exhaustion, but the call of the Dark Side never rested and so he had come to the moon of Yavin Prime in search of that which spoke and called his name. For many years none had dared enter the domain of Exar Kun's Massassi Temples that lay within the deep of the jungle, lost and hidden from plain sight. But today was the day that one such temple would not only be found but opened up for the entrance of the most prominent Sith Warrior of this modern age.

Beckoned by the call, he had piloted the ship himself into the mists of Yavin IV. No locator. No destination in mind. No coordinates. He simply flew until the snake's whisper grew most potent and there he set the shuttle down and proceeded outside of his vessel to the awe inspiring view of a decayed temple that was devoured by the mist. A sickness was about this temple, even the vines that covered it were ill but constantly growing. As Tormentous moved to actually lay his eye upon the surface, the vines seemed to crawl and twist but on their surfaces were boils and cysts, leaking sap like fluids. Wounds of the Force...

He entered unto the temple and while he'd not been met by anything or anyone, he knew he was not alone. Upon entering the central chamber of the temple he was dumped out to a massive platform within a circular room. What he witnessed within was more of the same, decay, rot and a lost hope of power...

Not so however. As he spent more time within he finally learned that it was no corpse he was looking at but it was an ancient beast. Long dormant and awaiting a Sith that was worthy... he sought to be the worthy one!

---Dark Side Alchemy Begin - 700 words

The first thing done here was his own call to the Dark Side. How instantly the Force answered him was but a testament to the connection that was capable within this room and even the temple itself for that matter. The Force answered him and it imploded the halls and corridors of the temple with its vast presence. Every nook, every cranny, every crevice was swallowed up and filled by the palpable presence of the Force and the swelling concentration of Tormentous. He felt the ground and the air, letting nothing escape his mind as his ethereal view splayed over everything in sight and even that which was not within sight.

To the body his mind wandered. He felt the raw sense of destiny around this slumbering beast. No simple awakening would make affect here. This awakening would take a theory and as well a willing soul to seek it out. Tormentous came before the silent monstrosity and lifted the severed head of Morlev. The cauterization of the neck was keeping the heated fluids within and from there Tormentous used his fingers to rip and rend the burnt flesh asunder, letting the red blood flow from the head. He walked a slow circle around the beast, leaving an effected trail of tainted blood in his wake until he arrived full circle. From there he walked to the beast's head and thrashed Morlev's head upon the scull of the beast, then upon the second scull of the monstrous beast. Fresh blood ran down the solid scalps and soaked into the dried scaly skin.

He dropped the head to simply roll away to the side as he returned to his original position and that right there is when it became sunk-in with the Dark Side of the Force itself. Tormentous opened his mouth to speak but his own voice did not escape him, it was the voice of another in a language he did not understand. He called verbally for the Force to come forth and it did. His hands stretched out to the carcass and through him the Force swept down, first to the blood of his hated enemy and there it began heating the blood with the power of the Force. It coursed through the blood and inch by unmerciful inch it began to spread unnaturally from its spilt position to roll and seep towards the sleeping monster. The Force controlled all and this very thing continued in a painfully slow manner until the Force had touched and activated the blood half way around the beast and from that half back the blood had ran from its position all the way over to the dormant beast where it began to soak into the scaled skin. As it touched and was absorbed into the beast's flesh, it began to glow in a deep red that would have made any normal man go insane by just seeing it.

The taint of the alchemical and magical properties spread like a rapid cancer over the body of the demonic monstrosity. The very smell of the Dark Side's rot and influence wafted into the room and began to settle upon the monster.

Finally the Force began to spread the blood from the other side. Tormentous continued to channel the Force through his own body and into the blood spilt upon the grounds. Ever closer it came and touched the beast until all the circle had come around and all the circle had closed in on the beast. Each and ever drip of blood that had been cast upon the floor was now resting upon the scales of the beast and being absorbed within to create the glowing reaction.

The first phase of the ritual was complete and now Tormentous approached the beast as he took out a knife, lifted his own hand into the air and cut a line along his arm. He spoke more in the tongue of the unknown and instantly the blood he offered responded and formed a line where it ran horizontally along his outstretched arm and where it leapt off his pointer finger. The stream came forth through the will of the Force and as soon as it touched to foreheads of the monster a mighty shallow heart beat sounded which echoed through the temple and beyond. All of Yavin IV heart the beat and upon the second beat a tremor was caused in the Force which coursed through the ethereal. It was a mighty tremor and likely those that knew to listen could hear its' deafening call.

Further Tormentous allowed this to go until the second phase had become complete. Finally there was one last offering to be made. Three measures of blood. From what he hated, from himself... and from what he loved. He hadn't realized it but it had been Krynn, the Nightmare's Child whom he loved. He knew not why but the feeling was there. It was why he hadn't destroyed her many times over. A strong love he once held long ago but now he knew nothing of. He took out a clear glass vile of red blood. Krynn's blood. He toyed with it in his hands between pointer and thumb, he knew what he was about to do. There was no stopping it now. He imbued himself through the Force into the vile and the glass cracked and shattered from his mental force and the red fluid spread into the air like a gaseous mist.

He controlled the Force to envelope this red mist and guide it to the two heads of the dormant beast and from there the mist fractured asunder and shot into the four eye slits of the two heads. Instantly the eyes glowed from underneath the lids themselves and again a tremor quaked through Yavin IV and beyond as the Force was being twisted and soured upon the awakening of this abomination through alchemical means.

Breath came forth as the blood of the three offerings touched the fated heart of the monster all while Tormentous spewed his incantation of which devoured that which was before it. The Force became cracked at the sight of this not-life. It awoke, eye lids splitting and the slit eyes narrowed down upon Tormentous with a sinister yellow glow. A low growl began to rumble from the innards of this monster, it sounded as thunder and promised a danger far worse. As the Force pulsated away and recoiled from this dragon, it was also forced to embrace it for this being was indeed a thing of the Force. Mutated and torn from its originality many years before. But forever it had lain silent until now. Tormentous reached out and commanded the beast to heel but the beast would not be sated by words alone for it hungered greatly.

It lashed out to him but as the first head made to snap down on him the blood of Tormentous boiled within the beast's heart and stung it harshly. The beast knew it was bound to the man before it and it recoiled, snaking its long massive body around. Four mighty limbs lifted the beast forward, two leathery wings unfurled and dominated the circular chambered room as the long necked being lifted both heads into the air and it let out a feral roar that split the ears. A long tail with a vicious stinger coiled at the end and powerful scales crossed the body and covered it completely. Two heads filled with razored teeth. Each paw held a dagger-like claw at its end that promised to rend the armor from a vehicle and the musculature was beyond anything that reality could explain.

Its' cry of anger complete, the heads lowered to view Tormentous once more and finally, after the realization that he was their master, they lowered to the floor and bowed to him. Hence, a Battle Hydra of the old age was awoken and upon it Tormentous would ride into the labyrinth of battle to tear his foes apart once more...

---Dark Side Alchemy End - 1,336 Words.

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---Sith Sword Construction - 1,250 Words - Begin

Tormentous stood with several items within the Massassi Temple of Exar Kun. With the monstrosity awakened and removed from this place, Tormentous now had a readily available Nexus of the Dark Side. The Force reeled at this place and its unnatural being, but it could not retreated completely as despite the unnaturalness of it all, it was bound here just as well.

He placed a sheet of grainy glass on the floor, it was rough and colored by intense heat. As well he created a fire, nothing special and nothing sinister, with the bones of the fallen Massassi that once inhabited this place. The fire crackled and spat its heat into the heart of the nexus and as the energy was expended the Dark Side responded jovially as it recognized what was about to occur here.

Once he was fully prepared, Tormentous began to meditate on the Dark Side and instantly as he approached the energy field of his being he was cast within the depths of the ethereal. His mind was no longer within his body it seemed as the Dark Side took a hold and prevented him from leaving until this ritual was fully completed.

He focused upon the chaotic form of the fire. How it rippled and crackled within the Force as well as within the realm of the conscience and living. It expended energy just as fast as it created it. But this was where Tormentous began. He cast the still fresh blood of himself, his love and his hatred into the fire and instantly as the physical items touched the current of the Force, the fire exploded into a vortex as the symbolism was established and the connection was made whole. The forces of nature itself couldn’t run fast enough as the fire took on the form of the Dark Side itself, harnessing and flooding the area in its taint and once more an echo sounded through the Force as the fire came to life anew in a devouring form.

The time spent here was unknown to Tormentous but within the meditative embrace of the Force it spanned the days of three in all. All this occurred and spanned on to strengthen the bond between the nexus, the fire, the caster and the Force itself. The fire began all the more intense as time went on, no longer burning away the bones and fuel as it was now fueled by the Force as a self sustaining life.
Finally the moment was to come and Tormentous focused the Force to his hand where he telekinetically lifted the glass sheet from the floor and eased it over to the fire. The closer the glass came to the fire the more the fire became drawn to the glass. As the glass touched the fire and was licked by the kiss of the flames, instead of arching up and around the material the fire was absorbed into it and the echo of the Dark Side began in entirety as the glass began to contort and twist in sinister fashion.

Arcs of energy revolted from the body of the glass as lightning which turned back around and struck the body once more. Tormentous fought to maintain control of this beastly ritual and in turn the lightning arced across him as well. Tormentous imbued the fire with Dark Side energy in order to mold the glass, which was actually sand from Korriban, encrusted with the pressure of the Imperial bombardment. Sand all the same however as the ritual continued.
The fire formed and altered the molecular makeup of the glass and elongated it into a long rod of sorts. But most importantly the fire was being used to heat up and melt down the glass into a more base material and in doing so it was allowed to ingrain the accumulated Dark Side energy into each and every molecule of the silicon dioxide form of the metallically hewn Korriban sand. Every atom was slowly and meticulously broken down and churned through the Dark Side, imbuing it with the bond of Tormentous. As it turned about and was reconstructed it was formed into a crystalline center core that would give the finished product a transparent hue.

Finally however the rod was completed and the fire had all but been absorbed into it. But now the raw heat was well enough to mold the rod into the desired form. Tormentous took out a donning hammer and he approached the rod. Even though it wasn’t on a table it did not matter and he hit the rod with all his might. It let a shrill ring out through the expansive interior of the temple as sparks and fire flew from the rod. Dark Side energy, a strand of archaic lightning spanned from the surface of the rod to the hammer itself.

Again Tormentous hit the rod and again the same result as the Force burned and cried out as if in pain. The hammering continued and went on and on for another two days as Tormentous hammered and reformed the rod numerous times into a blade and each time he did so he was only honing the blade into the desired invulnerable texture and to give it the permanent razored edge that it would possess for all of eternity.

The sword itself and the imbued energy of the Dark Side were now complete. All that remained was to establish the personal connection between sword and wielder and finally to truly awaken the sword as a conduit of the Dark Side. It was time to complete the ritual and create the first Dark Side Relic of the Modern Age.

Tormentous approached the nexus’ central chamber where the beast had been awoken. Still a pool of boiling blood was there. The blood of Tormentous himself, the blood of Krynn Karn his tormented love and the blood of Phex Morlev his most hated foe. The love wasn’t affectionate, it was a caring love as one would care for a sibling. The hatred was well beyond the ire of a burning sun. And the blood of himself was torn from his very own flesh. They were all symbolic in this nature and equally as important here during the final moments of the ritual.

He reached the blood pool and stepped within, the boiling lava of the blood wretched his skin underneath the armor but the Dark Side howled its approval and so he proceeded forth. He grasped the blade by what would soon be the hilt and he revered it to point the blade tip downwards into the heart of the pool.

Once more the language of the Sith spewed forth from his mouth, a nature of what he did not know but it mattered little as the spirit of Exar Kun began to stir from its dormant state. The Dark Side exploded in power as the tip touched the blood and the blood hissed and fizzled and unnaturally as possible it began climbing up the length of the crystalline blade.
Further and further Tormentous lowered the length of sword blade down into the depths of the blood pool and more and more the Force responded as the imbued metals reacted and began to glow faintly. He reached mid blade and from there he sank the tones of his forbidden language down into the direction of the pool itself and as each syllable hit the fluid it was made as stone. Hardened and sure.

All around the pool began to harden and solidify but Tormentous did not move nor did his pace hurry. He continued to lower the blade into the pool until it reached the guard and then his fist touched the blood and sank within. He could feel the connection growing with ferocity as if he could feel the tempered blade itself and what he saw he liked very much as the blade’s power actually began to spawn its own energy as if it was alive itself.

The pool solidified completely now into stone and the stone cooled all the while Tormentous remained, whispering the faint enchantment of the blade’s forge and only once he was done did he move.
A crack sounded and with a massive amount of effort he hurled the blade from the stone and as he lifted it into the air he observed the mirrior sheen of a Sith Warblade. To the naked eye it even seemed to distort the vision and soil the very air around it. The Dark Side was harnessed upon the blade and as well the blade exuded the energy it obtained at will.

As Tormentous held the blade in his hands he spoke aloud, “Jidai Maras.”

---Sith Sword Construction End - 1,460 Words
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---Skilled Lightsaber Combat - 600 Words - Begin.

Tormentous had long left the cavernous maw of the Alchemical Nexus of the Massassi Temple of Exar Kun but he hadn't left the walls yet. Instead he'd wandered the ruin to seek out that which Exar Kun had in store for him. His right hand firmly clenched the hilt of a dark red glowing sword. The blade was broiling hot to the touch and it was a perfect mirror sheen and appeared to be of a metallic alloy of some kind. Only Tormentous would ever truly know that it was a carbonized blade hewn from the sands of Korriban itself. Regardless of its' make, the blade was far beyond the definition of impervious. But notable among all was this sword's name - Jidai Maras - which translated to Jedi Bane among the ancient Sith tongue.

He continued through the depths of the temple until he came unto a large chamber, filled with the dusty stone statues of sentinel warriors of the Massassi. Exar Kun's personal bodyguard. He entered unto the depth of the chamber and as he approached what appeared to be a throne, a solid stone cracked before him and he instantly leapt backwards as the shine of a vibroblade shore the air where he'd just been. More cracks and more attacks sent Tormentous backwards until all eight of the stone sentinels were free from their hardened dominions, each wielding a vibroblade covered in rust and aged beyond recognition.

Tormentous wasted no time as he swung Jidai Maras through the air and the air itself seemed to distort with the power of the weapon itself. It also seemed to scream horrored tails through the chamber, but it wasn't until the first clash began that Jidai Maras truly began to shine. Tormentous was now forced to learn to wield this blade all over again for his lightsaber had been weightless and now he was using a blade that held far more weight then it looked to have. With Tormentous' physique it would be a simple task indeed but the perception of combat with this blade would be a new concept.

At first he fell into the version of the Ataru Form which he used - no acrobatics but plenty of momentum producing spins and wide arching slashes. It was the same thing save that he wasn't jumping about like a play toy. His arch sent the blade soaring forth and clashing into the first stone sentinel which the monument managed to deflect with ease. Jidai Maras scored the vibroblade with reverberating power but it really just bounced away like any other sword would have done. Tormentous used the momentum to spin about the opposite way in a cross swing where he came into contact with the same foe on the same angle but the reverse side. Once more the sentinel proved itself, deflecting the blow and repelling Tormentous. Again Tormentous spun opposite but instead of slashing his blade as before he tucked the tip into his body, sliding the blade along his side and as he came 'round he sent forth a vicious thrust. Perhaps expecting him to do more of the same the sentinel missed the mark and was impaled. The Dark Side energy of Jidai Maras flooded through the sentinel and the corruption burst in on itself, imploding the stone statue and casting stone debris all about.

The Ataru seemed not to work well here for it demanded too much maintenance upon the maneuvers and strokes. So he shifted over to the Form V, Djem So variation. He was not expressly versed in the Djem So, but there was no better time than now to bridge the gap.

He advanced on the next sentinel with unrelenting passion and fury. His strikes were unforgiving but wild, a fact he'd refine over time. Each impressive strike crushed his foe's defenses but the next sentinel would arrive to thwart another slaying of their number just yet. He sent a hammering blow diagonally aimed at his opponent's weapon but the attack missed as the sentinel withdrew so as to not be caught off guard so much. Tormentous' undisciplined over swing then sent him off balance and his arch ended over his right shoulder as the same sentinel took to the advantage and stabbed the Sith in the side. The vibroblade easily parted the armor and sank into his body, barely avoiding the internal organs. Tormentous arched his blade upwards to come down on the foe with a giant chop to the neck, splitting the stone sentinel from collarbone to mid level chest cavity.

Once more the sentinel erupted and the pieces were cast down to the floor. He yanked free the sentinel's blade and cast it away as he refocused his efforts and went on the unforgiving path of attack once more but this time he'd be sure not to swing so violently and without cause to hold back. He came in, two sentinels now, he struck low to one, bounced off the deflection and arched diagonally upwards at the other, knocking the sentinel off balance with sheer kinetic force though he did not follow up and slay the sentinel, rather he spun with the diagonal strike and upon full rotation he arched diagonally downwards on the original enemy, cutting a great length into its chest while freeing his right hand from the hilt, thrusting it under his arm and sending a telekinetic blast into the sentinel to blast it into oblivion.

He danced back from the second sentinel's counterattack, then he sent a deadly riposte into the sentinel's stomach, from there he grabbed the guard of the sword and with his immense physical strength he ripped the blade upwards to wrench it through the navel and to burst sidelong out of the sternum. More stone exploded and was sent afar as he spun the blade in his hands and caught it at the ready, aimed to pierce the heart of further foes.

Four sentinels advanced on him and this time he was very hard pressed in his swordsmanship. Only the most perfectly planned parries and blocks would suit him here as the duel raged on to a new level. The Djem So was born unto Tormentous fully here as he expressed an emphasis on his brute force. Wide swings, powerful strikes, ruthless parries. All these were combined to Tormentous to knock his foes out of place, off balance and even knock them over from where he refused to relent and fueled the Dark Side of the Force into the very center of the Djem So. He channeled his hatred through his body and into the Jidai Maras as he swung it like a foil and flayed his way through the stock of his opponents. He was elegant but brutal in the same fluid mannerisms. He did not seek to penetrate his foe's defenses but rather to crush them wholeheartedly. To drive them back with so much ferocity and poise as to not allow them the breathing room to counter.

His form was precise, and his bladework only showed itself it increase from there.

---Skilled Lightsaber Combat End - 1,182 Words
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---A short time later.

---Force Level 8 Begin - 800 Words

Days after the construction of Jidai Maras and the resurrection of the Battle Hydra of which had come to the name of Kraujas Ntima, Tormentous found himself trapped within the darkened holdings of the Massassi Temple and what was worse than the fear of starvation or becoming lost as the Dark Side sustained him only to suffer for eternity was to be here when Kraujas Ntima awoke. At this time the dragon was but in a slumber, regaining its strength from over a thousand years of dormancy. It was clear that Tormentous would have to prepare himself for the inevitable encounter of a fully fresh and very hungry monster.

He stood before the slumbering dragon, its' breath rose and fell with a smooth pattern that promised a raw and awesome power soon to be realized. Tormentous closed his eye as he stood there, implanting Jidai Maras' blade into the stone surface and channeling the Force through his own energy field down into the Korribani Steel. As soon as the Force fluctuated through the blade's surface and coursed to the earth below it erupted as a sonar echo, covering every surface of this chamber and revealing the awakened Force within. He kept his eye closed while he observed the movements of the Force's current as it flowed down into the chamber and flooded this place with the presence of a sinister specter whose blue form phased into view though it was weak and Tormentous could not make it out. The specter spoke in a whisper but Tormentous could not understand it.

Knowing that this specter would be key to his power he decided to begin meditations to further himself. He would not leave this place in the same manner in which he came.

The Force flowed through his mind upon his willingness to command it to do so and the Dark Side of the Force reared its' ugly head. He could feel its' power and it was far beyond his comprehension yet. The mental limitations of his mind denied him the utilization of the true potential. But he still yet held firm to the Force as he drew upon it as if this chamber was a wellspring that he'd just awakened. The energy of the Force flooded into the room and he slowly opened his hand. As a conduit for the Force to physically adhere too, it swirled around his hand and from there he began to absorb its power and adding it to his own.

As he drew in this power of the Force, his abilities pulsed in reaction. His feeling of Control became evermore clear. His Senses became further sharpened. His hold upon the ability to Manipulate objects outside his influence increased substantially. But these vague descriptions did no credit to the truth behind the advancement in power.

For the first time during this journey within the realm of the Force he was able to Control the most chaotic elements of his mind. Easing his thoughts and not permitting them to go astray of the task at hand. The inner circle of the Force that flowed within him was still a ruination of nature but over time he was able to isolate the feeling and settle it. If anything this amplified his pains though through his pain he created rage and through rage he obtained strength. This was perhaps the first time that Tormentous actually began to truly siphon from the Force around him rather than solely producing the energy himself. It was a burning sensation that tormented his mind and caged him in like an animal, but rather than raging off into the distance he settled his soul and concentrated on the currents that flowed.

He felt them and sensed their steady stream of power all around the interior of this Massassi Temple but once they approached the form of Tormentous, Jidai Maras, Kraujas Ntima and the Specter - it all became distorted and course. But the connection between the four was unmistakable. The Dark Side of the Force radiated within the central sphere of where they stood and as a four-way channel it pulsated through them and slowly it began to bond their auras together to form one mighty presence, chained by the Dark Side of the Force.

The breathing of Kraujas Ntima increased in depth and pace. Tormentous used his sharpening senses to study the creature as it slumbered. The life of the battle hydra was vibrant though much danger poured from the dragon itself. Tormentous could feel its' hunger and the sensation of fury that came with it. The dragon wasn't so focused on necessity of starvation as it was the desire to destroy. Kraujas Ntima was truly the physical representation of what Tormentous felt himself to be at times. A monster guided by the power of the Force. He continued to seek within the dragon until he found the beating hearts. Two large muscles that pumped in tandem with one another and with each pump of the hearts the Dark Side of the Force grew in strength and presence. Tormentous could feel it all as the dragon was recharging itself and preparing to do as it was designed.

As he stood there and acknowledged that his Senses had indeed become as sharp as he thought, he reached out to Jidai Maras and grasped the Korribani Steel Sword with the Force and yanked it from the stone tomb in which it sat. He eased the sword out in the open to hover blade down in the center between the Specter, himself and Kraujas Ntima. As soon as the Sword rotated in place but a single time he poured everything he had into the Sword's presence. Soaking it with his will and the Dark Side of the Force. A surge of powerful tainted energy battered away the physical realm of the Sword and made the blade glow red with purple mist surrounding it as it phased in and out of reality.

The connection between the four was turning away from a bond between the beings themselves and under Tormentous' commanding influence over the Force he began to weave their auras to anchor off of Jidai Maras. To an affect, Jidai Maras only desired more and faltered not in the face of accepting this new and incredible power. Tormentous was the ruler of this realm and he would continue to use the Dark Side to complete his goals. In this life and in the next. No matter what it took. Nothing could stop him now.

---Force Level 8 End - 1,088 words.
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---Force Speed Begin - 700 Words.

As it seemed there was no escape from this nightmarish Massassi Temple. Days bled into weeks and the weeks were well beyond the mind's sense of time. With no sun and no moon, no lights, there was no time. Tormentous had returned to the central chamber where the battle hydra slumbered once more and he observed the mighty beast for some time. Studying its' movements and marveling at the intensity of its build. It was a powerful beast that would not spare any expense to devour and destroy. But as Tormentous stood there he did not realize that the beast had awoken to his presence and was poising itself to strike. While before it had bowed to the Sith Warrior, that didn't mean it did not desire to eat him. The bond of life was shared but the bond of loyalty was far from established.

A shrieking scream crossed the realm of the Force and Tormentous felt the danger incoming. He lowered his arms and positioned them to catch the strike but he was no match for a living dragon. The mighty tail swept him from his standing position and cast him aside with little effort. Tormentous tumbled back, hitting the floor and sliding some distance away. Before he could get up a large clawed hand slammed in place over top of him and pinned him as the two heads rose up and curled back to strike like a pair of vipers.

Was this how it happened?

Was this how Tormentous would be bested?

Eaten by his own ambition?

His eye narrowed and he grit his teeth. Accessing the wellspring of the Force he commanded it to come forth and it did in a tidal wave of power and energy. He absorbed this energy like a sponge, focusing it to his arms, legs and body so that it would fuel him to engage this monster and either take it down or subjugate it once and for all. The seconds slowed as the Force filled his mind and it began to slow everything around him. In reality it was speeding him up, but his perception was the opposite. As the Force flooded into his being he gazed upon the hydra as it slowed beyond recognizable movement, the twin tongues lashing out in ultra slow motion. Even Tormentous' own breathing slowed to an unnatural rate as well his heart did the same. Feeling the singular beat followed eventually by the secondary was almost unnerving.

A hand brushed over the talon of the hydra which was pinning him and he felt the iron-like scales with complete clarity as if his mind was working now as a dozen times over normal pace. He instantly knew that no blade could easily penetrate the scales and thus cutting himself free was not an option. He further drew upon the Force as he witnessed each muscle and tendon of the two necks lurch and flex as they began their lightning fast strike. Tormentous witnessed it as slow as he could have ever imagined.

Quickly he consorted a plan to free himself and so he reached out to a large rock off to the side. It was a large piece of debris from the crumbling temple. He connected to the rock faster than he'd ever done before while using telekinesis and he thusly hurled the rock at the hydra heads which hit right on target and clobbered both heads in a single strike. The blow was not grievous but the impact was fierce and knocked the dragon from its' position and freed Tormentous who felt as if he was hovering in place until the realm of reality kicked back up to speed.

He dropped fast and landed in a crouch while the hydra blundered to the floor and squirmed there until gathering its feet. Once up it unfurled its mighty wings and cast a roar at Tormentous that forced him to take a step back. He knew it was going to attack again but this would be far more fierce than the last time. He needed to recreate the technique he'd just chanced upon.

Taking a deep breath to center his mind on the task at hand he drew upon the Force and once more his mind and body became awash with the essence of the Dark Side of the Force. He basked into it and his being radiated the gathered energy outwards to further fuel the energy field surrounding him. Then he turned his attention to the battle hydra and he felt its' heartbeats, both hearts beating furiously and like a titanic surge the musculature formed, flexed and lunged. Open maws and lashing talons came forth as Tormentous stood there unmoving. He pulled the Force to his mind and allowed his anger fuel him and give him unbridled potential as he glared at the incoming beast. It was a stand off that only one of these two beings would come out from.

Tormentous' mind funneled the Force to his body and transmitted that energy into his own power and just like flipping a switch the world around him began to slow as his mental capacity spiraled out of any measurable scale. As well his body began to respond with a great amount of haste as the Force pushed his muscles and bodily limitations beyond their capacity. Where his physical nature stopped, he became augmented by the Force itself and so he began to move his hands and arms with a large amount of speed. As the dragon came in he could recall every detail since his mind was operating with such speed. Those razor teeth would rend him on the spot and those talons would destroy even more. But in response to his mental commands, his legs and feet also felt the power of the Dark Side of the Force as it fueled his being to new heights and he crouched slightly as he pushed away.

With incredible speed Tormentous essentially sidestepped the lunging beast and as the monster passed him by he pivoted with the monster and smacked the nearest one on the back of the head with Jidai Maras. With such tremendous speed offered to him, the strength of the swing was irrelevant and so the right head was thronged by the flat of the Korribani Steel. Such a powerful strike at the vulnerable rear of the striking beast sent the monster off balance and so it tumbled away, crashing into an old statue and turning it to dust and debris in a matter of seconds.

Tormentous flourished the blade and readied it once more. With this great speed of the Force there would be nothing to challenge him now...

---Force Speed End - 1,115 Words.

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---Drain Knowledge Begin - 700 Word Requirement

The specter had revealed itself finally to Tormentous in a more physical form and the Sith Warrior recognized the presence of this being to be of the Sith himself certainly this being was long removed from the Sith of today. Tormentous knew the key to defeating the Battle Hydra lay within the confines of the specter's form and there was only one way to get it and that was if he were to assault the mind of the specter and seize it for his own. Tormentous was hidden from the lurking dragon's sight for now and with this he had purchased the time he needed to reveal its weaknesses.

With time to focus, Tormentous closed his eye and took a deep breath as he washed himself in the presence of the Dark Side of the Force. He felt the raw heat of emotion coming from the specter as it flitted from place to place before him. It was angry and he felt those emotions as if they were a bright beacon with which to lock on to the specter and mentally ensnare it. The currents within the specter were erratic at best. Nothing that Tormentous could likely understand with the little time he was allotted but he refused to let the archaic patterns in the specters signature to deter him from the ultimate task of unfurling the knowledge that he sought. He continued to study the patterns in the specter's aura and current, the first task was to better understand the specter and how it worked and only then could he begin reaching within it.

Being as the specter was phasing in and out of reality meant that it was not naturally of this plane but Tormentous could feel and sense through the deception as he could sense the tether of the specter unto the ethereal realm. Indeed the specter was a being of the Force and in turn, Tormentous understood that he could manipulate it to whatever extent. It was once again only a challenge of his mental limitations. With the fluid knowledge of the specter's presence and the understanding of what he could or could not do, he turned his attention to the specter now and fully committed his presence within the Force to capture the specter and harness its' powers.

He reached out with his hand, his eye closed still. The Force's flow was steady through the chamber until the specter whisked by and Tormentous called unto the being of the Force. His call sounded off through the way of this realm and echoed throughout until the specter was clashed by it and it could not refuse the call of a sentient and very alive being. It came to him and settled before him. A blue distinct image of a being though the face was yet phased away as well as some other important identifiable features. It replied to him in some ancient tongue he ill understood and in response he commanded it with his own words but primarily with his ethereal essence. The specter realized what he was doing and lashed to escape but Tormentous held firm and refuse to release it. It screamed in furious abandon and released a strong tremor through the Force but to no avail as Tormentous defied it completely.

He reached into the specter now and he felt the pain he caused it - and he reveled in it. The torment he could cause to even a being devoid of a body was pleasant to him. It represented his power, his unmerciful and raw power. Once more though he refused to relent and he dug into the specter's subconscious self, deep within the mind. Tormentous only saw the faded visages of the past but he was unsatisfied with this and so he felt out the brain wave currents and from there he unmercifully began pulling on the strands of the fabric of the mind itself. Blood curtailing screams followed but Tormentous only pulled harder on the mind's eye. He extracted the memories of the specter and fed upon the emotions of its sorrow as he himself began to fall to a far darker stream.

His left eye, normally a solid green, began to yellow like acid. His sinister willingness to harm the Force itself to his own selfish gain was pouring the unnatural energy of the Dark Side of the Force into him and he began utilizing this unnatural energy to rip the mind of the specter asunder that he may feast upon that which was inside it.

Devouring the memories like a hearty meal and began to laugh deeply for the more he extracted from the writhing specter the more detailed and strong the memories became. Soon he could see the vivid colors of a realm long forgotten through the Force.

He saw a man with long satin colored black hair. Scars upon his right cheek but fair other than that. He stood tall but the most alluring factor was the stunning grey eyes. He lived in an age long ago and he could see that this man was a Jedi Knight. he followed the life of the black haired man for long moments of time until a large confrontation occurred in which the black haired man fought and defeated what seemed like his mentor, shattering the weapon with his strength. Though they rose up and fought once more in another age in which both were further advanced and soon enough the black haired man slew the Krevaaki with a double bladed lightsaber.

There was much history in the making here and Tormentous continued absorbing the knowledge until he began to find the elements concerning the Battle Hydra. Unbeknownst to him though the more he siphoned from the specter the more focused the specter became as if it was awakening and becoming less of a simple phased being and more of a present ghost within these halls.

Done with his task, Tormentous cast away the used up specter for later use.

Behind him, after four thousand years of dormancy, the Sith Spirit of Exar Kun had finally risen and Kun's domineering gaze fell right upon the back of an unsuspecting Tormentous.

---Drain Knowledge End - 1,031 words.

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---Block Force Ability - 800 Words.

Convening with the Specter was probably Tormentous' biggest mistake yet. He gleaned a plethora of ancient knowledge and he even began to understand the forgotten tongue that was spoken, but now as the Specter continued to manifest Tormentous was overwhelmed by its sheer presence and awesome form. He was forced to his knees in agonizing pain, writhing in place as the Specter wracked his body over and over with great pulses of energy in order to dominate him. If this continued then Tormentous would surely lie down on the cold stone floor and perish.

He turned his ethereal gaze to the blue and purple misted Specter. It coursed with the Dark Side of the Force and by extension it held a manifested power so incredible that it was beyond fathomable measure. Yet it was not able to utilize its' full potential, probably his saving grace at this time. But for each passing moment the Specter grew. It was now clear to Tormentous that either he fought back against this being of darkness or he would succumb and likely die in the process of becoming the vessel for this creature of the Force.

Sensing the Specter was easy. The potency of the thing was earth shattering in itself and each beat of its' vile heart sent a quake through the Force itself. First though he had the task of deducing how far along in the manifestation process the Specter was - how far did the aura of this being encompass. For Tormentous would have to set his influence upon the entire realm of this being's embrace. The larger it was the more daunting his task would be overall. Reaching out he touched the edge of the Specter's energy field. It swirled about with hurricane forces and sought to crush Tormentous' concentration though for his willpower he would have fallen right there. Gritting his teeth he pressed the extension of his will forth and once more he touched the ethereal presence. The sinister thoughts of this being were sickening to him, but alluring all the same. Such confusion and such fear. It was difficult to navigate.

As he pressed his essence into the Specter the void left in his wake was being filled like a gouge in the ground in a rain storm. The Force crept in behind him but it was in the form of the Specter's own essence and what this meant was that Tormentous' efforts were futile for the Specter was cutting his probe off. He needed to enter and suppress at the same time. He recovered his mind and focused once more, beaming his essence in a spearhead right into the heart of the Specter and as he went he also extended both hands as a physical representation of his mental will. He pressed back the Specter on these fronts until he arrived at the core - the nexus where the Specter ordained its power.

It screamed like a wounded wraith as it realized Tormentous' ploy but it was too late now. The domineering presence of the Specter leered at him though he did not flinch. He focused his attention on the connection of the being and he fought to press it away, to suppress its' very connection with the Force within it and from the Force around it. This severance was dramatic to say the least. As the Specter flailed and lashed at him in both the physical and mental realms, he used this blocking power of the Force he'd created and shoved the being aside from its' connection. Of course one couldn't sever completely, this was beyond his skill and it was beyond his ability whatsoever. But he could suppress or rather he could diminish. He fought hard to dampen the connection between the Specter and that of the Force.

He used his hatred primarily to fuel his efforts. The hatred of the pain that this Specter caused him. The feeling of weakness he was granted through being overwhelmed. All these things combined within him through the Dark Side of the Force and manifested into his being as raw energy in a skill he used regularly and was easily second nature now. He continued to bind the Specter's connection away until he finally began to feel an ebb in the Specter's attack. The relief was very welcome and soon enough he was able once more to stand on his own once more. No longer would he be oppressed. No longer would this Specter break him like a whipped dog.

He stood up now, and the Specter once more refused to relent, striking at him with another lethal attack through the Force and Tormentous felt it coming but he was unable to thwart it this time and it struck his mind hard enough to nearly cause him to loose motor functions in his legs. Knees buckled and the mighty Tormentous once more collapsed to his hands and knees while the Specter loomed over him and cackled a disgusting laugh from beyond. Tormentous swatted a heavy backhand at his attacker but his arm just blasted right through it, maybe displacing some purple mist for his efforts and all the more the Specter taunted him. But this Tormentous would not have and he too would not relent. Taking a deep recycled breath of air he focused on the Force and the pain he constantly endured. Surely this Specter was no more severe from the eternal torment that he was under.

Recalling the focus of his pain he began to use that pain to form rage within his heart. The beat thrummed heavily as the rage produced true and awesome power. Not enough to shake the temple or anything silly but enough to resound within himself and drum out the oppressive force arrayed against him. With only his mind now to contend with he once more outstretched his right hand and used it as a conduit. The Specter mocked him for a moment until it too felt the build up of Tormentous' power and there it fell silent. With a burst of energy Tormentous called upon the Dark Side of the Force and it shot from his hand like a piston, battering away the Specter's influence over him and suppressing it away, pushing it further and further aside to cause it to abate almost completely. He felt the power being used by the Specter and he targeted it with all his might, launching forth on a new assault to batter through the defenses and assault the nexus once more.

He depressed the Force around the nexus and as a reaction it was retarded by his efforts. The Force began to dampen and dissolve around the Specter and among its' fierce cries, Tormentous found no pity. He continue to rip the connection away to the fullest extent of the ability until the diminished Specter no longer was able to take physical form. Pleased with his efforts, he released his hold and swatted his hand through the purple mist once more in triumph. The mist parted away and vanished into the air.

Tormentous had grown again and once more he denied his foe hold over him.

---Block Force Ability End - 1,194

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---Alignment Dark Side - 1,000 Words.

He breathed heavily after the Specter abated. Something within his heart and soul felt different. It felt off. As if the strain and the paces that he'd put himself through had taken him one step too far. The recent days that had passed he had been noticing a change in how the Force was reacting to him. It came to him far more willingly as of late. Each time it did it had enticed him to look deeper but he'd shoved away such notions in favor of the task at hand. But this time he was kneeling on the cold floor, alone and without anything on his mind save for the whispers of the ethereal realm. He heard them vividly, speaking in the ancient tongue of the Sith. For once finally he understood the tongue and the forbidden language. He could hear and feel its lustful pull upon his conscience self. It beckoned him to let go. It called to him that if he just gave in that he'd control all the power under the moon and stars. He would own the cosmos if only he'd give in to this desire. The desire that felt and tasted to him like sweet honey.

After all, there was little more that Tormentous desired in this life than to break from his chains. He cared less for dominion and rule and more for the sake of conquering lands and peoples. But this enticing valuation of power was just too much to pass on. He looked up and a blue Specter flitted about in the near distance. It wasn't the same form as the masculine Specter, this one was feminine and fair. Her features were easy on the eye and she beckoned him easily forth. All he needed to do was to let go.

In the Year of Tormentous during his initial rise he'd done nothing but dominate and lord over the lesser among his host. He had awoken on the summit of Roon by the hand of Lord Naverton. Immediately he'd broken free both physically and mentally from the chains of his master. Only to be brought to Lord Morlev and subjugated under the rule of Master Mariah and the Lord of Umbara. Sent to Lantillies to kill Ben Kenobi he refused to return to Umbara thus breaking his chains of Mariah and the Umbaran Lord. But he never stopped and continued onwards, eventually defeating the Jedi Master Kenobi once and for all. Now another chain was lain upon him. That chain was the Emperor and Tormentous despised him greatly. With every fiber in his being he hated the very name and face of Darth Caecilis. He dwelled long moments on this hatred until he realized that he was reaching out for the beauty of the Specter and he found her warm embrace.

As soon as he touched those curves though the Specter's eyes began to burn within its' head like crimson orbs of fire and he could no longer pull away. The enticing and lustful pull of the Dark Side of the Force had trapped and ensnared Tormentous' mind. It wrought itself upon him and the Specter fell upon him like a predator. There was nothing Tormentous could do as the Specter's form washed over him and vanished. It was the form of the Dark Side, and now it had him. Tormentous had been finally pressed over the edge of reality and he'd finally fallen fully to the Dark Side of the Force. Before he'd been able to court it and convene with its' fringelike power but now he would become the Dark Side itself.

His heart beat swelled and pulsed quickly and each beat of the heart tore through the Force and spewed a tar-like blackness throughout his mind. Its' cancerous rot consumed his mind and he began to feel true power. Underneath his hood, his face began to take upon it a certain amount of Dark Side Corruption. Skin paled, veins glowed and fell purple, wrinkles pronounced themselves and pits began to form around his eyes though he was still youthful in age so it wasn't fully seen just yet. But most of all, his left eye - the natural green of the iris slowly melted away and was replaced by a vile yellow glowing acidic hue. For his overall strength in the Force already the glow of the yellowed iris was intense and the Dark Side of the Force laughed in triumph as it gained the mighty Tormentous, finally.

Muscles flexed in his legs as he rose up to stand again, the power of pure Dark Side energy coursed through his body and he felt the burning sensation of the taint it left behind. Though as he stood there he called out to the Dark Side of the Force and he so pledged to become the Mace of Darkness to be thrust froth to crush the enemies of the Dark Side and shatter them on the wayside. He would hunt them down and make them scream in repentance before burning them at the stake like a medieval heretic. The change within him was turning full circle and Tormentous' ultimate fall to the Dark Side of the Force was being made complete as he began to embrace it.

From neutrality to the edge of Darkness, Tormentous' heart and mind fell to the point of no return. Where souls fell never to see the waking sun ever again. But it was not that he would serve it as a minion. Instead through his iron will and natural defiance, his fall was only the beginning. He reached up into the realm of the Force and he sought to grip it by the throat and drag it kicking and screaming back down to his level where he would command dominion over it and take his first step to rule. If he was to embrace the Dark Side of the Force then his first act would be to embrace the notion of rule. He would be the one casting chains over others rather than the other way around. The first rule of Tormentous would be to lord over the Force and enable it to act as his emissary to the galaxy. His desire imploded and suddenly everything Tormentous truly desired became known. He wanted the stars to bow before him. All of it!

With it he began to write a new tenant to the Sith Code:

Passion - It is what gives me strength, gives me focus, and allows me to destroy all who would cross me.
Hatred - I neither know nor care for morality, all I know is that those who cross me must die.
Manipulation - I know everybody's use, and I use them to their fullest effect, and my greatest benefit.
Pain - Pain is the source of rage, the source of power, and the end of the unworthy.
Betrayal - I use all around me as I would use a weapon, and when I find a blade more fitting, I use it instead.
Hunger - It drives me to take more, take and take until none is left but what is mine.

Hunger. His body yearned to have victory over that which denied him and he hungered to obliterate it in his hands. Soon enough the Dark Side of the Force too began to understand that if it were to survive then it would have to find communion with Tormentous lest it be ground to dust and ash. And so as Tormentous opened his arms and welcomed the Dark Side into his being, so too did the Dark Side of the Force open its arms a welcome Tormentous. The essence of the Dark Side and the formal being of Tormentous, they were one and the same, finally after all this time melding and forming into one living being. With Tormentous there was no room for second place, he would be all or he would be nothing.

More and more he absorbed the essence of the Dark Side into his being and he soaked it up like a sweet nectar. Eventually he came to the point where he couldn't get enough of it and so his mind began to claw at the ethereal barrier of reality itself in a lustful desire for more and more power. Some would say this desire and hunger for power would be his undoing - mayhaps, but until that day he would define himself as the true Beholder of the Darkness. There would be no exceptions as his internal being soured and rotted into a stinking mass where the Dark Side found its' new home. The price to be paid was lain down and Tormentous so gave himself over in exchange for the promise of otherwise unattainable, unnatural and unlimited power and the treasure most sought was to have dominion over all.

---Alignment Change Dark - 1,477 Word.

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---Force Level 9 Begin - 900 Word Requirement.

The Force surrounded all things.

Tormentous sat quietly in the darkened corner of the Massassi Temple, he could hear, no, feel the breathing of the slumbering hydra. Each reverberating breath trembled its way through the Force and echoed into the ethereal. It like Tormentous, was an abomination unto this realm. Perhaps that was why Tormentous was so drawn to it because he felt a connection to the beast. He held this up and so he sought to more firmly define his presence in the mind of the monster. The more current and obvious he was the more likely that he'd eventually establish firm control over the hydra and thereby achieve success in the light of the demon. The further he seemed to commune with the Dark Side, the more secrets it began to bestow and yet more secrets were at his doorstep if he only beckoned them forth and let the power within him reveal itself.

He took to the Force and touched the limitless energy field again like many times before. The surrounding energy was as palpable as it ever was, the only change was his connection to the field of energy rather than his own actual strength. With this more stable connection he was in turn able to produce what could be perceived as power. It was a cycle of the Force, how it worked and operated within each being. Within Tormentous the Force reacted much in the same way that he did to it, with painstaking reserve but eventual submission once it realized that it would never be rid of him and he to it.

As time passed he began to fully understand that in order to control the beast he would have to learn to actually control it through the Force. In order to do this however he needed to connect with the beast through deep meditation. He rolled his legs around and knelt down on them into a relaxed position, the heated form of Jidai Maras he placed down on the cooled floor before him and then he calmed his mind to better hear the Force's flow and its current. It moved aggressively through these halls, assaulted by the ebb of the Dark Side's temptation and pull.

This is where Tormentous began to dwell on the connection between the beast the its energy field. Already he'd anchored his feelings to that of the dragon but now the approach was differing in the way in which Tormentous wished to learn of a new aspect. Learning more would help himself grown and in turn the ease of this beast's control could be better defined. He focused on the rays of the Force streaming from the nexus of the beast and he reached his hand forth and touched them. They were acidic in nature, only the most volatile strains of the Force could withstand this beast's vile heart for long. He could not however cow himself in the face of this terror's mind. If he did not enter unto the mind of the beast then he would yet fall short of his ultimate goals. He needed to forge onward. He didn't have a choice.

His physical hand outstretched towards the dragon who itself was not far away. Tormentous spoke to the beating heart of his own rage and anger. He recalled his undying will but most of all he recalled his presence within the Force. How he was nothing more than a monster as well. How he was a mistake of an unnatural creation. His anger boiled to the surface and he fumed greatly though this only allowed him to channel vast portions of the Force's raw energy into his being where he transmitted this energy to his arm and following that to his hand. Using his hand as a conduit, filled with the power of the Dark Side of the Force, he expelled the energy as a thread that once connected to the thumping chest of Kraujas Ntima, the thread then formed solidly and created a bridge wherein the ethereal essence of Tormentous bounded forth and caressed the dragon's own.

It was a sickening courtship. One bastard to the other.

Once he could sense inside of the creature's own energy field and aura he felt the rot of the Dark Side of the Force within it. It was sick and decrepit, briefly he wondered should someone feel his presence if it would feel quite dissimilar or not. He surmised that the case wouldn't be too far removed. The first step was complete. He'd established a physical and mental connection with the dire dragon of lore without dying or going mad. The next step was equally difficult. He needed to harness the beast's energy for his own that his mind would recognize the beast's essence with ease so that when the time can to establish his dominion he could do so without much fuss. Also, without dying.

If this beast was so dangerous in its sleep he almost dreaded to think how precarious he'd find his situation once it awoke.

His established connection was firmly implanted now even across this large distance. His mind had already begun to discern between the essence of the dragon and the natural essence of the Force. The two seemed quite the same at first glance but the longer each were studied the differences began to burn hot like a supernova and he summarily cursed himself for being blind enough not to see them right off. The major difference was that it seemed the dragon was a constant siphon of the Force. An unending channel of Force energy streamed into the monster and seemed to either be stored or eaten outright, if such a thing could be done with the Force. It seemed this syphon was minute originally, only seeping fragments of the Force's essence at the time but as it had stirred and briefly awoken, the siphon was far more pronounced. It was also to say that this siphon was not a life eater like other Force draining siphons seemed to be. This was rather a battery, where the Force was assembled through an ethereal siphon and stored up for later use.

Perhaps it was that this dragon needed Force energy in the raw sense to operate correctly. Perhaps it only needed to passively 'recharge' itself. Whatever the case, the dragon was feeding off of Tormentous' power just as much as he fed off of it. Essentially it was the truth behind why Tormentous was so drawn. To preserve itself the dragon needed Tormentous and to obtain the ultimate strength Tormentous needed the dragon. It became clear then that Tormentous' power through the Dark Side of the Force did not stem solely from his own person. But rather the more relics he obtained, the more channels he established between himself and other ethereal anchors and finally the deeper his connections overall became - the more true and awesome power did he himself wield.

Legends such as Sidious, Tyranus, Maul and others all had some form of anchor. It seemed that Tormentous comparably had found his own through the Sword of Korriban, Jidai Maras and the Dragon of Kun, Kraujas Ntima.

This established, Tormentous surged his will through the bridge of the Force and his will washed upon the energy field of Kraujas Ntima. Immediately the dragon stirred but did not wake. Tormentous beckoned the nexus of Kraujas Ntima to expand and as soon as he beckoned he also had to pry. This began to release the tremendous store of energy from the dragon which Tormentous began to feed off of himself. The burn of this heated Force energy coursed through his arm and into his body where he began to feel very weighted but also he began to feel very much alive.

The next time Tormentous opened his eye to stare upon the being he sought dominion over, he was met equally as the dual phase eyelid of Kraujas Ntima slid open and revealed Tormentous' face in the glassy orb of a massive yellow and sinister looking eye.

The time had come. If Tormentous was to survive this day, he would conquer the dragon once and for all. Or he would be left as a forgotten footnote in history.

---Force Level 9 End - 1,377 words.
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It wasn't a notion that was either comforting nor welcome in Tormentous' mind. But he did so after his latest run-in with the Battle Hydra he sought to tame and ensnare to his banner. It hadn't been an easy task to accomplish but each time he crossed paths with the beast he knew that he drew ever closer to its subjugation. He surmised that his next attempt at the creature would be his last. Either he would have it bow before him or it would devour him whole. There would be no further attempts. To ensure victory Tormentous disengaged from this ritual chamber and left the Massassi Temple and even the moon of Yavin IV. Upon his return he brought forth his prized Acolytes - Tiro Krannurak and Kroxata Akhoi. Together they woke the beast from its slumber and commanded it to follow the will of Tormentous. In the end, Kraujas Ntima had bowed in subjugation and reverence of its new master.

---The Following Week.

---Force Level 10 Begin - 1,000 Word Requirement.

Days had gone by now. Even though Kraujas Ntima had bowed to Tormentous it had not meant the task was complete. In fact if anything the tasks at hand had only just begun. Kroxata and Tiro had been sent away, their presence no longer required here. This left Tormentous and the mythical Kraujas Ntima to sober themselves and become intimately acquainted through the Force. It would be their defining moment to bond their connections in such a powerful linkage that their power would become shared rather than to remain entities of separation. Since Kraujas Ntima was not sentient it could not wield its power through the Force as Tormentous could. The same went for Jidai Maras. The dragon and the sword both needed Tormentous to bring forth their fullest potential and Tormentous needed them to produce his own full potential. It was a vicious circle. Each were enslaved to the other but it ensured that with the destruction of one of the three, their power would never truly die.

The heads of the dragon swayed like predatory serpents before the Sword of Bane which was stabbed midway into the stone surface of the floor. Tormentous stood opposite the dragon, the sword in the center. But it was the Force that surrounded them all in a thick natural intent or a propensity to do so. This was the Dark Side of the Force calling to them all and granted them its favor. Tormentous could feel the ample waves of the Force's pulsating presence. It channeled away from the sword towards both the dragon and the man. Flooding their senses with an almost euphoric essence. It blinded them to the outside world. For all they knew each moment here was sustained by the outside world in days and long arduous hours. Their power surged. Their fullest potential was lain before them despite their inability to mentally comprehend what they could see. Reality was a brutal enemy. Where in one moment Tormentous knew he could lift this very Temple off the ground or crunch it into oblivion with but a gesture - the mental prospect denied him. He didn't have the faith in the Force to make it happen.

Limitless as it was, the Force was far beyond his sight to wield in its rawest and most ample form. Tormentous believed in the Force's power, he still hated everything about it and it still spat in his face with agonizing pain but he was finally in control of how the pain was utilized. Even with all this belief in his corner. Even with all the power granted from his pain and his rage. Mountains would never be moved by his hand. Most importantly though he understood this and acknowledged it. Crushing a star in the palm of his hand was possible, but improbable. That was the difference between a warrior of measure and a naive warrior of blind faith who'd dash himself upon the rocks of his own progression. No, for all Tormentous' failings and for all his chaos that surrounded him, he was calculated and his mind was sound. He wasn't some rage fueled monster that blindly charged and bashed through things - he could! But instead he chose to look and observe, channel his power and command the destiny that evolved around him to his will.

The same was his approach with the concept of the Force. He needn't bully his way in and take what he wanted. He merely need only call the Force upon his will and command it and it would do his bidding for him. His level of mastery overall was fledgling in the grand scheme of things even though by comparison his level of power may have been considered titanic and his ability beyond any such measure. But in the reality that he lived in, he was but another faceless adept fighting for position. Someday he would seek to break away and indeed he'd likely succeed, until then though he'd bide his time and seek to further empower himself within the limits of his mind.

A surge of Force energy slammed into him, as well it slammed into the breast of the dragon Kraujas Ntima and it had come from the artificial nexus of Jidai Maras. The surge of energy occurred from the centering of Tormentous' own mind. As he settled on a vast and more refined comprehension of the Force, how it worked and how he could not wield its full breadth - the Force responded or rather specifically the Dark Side did. It looked upon Tormentous and smiled, presenting to him an all new measure of its essence and in Tormentous' eyes he'd just been hit with a ton of bricks. His body ached and his mind wretched at the sudden and awesome power that he'd essentially summoned from the Dark Side of the Force. A dizzying sense of his footing claimed his equilibrium and nearly he fell, but he'd reached out and steadied himself before hand. Any such sign of weakness and it was likely he'd become a snack of the predatory beast only a few meters away. He extended his hand to the sword and called upon the aura surrounding it.

Instantly the pure unfettered connection was established, far faster than anytime previous. An obvious display of his new found power that he needed to harness before it ripped his body apart, or so he felt. The throbbing migraine he'd been awarded with at least told him he was still alive. Some feeling was better than nothing at all. If Jidai Maras was the conduit to the ethereal itself, and if Tormentous had established his own connection to said conduit. Then he was seeing the awe and true power of the Force. It was a vast wellspring of unending energy and it spanned through Yavin IV in enormous tendrils and rivers of eternal length. It flowed like a great oceanic current, churning and moving within, around and through everything in its path.

The incredible sight led Tormentous to desire this power and so he made to claim it. The power of a dying star. He would become the most powerful being this galaxy had ever known but simply harnessing that which he saw with his own eyes. He reached out for the unlimited source and called it to him in a voice that was but a whisper on the winds. It responded by turning its gaze to him and it blinded him in an instant. A simple glimpse of this pure energy was enough to make a man go mad though it was Tormentous that stood defiantly before it. He voiced his demands, speaking to the Force as if it was just another sentient who spoke basic. He claimed the Force for himself and demanded it adjourn to the will of his mind. Indeed, the Force would not deny a follower who knew to control it well. The course of the Force changed on a whim and the vast oceanic current the flowed through Yavin IV itself came upon Tormentous like a ravaging tidal wave. He nor Kraujas Ntima stood a chance.

They were both cast to the ground, unable to stand in such awesome power - which in actuality was only a sliver of the Force's true form. Their minds fought to remain sound and it was only their trifold connection that spared them. That they would face this all powerful foe together. Alone they'd have fallen dead on the spot. Together they at least bought a moment longer in this life. Such horrible pains fell upon Tormentous as he heard the cries of billions of voices at the same time. Souls stolen away by the Dark Side of the Force. Souls he'd taken part in adding too. It tormented him and his body wanted to spasm and release its hold on the life he was bound to but it would not be so. The flailing of the dragon was equally representative of the pain it endured. Claws gouging the ground and a tail that turned stone to dust while the cries of the two headed beast were bone splitting with their echoes.

It was then Tormentous realized that no one man - no army of men could ever wield this power. It was beyond their capacity in mind and body. Then he rejected the Force. Pressing it back with his mental barriers and his vocal commands. He shouted furiously for what seemed like hours and finally the Force obeyed and receded to a vast extent.

He awoke some time later and he found himself fueled with a new inner strength. His close call with the utter maddening power of the Force had granted him both knowledge and power. To what extent he did not yet know but the truth was plain and simple. Tormentous' power had not only grown but it had become refined. His connection was taut and like an ethereal being himself he could feel and even see the pathways of the Force's current. He wanted to call upon the Force and test this ability but found himself reluctant, a pain in his mind pierced his conscience and he grinned underneath the mask on his face. His mind wasn't nearly ready for another moment with such potent energy. Tormentous understood then that he'd reached the plateau of his power. Likely he'd not become any more strong in any nature measure of strength. But rather he held room for improving in potency. He would have to discover new ways to strengthen the connection between him and the Force and in turn then he would need to seek ways for his abilities and techniques to improve.

Little did he know that this humbling wisdom was a great key lain upon the alter of success.

Tormentous, had become that which many had failed to even comprehend. In all but title, Tormentous had become a Lord of the Sith.

---Force Level 10 End - 1,657 Words.
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---After 'The Next Chapter' & 'Victory'
---Sith Battlecruiser Malevolent

"Admiral, the door is sealed as per instruction."

The naval ensign spoke rigidly while handing Admiral Lidmor the card key and the only means of opening the sealed door to the training room. Lidmor accepted the keycard and secured it within his greatcoat. His eyes gazed worriedly at the sealed door before him. "Is everything alright Admiral? Do you fear they may kill each other?"

Lidmor shook his head, "No Ensign - I fear for my ship."

Within the training room stood the monolithic form of Tormentous. His Sith Eradicator Armor was firmly in place upon his body and his heavy cloak was clasped to the armor and secured there, ready for the typical mission setting he normally would undertake. His right gauntlet held that same familiar bulge where the wrist mounted Lanvarok sat - other then that though his hands were empty save for the iron hilt wrapped in freshly cured hide leather which belonged to Jidai Maras, the Sword of Korriban. Leather creaked as his right handed grip on the handle shifted and tightened. The blade itself was quickly altering its own temperature in preparation for the 'training session' going from the cool surface of steel to a broiling heat that could singe far worse than any lightsaber. Even the surface of the mirrored blade began to turn to a faded yet glowing red.

Tormentous was forced to pick the blade up off the deck that it wouldn't start burning straight through the plating there. He rolled his shoulders letting his muscles loosen and to become more limber. His armor plates were perfectly tailored that his bodily movements were not so hampered but such maneuvering. Glancing to the doorway he noticed the red light above the frame, an indication that the door was sealed. It wasn't that neither combatant couldn't escape, it was so that no one would be foolish enough to enter and break the fight up and thus suffer the consequences.

He faced her and with the flick of his wrist he brought Jidai Maras' tip up to aim at her heart yet they were still some distance away. "Fill your hands Child." Tormentous was ready - to this day during their everyday happenings he'd refused to raise a hand to strike her nor do her harm. Today though was different. There wasn't readily a soul in the galaxy that could so easily stir Tormentous' skill to his fullest potential and even push him beyond to a level extraordinary. However, she could bring him there if only they afforded themselves the time and the scenario. Today was that day. Today he would finally eclipse the mundane talents with which he swatted his sword about, soon he would refine his skill to such a level of perfection that none could even strive to be his equal.

Today he would finally find himself to wield the full breadth of his power within the Force and command it to his will while executing the art of the duelist and in turn becoming among the levels of legend. His touch of the blade would be a cleaver unto the galaxy and the stars would cry out in woe soon enough.

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Fear... that what started all this? Krynn paced the room while acting the part of a prowling Nexu allowing crew to brace for the looming fight on their hands. Yet it wasn't fear she felt here, and now, it was anger. Tormentous always looked down at her as if Krynn was a burden. A ball and chain he didn't have the key to ride himsel of but instead found a way to shuttle on through life with the weight in tow. 'How dare he...' The Echani felt the deck beneath her feet due to the sting of cold metal. As she often did the girl kept her feet bare to feel the freshness in her steps. That's what Krynn called it, freshness, the ability to feel as one with the world or even this vessel of war. But it didn't bring peace this night because rage blocked out the connection.Only when her breathing drew in from the mouth and out her nose in rapid session did she find some form of solace.

"Stop Looking at me like that!" Krynn commanded.

She made him! She brought him here where he excelled and conquored, it was Krynn who created the Monster that was Tormentous! It was her alone that resurrected a Legend and no one else! How dare he look on her like a disease or a tool to be used later. Had she the tears for it Krynn may feel for Jacobi but- Jacobi......The man who made her. Saved her and followed her on multiple counts. It was him alone that understood her methodes in those dark times and sought to shape the rough edges. It was Jacobi alone who witnessed the Echani Empress's bizar methodes in action when training the Silver Knight but instead of striking out of pretending to be a snake in the grass behind her back. Jacobi tossed the girl a sword and said, "Fight!"

Krynn paused as the door clicked shut....both hands coming low to the sides tingling on the memories of the past. Until that calm was sundered by the bubbles of an invisible cage. It brought instant pain as if she wasn't to disturb this part of the past.

Fists balled and her aura began to spike saturating the area. For the passing months the Child of Night was making great strides in reclaiming her power but wasn't there quite yet. This confrontation would assure that she, as the saying goes, sink or swim. Draw out the control she desired like poison from a wound....a wound that Ben Kenobi created. A wound that the Empire allowed. On the opposing end of the room stood Tormentous, her fire, and Krynn was only a shadow of a being standing before him. In every essence of the term 'Shadow' Krynn was that. Protecting him, adding that second layer of difficulty, and drawing out fear in Tormentous's enemies knowing a being of power was always near. The Shadow would fight the Giant.

"Fill your hands Child..." He had said....and so she shall. The Tonfas were strung to her thighs, hands hovering over their touch, but it was the Blast sword on her back that lay dormant for the opertune moment. Dressed in black wrappings that imitated the image of a mummified corpse Krynn glared at Tormentous. One hand reached up and clapsed the Skull like helmet to her face stabbing the air with a hiss as pressure filled the seal. Casting the hand back low it was easy to see the gauntlest on her wrists but as to their use it remained to be seen. Not blaster and certainly not Sith make. Krynn knew Tormentous was stronger and fast enough to trail behind where ever her shadow was cast. If their was a strength to be held atop his prowess it was in that of her powers. Seemingly dormant it was time to produce results.

(feed on Darkside) Her eyes began to glow that Crimson signature. A feeling of pleasure swpt through her body boiling up a swift lust for more. That was the power of the Darkside when powered by so much negative auras around her. Tormentous and Jidai Maras' included. The air choked with stale intentions while the lights flickered under the duress of both Lords of Sin beginning to garner a 'feel' for eachother. Instantly both Tonfas ignited revealing a sinister Crimson glow that identified the crystals within as 'unstable'. Even in this brilliant display it would seem Tormentous held the cards to the play and only one thing signalled an underlying sign that Krynn was beginning to loose herself while saturated by the Darkside. Her want, no her need, to show him she was no burden but a rival to hold close and adore was intense enough to produce tiny black vessels of blood in her neck traveling to the mouth. Taint of the Night taking effect as she looked on in fury, "Today you silent lectures end."

"If you desire peace...prepare for War."

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---Master Lightsaber Combat Begin - 1,000 Word Requirement.

She may have made him, but he'd outgrown her...

But then again, how could he do without her?

Jidai Maras was pointed at her heart but with great swiftness it recoiled in a wide loop and fell into the aggressive stance that was all too familiar and natural to the Mandalorian. A one handed grip, sword held poised to strike from his side and the other hand either prepared to strike a deathly blow of physical strength or to catch the swinging haft to complete an arch. He didn't wait here long as he expanded his form and fell into his modified version of the Djem So. The only difference in Tormentous' Form V was that it was by far more aggressive than the typical Form V. Instead of waiting for the chance to parry and counter attack as Djem So specialized in, he would overwhelm his opponent and strike them down without question or force them to appropriately defend themselves and in which case he had his chance to parry the strike and viciously counter it.

He came in. From his current stance only one massive step forward needed done as he flipped the Sith Sword to he reverse grip and lashed diagonally from Krynn's hip to shoulder. At the termination of the strike he caught the haft with his free hand and reversed the hold to a proper forward grip and then he came crashing down from the high-ward position, it was one of Djem So's signature attacks and was overly powerful, certainly not advised to even attempt to block but to evade it was to be a feat unto itself for the overall speed and strength of the momentum built strike was uncanny.

As this strike terminated he wouldn't allow Krynn to find the vulnerability of the overly powerful and sold strike. He stepped into the attack and sent a knee directed at her chest. Granted tonfas were fast and likely she'd catch him off guard but the knee strike ensure she remained off balance as Tormentous heaved Jidai Maras back up from its imbedded gouge in the deck of the ship. Now that his opening momentum was canceled out he would now begin to refine the technique and actual open himself up to the duel for it was in the duel where he'd gain the most from this session while in the shutdown series of strikes he'd opened with was to effectually make the setting. Essentially too, this was Tormentous' moment to fully obtain full control over the Force whilst in combat. This was the point where Tormentous' ability with the sword and his swordsmanship would reach the measured pinnacle and where his Force abilities would naturally begin to mesh with his actions.

His breathalyzer fluctuated to compensate for the extra amount of oxygen that his body was now drawing in. Even breathing would be something he'd master during this session for they were all linked to a central aspect of combat. Every movement after this point he focused on with the fullest of his intent. Each strike and each parry was measured and precise while he kept his anger and his fury in check to measure his ability and so that he'd not lose control like some raging bantha in a glassware shop. He pulled the Force into his being, the energy field that surrounded him sent out tendrils with which they would connect to the energy fields of other things and beings within the room. Even a few tendrils attached themselves to Krynn's own aura and so he began to sense her as he flowed through the motions of his combat roll. There was nothing serene to this, however, Tormentous was a figure with unimaginable pent up rage though he was utilizing it now as a proper weapon rather than allowing it to feed his own mind's hunger.

Such a measured and passionate figure unto the Force during a duel such as this was as a being of chaotic perfection. Nothing was wasted and not a single theatrical flare to his style. Each muscle fiber stretched and made taut to execute the precise slashes and strikes of which Tormentous chose. It was likely that his precision was becoming so focused and so great that he'd probably be able to cut a credit chit in half as it flew through the air. But honestly that was a simple thing for he was quite competent in blaster deflection already.

His focus never waned here. This all amounted to a crowning achievement for his first instance with a blade he nearly cut an arm off. Just moving the blade around had proven difficult. Now he was an artist and he executed his motions like a master craftsman undertook his finest work. It was a definite far cry of a change from when he'd first began. His efforts continued as he dueled Krynn and displayed in final mastery of blade work. Where everything on the sword had become a weapon and every bit of his own body was an extension of the blade and likewise. Where even his surroundings saw fit to carve him a path to victory. Boxes, other weapons, light fixtures - everything and anything became an extension of his isolated will to be thrust at Krynn in an attempt to strike her low and refine his blade work to the epitome of mastery.

As time spanned onwards he began to incorporate the Force into his strikes, parries, ripostes, slashes and even his footwork. While Krynn bounced around the field he fought to keep her in front of him with accurate and powerful swings. Keeping her outside of his middle ring of defense was key here. If she managed to get inside then her speed would be difficult to overcome. That is until he learned to fully harness the Force to his will whilst engaged in the duelist's arena. (Force Speed) It was time to fuel his actions with a jolt of his natural all encompassing rage. With a fluctuation of his mind's current he drew the Force inward and channeled it to his legs and arms. Tendons and muscle fibers responded in kind and the inherent speed with each movement began to increase and with increased speed he also begat increased power. Naturally a child couldn't defend against Tormentous' natural strength even whilst unaugmented by the Force but once the Force stepped in Krynn would hold not a single prayer save for her unerring speed and natural agility to evade and dodge to incredible blows.

For his speed and strength, one usually canceled the other or at the least defiled the precision. Tormentous however had been schooling himself in blade work since he was a young boy on the Demon Moon of Onderon and there was nothing unrefined about his technique here. His obliterating power in every strike was absolute, exact and in an arrogant tone - perfect. It was as Tormentous designed. His ability to execute precise blade work whilst drawing the Force into himself was proceeding exactly as he'd desired and he was excelling. There wasn't many tasks in which Tormentous featured himself success in the first attempt. The Force had always been aloof and a mystery to him. But combat, battle, war and the clash of solid steel had always been the life blood of Jacobi Wylcott. He was born of war, forged in the fires of battle, hewn from the mold of Dxun and loosed upon the galaxy to do exactly that. Jacobi Wylcott, now Tormentous, was the deity of war. The bane of this galaxy and he was the ultimate conqueror.

As he completed his session he looked to Krynn with venom in his eyes. She knew that look well. Tormentous desired blood to ring his hands through and she knew the only thing likely to sate that lust was yet another world.

---MLSC End - 1,313 Words.
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---Sith Battle Cruiser Malevolent
---Gordian Reach, Deadspace

---Null Gravity Begin - 700 Word Requirement

Once more the training chambers trembled with the ever growing power of Tormentous who continued to advance his knowledge and overall strength through the Force on every opportunity that he could find. If he wasn't conquering worlds or raiding Imperials then he could be found either in the training chambers or mentally sparing with Kraujas Ntima. For this session however he found himself sitting before an old holocron. Most of the skills and abilities he'd conjured up had been out of necessity, an even that forced him to do so lest he fall to his foolish doom. This was likely the first time Tormentous had sought knowledge that he didn't need to survive for the next few moments.

He'd heard everything the holocron had to say and he wasn't satisfied. In fact he intended on crushing the device and tossing it away for good once he was done after it spent the last three hours rattling off some garbage about peace of mind and serenity and to top it off it had only given him silly riddles instead of straight answers. Yes, this device wouldn't last much longer.

But now he had the general guidelines about this very intriguing technique. The ability to eliminate gravity itself. This wasn't some token telekinetic power or levitation ability. This was literally twisting the grasp of a planet's hold upon an item or being. Tormentous reveled in the possibilities.

The first step was to locate a target which simply enough came in the form of Five-Oh, the ever willing servant and wardroid that Tormentous had found on Roon. Five-Oh stood impassively without a single utterance. It understood its lot in this moment and would take it to whatever metal heart that beat within the steel armored breast. Tormentous knelt quietly and closed his eyes. As ever before he reached out with his senses and those senses leapt forth into the realm of the ethereal. How far he'd come to this point that when once such a task was trying and took long moments, now it was nearly second nature and he hardly needed to think about it. The Force roiled with his sudden presence though he drew it back to his aura, there would be no quick escape, it would suffer through him as he would suffer through it.

A tendril of his conscience form from the epicenter of his being and traveled upwards to embrace his powerful aura. He leered in the direction but pressed on. The tendril proceeded forth across the natural current of the Force which flooded the space between Tormentous and Five-Oh. The current was as powerful as it ever had been. He reached Five-Oh's energy field. It was much less than a living being but as all things, even a droid held an energy field within the Force regardless of how substantial or insignificant it may have been. Tormentous isolated the aura and focused on it for a long moment. Concentrating on the energy field of Five-Oh brought Tormentous' familiarity with it stronger and he also established a firm connection with the droid. As the connection grew stronger he could sense the servos and the batteries and the power core of the droid as well as the memory core's operating strength as it continually drew power from the core. Everything about Five-Oh was lain out upon a sheet for Tormentous to browse through as he pleased.

This accomplished he then looked away from Five-Oh but not outwards but rather within its nearby vicinity. Now with a target isolated and the connection established, now he needed to create a conscience field around the droid. He took his time and expanded not just a minute circle but a proud column within his mind that surrounded the droid and swallowed much of the training room as well. His concentration was beaming to the task and thus the pace of his successes were solidified in his efforts and determination.

Now with a target area surrounding a target he began to delve into what exactly gravity was. Obviously if he wished to tamper with the unseen forces of this setting then he needed to understand it or at least be able to see it, in his own way.

Turning his focus to the section area he'd chosen. He began bringing him mind into an almost deep mediation. He needed to look beyond anything he'd witnessed before. Beyond the dust particles and air molecules. He needed to see deep within the heart of nothing at all. His gaze settled in close and he focused hard. Bringing the tiny things unseen into the realm of his mind's understanding and ultimately bringing that which he didn't know into his level of comprehension. He breathed easily and steadily, letting his heart rate slow and letting his mind flow where the Force may guide him, willingly or not. His gaze proceeded into the ethereal realm until he began to visit the colorful auras of the Force itself. How the droid was a greyish flat white of no particular direction or alignment and where he was a bold dark red that nearly began to swallow all things. Further and further his mind traversed into the threads of unreality. Moving beyond sight and into a mystified realm not even lore had twisted riddles and poetry about.

It was here that he discovered the chords of gravity. In fact they were actual chords at all, tying things down to the surface, but rather it seemed to be a nexus within a location that burned bright with energy and this energy pulled things to it. Upon such discovery he also realized that this was not actually real, which was true, he was seeing gravity in the form of artificial gravity onboard a ship. The nexus was the artificial gravity generator or gyro stabilizer or whatever ship techs called these things. It created an orb of gravity that encompassed the ship and in turn it kept the crew and more specifically Five-Oh from floating aimlessly about. Truly it was fascinating.

But as fascinating as it was, it also became revealing of what Tormentous had to do.

He returned a minute of his attention to the overall target area and from there he extended his hand towards it to act as a conduit of his Force aura. He then projected his will through his menacingly pointed hand and once he reached the column of influence he looked upon the rays of gravity being projected by the gravity field. These rays were simple to locate now that he knew what he was looking for and he grasped the first ray with the Force. At first he attempted to pressed the ray of gravity down back to the source but this proved ineffective. Next he firmly isolated the ray and focused on its own epicenter. Surmising that each ray should have its own nexus to sustain it, he focused on the central orb of the ray of gravity or rather the gravitational pull. Once he felt the most powerful nexus he began to press it apart and spread it out.

The more he spread the nexus out the less potency it would wield. His estimations were correct as within the pillar of influence he'd created the forces holding Five-Oh to the deck lessened but nothing of note. Its sensors though picked up on the slight change and the green eyes lit up and faced him though said nothing.

Again he pressed into the nexus of the gravitational pull surrounding the droid and again he extinguished a portion of gravity itself. Each section within the column that he broke apart from the generator only fed him more confidence as Five-Oh began reacting. He continued until finally Five-Oh knelt to the deck and the sound of its boots magnetizing occurred. Tormentous narrowed his eyes. "That will not stop me droid."

More and more Tormentous forced his will upon the column of influence until eventually he had indeed broken away the threads of gravity itself and Five-Oh was all but floating freely. "Disengage those locks or I'll cut them off." With a buzz the boots deactivated and Five-Oh moved upwards from the deck, helpless to thwart the movement. Tormentous eyed the droid and smiled underneath his mask. With this power the limits of his strength and knowledge had just expanded.

---Null Gravity End - 1,390 Words.
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---Force Level 11 - 1,100 Word Requirement

Power. A single word with eternal meaning. A single word that now described the most powerful living Sith Lord of the modern age. He was a being beyond all and he exuded a presence that daunted most. Tormentous. The Dragon of Dxun and the reviled Subjugator of Worlds. But for the power and the title he was very aware that to foolishly set idle and not refine his abilities would see him usurped by the many weak and watered down false Sith. Soon he would cull them. But for now he'd bide his time and absorb further the knowledge of the Force itself.

His focus began simply with an exercise he knew well. As he stood within a simple circle within a simple training room on the vessel Malevolent, his eyes closed and his mind settled upon his internal rage. It constantly exhumed an energy, an ever producing siphon of the Dark Side of the Force where he could constantly feed and hold to his powers. His rage was calm today. Not much was pressing on his mind other than this task - to be able to hold the Force to a new speed of reaction within his mind and within his aura. With his eyes closed he expanded his senses from his central nexus where the Force was manifest and he opened himself to his outer ring of influence. His personal energy field was expansive but highly volatile.

The energy didn't flow as it did concerning other beings. It flowed in a chaotic non-pattern. Very unnatural and as if it was forced to do so. He toyed with the Force here and focused on the currents. He could still feel the tether of his soul to the body through the Dark Side ritual. It was beginning to fade but it felt as if it was no longer needed. As if the tether was wearing down but the soul was freely remaining. Though it remained, it desired and hungered for war. A singularity that kept Tormentous going from day to day - the next war. The next battle. The blood he'd shed would sacrificially keep his being here among the living despite the uncontrollable tether whether it'd wear off or not.

He continued to peruse through the currents surrounding him. Just watching the current clash and tear at itself was producing further knowledge to how it worked overall. Knowing was half the battle. As he understood more and more about himself as the Force flowed through him and around him he began to utilize this information and conjure it into practical use. For this session though he'd be training himself mentally to call the Force to react.

A presence fell over the Dark Side of the Force and it spoke aloud to his rage. As his mind swept through and touched the revolting emotion of high temperament he could feel the unchallenged potential within it. The bold feeling of unbound rage was hot to his mind's eye though he enjoyed the feeling all the more. He knew from experience that once he harnessed this rage there was nothing he couldn't accomplish. And so he did. He looked inward of himself and found the heart of the rage, the point where his mind and the Force touched. The very fact that he was forced to use the Force was painful to him and as he concentrated on the ethereal energies his anger began to build. Why he'd be subjected to such misery was beyond him but it felt so good as the energy of the Force began to assert itself in a more orderly manner.

The once chaotic and unpredictable current of his energy field began to settle and focus inward just as his mind had done and it opened an entire flood gate for the Dark Side of the Force to flow within. It came upon him like a tidal wave and he spread his arms in an expression of welcome to bring in all the energy that the Force would seemingly provide. The white hot anger of his mind pulsated and with each pulse the hatred of himself and of the Force expanded his exhilaration as he soaked in the full amount of the energy.

His capacity of power came to a limit then and he could feel himself levitating if only for the power itself that was manifested within. He couldn't actually levitate around but for this moment as he focused and meditated, he was held suspended. Now it was time to really preform. He extended a hand to one of the droids on the far wall and opened that hand. The droid flew breathtakingly fast into his open palm. Surprisingly so that he push it back and when he did so the energy of the Force followed.

From the center of his being the Dark Side of the Force coursed through his body and into his arm. It heated the muscle fibers and tendons, his arm twitched as so much power blasted its way through him. It reached his hand and touched the droid's metallic body as he reflexively pushed the droid backwards. With all this focused power the droid practically atomized. Bolts ripped from their housings, the head splintered into a thousand different pieces, the metal chest piece ripped in half and the droid simply ceased to be as it flashed backwards in millions of parts which shotgun blasted the back wall, gouging into the side and impaling the solid wall.

Even the power core of the droid ruptured but it didn't explode. For Tormentous' power he'd scattered the core's energy in the blink of an eye. In only that one moment where his hand came into contact with the droid he'd opened himself reflexively and banished the energy from the power core. It had been nearly instantaneous. Such a thing wasn't possible in the midst of battle but here during heavy meditations one's power was easily amplified.

He could feel the burst energy as it began to dissipate away into nothingness but then as his mind fell upon it, it also began to feed. He began absorbing the energy of the scattered core and it felt like the buzzing of electricity as he soaked it all in. So much power and so much incredible energy was at his fingertips but his desire didn't quite yet reach fulfillment. He still wanted more. He needed more!

The desire for more pressed him onward and his mind dove back into the Dark Side of the Force. He continued his sole focus on potency and he commanded the Force to respond, so it did by flowing not more but faster. This was potency. The Force sped up as it flowed from his energy field and down around him to within him and into the nexus of his being where he churned the Force into raw energy which he’d be able to use further and with better results than ever.
Finally he was able to tap into the rage that was right beneath the surface and as soon as he opened up that rage he felt an unbearable agony that speared through him. The pain was severe as it was the representation of his raw hatred of the Force, himself and the Dark Side of the Force. But in turn this back breaking pain began to quickly fuel him in both resolve and dominating power. Through pain came rage and through rage would come power. Only those unworthy couldn't maintain and commit to the Dark Side of the Force during such trials of pain and if there was one person in this galaxy that could entertain a plethora of pain it was Tormentous. At this very moment he had become an unstoppable force and his power stretched far and wide.

His eyes opened now and his feet touched back down to the deck but the Force never receded, if anything it became more intense to his will. He gazed upon the droid but displayed no emotion. It seemed he'd mastered his power and now he'd mastered his potency. There was only one final step and it dwelled upon the sensory. He was powerful indeed but he was not yet ready.


---Force Level 11 End - 1,371 Words

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---Valley of the Dark Lords
---The Tomb of Darth Bane

Months it had taken in Tormentous' research to find and locate the world of Korriban, the final resting place of Darth Bane himself. Darth Bane had originated the Rule of Two and through his strength and awesome power he'd preserved the Sith Order from the ashes of the terribly flawed Brotherhood of Darkness. Tormentous had once followed the teachings of those such as Lady Mariah and Lord Morlev and Lord Vanis but as time had gone on and his power continued to grow he had surpassed them and displayed a terrifying potential of his own. With little to teach him they could no longer hold him but instead of striking them down he decided to bide his time through conquest to gain more power. His conquests though were not for the simple slaughter of innocent beings but rather they were calculated strikes in his desire for knowledge. Each victory leading him closer and closer to the vast reserves of power he so craved.

Finally on the blood soaked field of Eol Sha he'd found a manuscript and he used the Kiffar Vol-Kur to unlock its secrets. Through the Kiffar's natural talents of Force Sight he was able to unlock another puzzle piece and then another and another until ultimately he discovered the location of Korriban and in turn the Tomb of Darth Bane. Korriban had become lost after its bombardment by the Empire many years back. Unused and lost to the natural shifts of hyperlanes, Korriban became but a memory. No known inhabitants, this world was a world of destroyed plains of orbital bombardment glassed continents though perhaps through the Dark Side's own will the Valley of the Dark Lords and the crumbling Sith Academy still remained hidden away in the mountains.

How many slaves did it take to penetrate the Tomb's defenses? Tormentous knew not nor did he care. But over the process of three weeks he indeed made it into the inner sanctum where the sarcophagus of Darth Bane resided. He banished the slaves from the tomb, ordered it sealed and he alone stood within the shadow of Bane. It was time to learn what Bane knew. It was time to discover the most true and powerful secrets of the Dark Side of the Force. It was time to speak to Darth Bane.

---Force Level 12 begin - 1,200 Word Requirment

Before the Tomb of Darth Bane he could feel the Dark Side of the Force like never before. It was beyond anything he'd ever felt before. It was sensual and absolute. Dominating and everlasting. Such was its power that as Tormentous reached unto the sarcophagus it nearly destroyed his mind by the simplest of mental touches. He was blasted by the immortal energies of Bane and sent to his knees, unable to contain the power that was well beyond fathomable measure. It rocked his senses to the core. In all honesty it should have killed him on the spot, perhaps turning him to slate stone or imploding his body from the inside and burping him from existence into the realm of chaos eternal within the ethereal itself where the heart and soul of the Dark Side of the Force resided and sweltered with its daunting presence.

But die he did not. For the worn tether which Lord Naverton and Krynn Karn had brought his soul screaming back to the living realm held just long enough to prevent his departure. The tether broke away in a shattering of loosed energy from the residue of faded Alchemy. But Tormentous was alive. Worse for wears, but alive. He focused his being, without the tether he was truly his own centrifugal force of life and only his mind and inner power could now prevent his soul from simply vanishing away as a wisp in the fraction of time's embrace. But he held tight to the nexus of the Force within his body and the soul of Jacobi Wylcott cried out in furious abandon. His word echoed through the ethereal and Tormentous banished it away, angry that Wylcott still lived within despite his attempts to disintegrate the memory of the dead Mandalorian of Ordo. With this renewed anger he yanked his soul away from the pull of the Dark Side and ensnared his living spirit down unto his mind and body and restoring the natural bind. Even though the process was unnatural and as ever Tormentous would be an unnatural being as an abomination, he was now officially among the living again.

With this task of surviving the initial moments of Bane's awakening, Tormentous now had to come to his own level and dominate himself above that which may seek to command him. He closed his eye and concentrated the full fury of his anger and rage. Never before had he solely focused himself to a singular task but now was the time he sought to remove himself from the weak and commit his being to become strong. For in the end, the weak were made to serve the strong, and the rest only deserved death. He vowed not to be among the weak. And so he pulled the Dark Side to him, every ounce of Force energy that surrounded him began to manifest within the nexus of his being and it expanded in a bright light for those with the sight to see such. But this light was not the shimmering brightness of hope and destiny, rather it was as a singularity of domination and it began to feed in a never ending hunger. Vast amounts of Force energy and even his own aura were swallowed away within the devouring maw of his being. Once Tormentous had said that 'Tormentous was all...' right now he was beginning to display the exact purposes behind that phrase. Nothing was to be left to itself as he consumed the Force and brought his own power to new heights.

He'd also once mentioned that his peak of influence had been reached but here and now he broke away the measurements of physics and scaled the ladder anew with a power beyond description. Within the reasonable minds of those that could feel his presence they'd possibly say his power was easily nearing a level of influence that edged on a oneness with the Force. It wasn't mountain moving scale or anything unrealistic but it could easily be interpreted as equating to the level of power that the Dark Lords of old had been fabled to wield. In Tormentous' early days of training he'd been classified as Strong With the Force, even now that effect was a blossoming fact with the sheer radiance of a sun.

He slowly stood up in defiance to Darth Bane and he gazed upon the ancient Dark Lord with a strong desire. Knowingly, Bane opened his mind up and Tormentous dove in. The symbolic relationship was clear; Tormentous had become the Apprentice of Darth Bane. His influence expanded with new knowledge and the Force beamed with his awesome presence. As Tormentous stood there motionless, he opened his hand towards the sarcophagus and embraced the Dark Side of the Force.

Pushing the face of the sarcophagus off of its sealed tomb with the Force, Tormentous witnessed the ethereal spirit rising up to greet him but he wasn't as concerned just yet with Bane's presence as he was the holocron resting in the skeletal fingers of the long dead Dark Lord of the Sith. It radiated with immeasurable power and this intrigued Tormentous all the more. He needed this power, so he took upon the teachings of Darth Bane. Focusing his energy to the holocron it rose up into the air and gently floated into the palm of his hand as the sarcophagus fell back down and sealed the tomb once more. The ancient inscriptions of the holocron were yet a mystery to Tormentous but it would not be for long as he held the drive to learn and decrypt this forgotten tongue that he may spill the secrets within and take them for himself.

Turning away from the tomb he knelt to the floor and set the holocron down before him. Opening this relic would take all but the most gentle touches. He began in earnest but thoroughly careful steps. The Force flowed as a torrent naturally through his energy field but Tormentous focused his barriers and slowed that horrendous flow and isolated the flow into a solidified current. Breaking the natural order of his presence brought him great discomfort but it was nothing he could not handle. In fact the slight discomfort brought his mind to further focus as nothing set against him would have allowed complacency to set in and following that cataclysmic failure. So he took it a single step at a time and opened his influence to the Force as if for the first time he'd ever done so. The smooth current of the ebbing flow of the Force was resilient and stable. Yet when he gazed upon the holocron he still felt it was too much. So he started over again and took in the whole of his energy field and recycled the energy of the flowing current to be more properly commanded with a firm but steady hand. This time when he looked at the ancient device it began to exude an aura of familiarity as is Tormentous was now in tune with the holocron of Darth Bane.

This sensation alone was enough to bring victory but he kept his emotions in check while carefully accessing the ancient relic. Long moments passed as he sat there in silent study of the holocron through the Force. Every angle he measured over with the invisible hand of the Force and not only symbol found a way to escape him. He saw everything there was to be about this tiny pyramid and its respectability to him increased now to its highest level. He received it with his senses and pressed upon the epicenter of the pyramid with only the most authoritive of touches. The pyramid reacted with a single click and then a long several seconds later the pyramid's upper portion began to shift and move. Hovering with the Force's aid the shards of the pyramid moved in synchronization with one another until a series of twists and movements unlocked the crystal nexus of the holocron itself. It was the heart of the holocron.

It glowed with intensity and Tormentous opened his eyes as the visage of Darth Bane entreated him. None of this could have been possible without a mastery level of the Force and how it worked and the subtle nuances within the everlasting current that embraced the energy fields and kept the galaxy together long beyond the living expiration of humanity and other beings.

As Bane gave Tormentous instructions unto the Rule of Two, Tormentous began to understand that the Sith Empire was destined to crumble whether it be from within or from an outside conqueror. But this failure could be resolved. Tormentous vowed not to allow the Sith to become extinct under his watch.

Tormentous' knowledge expanded under Bane's tutelage but also his power. But there was still much Bane needed to teach him.

---Force Level 12 END - 1,475 Words.
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Galactic Doughnuts
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---Force Lightning Begin - 1,100 Words

Darth Bane's holocron was vast with incredible information but aside from the practical applications of knowledge and wisdom, Tormentous found a powerful technique long forgotten in the shadows of time. After a long portion of study, however, it was time to begin its use and to display Tormentous' undying hatred for all.

He stood alone within a large empty room. And so he began.

Tormentous called upon the Force as he stood there and it swelled within his energy field as it ever had. With his new level of understanding of the Force, the most vivid power yet came to his command and soared around him like a bold and powerful eagle. Majestic and unwilling to go unnoticed. He looked up and extended his hand to siphon from this vast blanket of Force energy and as soon as it made contact with his fingers he transmuted this energy into unmistakable Dark Side energy. It filled his being to the absolute brim and empowered his mind and reflexes to new heights. His absorption of this incredible energy brought his conscience self within the Force to new heights of untold power that was easily beyond any fathom capable in the common mind. He soaked it up and drank upon the Force as a starving traveler would after malnourishment. But instead of finding thanks in this feast of deliverance, he despised it all. From the moment he began taking in the power of the Force his mind's agony began to spike and the piercing feeling in the frontal and rear lobes was overwhelming and if he wasn't capable of turning this pain into rage and rage into strength then surely he'd have perished.

But the Force screamed also in protest. The vile Sith Lord Tormentous was not a welcoming friend unto it and the Force new that he'd use it for more abominable offenses. But it had no choice as he expanded his mind and devoured the surrounding energy within his field of influence - which at this time was quite significant. Two conflicting forces intertwined into one body. It was the ultimate affront to any natural means known to the Force but Tormentous roared to the scene and ensnared any hope of escape.

With his unending pain and suffering came an unwavering rage and fury that was within his very soul. He believed in this furious emotion and knew it was the source of all of his power. The more he hurt and the more he drank of the reviled Force the more his strength grew by exponential amounts and vast lengths. Here was no different as he soaked in everything and wasted nothing at all. It was all for him. In the highest peak of selfish desires he pulled upon the Force and it was forced to bow its head and obey this Dark Lord.

As the emotion granted him unnatural and inhuman strength he took this strength and contorted it into a revolting form of power. A power that was so strong that the whole of this part of Korriban could feel Tormentous' very will. But it was all for him and he gave nothing back.

So much hatred, so much fury. It was to be the building blocks of his ultimate rage and through his rage he gave it physical form. Extending his hand he focused the Dark Side of the Force within him and it ran to his call. Throughout his body the Force began to manifest fully unto his will and from his legs to his hips, from his shoulders to his arms, from his head to his eye the Force all brought forth insurmountable potential. He began to draw all of this incredible energy within the nexus of his central being and it began to glow brighter and brighter until he could no longer even look at it. The feeling of disgust ran across his mind as his dependence on the Force reminded him of everything he knew that he hated most. He used this emotion to channel the nexus of gathered energy unto his arm and down his bicep. He felt each agonizing moment as the pent up energy felt as a super heated gas and his pain expounded further but in turn it only gave the stored energy even more strength and so he colluded this power to his elbow to cross to his forearm.

He could feel his very life force draining in the effort of this technique but he only grit his teeth and pressed his mind further onto the task at hand. The Force shook itself over and over like a caged animal trying to escape but he continued to savage himself over it and condemn it to his will only the more to hate and despise himself for its use. The power moved further and further to his wrist now and upon his hand the hairs on the hands stood straight up. A single arc of blue flicked from his thumb to his index finger as the power was moved onwards to its ultimate goal. Another flicker from pinky to ring arced across and he finally shouted out with all of his will.

His shout was from his soul and the echo was even through the ethereal as he unleashed every ounce of hatred, disdain, fury and anger from his hand. An explosion of raw Dark Side energy erupted from his index finger and lashed the ground before him but it wasn't enough and he pushed harder. Another blue arc reared its head from his thumb and shot out to the side and blasted the face of the wall to fragments. Debris scattered everywhere as he shouted more and flexed every fiber within his arm to push the energy outwards. Two arcs this time scored out but they retracted and lashed across his own body. He felt the charred meat on his chest and he was shot from the place he stood and sent ten meters back to the ground where he lay for long moments nearly upon his own death. But after hours of horrendous pain he recirculated the pain and it was like nourishment to his fatigued body and mind. Sore but undeterred he rose from his prone form.

Once more he revisited the ability and focused his rage, extending a hand and called upon his everlasting hatred and upon his call came the Dark Side of the Force. Its cold embrace was incredible to behold and with his hand extended he shouted out in anger once more. Finally a blast of pure hatred and raw anger made into physical form flew from his fingertips. Blue lightning razed the floor from his extended hand and arced wildly all around. He could feel the power. His knees quaked from the mountain of energy but he held his ground. More and more the energy blasted away at everything in sight without any notion to where it was going. Tormentous commanded the Force to his will and he touched each tendril of electricity until he refocused it onto a singular target. Another blast sent forth and this time the blue rage came forth and the very stone in which he struck was atomized into bits and pieces.

He curled his hand into a fist and let the remaining lightning play over his arm. The tingle of power burned him but it felt ever so good to have and to command such power.

---Force Lightning - 1,241 Words.
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Galactic Doughnuts
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"Such power..." Tormentous whispered in absolute disbelief of the incredible power held within just a sliver of Darth Bane's own essence. Just the mere spirit of Bane had forced Tormentous to his knees in an ungodly display of power beyond any natural means. It brought great anger to Tormentous that for all his own power this specter of a dead man could outdo his own abilities. But as the days continued and the tutoring slaved onwards, Tormentous began to see the truth behind the power of the Dark Side of the Force. The truth was that apparently contrary to the teachings of Darth Caecilis - the Dark Side's power was not infinite. In fact this finite power was spread throughout the Sith dominion and shared under the banner of equality. Tormentous needn't listen much longer to this line of thought to come to his own conclusions that equality was like peace - a lie. Equality was used to hold back the exceptional for the benefit of the weak. Putting them on some similar playing field where superiority is not as valued as much as 'who you know' or 'how you got there.'

Once Darth Bane confirmed this notion the furious Tormentous raged on like an caged beast within the aging and abandoned Sith Academy of Korriban. His bellowing rage echoed through the grounds and even the ancients who lurked in the shadows made sure to part away from this tainted ground. But once he chained his lost emotion back down to a reasonable stature he delved right back into the ways of Bane. Learning more and more of the Dark Lord of the Sith. He learned of the orbalisk creatures which laired within Freedon Nadds Tomb of Dxun and the techno beasts on Tython, though the location of that world was at this time a mystery to even the greatest astronomers. He continued study unto the long nights and days but the most intriguing instances of learning he found were transcripts of the Jedi Sith War of Ruusan where the Thought Bomb was unleashed.

Such a terrifying power was well beyond anything he'd ever experienced and likely ever would. The knowledge of a weapon capable of extinguishing the spirits of Force Users in the blink of an eye was tantamount to victory itself granted to him on a platter. Though he didn't stop there for he discovered other things of great note such as the ability to use the ancient magic of the Sith. The dreaded Sith Sorcery. It was clear and Bane made it so, that he was not particularly exceptional of the talents but he held the information with which its deadly and forbidden incantations could yet be unlocked.

Acknowledging this as the greatest path with which he could set himself upon - Tormentous opened the pages of Sith Magic.

---Sith Sorcery Begin - 600 Words

Only a being with a true affinity of the Dark Side of the Force could make the finite power into that of infinite. Only through this sorcery could the ultimate ability in one's manifestation of the Force be achieved. Once mastered it would allow the maximum effect of the Dark Side of the Force to be harnessed and it would fully describe the pinnacle of power and progression. It was the power to warp the world around him and the power to bend the Force itself to his will. Tormentous studied these tomes for weeks on end and even months if needed in order to only begin the practice of sorcery.

He began by the recitation of certain spells which in itself took a full week of study for to express the incorrect invocation of even the most minute spell could have the potential to burp him from existence to toil eternally in the warp of chaos beyond realities' realm where nothing any longer existed. Such a fate was ill sought and so he carefully invoked each syllable with tenacious care. But this only got him so far. It was then that he began to learn of the hand gestures involved in the invocation of each spell and again he studiously set upon the task of unlocking the secrets with which each turn of the finger and flick of the wrist would begin to summon. These finger gestures were possibly the most difficult part of the training as he was forced to learn from the selfishness of Bane who's undying goal was to find immortality in the body of another. For this Tormentous needed to be extremely careful that Bane wasn't just teaching him to invoke a summoning ritual which would bring forth the essence of Bane's spirit and allow it to be absorbed within Tormentous' own chaotic being.

The continuation went well on into a new season of time and Tormentous grew weary of the tediousness but the eventuality of the situation stood boldly out before him as finally he unlocked a portion of the ancient power from beyond. Standing outside upon the balcony with the holocron near him and instructing him carefully he began. Raising his right hand he began to bend his fingers in a slow but methodical pattern. Tracing a full circle and gesturing his fingers within he then took the index finger and middle finger and stabbed through the circle to joust up towards the sky whilst invoking the phrases necessary to call upon the Dark Side of the Force.

Where Tormentous had pointed appeared a rift upon the sky and its own aura stank of a dangerous fate indeed. The rift in reality ripped open a hole and a blinding light shot forth though Tormentous held his concentration and finished the incantation in which a staggering and jagged beam came forth as a reddish hued bolt of lightning. It snaked from side to side but the connection with the target was already made - a massive statue of some forgotten Sith Lord. The red lightning spilled upon the surface of the stone and instantly vaporized a large portion from the immeasurable heat. The rest of the statue exploded from the inside out and the fragments shot out and away for miles. Smoke filled the area and settled upon the base of the destroyed statue and Tormentous gazed down upon it, curious if his spell had been a success.

Needless to say though he could feel an insurmountable presence within the Dark Side of the Force and its aura equaled that of his own mountain sized essence. As if it was identical almost. He continued to feel out with the Force and touch upon the mist which had been expelled from the ritual and once he felt the connection he practically wished that he hadn't. It was powerful and it was demonic in every sense of the word.

Lo and behold, however, the smoke and mist began to form in upon itself until it spanned the size and area of a fist. The smoky thing floated upwards to the balcony and then expanded into a form of a living being. His faced was grizzled by war and he had only one eye. Tormentous recognized his worst fear - Jacobi Wylcott. In the flash of a second Jidai Maras was out and sliced the smoke demon in half which it merely separated and vanished into the air to leave Tormentous sweating from apparent exertion. Apparently his invocation of Dwonutsiqsa had been successful. Dwonutsiqsq was a demon of smoke that formulated from pure hatred and emotion and took up the form of one's worse fear in which it would then take the surprised individual and leap into their body. Then the demon would vaporize the entire form and absorb the life energy and spirit with which it could later materialize again at a later time to repeat the process. It was a terrible thing indeed. But most importantly of all it was a pure manifestation of absolute evil and unabated hatred.

It was Sith Magic incarnate.

---End Sith Sorcery - 849 Words.
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Force Level 13 - 1,300 Word Requirement

Darth Bane had easily proven to be Tormentous' most difficult challenge to date. While there may have only been a badly deteriorated arm and hand in his sarcophagus, for his body had been turned to nothing but ash on the distant world of Ambria, the raw and tangible essence of Darth Bane was still very much alive. Even though he should have been banished through the failed ritual, he was still here among us. Philosophical teachings and intensive Force training spun Tormentous' days and weeks into a blur but it was now that he was to receive a very important instruction that would possibly change his entire future and those that were worthy to follow him.

He stood before Bane's grand coffin once more with the holocron set upon its surface and he closed his eye tightly. All at once the Force flooded his senses and pulled him in a thousand different directions at once. Some hurled his mind into oblivion while others focused on a time where he was not Tormentous at all and others drew him to the present where he defied the Sith Emperor by being here and awakening the slumbering Dark Lord of old. It was these emotions and feelings of the present that pulled on Tormentous the most and it was these feelings which he followed for now all while knowing full well he'd still need to access the other two routes in due time. For now though he needed clarity and focus. All his previous training had unlocked for him power untold and potency with which his power was unfettered and beyond measure but this was different. This was to be Tormentous' ultimate understanding of the Force and his final culmination of knowledge.

Before him was a small box and he knelt before it, removing the components carefully and meticulously placing them out before him. Then without further need to inspect the items in question he began in earnest. First he sought to center his heart, soul and mind upon the pieces before him and he did so willingly. The Dark Side of the Force flowed all around him as a mighty vortex of power during the beginnings of his meditations but it was his energy field which he focused upon the most for this is where he began so too would it end. His first infantile step through the Force came with the recognition that he was surrounded by an unending energy field that bound him to this reality and also it surrounded all living things and bound them, also, together. This was his beginning and now it was the end of all. The energy field surrounding him was massive now and his internal and external aura was far too thick to go unnoticed which was a far and away difference from when he'd first began his journey in the tomb of a long dead Sith Lord.

He felt the energy field and touched the natural flow and as well the unnatural elements and once again the Force itself screamed in protest at his touch for his very nature, even though now he was self sustained, was yet an abomination. But this didn't stop him and he accelerated his mind but ensured that he didn't overstep his purpose here. He brought his conscience upon the great energy field that surrounded him and he drew upon the Force itself for sustained power and energy that his body might be sustained through an extended period of time and beyond. This wasn't to say he was defying mortality but the Force had the ability to sustain a being without food or water for many days on end, Tormentous invoked this right to his own aura and body in preparation for a long ritual ahead.

Accomplished now with the Force centered upon him he reached out and ignited several very large candles with a single match. Snuffing it out he took in the burning energy of each candle and with both index fingers he spun in a large circle around the box and he invoked then Sith Sorcery in that the smoke itself was stolen away and it followed his circular motion and then remained as a mystical barrier that continued to encircle Tormentous. With then several finger and hand gestures he secured the spell of first watch which would ward away any meddling or mischievous beings from this place by attacking the minds of the trespassers. Secured now in his circular sanctuary, Tormentous continued now by turning his one eyed gaze upon the deep blood colored crystal that sat before him. It was a large thing and it dominated the scene. He entered his mind unto the crystal and his awareness was expanded to that of an extreme molecular and even subatomic level. Each fragment and piece and atom of this crystal was splayed out before his mind and he took everything into account as he began to bend reality with a combination of his raw connection to the Dark Side of the Force and Sith Sorcery itself.

He reached deep into the crystal and he touched a single molecular fragment and he began to twist it to his will and he began to bend nature itself in a maleficent display of hatred and disposition. In defiance to nature itself he reworked the innards of the crystal itself and over time it began to fragment into tiny microscopic filaments and wirings. The Force seemed to distort at the action of defying the natural bounds of matter but Tormentous' will was absolute and the Force itself had no other option but to obey his perverse sense of depiction of reality and its realms.

A solid crystal over the course of this study was taken down into a pile of workings so fine that should even a finger come close that a millions threads of this new reality would shatter and be lost forever. But Tormentous never sought to lay a finger but rather he sent his hands into motion and Sith Magic ruled here as it took up the workings and began to situate them in ultrasensitive settings and interlays. He wove a grand working of threaded crystal and as fine as the hands of a hundred thousand craftsmen he dove into his workings, letting his superior will upon the Dark Side of the Force guide his hands as they manipulated the sorcerous tidings which altered the filaments to his desired perfection. More adjustments and microscopic settings continued to alter within the base and heart of his work until he was finally able to forge the heart of a crystal matrix that was guided by a billion strands of pure crystal filaments and texture. It took him hours untold to fine tune the internal matrix. Each and every single strand of the large hand sized blood crystal forged of Sith Alchemy was specifically set into the ultimate setting of the reflective matrix and he tooled each one in a subatomic stance until the ultimate perfection was so reached. No blemish, no fault - this matrix was absolute and perfection was even a curse upon its sight.

Once perfectly and properly aligned within the pyramidal casing he moved onwards and so he began the next step of this process. Through Sorcery he imbued the matrix with the energy of the Dark Side of the Force and through this power he then began the intricate process of the Ritual of Invocation. He kept his eye closed as he drew many sigils and glyphs in the air of which belonged to a herald that long ago traversed these lands. Known as the ancient Sith of old the language held symbols of great power and inherent energy. He chose glyphs specific to both his past and his future and even his present to endure upon the crystalline surfaces of the pyramid and once he made his choices the magic of the Sith would fuse the respective sigil into the crystal and an invisible quill would etch the symbol with a trail of unnatural black mist that was not smoke but Dark Side essence. These sigils and glyphs maintained the inner crystal matrix's stability and prevented collapse for the delicacy of such finely tuned instruments could be move with but the tremble of a hand or the breath from the nose. This ritual began by sealing the matrix in place and locking the filaments for eternity aside from destruction.

With the lattices and vertices ensured, Tormentous then moved to the intricacy of sealing the Ritual of Invocation and preventing the essence of the pyramid would be sustained lest it fail and the entire working be shattered to dust in the blink of an eye. This process couldn't be postponed or slowed, once started only the end would fulfill it. His hands and fingers never stopped twisting and maneuvering through the smoke circle as he controlled both the realm of the Force itself and Sith Sorcery to his very bidding. Where a mere thought could topple a mountain he sustained himself to the delicacy beyond the handling of a babe.

Two steps remained - the Rite of Commencement itself which would inter a sliver if not a full portion of Tormentous' own essence within the capstone crystal to so create the Gatekeeper and then finally to fit the capstone and cement the entire pyramid's existence as so much more then just a crystalline pyramid with angular lines and ethereal engravings. It would become the first Sith Holocron that had been constructed in a full age among these pithy Sith who would soon face Tormentous' true wrath. The Great Purification would begin.

He gazed down upon the black heart of the holocron, a capstone that was imbued heavily with the essence of the Dark Side of the Force itself and he could feel this lichstone calling to him and drawing upon his life force already. A soul stone if there ever was one. Its deamonic purpose was just as vile as Jidai Maras or Kraujas Ntima. With the Force he lifted the piece of resistance up into the air and it rotated before him, glistening in the dim lit evening sun though it was distorted light due to the smoke-like barrier that surrounded them. Tormentous sensed his great energy field and due to his recent knowledge of Force tethers much like the one he'd once been bound too, he lifted up a soul bind that wrenched a ethereal tether from the capstone proper to the heart of the energy field. A great rift in the Force began to tremble and quake as Tormentous gave a portion of his very soul and mind unto this abominable ritual. Snake-like tethers roiled in the void and twisted their serpentine lengths upon the tether and the energy field and each appendage gave Tormentous further resolve as the first and most basic elements of a far greater power was unleashed. It was the basic properties of the Ritual of Essence Transference though Tormentous was far too much a novice to completely transfer his being to another. Not that this was his goal here as he only desired a portion and so it was done.

The capstone glowed with a deep red that seemed to swallow all light around it as Tormentous guided it down onto the peak of the unfinished pyramid where the capstone fused within and became as one. The Dark Side of the Force rejoiced as Tormentous opened his eyes to see a true Sith Holocron floating before him and emanating his own aura in a wave of powerful Dark Side energy. His hands reached out and captured the treasured device.

When Tormentous fully awoke from the ritual he would soon realize that time had indeed surpassed expectations and the span of a full month had passed during his toils. Such was the cost of erecting items of lore and myth. They all came with their own costs.

Force Level 13 End - 1,991 Words.
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---Force Bolt - BEGIN - 800 Word Requirement
Drawing on the ethereal energies of the Dark Side of the Force once again Darth Tormentous sought this time to increase the tools with which he could bring destruction down upon his foes. He held the powers of telekinesis and even lightning but he needed to formulate the power of something more solid or concrete in order to make a more kinetic impact. The simple application of a more solid projectile was obvious really and so he once more studied under the watchful eye of the visage of Darth Bane through the holocron’s gatekeeper.
Focusing on the world around him he so began by calling energy within which to train and utilize. His energy field that surrounded him and kept him connected to the world around him was strong and it flowed brightly within the realm of the Force. Albeit malevolently, but his power was manifested here and represented as a torrential hurricane of uncontrollable malice. While indeed evil was a certain point of view, Darth Tormentous held no notion that he was anything but a cruel abomination or a sinister joke of the gods. But not anymore. He spat in the face of the gods and defied them as he arrived at this threshold of great power and ability. Now he was the king and master. Now the gods bowed before him. And soon the Sith Emperor, that watered down excuse for a Sith would also kneel and so too would his armies and navies and every one of the Sith that followed him. They would all kneel before Darth Tormentous.
The flow of his energy field eclipsed a certain point in which it held a large amount of Dark Side energy. At his command the swirling vortex of invisible power changed course and began to sweep down like a tornado which all came to a point within the nexus of his own being. This reservoir where the nexus of energy was located was the natural storage point of the Force within a being. Essentially it was the mind and soul of a being.
Incredible power surged within his body as he took in the energies of the Dark Side of the Force and he then began to translate the powerful energies arrayed at his command into a twisted reality. First he pictured an orb of pure energy and after a time he began to build on this imaginative subject. From the nexus point of his center he expanded his senses and funneled the Dark Side’s embraced energy down through his body. Channeling then this bound energy into his arm he felt the fires of strength and power afforded through the Sith Code burning its way down to his fingertips.
Heat radiated off of his hand as the painful surge of power answered his every command and with all the power he’d absorbed now to be found within the palm of his hand he then began to turn his imaged technique into stern reality.
First he took a thread of the Force and stretched it from the palm of his hand and pulled it away to a point in which his eye was set. This thread was unbound at the apex and churned with slight echoes of energy until Darth Tormentous began moving the energy from his hand into the expanse that hovered only inches above the palm itself. Trickle by trickle and ounce by sacred ounce the Force - nay - the Dark Side of the Force - began to flow though unlike Force Lightning it didn’t flee his fingertips in a violent rage or like Telekinesis where it burst forth and blasted everything in a wide unspecific arc. This form of power was isolated and very controlled. Controlled Dark Side energy was a foul form indeed but Darth Tormentous vied for dominance here just as he’d always done.
After long moments of time a singular pin prick of icy blue light appeared just above his palm in the center of his vision and at the end of the threaded strand of the Force which he’d set aside. This pin prick was hardly visible and wouldn’t have been had he not been concentrating on this technique so hard and intentionally.
The pin prick began to expand. Ever so slightly and even in such a miniscule manner as to go completely unnoticed it expanded. Though it wasn’t perhaps in the manner so obvious. In width and length it remained just that, a pin prick. But with the power from Darth Tormentous’ being it expanded greatly in power. Is what he was doing was instead of making the pin prick into a diluted ball with which to hurl wildly away, he was concentrating the Dark Side Force energy and forming an itty bitty pin prick as a projectile that was so tiny that it would essentially be armor piercing or even undetectable by the sight of man’s naked eye.
In terms of energy the pin prick ballooned and its signature within the Force and even the Dark Side detonated like a beacon of pure bright energy. It was almost blinding in fact. More and more Darth Tormentous continued to pour into the pin prick of energy until the bright aura was so powerful that there was now an undeniable truth that the pin prick was very much there.
It was time to unleash it!
He loosed a sardonic laugh that echoed through the Valley of the Dark Lords and the pin prick rose from the palm of his hand to the tip of his upended index finger. He pointed forward and the ball of pure energy lashed forth like a bullet and burst through no less than three half walls and the base of six incredibly massive statue plinths. With the speed of sound the ball raced to Darth Tormentous’ pleasure and he returned it to his index finger, pleased that it hadn’t even waned in the slightest.
Yes, this projectile ability was a powerful one! Finally as a test he allowed the ball to expand on his finger and it arose double the size of a full grown man’s head and it shimmered in an icy hue that was far too bright to look upon. He reared his hand back and cast it forth.
The ball of energy seared the skies at is flew, finally impacting into a rock that was easily a dozen tons in mass. The rock’s innards vanished in a plume of dust and rock debris and the exterior of the rock collapsed in on itself before exploding in a vast shower of rocky detritus.
---Force Bolt - END - 1,099 Words
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---Waves of Darkness - BEGIN - 900 Word Requirement
Battle had shown Darth Tormentous that he still had much to learn in the way of utilizing the Force during combat. Barriers both physical and mental were potent forms of defense and attacking through these barriers held certain dangerous consequences - may it be opening himself up for an easy counter attack or failing in his strikes or even letting the enemies obtain the upper hand through their own willpower and resolve. Whatever the case that may be - Tormentous was fully focused on bringing these defenses crashing down that he would smite his foes with vile fury.
After long sessions of debate with that of Darth Bane’s specter he got the Gatekeeper to reveal a talent which could be utilized as a very powerful technique. Using his already capable aptitude for the Force, Darth Tormentous sank into the realm of the Dark Side and called it to swell within his mental awareness. The energy field surrounding him expanded with the addition of the vast energies afforded to him. On Korriban it seemed that the nature of the Force was far easier to use then in other places of the galaxy, hence why Darth Tormentous continued to come back to this place to train and become more then he had once been.
To break down the barrier of a foe he first needed to understand the workings of a defensive barrier and while he couldn’t erect much more than a simple Force Shield, the technique he sought also battered away the physical too. Just outside the Tombs he spotted the statue of Darth Caecilis - the so called Sith Emperor who even now sat on the throne of Ziost. The stone effigy was appalling to Darth Tormentous and so he sought its utter and total annihilation.
He focused upon the Force and felt out the currents within it. It too flowed within and around the statue and so it more easily accepted the elements of his Force Shield which he projected forth and while it took considerable time he eventually managed to synchronize said shield with the energy field surrounding the statue. The field wasn’t strong but the shield was an ample one for Tormentous’ potential was not that of a neophyte and everything he did held to potency of a master’s hand upon it.
With a target established he began to then concentrate on the Dark Side of the Force and he began to draw upon its wealth and vast plethora of energy. He felt the taint of the vile energies soak him mind with its presence and he began to feel the warm embrace of raw power within the seething rage of his body. What’s more the agonizing pain the Force continued to produce in him became manifested and it hurt badly to even think straight but he only used the sensation of pain and torment to further his will and grant him immense power and strength. The unyielding cycle of his abominable self poured the dank hellfire of the Dark Side into his central nexus and he absorbed its essence like a leech.
He fed from the Dark Side of the Force and with each breath he took the Dark Side swelled all the more. He nearly laughed had it not been for the pain the Force set upon him. His anger rose higher and higher as he stood and spread his arms casually to his side in preparation for the release method.
Akin to his powers of Lightning, this technique would produce elements of the actual reality of the Dark Side of the Force. It would tear away the chains of what was real and what defied him and it would produce a heavily unnatural power that would seep itself from the void and into the plane of life. This unnatural power would be his hand and he would withhold nothing in its use. His indomitable will refused to relent and so he expanded his senses and they flooded outwards between the spaces surrounding him. It was finally time to unleash this destructive form of raw Dark Side energy and obliterate his targets.
In some of Bane’s teachings the application of Waves of Darkness was used in sonar like applications. Darth Tormentous however had a difference in mind. First though he would do as instructed and then expand his own influence into the power.
From the inner pool of his being he pushed the Dark Side within him and he let it echo into the ethereal realm and the pulsation of power burst away from him and outwards. Invisible yet distorting they wave of power began at his feet and coursed outwards on a diagonal cone. Three hundred and sixty degrees the conical wave expanded and crashed against the natural barriers of the temple and rocks and statues. A tremor in the Force called out a painful and mourning sound. Sign that he’d unleashed a baleful power on the galaxy.
Aware he was nearing his goal he only sought to press forward all the more passionately. He bore down on the Dark Side of the Force and took it in like a sponge. Absorbing its elements. Natural flowing currents were torn away from their passage and pulled down upon Darth Tormentous, much of the Force screamed in terror sending echoes through the entire area in tremoring waves. His eye opened and focused on that hated stone before him and he grit his teeth at its sight as if it was an affront to him.
Slowly he focused the Force from the nexus of his center and channeled it down into his right arm. The burning pain of energy coursed within him arm and he felt as if he was being scalded by hot water or if his blood was boiling. With each once of hurt and pain though his abilities only grew stronger in this place.
His hand reached out now and with raw effort and determination he blast forth the echoing damnation he’d released before. This time instead of a three hundred and sixty degree pulse he had focused the technique into a tortured and twisted version of a Force Push. Wave after powerful ethereal wave of battering Dark Side energy blew apart the distance in distortion and taint. The first pulsing wave crashed into the Force Shield and blew it apart as if it’d never existed and it continued forward to totally disintegrate the statue of Caecilis. The technique had been so powerful that the subsequent waves were not even needed and passed by harmlessly.
Hardly any debris was even left. Some having been vaporized completely. Darth Tormentous lowered his hand and turned back to the holocron in which the Gatekeeper of Bane stood with folded arms. He sneered and mentioned that the Gatekeeper had best find new value for Tormentous was fast learning and excelling at everything it knew.
---Waves of Darkness - END - 1,146 Words
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OOC: Continued from GRP - "As Darkness Returns"

Force Destruction - BEGIN - 1,200 Word Requirement

IC: Darth Tormentous closed his eye and drank upon the Dark Side of the Force once more. The close proximity of his Acolyte, Slade, produced a brilliant aura of both natural and unnatural strength which Tormentous also consumed at will. He fed upon the surrounding aura of Slade and as he did so the vast wealth of the Dark Side of the Force began to swell within his own energy field. It bolstered his senses and keened his mind to the task to come. He could feel it now - the vast wave of the Force but more appropriately it was the Dark Side that sounded off in a dreadful trumpet that he’d awoken it at its most full extent.

When Tormentous channeled the Force as he did now, there was little that his potential couldn’t eclipse. Specifically his energy field - a torrent of chaos that was unnatural as his own existence which harkened back to the echo left in the Force back on Belsavis. Before Jacobi Wylcott died, he hated the Force because it was something he didn’t understand nor was it something he accepted. Now as Darth Tormentous he hated the Force for the pain and agony it brought him. Over time he’d been able to consume most of the pain - but the true anguish of his imprisonment to this realm would never recede enough to grant him peace. It was this raw and unrelenting hatred that fueled his strength and gave him access to the unimaginable depths of the Dark Side of the Force.

His energy field spun above and around him in a cyclone of menacing torment. It punished him with each rotation - digging into his mind and stabbing a dagger of pain through his nervous system. Part of him wanted to fall to the ground and cry out in absolute defeatist agony but the rest of him - the driving force behind the man named Tormentous - wrenched victory out of the jaws of defeat. He took in the pain and almost sadistically he yearned for more as every ounce of pain that wrought over his form tore at his mind, tore at his being, tore at who he was. From the ashes of Jacobi arose a monster of pure malice and unyielding hatred. He hated the Force most of all - the very thing that gave him power - the very thing that he wanted but despised. It was this hatred that burned so brightly within the nexus of Tormentous’ soul that there was no limit any longer. There was so much Force energy at his fingertips he supposed he could crush the Malevolent itself with a mere thought or even blink out the life of a nearby star.

With this terrifying power though came a cost so great that it felt that he was in the center of an inferno. His skin was hot to the touch and his eyes, even the blind one, blinked in pain as the droplets of sweat assaulted them. He reached up and wrenched his breath mask away from his face and tossed it aside to gasp cool fresh air but the Dark Side of the Force only looked upon him with disdain and laughed at his woes. He struggled to breath but found dry and sparse oxygen that seemed to burn his lungs but in fact it was the power of the Force he was breathing in and struggling not to suffocate on. A continuation of unseen pains were wrought on him as he fought to reclaim himself, yet there was no end in sight and surely he would consume himself in such a vast swath of raw power that he imagined he may burst into flames himself. Of course this was a silly concept for it wasn’t real heat but instead it was a plethora of the Dark Side’s blessing. Essence and energy combined into one body to gift him a fraction of the very power and strength that he sought.

Someday his greed would be his undoing. But not today.

Darth Tormentous was not ready to admit he was too weak to keep this energy for himself. He was not prepared to exhume this power from his body and mind in a pathetic attempt for a moment of serene calm. This was the only way to obtain true power - through sacrifice. If one didn’t pay a price then one did not reap the rewards. The Dark Side of the Force pummeled him from all sides and he began to weaken at the knees though he maintained his stance through determination. Now that he’d consumed all of this god-like power, he needed to utilize it and learn the technique to turn it upon his foes.

This was the true pinnacle of power. Tormentous infused his mind with the command to control the Dark Side energy within him as he would not have it tear him apart. First he began with his nexus - the central part of his essence within his body that was connected to the Force. From here he began to corral the wild and thrashing energy, absorbing it unto a singular point within the nexus. It didn’t take long to realize that there was far too much within himself to control with any ease and so his full amount of concentration fell upon this trial. His mind ached though he refused to relent when he was so close to the most ultimate victory. After a moment of intense thought he began to compress the gathered energy that had so swiftly filled up the point of contact. He pressed this energy into what seemed to be a speck where the fulfillment was incredible. More and more energy was compressed and localized into this one singular point. What seemed like minutes spread through the span of a full hour as he contested the tidal forces of the Dark Side itself and bent it to his will that he would command it as it was his own.

Fueled by his desire he flooded the point with more and more Dark Side energy - compressing it constantly until it was fused into the speck within his nexus. That a pinprick could contain the power of such energy was impossible to fathom with a sentient mind, it was only that the faith in the knowledge of what he was doing that kept him on this path - this Path of Destruction.

It was time. He slowly stepped aside of the holocron, his heavy boot feeling as if it weighed a hundred pounds or more by the sheer amount of mental concentration it was required to hold on to the pinprick of doom. He looked down the stairs and pondered a moment. To unleash this energy would terminate much life on the Malevolent and perhaps even do harm to the ship. But there was more to be gained then there was to fret and worry over. Even then he kept in his mind that to destroy the Malevolent would undo everything. This in his process of mind - he began.

With a great amount of effort he raised his right hand and held it aloft as if gripping an invisible hand sized ball. His arm trembled with effort as his mind readily went to work. His body as a conduit of the Dark Side of the Force. He lifted up the nexus of his aura and channeled it into his arm. The burn began at his shoulder and ran the length of his arm, the pain was incredible and Tormentous only drew strength from it as it now crossed the bulge of his elbow and down upon his forearm. At this time a bead of bright white light appeared in front of his open palm and it began to grow in size and strength. Soon it blurred as reality began to tear asunder and the power of the Dark Side was swallowed into the point of energy. He pressed the energy further down his arm until it reached his wrist and then hand and finally his finger tips. A visible aura then strung threads of energy from each finger tip down into the center of the growing speck that was now growing into a ball of constant red light. He growled in effort and strain as he continued to siphon the gathered energy to his hand and shunt it away into this ball.

The parchments and maps on his desk were lifted up in the torrent of wind that began to whip up from nowhere and his cloak snapped and snatched away as if caught in a storm. The ball began to emanate itself to the surrounding area. Occasionally a strain of energy that escaped absorption sprang outward in a flash of red lightning to tear into the floor or ceiling and as if touched by a lightsaber or high energy projectile the surface area affected burst apart in a shower of sparks and left behind it nothing but molten remains. One of these arcs lashed out at Tormentous and ran the length of his gloved hand. It easily penetrated the leather and in parts it fused the skin to the material while parting meat and boiling blood into a red mist. It had been a lesser arc though which spared his hand from being burst into a nub of meat and viscera.

Nearly losing the ball of gathered energy he regained his focus and ceased groaning in effort as his concentration surpassed his physical senses and he was now solely focused on the ball of gathering energy. Finally the lashes of wild energy ceased as he was able to contain it completely now. The ball itself had grown into a large size of that of a fruit and it shined a bright orange now with a surface as smooth as polished glass. It was almost serene, but Slade and anyone else that could feel the energy gathered within knew that this ball held within it the power of a star. In the back of his mind he knew if he’d unleash this ball then it would indeed devour the Malevolent. He couldn’t unleash it but he couldn’t absorb it either, it was too much for one man to attend.

All at once, Darth Tormentous held the doom of every soul on board the Malevolent and perhaps even beyond its hull. He’d condemned all if he couldn’t control it. Darth Tormentous had unlocked the secrets of Force Destruction.

Control was the beginning of his training. So to would it accompany him to the end. He fully focused on the orb that now grew of its own accord - a life of its own. He needn’t concentrate on providing it energy. Drawing now backwards on the energy at hand. He soaked it in and began to absorb the energy that had built up within the orb of destruction. It took every ounce of his skill and every inch of his concentration to cut away at the orb and draw in the energy back into himself. He then unleashed the orb.

It flashed forth with a contrail of ethereal fire. The metal grates of the floor and the ceiling broiled and vaporized with a destructive kinetic force as the orb passed by on a straight line towards the chamber doorway. It obliterated everything in its path, regardless of its make.

Tormentous reached out with the sliver of energy he cut from the perfection of the orb and he called back to the orb of destruction. An enormous wave of telekinesis thundered out and ensnared the orb of destruction, slowing it marginally. He strained with everything he had and slowed the orb until it was at a crawling pace now - it was nearly at the far end of the turbolift, beyond that was Tormentous’ personal escape pod and airlock. It ate through the lift’s wall like a cancerous acid and its incalculable strength devoured and desired more and more. He couldn’t stop it, the ball of destruction was too powerful and it had grown well beyond his expectations. There was only one thing left to do.

He released the orb and shoved it forth. The ball slammed into the inside armor wall of the Malevolent and ate right through it as if it was a substance of butter. Just at that time, Five-Oh’s metal hand slapped down on the emergency shield array and a sheet of red slammed down over the blasted hole in the Malevolent. The orb of destruction continued - where it would someday end up would be anyone’s guess.

Trembling, Tormentous lowered his arm in exhaustion. "There is so much we have yet to understand. With her, this sort of knowledge would come as a breeze on the plains. Without her, we are destined to stab into the darkness. In search of what could be."

OOC: Force Destruction - END - 2,121 Words.
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---Begin Thought Bomb - 5,000 words.

The Force surrounded them all. It was brilliant in all of its radiant power - how it moved in between them and how it gripped their essence within. It flowed with a marvelous grace. So smooth and in control - it was harmonious and as if a river of water though soft and pristine on the surface so much as if one man could believe that he could stand upon it. Darth Tormentous though, the Force recoiled from him in disdain and he only hissed in return as he called upon its immensity, forcing it to obey his every command and will despite each and every atrocity he’d made and continued to this day to achieve. Even now the Force felt appalled at his constant use of it and it fought to deny him though his will was far too much. While one cannot overpower the Force itself, one can use its influences to control it and Tormentous had mastered the art of manipulation to such an extent that the Force bent to his will near willingly if not totally.

A sword of burning hate - Jidai Maras - sat in the midst of a circle intoned upon the ground in the runic symbolism of the ancient Sith. Candles were lit to illuminate the area and the flickering glow cast shadows upon the Darth as he stood at the northern point of the circle. His most powerful Acolytes standing nearby and only the most powerful for anyone among them lacking in the strength of mind would be devoured during this ritual if they so failed to maintain themselves.

It was in the dead of night and they stood atop a high mountain overlooking a valley where the bloodiest battle of this war had taken place. The Dark Side of the Force was immensely strong here, absorbent of the souls that had been lost here and the blood spilt across the valley floor. With every man killed their essence fell screaming into oblivion and the Dark Side only grew in strength. This was where Tormentous had begun to focus his energies and this was where Darth Tormentous would bring to be an era of strength for the Red Cauldron of the Sith Empire. He felt the burning hatred of the souls he’d sent to the void with his bare hands during the battle. The heat of their emotion fueled him even in their afterlife. He soaked it up and drank from it until his body felt the fire of the Dark Side’s own power. It was awesome to behold and he felt as if he could bring down the mountain he stood on by himself though he knew if he was to control the powers that would become manifested in a few hours at this very point then he needed to concentrate more and prepare his mind fully.

Darth Tormentous’ mind was a chaos of thought and process. But he would seek his unltimate control. His eye was closed as he took a kneeling position before the sword of Korriban and he calmed the demons in his mind with a brief exercise of mental centering. No remaining thoughts troubled him as he concentrated upon the energy field surrounding him. One step at a time he began to unfold the mystery and find his ultimate mastery. The energy field was a swirling vortex that terminated within his central nexus, chaos and vile corruption dominated here and so he began. First he isolated his center and focused upon it, bringing his mind to the point of contact with the plethora of Force energy being absorbed here. It was alarming the pain it wrought. Ever since Tormentous’ awakening on Roon by Lord Naverton, the very event that Jedi Master Buggie had sought to stop dead in its tracks though he’d failed in the end, the Force had brought Tormentous great and unsanctioned pain. It was agonizing, every moment of every ounce the Force delivered. Its use, the senses, the powers - everything that the Force was made Tormentous cry out in the pain of a star’s demise. Though the more he used it the more the pain would be turned aside only to return again worse. It was an unending cycle and one that breathed torment upon Tormentous and gave him a taste of his own medicine. In the end, it only made his raging hatred burn all the more bright and that was an emotion he used to empower himself to heights that ascended more every day.

He grit and ground his teeth as the seething pains of the Force awoke his mind to the reality that he lived with. A pain so fearsome that even he wanted to turn away and leave. But he knew he couldn’t. As his condition deteriorated more and more and the pains he endured sought to overwhelm him and destroy him before his time had been called, his research had led him to a release that would allow him to live on. Only in this could Tormentous find what he was looking for and in that he would cause suffering on a scale not seen in millennia. The pain swept in upon him and like the hatred of the men he’d slain, he soaked up the essence of this pain and transformed it into more power to be turned upon his enemies, or rather towards this ritual. The Dark Side of the Force began to move around the apex of this mountain as Tormentous called it close. Over hours of development it began to churn around the peak like a massive hurricane and Tormentous was channeling it now, harnessing its unattainable power for his own means.

By this time his mind had fully focused on the task at hand and he was fully committed to what he was about to do. Now that he had centered himself and held the collective knowledge of his mind at his instantaneous disposal - the next task at hand was to connect the dots so to speak - it would now take the collective focus of all the participants of the process. Only together would they manage to effectively channel so much Dark Side energy into this ritual. Darth Tormentous led them in the passage of verbal conviction, an incantation so ancient and so powerful and overall so drenched in the dire presence of the Dark Side of the Force that the temperature in reaction to the very words alone plummeted and their breaths became visible, corruption began to come to this peak and mutate the surroundings.

In response to Tormentous’ words the Dark Side of the Force began to drain the life out of or twist the area. Rock formation began to tremble and break apart, moss and other living vegetation at this altitude began to abnormally be turned into forms of fouled nature. Rot, disease and decay afflicted them in haste as if their age advanced too rapidly for their current forms to keep up with and some things died away while others fell into a corrupted existence. The Force was now being drawn rapidly by the incantations and the prior hurricane that Tormentous had created began to affect the clouds above them. They grew dark and churned above the site of the ritual. A great signal to where this concept of Tormentous’ creation was being made manifest. Afar the image of the Sith Citadel came into view and Darth Tormentous gazed out into the distance at it with nothing but scorn. He would destroy Caecilis once and for all, this was the day and this was the end.

An orb of light was before him - sitting above Jidai Maras, over the many hours after its initial appearance it had not only grown but it had begun to solidify into a solid object rather than a simple glimpse of light. It shimmered silver and it was perfectly formed. This body was the epicenter of the rituals being cast upon it by Darth Tormentous and his lot. It took incredible amounts of all his Disciplines to maintain. For one man alone it was an impossibility to contain even for him, hence the ritual and the thick use of Sith Sorcery in its conjuration. The orb was so deep within the Dark Side of the Force that it was causing the corruption and taint that was scouring the apex of this mountain. It was the purest form of the true volatility of the Dark Side. It was Darth Tormentous. The mental strain was so intense it promised to shattered his barriers and obliterate his mind - there were no Sith Lords here to help him - he was alone save for his trained Acolytes who could not sustain themselves in the presence of what was to be made true.

Such was the strain that Darth Tormentous began to falter in his practice of the ritual. His mind burned and hurt, each heartbeat was a sledgehammer blow to his brain, blood leaked from his nose into the filter of the metal mask he wore and he tore it from his face and cast it down. Coppery tastes filled his mouth, he was forced down to one knee. Sustaining this ritual was pushing him over the limit of his already impressive abilities. He honestly believed himself powerful to snuff out a star though in this moment it brought him back down to reality. It had better be a small star. There again he was handling the weight of the Dark Side of the Force itself, not natural matter. Two different things yet so very similar in their volatility - there was truth in the words, ‘the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant to the power of the Force,’ Tormentous was learning this first hand.

His vile desire for destruction was going to consume him and his quest would be over. Not only that but his followers would be devoured as well for all eternity and sentenced to the most agonizing fate known and perhaps even unknown. It began to eat at his mind. Flakes of his sentience collapsed away from himself and flooded into the orb, in response to his own essence the orb seemed to take glee in this and it took on a tint of eerie red. It had taken the taste of his mind and it wanted more. Struggling, he fought to regain the control until he’d realized he was no longer focused on the task at hand and was worried about self preservation, suddenly he spoke even just a syllable of the incantation wrong and everything cascaded towards him in a tidal wave. The Force wave of the orb crashed into him and nearly knocked him over had he not been already on one knee.

Both hands outstretched and he channeled his Force energy through them. Calling upon the center of his being and the energy field surrounding him, he pressed this energy through himself and unto his arms and hands as conduits of direction. Alteration was a field where Tormentous had mastered long ago and here was no different as he fought against the Dark Side’s power. With expert hands he guided the Force back where it belonged though by now it was a spider’s web that had captured the area in its deathly grip. The vegetation all around, once mutated with corruption, now dead and shriveled as if it had been dying for days. The orb didn’t want this life, it wanted him and so it flashed a pulse of red once more and snaked its way back into his mind.

He reached out to each tendril of the orb that had lashed out and smote the area dead. He gripped the first arm of the orb and its sheer intensity was nearly enough to kill him stone dead at that instant though perhaps the Darth was simply too stubborn to die and he fought on. Once it had broken from him through his arrogance and vast hubris, now humbled and with a healthy respect he took to his task as a man possessed with unyielding determination and a concentration to hold back the tide. Through his mastery of the Discipline of Alteration he managed to reel in the orb’s tendril and contain it. The orb screamed out, its pristine shimmering surface quivered and Tormentous knew he had moments at best to reel in the rest or the ritual could be undone and all on this mountain top would be annihilated in the flash of an instant.

Silas Karn, Slade Xandir, Kroxata Akhoi and Adara Silver were the most powerful Acolytes here and Darth Tormentous looked upon them in his mind’s eye and he called upon their emotions. Many emotions came from each and the list encompassed virtually every aspect of feelings and temperament. He fed from their nurturing spirits and drank in their emotions. It gave him the reinforcing strength to stand tall once more and finally he found he was back on his feet and back in the middle of the circle alongside his sword. He could feel the incredible intensity of the orb and how it desired to do nothing more than eat and consume. He knew he’d have to overpower it and with his talents, determination and spirit, he would see to it that he did just that.

Another coil turned away through the Force’s guidance and Tormentous was able to focus more on the orb now with less outside distractions. The orb shimmered again and more tendrils sought to snake out and claim ground lost though Tormentous was there and he corralled them, sending them back from whence they’d come and sealing those areas of the shimmering orb. More tendrils he harnessed and as he took in their form he drained their power to add to his. The orb rebelled against this but now that he was back in control there was little it could do at this point and in time the orb was fully contained under Darth Tormentous’ will. With a lull in the ritual he did not spare his attention from the orb though he could sense death nearby, a great many of his other Acolytes had died in the process of this ritual. Touched and turned stone dead in a heart’s beat. Such was the way of things. “They were weak, and so they will be washed away.”

The orb cried out, realizing Tormentous mentioned that phrase to it and the more it struggled the more Tormentous tightened its grip. Finally there was one last tendril to contain, a tendril that had reached his mind and surely had torn much of himself away. This tendril was by far the largest as it had feasted upon his soul for however long. He needed to regain control. First off he focused inward and slowed himself down. The beating of his artificial heart and the flex of his twin artificial lungs as they operated, the electronic pulses of his brain, the hoarse breath coming from his unfiltered mouth and nose. The blood streaming from his face and the blood flowing through his body. He took it into account and even though it hurt beyond any sort of measure - he let the Force flow freely and when it did its power radiated within him, perhaps as it would have naturally done if it had ever been given the chance. A calmed being and a centered one, he lifted his conscience up and ensnared the tendril gently wrenching it from his heart and so he removed it and returned it.

Suddenly Darth Tormentous found himself once more intoning the ritual in perfect unison with his remaining Acolytes. No one would likely ever know how closed they’d come to death. An irrelevant piece of information that was washed away as Tormentous dove headlong right back into his ritual. The orb was returned to its perfect appealing surface and now with its energies fully contained and not allowed to run rampant, it began to grow in size and its majesty only reflected its inner power and strength.

Darth Tormentous had succeeded in the first steps of this summoning ritual. First he’d accessed the Dark Side itself and brought his mind into synch with its ethereal flow. It was similar to meditation though he was still active and not repose. Next was the delicate process of touching upon each of the three Disciplines. Control, Sense and Alteration. He was forced to tap into the trained and practiced mastery of each of these Disciplines and use each to focus his will over the ritual in order to continue forward. All of these things he had accomplished well and now he was ready for the ritual to begin anew - almost. He’d brought himself to focus and center through the Force, now he had to devour the power of the Acolytes and Masters surrounding him. Once he held an internal focus upon them all then the ritual would be ready to begin and indeed - finish. The trouble with this concept was that Sith were untrusting and paranoia prevailed where alliances crumbled. This notion made such a full union impossible. There would be weak links in the meld that would prevent a unified attempt at summoning the Thought Bomb. A saving grace had been implanted in Tormentous’ training however, while he didn’t teach them nor treat them as equals due to his longstanding belief that equality was a lie meant to dilute the strong and truly worthy, he did teach them respect and loyalty. Where many would seek to backstab and murder, these gathered few knew their place and their place was at the loyalty of their lord and master. Everything was done for a purpose and if Tormentous said their purpose was to blind their eyes to treachery then they would do so even if it was a temporary thing. In truth this was no unification per se but rather it was a willing consumption of their minds and abilities and auras to Tormentous’ domineering will. They would open themselves and Tormentous would fall upon them with intent.

With the Sith and the Dark Side, if not for the incantations of Sith Sorcery, a unification of their powers would be utterly impossible with beings so self-centered and paranoid. Darth Tormentous began anew, he let his consciousness bring forth a specter within the ethereal and his mind reached out, first to Slade Xandir - the obvious choice to begin with. For one the connection they both shared was the strongest out of all those gathered here and stealing away the malleable energies that Slade held within him to combine unto his own would be swift and relatively painless. Not to mention shoring up Slade’s mental defenses would ensure Slade did not fail and perish along with the weaker among them that had already died away in the opening elements of the ritual. The Darth sank his essence, directed towards Slade, and his mind fell upon the youth. Their connection burned bright and all Tormentous needed to do was to trigger the youth’s attention which was a truly simple thing, for the youth held a pack mentality that very oddly felt appropriate when concerning a Sith hierarchy. Instinctively his pack mentality awoke and Tormentous caught his attention with ease. Openly Slade gave in and permitted Tormentous’ entrance. Their auras came together and initially clashed but it was Darth Tormentous’ that draped over that of Slade’s and as a passing shadow the power and raw strength of Slade became Tormentous’ extension. (Feed on Dark Side). The Dark Lord brought forth all the memorable rage of failure and trials Slade had endured and it was a bright inferno of fury. This the Lord of Chaos could use and he did so with poise as he reached down and ripped Slade’s radiance of emotion as soon as it was produced. The increase of mental fortitude within Tormentous was immense and the heat of his eternal hatred exploded like a star to consume those around him. It was intense and the amplification of the Sorcery at work made it all the more potent as he drew in Slade’s essences and added it to his own.

Upon this notion of singular mentality, Darth Tormentous turned to Kroxata Akhoi; the first Acolyte of Tormentous to have achieved the level of Warrior and currently one of Tormentous’ most politically and reputationally powerful allies. Their connection had diminished though not enough to affect what he was trying to do here and as his mind fell upon the energy field of Kroxata, he motioned inward; he and Slade’s consciousness together captured the waves of Kroxata’s mental current and began to ride it out for a time. This was a delicate process when probing one’s mind and as he entered Kroxata’s consciousness further, he found the Dathomiri Hammer’s center of mind and body. His warrior’s strength and power was insurmountable and without a doubt Tormentous’ respect for this noble though brutal warrior was renewed. This aside he focused his willpower and through the Disciplines of the Force, the Dark Side answered a willing call. He forced Kroxata’s emotions to be stoked and a fiery defiance erupted as an angry volcano of ferocity. Such powerful rage and hatred was exactly what Tormentous needed and he embraced Kroxata’s outrageous anger. Feeding from it fully and drinking in all the pains, tortures and battles that the zabrak had fought to arrive at this very moment in time and the very place. Emotion was key and Tormentous needed every ounce of it. Where he didn’t control minds he controlled the power of exhumed emotions. Within time the devouring of Darth Tormentous, Slade and now Kroxata had been established. This trio of essences into his own now worked with effort towards a dangerous and ultimate goal.

Next was Silas Karn. An unknown entity by Slade and Kroxata so the feeding process would likely not be so well received this time. Regardless, Darth Tormentous brought the trifecta of essences together and they approached Silas’ energy field. It was a mental image torn asunder by a lifetime of cruelty and misfortune. Tormentous could sense the hardships that Silas had endured throughout his life and while initially this would complicate this process, in the end it would benefit the product. They moved upon his energy field in a predator’s form - they needed to open his mind that they could feed on his Dark Side energies as he’d done to the rest. Their thoughts and individuality monopolized by Tormentous’ overall will though as they approached Karn, he recoiled away and it was clear he’d not suffer this affront. Though it was not his unwillingness that refused Tormentous, rather it was Silas’ untrusting nature. Coaxing a measure of diplomacy along with the desirable promise of power, Silas would soon come around. Soon Darth Tormentous would Feed on the Dark Side of the Force once more.

Difficult as it was for a Sith to measure a controlled mind, Darth Tormentous was a being of many talents and his mind was ever at work. He needn’t break the mold when the mold was his to begin with. His desire, a powerful emotion within the Dark Side of the Force, came forth and he gripped his desires of victory and showed them in full to Silas Karn’s willing gaze. Tormentous used the art of telepathy to inflict thoughts upon Silas’ mind. Victory meant safety for Eshan, Idaan and everything that Karn had sought to secure over the course of his life. Failure meant all these things would burn away. Silas, through Tormentous’ will, succumbed to this manipulation of the mind and saw truth where it was due. Silas would open his will to Tormentous and the Dark Lord thrust himself upon these energies, feasting as if gorging himself on a delicate morsel. He fed from Silas’ essence and added his power to his own. Together as one now, the four essences of the most powerful Sith came together. With a massive amount of effort, Tormentous was now holding tightly to the consciousness of Kroxata, Slade and Silas Karn - he then turned his ethereal gaze to one last piece of this puzzle.

Not sure if he needed her, he was certain that with her he’d succeed though without - it was unclear. Adara Silver. The multifaceted consciousness of Darth Tormentous and his Acolyte summoned forth their desire upon the ex-Imperial Knight. Together as one they were truly an awesome presence and without a doubt Adara resisted, unsure if she’d ever come out again. Despite this, in the end, Darth Tormentous would succeed and the five found themselves lost within the realm of the Dark Side of the Force. As they fed from her emotions, mind and essence. They were to become an unstoppable malleable force to behold.
Growing ever more the central shape began to radiate Dark Side Force energy at will though the Sith were able to contain it through their combined willpower.

For their thoughts, consciousness and cognizance, even their identities were soon consumed by the master of their will - the vortex of the Dark Side - Darth Tormentous. Bereft of their ultimate individuality they formed unto one mind. A ritualistic power of unity among the Sith through Sorcery and incantation had been achieved. As one singular mentality, the Dark Side’s use was a hundred fold more perceptive to every thought garnered from the multi-form of this ritual.

Finally into the darkening hours of the night, it was time to move on to the next portion - the final portion of this ritual and the end of the false Sith. Once and for all.

---Break - 4,289 words. Edited for clarity.
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Derric Starr
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From across the Void, deep within Chaos, in the Netherworld of the Force the gathering of the Sith and their observance of a deeply empowered ritual caught the attention of wandering spirits. Sith Lords long dead vying for a chance to steal back to the living realm along the flows of the Force for a chance to live again, to be as close to life as possible. Among the dead bond to the Darkside of the Force was one single spirit, an oddity among their numbers, a being that seemed as dark as he was light but still he soul was bound to the Darkside...

Perhaps it had something to do with his death, or perhaps he chose to dwell among those he would have fought as enemies in life, but the spirit of this wayward soul lingered among the fallen Lords of the Sith contending with them on the other side of life. Something called out to him a beckon born from the realm of the living, carried into the darkness of Chaos along the Ebb (Darkside) through Arcana (Sith Sorcery). There was something familiar with the powers the essences intertwined with the Way that reached into the Void through Arcana. Being dead it was so much easier to identify the minds connected to the power flowing toward his new home, almost as though it was second nature to understand the depths of the Way and those who used it. It was clear from this side of the Netherworld of the Force that he knew all of the strong minds connected to the reaching ritual.... to the spells of the long dead. Not a single mind was new too him.

Derric Starr moved as swift as thought outstripping the other spirits that had considered reaching into the ritual and following it back to the realm of the living, he didn't even know what was about to happen, he only knew that these living beings were familiar. And in that dark and dreary life he had come to know since dying at the hands of his blood brother, even an enemy was more welcome than the constant fights with the other dead. It was strong growing stronger the closer he came to the pull of the Ebb, following it back through the Way to its source. There was light, blessed light...

Fading the closer he came toward the odd shimmering reflective orb that drew his attention with each passing wave of the Way washing over his incorporeal form he could feel the life all around him concentrating becoming real vivid, and something he hadn't realized had been precious and missing during his time being dead. In the world of the living darkness fell as his soul reached a brilliant light formed in the shape of an orb, something that could anchor him to the world of the living he realized at least for a time.

It was life his soul longed for once again and so he pushed through the Void breaking into the living world guided by the immense flow of the Way gathered in a single point through a ritual similar to Arcana. There was light to greet him save the dim moon in the night sky, but he had more than enough time to savor a quasi life for a short time.

He spun in circles ashes out trying to reach away from the light from the orb in which he found his soul residing for the moment pushing all of his mind and connection to the Way into every attempt to leash out and be fully free in the world of the living. There they stood Sith all gathered and standing off away from his focal point in the living realm. Images ran through his soul as the faces of his past enemies were revealed to him... this was in some small way a confirmation of many of the rumors and hidden truths that had lurked behind the rise to power of the one known as Lord Tormentous. Others were a surprise, like Adara Silver being here, and even Silas Karn the loyal Imperialist was a shock to see, but his mind had come to rest not on the smaller sources of power smaller connections to the Way.

The others he could ignore it was Jacobi that he had felt, that had drawn his soul from the purgatory of the Void, of Chaos, of the Netherworld of the Force. Here was a chance to continue what he had started ironically enough he realized in death....

A figure a rose like some many before it through the Darkside summoned by the raw power of the Force, of the Way through Sith Sorcery, through Arcana. A hood concealed his face though it was attached to no robe, but rather a long coat with small concealed plates of armor within the lining of the coat. The form had a sword strapped to his back at an angle it was nearly as long as the figure was tall. His eyes shone through the darkness like small fires of reflected moonlight as he look at his murderer, his vod. His soul cried out for vengeance but not for his own death, rather for the torment rained down upon his blood brother since Belsavis. And still a part of him would plat whatever role was needed in order to gather information, even though it was now pointlss to do so. Beneath the hood a mischievous smirk played at one corn of his lips.

"What fool draws me from eternal slumber? Why have I been summoned to this place?"

So I chose the path of least resistance, well the one with the longest lifespan... --- Derric Starr ---

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Galactic Doughnuts
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Feeling it first, it took long moments for the shadowy specter to be given form. A grayish ghost, swept several times away by the winds on this high peak before finally taking a final form as a man lost to this world forever. Swimming in the vast sea of the Force, this man was all but unidentifiable even for one who’d mastered the arts of the mind’s hand. This specter had been drawn from the void of oblivion where he swam forever by a tear in the fabric of reality which had been caused by Darth Tormentous’ ritual. So saturated with the Dark Side of the Force and so potent was the Sorcery at hand, that the lost souls from beyond were given a beacon - the only one able to take to its light had been this specter.

Such was the chaotic affects of utilizing sorcery and magicks - the results could be unpredictable. Given a moment to make face within this realm once more, the specter mused a threatening tone. Darth Tormentous, within the lull of his ritual where only time could press him forward, looked upon this false-man and leered at him.

He failed to recognize the face beneath the hood nor did he feel the true presence of him for the specter was both here and not here at all. Though now they would share an even more entwined connection than before. Originally it had been as brothers along the frontlines of an unwinnable war. Forged in fire and molded through the Manadlorian ways as a blacksmith would hammer steel. Now, their very existence was owed to the vile machinations of Sith Sorcery. Too, Wylcott’s soul had found Manda - a stein of ale and hearty elk meat in his hands - he was ripped away and brought screaming through the darkest incantations of Sith rituals unknown to all save the most privy.

Tethered and bound to his plain, the soul of Wylcott was forced to endure a hellish existence until his body, consumed by Tormentous, was powerful enough on its own to sever the binding sorcery and contain Wylcott for himself. Tormentous was a true abomination, his very existence was unnatural just as many abilities and techniques concerning the Dark Side of the Force were. His presence was an affront, evil and vile both. To this day, Tormentous remains a self sustaining dominion over the chained prisoner within.

How he shall suffer the Force - the galaxy shall suffer him.

Looking upon the specter he did not pay it mind for long moments though as it annoyed him further he shot it a final glance. “I have not summoned you. Go back from whence you have come specter. You are not more than a mistake given breath in the glory of my wake.”

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Re: Cursed, Lost & Decayed - Recovered

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Galactic Doughnuts
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---MP Continued - Current Count: 4,289/5,000

The appearance of the wraith gave Darth Tormentous new perspective. Not only could be draw from those gathered around him but perhaps he could draw off of the pure essence of the Dark Side itself which entailed the spirits within its mist. As the ritual continued Darth Tormentous’ mind, infused with the seized strengths of all those present, began to twist reality at the center of the circle very near the specter. As the distortion grew, Tormentous looked upon the gray specter with a sinister look that had every notion of the desire to devour upon it.

To commune with spirits in the dark ways was to be was more simplistic than to make host to the minds and auras of actual living beings. Tormentous moved upon the wraith with his mind and captured it with a tendril of his consciousness. Instantly the wraith’s inner mind began to divulge thoughts and memories and experiences but none of these were of Tormentous’ quarry at this time though eventually the knowledge stolen away would be processed and give him much to think about. But it was finally found - in this wraith’s ability to manifest. It took a powerful being to do this act and to become semi-corporeal, Tormentous recognized this powerful presence and he began to draw upon it. At once Tormentous sensed that this man had been a master of the Force as well as all three Disciplines, he also held a great talent within him and this natural potential of the wraith was temporarily consumed by Tormentous in order for him to establish his dominion over the ethereal realm.

Intertwining his consciousness with the wraith’s, he wove a delicate communion that forced the wraith to act like the beacon, or a conduit rather. From the void the channeled Force energy came through the distortion in reality and flooded through the tendril. At first this simple tendril of the mind’s consciousness couldn’t hope to hold the pressures set against it and it began to tear away. Just the slightest rip in the tendril cast a bolt of Force energy spewing outwards from between the distortion and where Tormentous stood and the bolt of power lashed out, obliterating another of Tormentous’ few remaining Acolytes. The being vanished in a burning hailstorm of fire, he continued screaming even after his bones were consumed.

Darth Tormentous reached out and captured the escaped energy, touching the length of it to his energy field he was able to channel its strength elsewhere and thus is was reeled in before further damage could be done. He was thankful that nothing had happened to the glowing runes on the ground, if one of them had been destroyed then their sorcery would have collapsed and holding the orb would have become far more difficult.

Once more he used the Dark Side of the Force to its utmost potential and reconnected the tendril of the mind’s consciousness to the wraith. With this anchor planted, he was able to begin funneling the unrealized powers of the void. It wouldn’t take much - the stuff that sustained long dead Sith Lords would be a potent prize indeed.

A piece of the void came forth at Tormentous’ behest and he molded the ethereal stuff to his mind’s patterns and infused the droplet of power from beyond, into his very energy field. He had to alter the flow of it as it came in to this side of reality. From the beyond it was of a pattern and current that man couldn’t understand but now on this side of reality he had to create its current and stop it from its continuation as a piece of chaos. Beginning on the edges of its non-form he broke away the rough edges of its essence and corralled it to eventually build a foundation, ovular in shape. Next he began to churn the innermost energy and doing so forced a vortex effect. Pulling this energy in on itself and establishing a central point and even a nexus for its containment. That done, Tormentous was then able to focus on the currents of the void energy and this flow was powerful but now tangible - able to be utilized by the forces on this side of realities’ gateway.

Even just a sliver, this power was like a hurricane and controlling it was far beyond one being - it was fortunate that Tormentous had consumed the willpower of those nearby lest he would have been consumed himself and turned loose a tear in the void of reality. But with the Dark Side of the Force he placed his strength in his abilities and with the hands of a master craftsman he touched the mold. The knowledge to forge one’s will onto paper or stone was a keen thing - it took ages to perfect one’s work. The knowledge to forge one’s will onto the immaterial was a thing of well honed expertise.

Darth Tormentous took the clay of the Force and churned it to his means, combined with the ethereal power of the void and of his own reality, he pressed these opposing forces into one singular entity. As he did so, the teardrop orb expanded and the further he pressed his mental fortitude upon this object of unnatural origin, the results were great and terrible to behold.

It was night and dark though the twinkling of stars and the moon’s light gave the ritual some means of visibility. Once Darth Tormentous began forging the infernal weapon the light of the world itself began to sink away, drawn into the central point of the orb. After moments, the orb itself was the only visible object and it was bright though gave off no light. So bright that it could blind a staring fool yet one still could not see. Next the heat of the area - this was a snowy peak on a mountaintop of Ziost, it was already freezing - but now the natural heat of the atmosphere began to vanish and be pulled into this orb of terror. Misty breath crystallized and the surrounding rocks obtained frost layers while the snow underfoot solidified into icy permafrost. Even sound itself was stolen and the muffled ritual continued with opened mouths uttering silent incantations all while Darth Tormentous stood at the head of the ceremony as Master of All and so returned the tendrils though this time the tendrils were of his command. They leeched and snaked overhead, connecting from his own energy field and back to the orb. This moment of the ritual was a delicate one. He needed to continue to reinforce the inner wall of the Thought Bomb that the souls it would rip away would be unable to escape their horrific fate once the detonation occurred.

Forming the inner walls took time and patience and the more he delved into the Dark Side of the Force the denser a cloud of utter darkness would become which formed over his station. Lashes of power came down to lick across his body and the pain involved awoke with it a tremendous desire to gain victory. His mind dominated the Force in this moment and so he continued to weave the inner layers of the Thought Bomb. As unnatural as this ritual was, the forming of the vessel was by far more unnatural still.

High above in the skies, as Darth Tormentous pressed the ritual onwards and controlled the spheres of the Thought Bomb’s existence, the Force itself grew as thick as the clay that he molded within his mind. A perfect reflection of the chaos. The sky cracked and split asunder, leaving behind jagged trails of deep red that seemed to spread over the horizon. So amassed was the energy now that even the slip of his concentration would release the pre-mature weapon and obliterate them all.

The Darth focused his will towards the battlefield that had raged only hours before within the valley below. Thousands of bodies lay there for the carrion bird, yet Darth Tormentous saw their purpose. He reached down with uncaring malice and his essence washed over the dead. Their bodies held no purpose, it was the threads of their energy fields which had yet to dissipate. He lashed out and reached for their incorporeal forms. Having been hours, many of the thousands had gone on to greet the Force though there were still many more that were wandering. Again he fed on their despair, lost and abandoned, their emotions flared with torment and this was the perfect concoction of unclaimed energy.

He sapped them of their strength, absorbing their energy. Having already found death, this was not any sort of life manipulation but rather a draw upon incorporeal spirits. Tormentous’ powerful incantations of Sorcery and his hand motions to unlock the draw of the Dark Side came and went. Now the flood of the dead came to him and he consumed them all to channel their expending energy through his central core to the nexus that was being created before them all. The energy went to the orb and washed over it, flowing into and around it like a wave of smoke until finally solidifying onto the mirrored surface of the Thought Bomb.

So much power had now been gathered that the atmosphere itself quailed at the very presence of Tormentous and his Thought Bomb. Lightning snaked across the skies and dark storm clouds brewed all around as the light began to return as well as sound and heat. The runes on the sand were glowing no more and the torches blew out, the thickness of Dark Side matter abated and left Darth Tormentous with his surviving Acolytes to face a shimmering orb of perfection. It stank of unreleased energy and all knew without any sort of confirmation that the weapon was ready.

Tormentous stood and marveled, though he kept his concentration through the Force locked onto the orb. He dared not release the orb and he ensured his hands remained separated for the significance was there in that once his hands were clasped, a catastrophic detonation would consume all within its path. Even himself. With an unchallenged focus the Darth looked upon the orb with an unflinching gaze - it was time. The Thought Bomb rose slowly into the air and Tormentous motioned with his hands to orient the Thought Bomb according to his will, every movement was planned and taken with extreme care. The very act of containing this terrible weapon was already wearing on his mind and the fatigue was amassing itself at an incredible rate. His body burned with it and his mind began to blur with exertion. Dark Side corruption began to spread further over his body, skin paled, the molten yellow acid of his left eye glowed bright with intensity and the veins beneath the skin shown with the blackness of his heart.

Nearly forced to his knees, he fought like never before to life this monolithic device high into the air. His arms spread up and outwards as he alone took command of the bane of the Force itself. No longer could his Acolytes support him. This was a moment of Darth Tormentous’ greatest trial. To contain and control a mass of power that could literally destroy a planet. Splits opened up along his arms as the effort was so great and the potency of the connection between himself and the Thought Bomb only intensified with its physical departure from the point of the ritual.

His hands broke from their hold and danced in the air, signing a rune of the ancient Sith into the air which left a burning contrail of black smoke. The evil notation was powerful and warded away the stigmata that would overcome his mind, body and soul. It also called upon the spirits of the ancient Sith Lords to fuel his energy field and his energy became fully manifest. The pinnacle of Tormentous’ power. The ground cracked beneath him and the winds whipped, snow beat the peak with unrelenting force. The true Dark Lord of the Sith began to rise from the ground in this near meditative state of mind and he only poured himself out onto the rising Thought Bomb.

An orb of unblemished perfection, it rose high above the peak and dominated the view. Through Tormentous’ unyielding strength, the Thought Bomb finally settled a league above the surface of Ziost. The world did not shake nor anything so foolish, but the essence of the Force throughout the world reacted to his very command and so the Thought Bomb near vanished from above the peak. It flew at great speed and arrived before the viewing chambers of Darth Caecilis.

From this great distance, Darth Tormentous’ mind was set beyond its capacity and the strain had blood running from his nose and ears. Teeth clenched, he was barely breathing to contain this monstrous entity of the Dark Side. He could see Caecilis’ face, filled with shock and terror, it was the icing on the cake and Darth Tormentous drank on the fears of his hated foe. It was the final piece he’d been searching for, the final nail to seal the coffin. Caecilis’ fear was potent and Tormentous fell upon it like a rabid vulture consuming a fresh corpse. (Feed on Dark Side) He channeled his will on the emotions he felt and as Caecilis was locked in place, Tormentous consumed his foe’s willpower. Strength anew filled Tormentous’ mind, body and soul and his knees flexed once more with vigorous determination.

Churning this essence into his enery field, he sent the energy forth to touch the surface of the Thought Bomb and yet again the malleable thing expanded again as it added every ounce of Darth Tormentous’ remaining power into it.

With the weight of the world upon him he fell to his knees, completely taxed beyond any measure. Breaths came in low, long pulls. His heart pounded, hollow in his chest, reverberating with every thunderous discharge. His senses reached outward and he felt Ziost for the last time. Its biosphere would forever be changed and while the world would survive, it was destined to be impactfully altered.

His hands were a ruin from manipulating the Thought Bomb, his legs felt as if he’d run a world spanning marathon, his mind spun and he was weakened by the effort of consorting with the Dark Side of the Force and beyond. This evil communion would shatter the minds of those in ground zero and it would send a quaking disturbance through the Force. Darth Tormentous’ name would become enshrined into legend, with only the simple motion of his hands.

Slowly he stood and took moments to collect himself.

He gazed out to the Sith Citadel and the glinting aura of the Thought Bomb.

It was time for his ascension.

Darth Tormentous flexed his arms and the palms of his hands came together and the resounding clap echoed across the distance and in that instant the void of space and time, the very Force itself, cried out as Tormentous exposed the Thought Bomb and unleashed its overwhelming power.

Physically the Thought Bomb annihilated all in its immediate proximity. Powerful enough to rip the hull of a starship open, it left little in its wake. A great acreage of the frozen wastes were blown to smithereens. Forests were rent to splinters and the clouds high above were concussed. It was beings though that were most affected. A normal non-Force Sensitive was destroyed though the Force Sensitives were ripped apart in a shining ray of hellfire that consumed their skins, muscle and bones - disintegrating them while they were still alive. Once they were torn away from their corporeal forms they were then yanked back to the center of the Thought Bomb and devoured.

Inside the Thought Bomb their minds were broken and their individuality was lost. Inside the prison they were concealed within for eternity. The smoke like shadows of those consumed would shimmer from within the Thought Bomb. The victims were absorbed into it to suffer an eternity of unending torment. They became wretched souls, trapped forever.

---Master Power End - 7,001 Words.

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