Full Circle (Char Dev)

With Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith, destroyed, the Sith Order have retreated to the sanctuary of the frozen realm of Zoist.
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Full Circle (Char Dev)

Post by Kell Sangros » Sat Mar 09, 2019 2:16 pm

=Location: Sojourn, Warvanus’ estate=
=Meditation Room=

It had taken a long time, but he had done it, he had gathered the materials he needed. It had taken some doing, and some of them had been very costly. Not only were the materials were difficult to acquire, finding the knowledge to know the process on what he was about to do was even more difficult, he had been searching and piecing bits of information together, ever since he began his apprenticeship and the path to power. Now, he was about to perform a rite of Mastery. Not all Masters did this but He had alot of knowledge he had acquired, historical data, philosophies on the Dark Side, histories of the Sith Empire. He had much to preserve. If he was successful then he would be a true master of the Dark Side. He had been preparing for this, he had secluded himself in his meditation chamber on Sojourn, he still kept the compound on Sojourn, just as his Master had kept his on Karza. He had chosen Sojourn so he could distance himself from his power base. Kinta Vetasa was in charge until his return, and in that knowledge he knew things were in capable hands.

Constructing a Sith Holocron was a very involved and a very taxing rite of passage. Not even Darth Bane had been successful at first, and from what he knew neither had been Darth Tormentous on his first attempt. This knowledge only drove him further to succeed. He had to prepare, both physically but mentally, as he would be drawing on the Dark Side heavily. He had laid the materials out before him. He was about to invoke the Sith ritual of Invocation, something he had never attempted. This ritual would guide him as he scribed the Sith Runes on the casing, but the more important ritual was the Ritual of Commencement, that would be paramount on his success or failure. Through that ritual He would be infusing the crystal matrix with energy of the Dark Side and more importantly imprinting the capstone with part of his essence , which if successful would act as the Gatekeeper and the cornerstone of the cognitive network. He had spent weeks prior constructing the Matrix. That in itself was more difficult than acquiring the rest of the materials for the rest of the Holocron or anything he had ever done. His lightsaber construction was simple compared to this.

He knelt, the materials before him, the casing, the crystal matrix, the capstone as well as his tools. First with the Force he would insert the Crystal Matrix into the Casing of the holocron, through great concentration he would make sure each crystal strand and filament was perfectly aligned. It was a taxing feat as well as time consuming. There were literally thousands of latices that needed to be perfectly tuned. When he had completed with this part of the construction he came back to himself. He was exhausted, spent. But he had been successful. He could proceed to the next step of the process, The Sith ritual of Invocation. But first he needed rest.

=Days later=

Warvanus was ready to begin the next step in the process, he felt rejuvinated, and excited. He would need to reign in his emotions, and push them aside if he was to be successful. The Sith Rutal of Invocation, here he would be etching the surface of the Holocron with runes. Each one was unique, one could not copy or model it after another Holocron, like with grains of sand no two were the same. Same could be said with Holocrons.

He stretched out with the energies of the Dark Side, fueled by his lust for battle and war, his hatred of his enemies. Slowly he closed his eyes, and opened himself to the Dark Side. He had come full circle He had gone through a long journey and now he was about to ascend to the next level, for if he was successful his legacy would be assured. Through the Force he soaked his awareness within the Crystal Matrix, he could feel the network threaten to collapse but he had pushed his will to stabilize it. He then with the Force used the tools he had present and they began to etch on the surface, runes and Sith spells, he recognized these, each one contained a facet of his personality. Not his essence that would power the cognitive network, Runes meaning War, Battle, Knowledge, and of course his sigil, without knowing what he had done he had adorned his holocron with the runes and inscriptions needed.

When he came to himself, the Holocron was still functioning, he almost could not believe it but he had been successful, he had found the Ritual of Invocation to be even more taxing then tuning the Crystal Matrix. Next would be the most critical, the Ritual of Commencement.Where he would infuse the capstone with the Dark Side and a piece of his essence. If successful then he would have done what some Sith Masters could not. Before he could move on He would need to rest and prepare for the most critical step yet.

Warvanus in a sense had no idea how much time had passed, all he knew was he had pushed himself beyond any limits he knew. Each step left him more exhausted than the previous. His fatigued mind thought of what he knew of Darth Bane. He had made many attempts, and then had realizing he needed more knowledge had sought out the Holocron of a long dead Sith Lord named Darth Andenddu, which was said to contain the knowledge of holocron construction, as well as the long lost power of Essence Transfer.

Such a shame” he thought to himself, that such a treasured artifact had been lost.

He had no leads on where it could possibly be, assuming that the holocron did not die or was destroyed. Such musings would not help him, everything he had pieced together was information gathered from Sith Lords from the past and the now. If anything was lacking, he would hope that the Dark Side would reveal it to him.

=To Be Continued=
Darth Warvanus
=The Warrior King=
=The War Bringer=-

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