Project: Rambo (Char Dev)

With Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith, destroyed, the Sith Order have retreated to the sanctuary of the frozen realm of Zoist.
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Project: Rambo (Char Dev)

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The Special Forces community that was vast through the Sith Empire had many covert spec ops teams that had gained, notoriety through its ranks, the Dawn Patrol, was just a one of them, but also the Sith had one man teams individuals who could be sent in and get the mission done where others would not dare to trend or could not do themselves.  Project: Rambo  had sought to through extreme conditioning to create the ultimate soldier, the program was short lived however, and all subjects were eliminated along with the project.  Or so they thought.

Warvanus had reviewed the transmissions from the now defunct project, it had come across his desk after the dissolving of the Dawn Patrol. The remaining members with the exception of Widow went into the Sith military as instructors and top level soldiers.  Widow who became Kinta Vetasa or “Black Siren” in the basic tongue, had became one of his apprentices. He had warriors and operatives within his power base but he needed a one man army.  He had read the files on  Project Rambo, on how Force Sensitives were targeted and conditioned to be the ultimate soldier, those whose sensitivity in the Force would never be enough to become a true Sith.
Wolf Den, Lone Wolf is not accounted for”  was the transmission, suggested their number one operative who was code named Lone Wolf was possibly  still alive. They assumed at the time that his body was never recovered from the destruction of their training center. The man who was hiding in plain sight within the ranks of the  military.  Warvanus had studied his service record, under the alias the man had picked for himself. This soldier as he reviewed the data, was on his way to be brought before Warvanus for an audience.  The man Johyn Mavarone, he surmised was bored with his post.  Entering the service of the War-Bringer was a glorious honor one that not many were bestowed.

It was a couple hours before his operatives arrived with Johyn Mavarone, the man looked on edge, he bore the rank insignia of a Chief Master Seargent. It was obvious that he was afraid, Warvanus did not need the Force to pick up on that.  He had been in his office one he used for Military matters,  in his stronghold on Karza.

Leave us” he ordered the operatives , they obeyed without a word or a sound. When they were gone, Warvanus took a seat behind his desk and offered one to his guest. The man refused and remained standing. It was of no consequence.

CMS Mavarone, do you know who I am?”  He began

The man nodded “Why am I here My Lord” he asked with a tone of reverence and respect.  Had it not been for that Warvanus would not have indulged him with an answer or allowing him to live.

You were known by another name at one time were you not” he paused then added “Lone Wolf

He tried to hide his surprise, and not go ghostly white. Warvanus put up a hand to cut off any pleading or begging or denials
I have read the files on Project Rambo, and it’s a shame it never got off the ground, but they say that you were the best of the best of the best

The man did not acknowledge the praise he stood there like a statue

Warvanus rose from his desk “The Dark Council  has stripped me of military staff, specifically my special forces operatives and I am looking to employ some top elite operatives and your name was the top of the list”  

Johyn was aware of the Dawn Patrol he knew it had been disbanded so that the members could bolster the strength of the Sith Army in short he lost them because they were too good at what they did and the Military had began to decay.

“I was?” he asked in genuine surprise

Warvnus nodded “Are you bored with your assignments?”  

There was a long silence before Johyn nodded slowly

I thought so” Warvanus began “You and I are cut from the same cloth, we are warriors, we never truly feel  at ease or even at home unless we are in the thick of it”  

Johyn nodded in agreement

Join my network, and you will receive a new identity, higher clearance, anything you need to get the job done and I assure you, you will not be bored with the missions you carry out in my name

The man thought it over very briefly, he knew of Warvanus’ reputation in the field, he  knew that he had the ear of not only the current Dark Lord but the one who was Dark Lord before Blood.  He also knew that Warvanus was an elite warrior, and that he commanded the Sith Military’s Starfighter Corp.  He was a respected Lord in the Empire.

He answered Warvanus’ offer by kneeling before him, his head down he spoke , his tone like a solid hunk of rock one that not even a lightsaber could cut through. “I accept my Lord

Warvanus smiled and bid him to rise, through the Force he reached out to his apprentice Kinta Vetasa to come to his office, she was in the stronghold so it was a short walk for her as she stroke in and stood by the door.

Warvanus nodded to his apprentice and then looked at the former Lone Wolf. “Johyn Mavarone is no more, Lone Wolf is also no more, today you shall be known as Ciryc Kyr'am, which in the basic tongue means Cold Death”  He looked at Kinta Vetasa now

Take Ciryic and get him geared up and show him where his room shall be, take care of him my Apprentice” Then looking at Ciryc
Kinta was a soldier once, best sniper I ever met,  you two will get along famously,  she is my senior apprentice, show her every afforded respect

With that they both departed and Warvanus began assembling a mission for the man.
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