Sith Starfighter 101

With Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith, destroyed, the Sith Order have retreated to the sanctuary of the frozen realm of Zoist.
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Sith Starfighter 101

Post by Jacobi Wylcott » Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:07 pm

Ok. I’m not here to insult your intelligence but I’m going to break this down from base level. So if you’ve already got a concept then forgive me but I’m rolling so let’s do this. Everything below is going to be a suggestion. We can change how we do things but currently this is how we roll.

The basic use of fighters on SL is the Wing and typically for smaller situations the squadron. A Wing of fighters consists of 72 craft which is 6 combined squadrons. Each squadron is 12 craft. The smallest contingent of fighters aside from single units is a Flight which consists of 4 craft.

Wing: 72
Squadron: 12
Flight: 4

Flights are not used except in RP. Period. Only use Flights when adding flavor or whatever. Nice knowledge though.

A Squadron of fighters must consist of the same type of craft. If you have a Skipray Blastboat Squadron then all 12 ships are Skips. Period. Wings can be mix and matched. Some Factions do this. We do not because that’s stupid. If you got a Squadron of Skips then they go in an entire Wing of Skips. It is just easier to use a Wing of Skips and know what you are using instead of a friggin Wing of 3 Skip Sqdrns, 2 X-wing Sqdrns and a Toscan Sqdrn. Lame. So when you move pieces around the board, do it in Wings down to Squadron level. Now, can you say I want 2 Skip Sqds to hit that ship and 2 X-wing Sqds to support? Sure in RP! In generation you send a full Wing to bash’em, nuff said.

Ok you got it now. Use Wings, tease Squadrons for lesser objectives or RP flavor, Flights are RP ONLY.

Let’s now break down each of our craft type and see what is what. Important to know your gear. If you send a Y-wing to intercept TIE Interceptors or E-wings I’m going to bop you one good. You gotta know.

Weapon types:
Lasers - Use against fast starships and against starfighters.
Turbolasers - big guns. Use against stationary/slow ships. NEVER starfighters.
Ions - useful to disable ships. Bypasses shields.
Warheads - Concussions = like Lasers. Protons = DMG like turbos.
Tractor Beams - For RP. Don’t waste your time.

Each weapon except warheads are broken down in scale C1-C3. Assumptions say C1 packs less punch but fires faster. Opposite for C3.

Starfighter types:
Fighters - multi-use. Usually a good bet against bombers and other capital ships. Main role as attacking other fighters.
Heavy Fighter - A tough type of ship that can run as a fighter or bomber. Usually a very valuable ship.
Interceptors - fast bastards. Go kill enemy interceptors or bombers. Everything else is secondary.
Bombers - shoot their ships nothing else.
Transport - usually used for other roles but in combat these puppies are tough dogs! Use against other fighters or even have them swarm a small capital ship.
Ion capable - our starfighters that have these may engage starships. Keep an eye out cause those ions are very valuable.
Warhead capable - same as above but concussions can be used against enemy fighters/bombers/interceptors but protons save them for the big ships.

I’ll notate types and little bits on them with what type of weaponry they have per squadron!

Sith Starfighters - Interceptors.
We call them Mk. VII Starfighters cause its got a nice ring. No shields, fast. Hornets with a sharp sting but can’t stand a prolonged fight. NO HYPERDRIVE, the need a carrier or base.
36 C1 Lasers

Razorfighters - Fighter.
Nasty little critter. Old design. Versatile. Ions capable. Warheads too. Good tool. We’re currently producing a bunch.
24 C1 Lasers
24 C1 Ions
24 Concussion Missiles

Toscans - Fighter.
Our heaviest and most expensive tool. Very balanced. Very dangerous. Also an older design. Slower than Razors.
48 C1 Lasers
24 C1 Ions
24 Concussion Missiles

Skipray Blastboats - Bomber/Heavy Fighter
Bad boys have great shields, slightly faster than Toscans. Has the coveted Proton Torpedoes!
24 C1 Lasers
36 C1 Ions
12 Protons

Infiltrators - Fighter
These sorry sacks would make perfect interceptors but they are slow. In RP be sure to use their cloaking technology.
72 C1 Lasers

Firesprays - Heavy Fighter
Tough, fast, heavily armed. If we had more we’d be cruising.
48 C1 Lasers
24 C1 Ions
24 Concussion Missile

B-wings - Bomber/Heavy Fighter
Stolen from the Verpine/GA. We have very few and these are near priceless. Good thing our toys don’t die in generation! These sexy beasts have the firepower, speed and toughness to outdo almost anything out there.
36 C1 Lasers
36 C1 Ions
36 Concussion Missiles

Y-wings - Bomber
Old workhorses. Old design. Excellent ship. Slow as cold poop.
24 C1 Lasers
24 C1 Ions
24 Protons!!!!! IMPORTANT.

Z-95 Headhunter - Fighter
Old design again. The only reason we have them is because they are cheap and often as an underdog faction we need quantity over quality. The other factions build faster but if we build more and obtain more actions in generation we naturally overwhelm them. Proven true by the ole Z-95! Beautiful cheap meat grinder ship!
24 C1 Lasers
24 Concussions

T-wings - Interceptor
Very fast, lightly armed.
24 C1 Lasers
24 Concussions

TIE FIGHTER!? - Fighter
No shields, not fast enough to be an interceptor. We have only 1 Wing. Why? Yay we have TIES! ….. Shut up Kell…
24 C1 Lasers

X-wings - Fighter
Just one wing. Well balanced, reasonably tough. Toscans are better even though they are slower thanks to having ions.
48 C1 Lasers
24 Concussion Missiles.

Trilion Aggressors - Interceptor
Weird little ship that has tractor beams. Its fast, go shoot down bombers. ONE WING AGAIN.
24 C1 Lasers
12 C1 Ions
12 Tractor Beams…

A-9 Vigilance - Interceptor
Crazy fast, no shields, no hyperdrive. Leave it home. Only one wing anyways.
24 C1 Lasers

In a nutshell that’s all we have as far as fighters, types and weapon systems go. Now for the manifest. How many do we have and where are they assigned. Typically I’ve tossed everything into just the Armadas so we don’t have to worry about what ships have what fighters. That’s something we’ll look into later. Listed below are our WING compliment. So for every 1 listed that’s 72 smackin’ fighters. Not bad eh? Ex: Razors -2 (144 Razorfighters). All Wings have been divided out to our two Armadas, the Subjugation and Soul Reaper Armada.

Subjugation Armada Starfighter Wings

Mk. VII Starfighters - 2
Razorfighters - 2
Toscan Fighters - 5
Skipray Blastboats - 4
Infiltrators - 1
Firespray-31 Patrol Craft - 1
B-wings - 1
Y-wings - 5
Z-95 Headhunters - 1

Soul Reaper Armada Starfighter Wings

Mk. VII Starfighters - 2
Razorfighters - 2
Toscans - 5
Skipray Blastboats - 3
Firesprays - 1
Y-wings - 3
T-wings - 1
TIE Fighter - 1
X-wings - 1
Trilion Aggressors - 1
A-9 Vigilance - 1

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