The Ascendancy of the Krath

With Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith, destroyed, the Sith Order have retreated to the sanctuary of the frozen realm of Zoist.
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The Ascendancy of the Krath

Post by Kell Sangros » Fri Aug 02, 2019 8:57 pm

The room was small, stone walls, lit by artificial lights no bigger than a few glowrods. This compound on Teta had been the place for the rebirth of the Krath. Over the years they had remained concealed, secret as they acquired strength, but now events were in motion that would now force them to begin to reveal themselves. In the center of the room sat a table modern, and round adorned with various documents and maps. Sitting at the table was a lone man, he was not a mere mortal he was the High Priest of the Krath, the one responsible for it’s rebirth. The man was born Davin Ulgo, from the distinguished line of Alderaanian nobles, he had none of the prestige or wealth that his family dynasty possessed. He had some strength in the Force but never a formal teacher, everything he had learned was from texts and holocrons but he had in his studies came across the histories of the Krath. He had been intrigued by their militaristic might. It had taken years but he had carved out this compound and gathered followers.

He had reinvented himself, he dropped the identity of Davin Ulgo and became the High Priest. Early on in the Infancy of the Rebirthed Krath he had seen a vision or maybe a dream of a Sith Lord ascending to his station, and that Sith Lord would be the one to pave the way for the Sithari. The Krath had no interest in Sith affairs, even then, however he had resigned himself to being a place holder for the Sith Lord who would come. He had thought the Sith had come when Kinta Vetasa stepped on Teta and sought to gain her endorsement, instead he imprisoned her while her Mandalorian Lieutenant sought to bring more to the cause. When he learned of what had happened they would be the enemies and not the newest members of his esoteric society.

He sat pouring over various charts and maps, He had been able to partially trace the transmission Kinta had sent to her Master, the one called the War-Bringer. He had gathered intel on the Sith Lord through his agents implanted among the Sith. What he had gathered put fear into the High Priest, as the one called Warvanus was brutal, and had been trained for war and combined with his strength and mastery of the Dark Side he knew this was one being he did not want to be on the bad side of yet his star apprentice was his prisoner. So he had sat trying to pinpoint the location of Warvanus. He was sure he had a ship. Despite his best efforts he could not pinpoint the location. He slammed his fist on the table, the room lit up with a loud thud that seemed to echo. Nobody came to his side, he was angry but underneath that anger was fear, to a level he had never experienced cold, black fear. He would of course step up security especially for the prison level. Maybe just maybe he could eliminate this Sith Lord.

Finally after long moments the High Priest rose and exited the small room. He had called his top two lieutenants to him. They stood before their High Priest.

The Sith are infidels to our cause” he began “I want you to call your spies in and try to get the location of one called Warvanus, if your spies locate him they have my full authorization to assassinate him. And Step up the guards in the prisons especially the woman’s cell.” They bowed their heads in acknowledgement and went to carry out their orders.

Deep down he knew this would not work but maybe just maybe he could get his location and strike first. Deep down the fear was eating at him, the Dark Side reveling in his fear and his attachment to his power. This would consume him, such was the way of weaker beings, while he had the Dark Side at his command he was strong enough to truly wield it.

On the Prison levels, the guard count had doubled, each one armed with blaster rifles, with a side arm pistol, and a metal blade sheathed to their back. Six guards now guarded the cell that housed the apprentice of the War-Bringer.
Darth Warvanus
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