The Hunter & The War-Bringer (Training)

With Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith, destroyed, the Sith Order have retreated to the sanctuary of the frozen realm of Zoist.
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The Hunter & The War-Bringer (Training)

Post by Kell Sangros » Fri Oct 09, 2020 8:38 pm

=Continued from New Venture Journal Entry=

Warvanus watched as the hopeful took the knee. He dropped down a hopeful he would rise as a Sith apprentice, this would set his new charge above the rest here, at least over the other hopefuls and acolytes. Already he possessed a viciousness that was not found in all Sith apprentices, it normally had to be groomed into them. He had raw power just waiting to be tapped, destiny was swirling around the new apprentice, just waiting to be unleashed, and he would help him realize that potential, As he fashioned this being into a weapon of devastation and as he grew in power he would be set above the rest. He would be a boon to the Sith and in turn make the Sith stronger for it

Do you pledge to tie your destiny now and forever to the order of the Sith Lords?” When he answered in the affirmative he continued

Henceforth” he began then as if peering into the Dark Side, and the answer came to him. “And from here forth your past self shall be cast into oblivion, I claim you by right as my apprentice and as such I will fashion you to be a force to be reckoned with, revered by your peers, and feared by your enemies and lesser beings. The truth of you now and forever shall be Stelkhur” When Warvanus spoke it was not only his voice but the echos of others as if at that moment he was the voice of the Dark Side itself and as he spoke the lights flickered, flames danced on the torch’s wick. The walls themselves seem to vibrate from the power of the War-Bringer. Those who were there to witness it were witnessing something awesome to behold.

Rise Stelkhur” He said using his apprentice’s new name he gestured with his hand for him to rise

He heard the question posed to him, his reason for coming here now completed, now the real work would began. There was much to teach his new apprentice, skills both martial and in the Force he would undertake. He looked at his apprentice

Pack up whatever items you have we leave immediately” His shuttle was already standing by.

== A Few Days Later ==

In the span of a few days the pair had done much and now found themselves on the Jungle moon of Yavin. The shuttle had set down near one of the temples that dotted this world. Warvanus led his charge into the temple up to its roof. Where the expanse of the jungles unfolded before their very eyes. He did not take him up for the scenic view or to admire its beauty if it ever truly possessed such a quality. Vanity was for the weak.

This place, is strong with the Dark Side, but it is also strong with life, in this place there is inanimate objects, living creatures, predators, even semi sentient creatures all of which is bound by the Force. We are all bound to it, but the Sith are the highest manifestations of the Force’s will as the Jedi are the lowest manifestations of it” He gestured out to the expanse ahead of them.

Think of a powerful memory, one that triggers a very strong emotion, once you have that close your eyes and empty your mind of everything, except that memory, much like you did on Moraband, and stretch out with your feelings, let the emotions from that memory fuel your power, let the Force open this world to you, feel the life around you, feel the stones that make up this temple, Let the Dark Side open your eyes to the unseen wonders of this world

After a few moments Warvanus spoke again

Tell me apprentice, what do you sense?

OOC: Begin Sense Level 1 400 Words….
Darth Warvanus
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