The New Mission Pt 2 (Char Development)

With Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith, destroyed, the Sith Order have retreated to the sanctuary of the frozen realm of Zoist.
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The New Mission Pt 2 (Char Development)

Post by Kell Sangros » Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:44 pm

Days had passed and Warvanus had made significant progress in his pursuit. This was a very ineffective way of dealing with this terrorist but, truth be told Warvanus had been restless. He needed a challenge he needed to test himself, to Push himself to the limits and beyond. His senses were alert, the Force guiding him. He came to a stop. His senses alert. He felt the prickle through the Force (Danger Sense) when his target came out from behind a tree and using a pistol was firing projectiles at him, the first one he dodged as he drew his blade. The second and third ones he blocked. What Warvanus did not know was that a 2nd appeared from behind and shot one into Warvanus’ back. He growled in pain he twisted his body and removed the head of the 2nd one. Another shot hit him in the back again. He turned around facing his target.

“Give up Sith and I will give you the antidote” he paused “Oh yes those projectile darts are poison, you’ll be dead in an hour”
Warvanus advanced on him his adrenaline coursing through him as his target unleashed another volley of shots all of which were dodged or blocked. He growled almost in a primal scream as he drove his blade through the throat of his target and then twisted the blade. He pulled the blade out after the corpse fell. He cleaned the blade with his enemies clothes and sheathed it.

=Begin Force Power Detoxify Poison=
He suddenly felt ill like his insides were on fire. He searched the corpses there was no antedote to be found. He had an hour maybe longer before he was dead. He took a couple steps in an attempt to clear his head. He fell, his body betraying him. He drew upon the Force He had read about the ability to draw poisons and toxins from one’s body with the Force. He drew his focus inward. It was not hard to see the invaders inside his bloodstream. He had never attempted this technique but failure was not an option. He concentrated which he found increasingly difficult as the poisons were coursing through his body. He did not know what kind of poison it was but he had to draw it out of him. He attempted to draw it out thorugh his pores so he would sweat it out.

His efforts were of no use to him. The poison was on the verge of overwhelming him, and if that happened he would be left to die. He had one tool at his disposal. He could use his anger and channel the darkside. His fury rising, white hot hatred at his enemies, at his past failures, at himself for letting this happen to him. He began to feel better as the poison was receding but it wasn’t drawing out of him. Not yet. Warvanus felt the invaders acutely now. Now, that the darkside was aiding him now that he was drawing on the power of Anger and Hatred. He did not will the poisons to leave his body he commanded his body to expel it through his pores.

This time the poison obeyed his command. Slowly, very slowly he began to sweat it out of his system. The poison seeping out of him like sweat burned it was indeed painful. The pain would cause him a loss in focus and he could feel his resolve crumbling . He gritted his teeth and redoubled his efforts this time he would use the pain to fuel his fury. The powers of Pain and Hate would keep him alive. The pain had brought him to his hands and knees but his teeth gritted tightly against his lips his resolve unbreakable, his concentration focused as if his life depended on it. The pain was intense as this poison seeped out of his pores, it threatened to overtake him to lose consciousness he knew if that happened he would probably be dead. He had to hang on a little longer.

What seemed like an eternity he had drew the last of the poison from his body. He was exhausted in ways he never dreamed of. He stood barely took two steps and collapsed and this time he did lose consciousness. Only he was not going to die from poison.

=End Detoxify Poison App=
Req Words: 300
Actual Words: 472
He awoke, it was nightfall. He felt stronger than he had he drew his blade and severed the head of his target and wrapped it in a sack he made from his target’s shirt. With that Warvanus headed back to Pycellan’s complex and office.
Lord Warvanus
Of the House of Blood
-=The War Bringer=-

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