To All Traitors

With Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith, destroyed, the Sith Order have retreated to the sanctuary of the frozen realm of Zoist.
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To All Traitors

Post by Jacobi Wylcott » Thu Apr 22, 2021 3:20 am


The hearthfire roared and brought a furious illumination to the throne room as more tinder was cast upon the ashes and coals of an undying flame. Within the fire was a sizzling figure, pain would scour off and wiring would melt away but the fine alloy would simply char and remain forever burning in the inferno - it was a hand. Tormentous, the Dark Lord, knew this hand as belonging to none other than Darth Warvanus, the War-Bringer. Now nothing more than a dead and cooling corpse on the floor. Tormentous had killed the man and cast the artificial hand into the fires of his hearth. He knew the flames would not devour the hand and he intended this to be so - ever a reminder of this day.

Two utterly massive Massassi Warriors approached, both knelt on plated armor, their halberds lowering in salute to their Lord and Master. Tormentous said not a word, but he nodded and his will would be done. Both Warriors stood erect and grabbed Warvanus’ underneath the arms and dragged the bloody body away. To keep Tormentous’ word, once done with their task the two Massassi would fall upon their own swords that not a soul would know of Warvanus’ fate lest the Dark Lord choose it to be so.

Outwardly the Dark One watched as his once prized General - his honored statues that were lined among the Citadel and the main statue, tall and mighty to behold at the entrance to the Citadel - they were pulled to the ground and dashed to dust. No traitor of the Empire of the Red Cauldron would survive their likeness here. They would be as the pathetic mewls of old and even their dust cast into the star of Moraband. Dastan, Neive and now Warvanus. All disgraced for eternity.

Warvanus’ name - resplendent in the tales that were etched into the walls of the Citadel - all hand carved by the best craftsman slaves of the Reach, anything with his name was stricken from the stone and the stones themselves were scoured clean with new tales of more glorious Warrior Champions. Tormentous despised the actions done to Warvanus’ glorious life within the Empire of his name - but he could not suffer a traitor.

The Magnetar, the Naga class Heavy Dreadnaught that bestowed the sigil of the War-Bringer was brought to dry dock and gutted of every last scrap of Warvanus’ existence and as refuse the discarded elements were burned to ashes. Warvanus’ office aboard the ship was ripped to nothing and completely refurbished for the convenience of a new Lord of the Sith. All of Warvanus’ top generals and admirals were summarily executed in public as accessories to the violent nature of the Sith to ever ensure that had anyone been more loyal to Warvanus than to Tormentous that they would die as their Lord had.

Even now the Sith Armada was moving to blockade Warvanus’ world of which he had chosen. It would be diminished to naught but cinders in the wake of Tormentous’ wrath. Of course all the research and knowledge Warvanus had recovered over the years would be secured safely, but there would be nothing left of his name.

This entire process would take weeks to accomplish and once it was all said and done - there would be one final task Tormentous would see done.

Darth Warvanus’ ultimate end at the hands of the Jidai Maras and a new addition to the Throne of Skulls.

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