To Hold the Skies

With Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith, destroyed, the Sith Order have retreated to the sanctuary of the frozen realm of Zoist.
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To Hold the Skies

Post by Silas Karn » Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:47 pm

***Control Weather, 900 word requirement***

Sitting down in a meditative stance perched high atop a natural terrace of stone with the backdrop of Korriban’s endless crimson sand Silas cleared his mind. Old memories from battles long past had stirred Silas to seek a power that the Sovereign had only witnessed once. With deep breaths and stilled emotions Silas called upon the nearly peerless connection to the Force he possessed. Having removed his vile armaments Silas felt the harsh winds that crossed the vast desert plains that surrounded him at all sides. Sediment of all varieties lashed out at his bare skin while tearing at the cloth garments that guarded his core.

Yet, for all the heat and coarse winds Silas’s thoughts were drawn to the frozen peaks of Csilla where a much younger mercenary witnessed the fury of storms of such unnatural might as to remain vivid so many cycles removed from their sting. ‘Such a strange application of the Force, and yet, I feel with the right situation it may leverage one’s position in a manner few acts of will can match.’ Silas pondered as he allowed his mind to connect with the Living Force. Touching upon the endless seas that inhabited even a barren world as Korriban, Silas allowed the energies to collect and fill within the core of his being. Swiftly reaching the pinnacle of his supernatural might Silas lifted his head and set his sights on the skies of the Sith homeworld.

Knowing that the first attempts at such a powerful manifestation of the Force would need him at the sharpest focus possible Silas then closed his eyes and began to meditate. Clearing his mind of all other concerns and unnecessary thoughts Silas then started to channel the energies he had collected to his right hand. Stretching out his right arm toward the sky, Silas then reached out with his mind through the Force. ‘Traya’s methodology in employing battle meditation should serve me well in this task,’ Silas calculated. Rather than attempting to form a bond with a specific location or even a particular scope, locating a core focal point through the Force and using that to extend his control Silas sought to alter the air that surrounded him.

Unlike the archaic approach to battle meditation however, Silas swiftly discovered his efforts stymied by the oldest of his difficulties with the Force. To alter the physical through the spiritual required immense effort and bore tremendous strain upon the practitioner. This held true as to so much as stifle the winds that carved across his path sweat began to bead up and practically flow from his forehead and soon this exertion was mirrored across the whole of Silas’s body. A dark thought met his mind through this resistance towards his dominance, ‘She was filled with anger, debatably just, but anger nonetheless. Perhaps I should assist my own efforts in similar fashion.’

Silas’s eyes snapped open, gleaming a sickly yellow hue, as the Sovereign began augmenting his efforts with the fury of the dark side. Rejecting the premise of furthering this infusion with Sith Sorcery, Silas once more exerted his influence through the Force. With great strain Silas struggle to maintain the fiery hatred that seethed within while still remaining calm enough to still seek out the necessary focal point through the Force. In moments the winds that violently swept across the surrounding crimson desert began to calm down and die off. ‘Such a meager response to so great an effort to produce it. Though any measure of success is welcome this technique is far from ready to be easily recalled,’ Silas noted in an almost palpable rage.

Seeing the inadequacy of simply brute forcing the mastery of the art, Silas slowed his breathing and withdrew his hand. Once more Silas closed his eyes. Retracing the flow of the Force to the breach that he had worked to enact his will, Silas altered his methodology. Forging a bond directly to the atmospheric focal point Silas sought to greatly magnify the influence of the Force as it related to the surrounding environment and its weather. Sensing the success of his efforts Silas stood to his feet outstretched his arm once more. Honing in on the bond he formed Silas brought his mind back to the intersection of the Living Force and the natural environment surrounding him.

Even with the sharpest focus and the near-peerless connection to the Force that Silas held, the capacity for altering this environment to a desired degree or status had been found lacking. Now, undaunted by his earlier shortcomings Silas grinned venomously. Almost as a virus spreading infection Silas rooted his will continually deeper through the Force and extending it across the horizon. Feeding his influence through the Force alongside a tether bound directly to the focal point of the entire encompassing environment. Long minutes ebbed away as Silas slowly worked to take a proper hold over the skies as well as the air around him.

Testing his efforts once more Silas brought a great gale to a howling fervor lashing out across the barren landscape tearing at his garments as the winds gathered sands. A vile laugh escaped Silas’s lips as his hold tightened. The longer Silas concentrated alongside the greater the degree of influence he exerted it seemed the dividends of such efforts intensified exponentially. Adding his free hand Silas now held both arms outstretched as he gritted his teeth against the fatigue and mental strain required to maintain his focus. Channeling the limit of his aptitude with the Force into the breach Silas next sought to wield his influence against the landscape itself. Clouds began to accumulate and darken the skies even as the winds ceased. Soon the horizon followed suit, darkness chasing away the light of the sun.

The tedium of such rampant progress threatened to exhaust the Sovereign even as he witness the first sign of true mastery of the art. Allowing the powerful discharge of his own energies to be diminished Silas relaxed his efforts to alter the environment. Much to the Sovereign’s elation the skies remained dark and the clouds did not swiftly evaporate. This discovery was immediately capitalized upon as Silas began prodding the breach with far more subtle manipulations and was indeed met with visible changes as the blackened skies began to rumble. Echoes of thunder began to resonate across the barren sun burnt plains as Silas’s will was further evoked through the Force.

Slowly Silas increased the output across the tether he held in connection with the focal point, feeling the completion of his task fast approaching. The barren landscape that surrounded Silas was soon lit asunder with the brilliant luminance of lightning strikes. With a steadfast gaze Silas pushed a final time to bring the change he had sought on the onset as the winds he hand quelled earlier returned with a fervor. It was moments after this final surge within the Force that the arid sands of Korriban felt rain for perhaps the first time in an age. Drops of rain of the faintest quantities soon built up to a proper multitude within the storm that held its epicenter within the breach Silas has affected. As the storm continued to grow without Silas’s direct influence the Sovereign lowered his hands and remarked aloud, “Behold my dominance of nature itself.”

***Control Weather End, Word Count 1221***

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