Train Harder (Char Development)

With Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith, destroyed, the Sith Order have retreated to the sanctuary of the frozen realm of Zoist.
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Train Harder (Char Development)

Post by Kell Sangros » Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:53 pm

Begin Control Level 2 App

Warvanus had been busy as of late and had seen little to nothing of his Master or those who served him. However, he finally found some time to train. He was going to attempt something he had never done before. He had outfitted the training room’s environmental controls and jacked the heat and humidity way up. He was going to test his ability of control, he needed to improve it only then would he feel like he could tap into new abilities. Plus he would be better trained for desert and jungle environments. He had the training lightsaber in his hand and his blade was sheathed behind his back. He stepped inside the training arena and the doors closed.

The training droids bearing training lightsabers advanced on him. Warvanus opened himself to the Force, willing his body to remain cool, and refreshed, he had done this exercise before and had come much easier to him now than it had but this time was different. Warvanus would be dueling and using other abilities while trying to keep the control on his body temperature. Warvanus activated the training lightsaber just in time as the first of the training droids swung at his head, it was not a sloppy or clumsy attack, and Warvanus brought the blade up just in time to block the strike.

He could still feel the alterations to his core temperature and his heartbeat as he exchanged blows with the training droids. While he kept control of his temperature he could at times feel almost overwhelmed almost as if it could shatter at any moment. He shook the distraction and redoubled his concentration. They both were on him now. He was deflecting attacks and striking out on his own, maintaining the body temperature every now and then forcing himself to keep his focus and concentration on the exercise as well as the duel, and then he could feel an urging, almost a guiding. Warvanus side stepped the first attack and using the training saber he brought the saber up with an upward swing and hit the droid in the hand that was holding the saber he clipped it clean off and then spinning around to face the other droid who was behind him he swung the saber in an upward arc before lowering it and clipping the head clean off the second. They fell. He closed his saber down.

His ability to keep his focus on his temperature was easier now that the duel was over. He did not falter and for that he felt pride. Now he decided to push himself further. He called the Force to him to act as a mental barrier (Force Shield) with his mental shield up and the body temperature and heart rate under his control, Warvanus proceeded with the next exercise.

He clipped the saber and drew his blade as the next training droid advanced on him, this one was different it was better built and Warvanus had programmed it at a higher level the weapon would not kill Warvanus but if hit the limb would go numb for a couple of hours. He got into his dueling stance his shield up, his body under his control He struck. Left, right, High and low swings at the droid and the droid blocked each strike with ease before going on the offensive. Warvanus blocked each strike and as he was on the defensive he relinquished control on the shield so that he could keep his mental hold on his temperature, lest he start to sweat and submit to dehydration. However the droid made an unexpected attack on him by feigning a high strike and coming in low. Warvanus barely avoided the attack and it was enough to overwhelm his concentration. He could feel the control slipping and sweat starting to bead on his brow. He had programmed the droid for feign attacks and it had succeeded when it had landed a kick to his chest sending him backwards and off his feet. His concentration broken, He laid there as the droid stood over him it’s weapon pointed at his chest.

Fury began to rise inside him, white hot anger at his ineptitude he always felt more control when he was using his anger. He immediately brought his body temperature back under control. He then rolled away from the droid its attack missing him. He picked up his dropped weapon and opening his senses to the Force as well as raising his mental shield. He advanced on the droid. His attacks were not clumsy in fact they were a bit more skilled and measured than his normal skill (attempt Adv lightsaber combat) he was a beginner in lightsaber combat after all. The battle went on for what felt like forever. He felt completely in control, as he was able to maintain the powers he was using through the Force. The battle came to an end when a stab from Warvanus hit the droid in the chest. It deactivated instantly, the battle was over… That time he felt his focus and concentration held during the 2nd round in a way he never experienced. If he had to compare it to something it would have been a durasteel wall. He knew this was because he called upon his anger, and it had served him well. Now he needed to meditate this would be where he pushed himself beyond his limit. He often did this when he tried to improve his control and connection to the Force.

He drew inward, he could feel the limits on his body holding where they were meant to be, he could also feel the force shield holding. He held out his hand and extending his senses and feeling the air around him drawing the molecules and willing them to combust proved mostly in failure as he saw a little flame but it quickly died out (attempted pyrokenesis) and with that his concentration faltered yet again he drew his focus more inward and the shield and his temperature fell back into check. He could feel his body as if it were a machine with each sub system performing its functions. He could even perceive that tonic he drank earlier and exerting his will and pushing his taxing focus even further he willed the tonic to leave his system via his skin pores. To Warvanus’ surprise he could feel himself starting to “sweat” out this drink.(variant attempt at detoxifying poison) He was half amused and half grossed out and at this it ceased and his focus along with everything else collapsed. He breathed heavily mostly from the environment, he had held the control longer than he had ever done. With practice he could get better at it. He also would have to practice as he knew that with training he could add new abilities. But for now he would work on bettering what he knew and was proficient in.

=End Control Level 2 App=
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