Pilgrimage of War (Char Dev)

With Korriban, the ancient home world of the Sith, destroyed, the Sith Order have retreated to the sanctuary of the frozen realm of Zoist.
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Pilgrimage of War (Char Dev)

Post by Kell Sangros » Thu Feb 21, 2019 10:05 pm

Since Warvanus had become a member of the Sith order it had been in a state of stagnation and decline, he had used to think it was due to the leadership and the lack of a sense of conquest. This thought process was wrong, Warvanus learned as he had matured in the Dark Side growing in power and in skill. What it was, was the Sith were shifting in accordance to the dictates of the Dark Side. Once again going to the stuff of legends and operating from the shadows much like how it was when Darth Bane implemented the Rule of Two. While there were more than 2 Sith their influence and involvement were not a thing as common place as the Republic, Empire or the Jedi. For once Lord Warvanus was alright with that, There would be work to be done. The only difference between Bane’s Sith and the Sith of today was nobody believes the Sith are gone. Where as in Bane’s day it was believed they were a thing of the past. All this the War-Bringer meditated on as he sat in his dojo , a room dedicated just for this inside his compound on Sojourn’s primary. The usurping of Tormentous was a turning point for the War-bringer, Even though he did not follow his former Master, he still had learned much from him, even if it was not direct instruction. He had much still to learn despite his growing power and command of the Force. Not all battles were waged in the open with lightsabers, blasters and ships. The War Bringer had shifted his thoughts to the aftermath.

Had the new mandate been something that came from him, or did the Dark Side intervene? Before he could act, he would need to figure this out. Learn from the Cultures driven by war it had said. No it was to learn from the warrior cultures. It made sense to do this though in his studies he had studied extensively on cultures like the Mandalorians and the Echani. So what did need to do? Did he need to visit these places? Or integrate himself into their culture until he learned all he could? He meditated on this he tried to peer into the Dark Side to learn its will but it had been silent. He would need to work this out on his own. He sat on his knees his fists on each side of him planted into the mat he sat on. He clenched them feeling the rage building up within him, aching to be released. He tried to peer once more into the Dark Side but as before it had been silent.

Blast it” he said to himself, as he came back to himself. He remained in this position for a few moments before slowly rising to his feet. As he began to turn to leave a thought tried to nudge its way into his consciousness. Had he made the right choice in siding with Blood? They were a team had formed a strong partnership, both had been indoctrinated into the Sith by Tormentous, both felt it when he disappeared. Now Blood had been silent. He could have gone anywhere once he was back on the Magnetar but he returned to what he knew without a second thought. Blood was the reigning Dark Lord and for now he would serve him and he would do it with the same level of devotion that he had always done. He pushed the thought from his mind. No Doubt something was trying to unsettle him. It would not work. He was loyal to the reigning Dark Lord. Without another pause he left the meditation chamber. His footsteps echoed down the hallway, the walls adorned with various banners, that of the sith, of Lord Blood’s house and his own. The halls were quiet it was not a long walk after going about 50 feet he was at the lift and from there he ascended to the main levels. The level he had emerged from was restricted it was his private domain. The only one who was permitted was his apprentice Kinta Vetasa. She had sought him out and saved him. He had yet to reward her loyalty. He never expressed it but the War-Bringer was grateful. He had done well when he chose her as his apprentice. This matter would have to wait though. There were things he needed to give his attention to.

The Dawn Patrol since his absence had gone silent. This was to be expected as they were in the field and with the disappearance of Warvanus they would remain so until he summoned them, and summon them he did. He had a beacon that when he activated was a recall order, he had activated it , they knew he was still alive and now he would prepare for his first pilgrimage , he would seek out the Mandalorians those he knew the most about. Tormentous had been a Mando. So there was that tie, He wasn’t sure what he was seeking but he could not ignore this either. He would have his ship on standby if needed but he would take the YT on this trip. It was his personal craft and smaller to boot. He had ordered his people to prepare the freighter for a long flight before going into his meditation chambers. He did not know how soon he would depart he had much to do before he could go on this Pilgrimage of War.
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