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Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 9:58 pm
by Kell Sangros
She had followed him through the streets and alleyways in Iziz, When he asked her for her name she calmly told him her alias “For now you can call me Jannella” she told him.

Being discreet was in her mandate but she blew that, to fight this horde off would only worsen the situation. So she followed his lead for now. Streets turned into alleyways turned into streets again then into a bazaar she followed him, she did notice that he was a crack-shot and that he could carry himself in battle. She too saw the Speeder Truck and followed him, with this they could get to the shuttleport.

I have a shuttle berthed at the port, If we can make it there Then we can get off Onderon

She wondered if he noticed that she implied we as in them both getting off Onderon. she was in shape, as she was not out of breath if anything she was just getting warmed up. One thing she could attest to, Kieran made things interesting on Onderon, what she thought was to be a dull assignment turned into much much more. One thing he would notice about her , other than the obvious and her physical shape was the two brands on her wrists One of a Krayt Dragon, the other a Nexu, the marks of a Tera Kasi Monk.

When they got to the speeder truck, she told Kieran to drive as he was more familiar with Iziz then she was, She brought the hilt of her lightsaber into her hand but did not ignite it. She would deflect any incoming blaster shots while they would make their way to the shuttleport.

Another thing she noticed was it was getting late and that sunset was coming, she did not know how Onderon was in the night life but she no longer wished to find out. She stretched out with the Force and sensed no immediate danger.

Let’s Go” she told him and once the speeder started they began their escape hoping getting to her shuttle was going to be incident free.

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Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:42 pm
by Jacobi Wylcott
Kieran fell behind her, letting her lead the way to the larger speeder and while he couldn’t help but admire the view he caught something else as she reached her arm up to open the door of the speeder and her sleeve slipped down to reveal a tattoo of a nexu - he thought it interesting but knew not of its origins - instead he filed it away for later when they’d have time to speak. He slid into the truck next to her and fortunately the owner hadn’t taken the ignition mechanism and so Kieran fired the speeder up. This model was quite similar to the type utilized in and around the mines so he was familiar with it just as he was the surroundings and when he punched the throttle he banked the speeder around with some certain skill.

He flowed the speeder through Iziz with haste, as it appeared they had beaten the attempted cordon and were out of the Red Walk’s reach. Fortunately for them. Nevertheless Kieran Reyes never slowed down as he sped the craft through the skylanes on the approach to the star port. He’d noted her reference in that she’d mentioned ’we’. While he could only assume, he suspected she thought to remove him from this world upon her departure - an assumption he very much enjoyed. He had nothing here but climbing debt and now a deathmark on his head from the local gangs in addition to a warrant from the local authorities. Getting as far away from Onderon as he could had never sounded like such a good idea.

He couldn’t help but feel in the back of his mind that part of him wanted to stay and continue his vigilant observation of the area. Keep the door open for Clan Ordo to return. But the practical side of him knew that was just a pipe dream. Ordo was gone from Dxun - at least for now. There was no need to stay behind and hope for a day that may never come when a more clear future sat right before him.

They arrived at the starport with no further incident. It was an open bay and he parked the vehicle without suspicion. Several vessels occupied the landing pads but the majority were empty. He suspected one of those were hers.

“My lady, we have arrived.” He bowed to her respectfully, “I am in your debt, a debt I’ll likely never be able to repay. By your will I shall stay here on Onderon or I shall come with you. I have experience as a soldier though that was years ago, I will not be a burden.” He concluded and awaited her command - he would heed her word.

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Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:07 pm
by Kell Sangros
She was relieved that they arrived without incident. She once again concealed her lightsaber and exited the speeder. She absently stretched and felt relief as various poppings and cracks coarsed up and down her back. She looked at Kieran

I know you will not be a burden, I do not know where I am going next but you are welcome to come along, I could use a hand in my mission” from former soldier to former soldier she could relate to what he as feeling. The need to be doing something worth while, to use that training. He would be a good companion on this trip. “My Shuttle is this way” and with that she walked into the terminal and made her way to the berth where her shuttle was berthed. It was nothing fancy in appearance, It looked like an older class Lambda Class shuttle. She boarded the shuttle, and went to the cockpit and began pre-flight procedures.

When Kieran boarded the shuttle the ramp closed behind him. The engines were humming to life as systems began warming up. Her hands flew across the console flicking switches and pushing buttons, after a couple of minutes she strapped in.

Strap yourself in, we’re bout to take off” she called towards the back. She did not care where he sat Co-Pilots seat, in the lounge it was all the same to her. She pressed the comm.

Shuttle Trident to Onderon control, requesting clearance to take off” there would be no reason why the shuttle would be denied. After what felt like several long moments the comm cracked to life

Trident, this is Onderon Flight Authority Control, Clearance granted” With that she brought the throttle back where the shuttle began its slow ascent.

In no time the shuttle was leaving Onderon behind. "So” she began “Where should we go?

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Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:01 pm
by Jacobi Wylcott
Kieran rose back up and smiled, apparently he wasn’t to be left to rot this time around. She was taking him along and he would willingly go with her. His life on Onderon was horrible and now with the latest scrap with the law and the Red Walk he was marked for a shallow grave. He followed her, leaving his dirty old pack behind in the cab of the truck.

Once they were away from Onderon he was glued to the window, it had been ages since he’d seen space and orbital bodies from this view. It was stunning. But there were more pressing matters to attend than sightseeing. “My lady, I am no fool and forgive me as I am your servant of a life debt. But you are not just a wealthy girl with her own shuttle that knows how to use a lightsaber. By the looks of the way you did those men in too - you’re no Jedi.” He felt a shiver go down his spine at the thought of being in the same ship as a Sith. But he had to know that if she wanted him dead he’d never of left Onderon. But he perished the thought and dared not ask it. If that was information she desired him to have then she would give it in her own way on her own time.

He left the pending question hang unspoken. “But your mission, if I am to help you with it then perhaps I could be briefed on what we are doing? Or what my role shall be? If I knew more details then perhaps I’d have a suggestion as to where to begin. Also, do you have an equipment locker? I could use some gear - I have a feeling that this mission of yours will involve more firefights in our future and I’d rather be able to watch your back with a blaster than empty handed.”

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Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 1:06 pm
by Kell Sangros
Her hands were flying over the controls, she had a list of pre-selected destinations, just in case Onderon was a bust. She simply set course for the next destination and as soon as the shuttle entered hyperspace, she turned in her chair to face Kieran.

She cocked an eyebrow “Who said I was rich?” she said with a slight grin. But then her expression turned serious.

However, you guess correctly, I am not simply a wealthy girl, my name was once Jannella” she began “I joined the Sith Military where I excelled as a sniper, I was given the code name Widow and assigned to the Sith Lord Warvanus” he rose from her seat now before continuing “I excelled there as well, then I became his apprentice and took the name Kinta Vetasa, its Sith for Black Siren” she studied his expression, he was a smart one she thought to herself. Almost as if picking up on his thoughts she assured him

I am not going to kill you, I don’t kill beings who can get things done” She then beckoned him to follow her to the main cabin, once there she went to a locker and entered a code and it opened, revealing an assortment of weapons, and armor, from the selection were melee weapons like knives, swords, vibroblades, and energy weapons like blaster pistols, a blaster rifle, explosives, and a couple of carbines, all standard Sith issue.

She then looked at him “Help yourself” and with that she went to a dispenser where she got herself a drink and then sat down. He was of course welcome to help himself to that too.

My mission” she began as she took a sip from her cup, the cold sweet liquid being a welcomed refreshment “I am looking for information on constructing Holocrons, the knowledge is not easy to come by, all I could find on Onderon was references to the Freedon Nadd uprising that occurred over 4 millenia ago. I do have a list of destinations, Onderon was the first, right now we are enroute to the Empress Teta System, they supposedly have an extensive record on Force Lore” she took another sip. “you are welcome to come with me, you are also welcome to join me, I have need of a capable person

She let him stew on this as she took another drink from her cup.

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Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 3:20 pm
by Jacobi Wylcott
Janella - Kinta - it mattered little what she desired to be called - for Kieran Reyes this woman was his Lord. She had not only rescued him from the temporary pains of a death. But more importantly Kieran was a warrior or at least he saw himself as one and to have died so pitifully would have been damnation to his very soul. She had denied such pathetic absolution and in so doing rescued not just his life but his soul. He was Auxilia, not true Mandalorian, but he believed in the Manda and had he died in such a manner then his soul wouldn’t have been accepted in the halls of Manda to rejoice and feast and drink to the tales of thousands of warriors that had gone before as they made communion with one another to merge into a brotherhood until the time of the final battle came where they’d be remembered for all time as the greatest warriors that had ever been known.

Kinta Vetasa had done this for him. She had prevented his eternal rejection - THAT was what this life debt meant to him. To the core of what he believed, she was his only reason for being from this moment on as she promised a short life of glory in battle that in some day in the future he would die at the edge of another’s sword. He had been given the chance to seek out the man that would be good enough to cut his thread. He would not fail her.

When she spoke of the Sith he felt a momentary chill run through his spine and while the natural part of him desired to panic and flee, the warrior bred from Mandalorian rites recognized this as passage from a life as but a simple worm to the life truly meant for him. Political affiliation or views be damned, the Sith knew how to fight and that was all Kieran wanted to hear.

He accepted a blade from the armory, it was a curved bladed dagger made of ultrachrome with an ivory hilt and golden engravings of a language he did not understand - it was written upon it a line to say that blood spilt from this blade would belong to the dragon forever and may the soul of the dragon live for eternity to devour the unworthy. The blade itself had been a ceremonial piece belonging to a cult of the Sith long extinct though it was a key to unlocking dire secrets long forgotten. Darth Tormentous had kept this blade on his desk within the Malevolent - he never unlocked the truth behind it. Lost of purpose, this blade had disappeared and by happened chance it was now in Reyes’ hands. It was doubtful anyone even slightly knew of the path this blade had taken to get to this location but fate had a funny way of toying with mortals.

Taking the blade to his hand before Kinta he drew it across his hand and the cut was not of the flesh but it was deep and meaningful and his meaning was beyond that of a willingness to follow her - he observed to her that his devotion was nigh on fanatical. “Be it Empress Teta or whatever you choose, know that I will not fail you. I serve not the Sith or my past, but you.”

Once his devotional message was concluded he made to the refresher and got cleaned up and mended his wounds. Taking up a black body glove he then equipped himself a set of medium combat armor, it fit snuggly. A pistol and his chosen dagger on his side and a rifle for his primary weapon, the ship soon alerted them they were set to arrive within the Empress Teta System in roughly an hour. Using this time he made sure to get some hot food and drink then he spent the last thirty minutes running through a few of his old combat drills open areas of the passenger hold - he was rusty but towards the end of said time he had begun to break some of that rust away and his movements were less forced and seemed to adopt a more fluent and organic form to them. He still had a long ways to go but for now at least he’d be of more use to Kinta than he’d been before.

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Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 6:46 pm
by Kell Sangros
She nodded, she did not have a preference. She could not buy the kind of loyalty this man was offering, and while she was not as ruthless and cold as her Master, she definitely possessed dark emotions. She looked at him as he grabbed a blade. She nodded at his vow, she had not intended for this turn of events.

I Don’t take loyalty like that lightly” she was literally speechless at what this man was saying. Though when she confirmed to him she was a Sith she felt that chill through the Force.

The Sith respect strength” she began “The Strong rule the weak” it was something her Master said to her, she was strong, so was Kieran maybe not in the Force but he was not a static life. He was weathered, seasoned, she could see the experience in his eyes. As he went to tend to his injuries and get a meal, she went to her Datapad, going over data, reading up on the Teta system and some of its history.

Time passed quickly it seemed as the beeping klaxon informed them that they were approaching the Empress Teta System. She made her way to the cockpit and sat in the pilots chair and brought the shuttle to normal space. She began the approach to the capital world, she sent out to their controllers her vehicle ID and her ID and requested permission to land. The credentials she had furnished was that of a student doing research for a doctoral thesis. It was a good of a cover as any, and right now she had no nefarious purpose she was actually conducting research.

When they got clearance she began their final approach to one of the spaceports in the capital city. Rumored to be where Empress Teta herself ruled from. They made their descent and landing with no incident. When landed, she began shutdown procedures. Then headed to the rear of the shuttle, Despite the distance they were at from Onderon, she could not ignore the slight prickling of her danger sense. Something was amiss. She once again concealed her lightsaber and holstered a hold out blaster, she would be on her guard.

Be Careful” she said to Kieran “something feels off here” she was unable to put her finger on it. But something was out of place. Did they leap from the Pot into the fire? Better armed this time, she had no doubt that they could handle themselves. When he was ready she activated the boarding ramp to descend as so they could disembark.

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Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 7:17 pm
by Jacobi Wylcott
Understanding that this was a mission inside civilian trappings - he still carried the weapons he’d chosen but instead of carrying the rifle as if he was ready to snap shot something he decided to sling it on one shoulder. Blasters weren’t an oddity in the galaxy but well armed mercenaries weren’t exactly common either and so downplaying his visage would go a long way towards concealing his charge’s identity which in turn meant he was affording her protection. In his own way, his duty had begun no sooner than he’d set foot on the ground.

He moved in front of her and approached the port officer, “Mistress E’quan Lasan here on educational purposes for House Lasan of Agamar.” He handed the port officer the furnished credentials with a glare, “I am her bodyguard,” he also handed over his own license to carry firearms, of course furbished falsely as well though they’d likely pass most levels of scrutiny. With the two sets of identifications he dropped a handful of credits into the officer’s hand, “That should cover our landing fee for the duration of our stay. Keep the change. We’ll also require a speeder.” Lost for words and pleased to be making a twenty percent overage on the fee he bowed and shooed his followers away to leave Kinta and Kieran within the docking bay.

In no time at all the called upon speeder arrived. It was an open air six seater air car with an odd looking pilot of a species Kieran hadn’t ever seen before though its long facial features would have identified it as a Muun. Kieran approached and opened the door for her and closed it behind her. He entered the front passenger seat of the car itself and looked to the pilot, dropping a small stack of credits in that hand as well, “Avoid checkpoints, obey traffic laws. Get us to the Academia Archives please.”

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Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 8:15 pm
by Kell Sangros
She watched as Kieran handled everything he would indeed be very useful, and a valuable asset to be sure. She kept silent as she climbed into the speeder, and as it took off she could not help but admire the architecture. It was old, but the system was rich in history. She could even feel it in the Force, like a rich tasty dessert on an acute palette. She kept the guise as a student by showing wild eyed wonder and amazement at the things she saw.

She don’t know how long the speeder drove , it did not stop as they were still enroute but something in the back of her mind started to prickle, it was a sensation she knew very well it was her danger sense, it felt very elusive, not immediate danger but pending danger. Inwardly she sighed to herself. Just then they had passed what looked like a building in ruins, it was then the driver spoke seeing her reaction through the rear-view.

That building used to be a museum, said to contain unique artifacts” he began “People suspect it was bombed by the Krath” She took the news in stride, she was not familiar with a group called the Krath. Why would a terrorist cell want to blemish the beautiful scenery that the world of Teta had to offer. It made no sense to her.

She wondered now if they had made a mistake, as the speeder got closer and closer to its’ destination the stronger her danger sense prickled her. She whispered to Kieran “Somethings not right

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Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 9:41 pm
by Jacobi Wylcott
He was not familiar with the Krath either, not even in passing familiarity. “What do you know of the Krath? Can you educate us?” The speeder continued onwards and once Kinta revealed her wary assumptions it set Kieran on edge, he gripped his rifle and brought it to his hands - he eyed the driver - “For the Krath apparently. I’ll be damned if a terrorist attacks and I’m not ready for it.”

They arrived at their destination only minutes later. The Academia was large and quite bustling with activity. Every square meter of this construct was crawling with beings of all walks of life as they made about their day. Kieran exited the speeder and got the door for his Mistress, he tipped the driver and they were finally now alone to presume their studies without being bothered by pesky tagalongs. They went up the long stretch of stairs, most folk gave them a wide berth as Kieran glared at them, his rifle still in his hands.

Arriving inside the cool air was pleasant enough but before them was the dauntingly massive librarius of Empress Teta. It was truly massive to behold and it was abuzz with the scholarly. Kieran for one didn’t even know where to begin to start this research and so he leaned over to his protectorate. “I’m following you from here, you’re interests are very - specific.”