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Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:03 pm
by Kell Sangros
She stepped out of the speeder, she glanced around her and could see the comings and goings of various beings. The Library itself was enormous. She nodded at Kieran’s words and then began to ascend the stairway that lead up to to the facility. As she ascended she could not shake the prickling of her danger sense if anything it was getting stronger and stronger. She stole a glance at Kieran and whispered

Be Ready for anything” she advised.

As she said those words she began to draw the Force unto herself. She too would be ready for anything. The walk into the facility itself passed without incident much to her relief. Once inside they had to go into a seperate room where permits were checked and IDs confirmed, it was mandatory for anyone carrying weapons to enter the giant repository of knowledge. Inside the room was a table and a couple of chairs outside of that there was nothing special about the room. The attendant motioned to a chair

It will only be a minute Ma’am” The attendant said as he exited the room.

As time wore on the intensity of the danger sense continued to grow, she did not like this but the mystery of its source revealed itself as half a dozen beings all crowded into the room, blocking the entrance. Before they could protest or take action another man stepped through the crowd and to the forefront. He studied Kieran, before turning his attention to Kinta Vetasa.

Welcome to the Empress Teta system, Kinta Vetasa, and to you Kieran” He paused “I must ask that you come with us” As the man said this the beings behind him a mix of spieces, Human, Rodian, Devaronian, even a Transdoshen. All brandished their weapons. There was no way that they would be able to fight out such small quarters.

Kinta Vetasa looked with a level of detachment, almost amused. The man who spoke raised his hand to still the men that were with him. As he did a brand could be seen on his wrist. She recognized it from her reading, from some of the news billboards. It did spark her curiosity. Before Kieran could take action she raised her hand to still him even though she knew it was not necessary as she knew he would not do anything stupid.

Where are we going?” She asked in a monotone.

The man folded his hands in front of him. “We are to escort you to our temple, the Priest will explain all to you both” She looked at Kieran “Apparently the Krath seek an audience with us

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Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 3:30 pm
by Jacobi Wylcott
Kieran snapped his thumb across the selector lever, setting his rifle to automatic fire and his muscles tensed as he made to lift the barrel and spray the intruders that would dare to assail him and Kinta - he did no such thing as they presented themselves as desirous of an audience. With her acceptance Kieran was put to ease for now and succumbed to the mercy of the Krath.

They made way into the underhive of the library where tunnels must have spanned for many miles underneath Empress Teta like a hive of ants. Poorly lit and likely not having been taken care of for a long time the tunnels were decrepit and some were collapsed. The Krath escorting them though seemed to know their way well enough and they led Kieran and Kinta through the labyrinth with ease and haste alike. It took what seemed like hours to travel to where they needed to go and Kieran suspected that it had not been the most direct route so that they could neither find their way out and that they couldn’t find their way back here later. He appreciated the security involved.

Finally though they arrived at some sort of antechamber that jumped them out of the narrow corridors and into the view of a massive cavern. The cavern was lit with torched and littered with - what Kieran assumed - Krath going about their duties. Some on errands, some training in martial fields, some honing wares of many different uses.

At the far end was a temple, clearly. It was not of iron and steel - no - it was carved into the face of the rock itself and it welcomed them deeper into this nest of secrecy and danger.

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Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 5:00 pm
by Kell Sangros
They approached the temple it was crude, and obviously make shift. They were greeted by a man who stood at about six feet tall, clad in a robe and a hood covering his face, behind him were two others similarly dressed. She could sense the Force in the trio, the center figure being stronger than the two behind the mysterious figure. When the duo approached they stopped, the escort standing behind Kinta and Kieran.

Welcome Kinta Vetasa ,the War-Bringer’s top apprentice” the central figure said his features concealed behind the hood. Then inclining his head to Kieran “And Welcome to you as well Kieran, it is good you both have found your way here” he had said before either one could interject. “While you just arrived we have been waiting for your arrival for some time. I am sorry for your welcoming party but they were there for your own protection

He then turned towards the temple’s entrance. “Come, we have much to discuss” he began to walk towards the temple, his priests behind him, followed by Kinta and Kieran and then behind them the welcoming party behind them.

Jannella hid her confusion, but she studied each detail of her surroundings. She leaned in to Kieran whispering “ be ready for anything” she did not necessarily sense any immediate danger but she was not going to have her guard down either.
When they entered the vast temple chamber, on the altar stood a statue of two men made of what looked like Obsidian rock,. She recognized the likeness as Exar Kun and Ulic Qel Droma. In front of the altar was a table with several chairs, the High Priest and his priests each took seats, the High Priest indicating a seat for Jannella and Kieran. She took a seat her gaze to the trio in front of her. When Kieran took a seat the High Priest spoke.

Welcome to the temple of the Krath” he began his hands folded in front of him “No doubt you have seen some of our handiwork since you have been here

Jannella cut right to the chase “What do you want with us” while she could feel he had some strength in the Force she had no doubt that she could defeat him if it came to that.

He looked at each of his priests before looking at Jannella. “Right to business, I respect that” He began, “Our wants are simple, we would like to extend you and Kieran an invitation to join us

Jannella looked at him as if the simple truth was something new to her, she looked at Kieran’s reaction. “why us” she asked
The High Priest did not change his tone or body language “The Krath have been gone from the galaxy for far too long, We know who you are, and who your Master is. By you joining you can bring the War-Bringer into the fold. I am merely his place holder, we are caretakers to the legacy of the Sith, and it has grown stagnant even corrosive, we need to correct this, but only by the actions of the true High Priest and by the actions of the true” he had put emphasis on the word true “Sith Emperor

Jannella did not know what to say but she felt no deception coming from the man, she peered into the Dark Side and to her surprise she could feel its approval at what laid before her.

The High Priest turned his attention to Kieran “We know you have contacts and are a capable warrior, you would be a fine addition to our ranks, you could train our operatives, and lead our warriors to further the Krath’s imperative which is to restore the Sith to their former glory. We can provide you with anything you may need to better our cause” he then placed his hands on the table in front of them.
Jannella looked at Kieran, wondering what he was thinking. What would Warvanus say if she took this offer without consulting him, but if what he was saying was true then Warvanus would become their High Priest, in essence the leader of the Krath. Since meeting Kieran she was confused and was not exactly sure how to proceed.

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Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 6:16 pm
by Jacobi Wylcott
As his lord commanded Kieran would refuse any effort made to set him at ease despite the soothsaying of the High Priest, he kept his eyes narrow and the butt of his rifle snug into the pocket of his shoulder. He’d be lying if he’d said he wasn’t nervous - if the Krath decided they wanted the duo dead then there were far too many of the strange cloaked individuals to fight off. Kieran would be sure that if such a thing were to happen then this so-called High Priest would get one right between the eyes for the trouble of it and just maybe he’d be able to buy Kinta the time she needed to escape before he went down in a blaze of glory. Of course he hoped it wouldn’t come to that though.

He listened quietly to the speech and it was interesting enough but to be honest he wasn’t moved very much by the offer. His life now lay in the hands of Kinta and if she decided to follow these cloak and dagger types then so be it, otherwise he’d just as soon be away from this mess. Regardless of if ever Kinta decided to stay with these crackpots, Kieran would always only have one duty - to serve her - not these people. If that meant her desires had him working for them then he’d do just that.

But when she looked to him he could see the conflict in her face. She wasn’t sure about this whole thing. Kieran didn’t know much about the Sith but he was also an intelligent guy, he could spot opportunity where it was offered and even though the initial offer of his allegiance was nice enough, his loyalty was to her. In that, he turned away from the High Priest that he couldn’t see his face and to better hide his words. Leaning in to Kinta with his hand on her shoulder he whispered. “We can’t verify anything yet - but if these guys learned our real names and allegiances this fast and without either of us catching wind then we can be absolute certain of at least one thing - they are well connected in the underworld and from what I can figure your line of work would largely benefit from having friends like these.”

He glanced over his shoulder to the High Priest, “I wouldn’t turn your back though, I’m not getting good vibes off these guys. They are still hiding something. I’d also be careful about making a commitment to them without having some kind of leverage in return. We don’t want to be beholden to a group like this unless you are in a better position to leverage what you want.”

A sigh followed, as he processed everything so far he understood the potential of these Krath. “That said, I wouldn’t let this opportunity go without at least some serious consideration. They could be very useful on our side. But if we deny them here, we’ll probably have to fight our way out. They value their secrecy and I’d wager they’d be willing to kill to keep it from getting out.”

He gave her shoulder a squeeze, “I’m with you.” His confidence confirmed to her, he turned back to the High Priest and cracked his neck. Things were about to get interesting, regardless of Kinta’s decision.

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Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 6:44 pm
by Kell Sangros
Jannella considered what Kieran’s advice had to offer, for the most part it was in lines of what she was thinking. She would need to take control of this group, or hold an influencial position until her Master’s induction came. Either way she knew Kieran would have her back and right now that was all that mattered.

She pushed a strand of hair from her eyes and leaned back in her seat. “If I say yes, what would be my role? You mentioned I would be used to bring my Master into the fold, why is he so important?

The High Priest did not change his posture nor did he change his tone when he finally did speak after what felt like an eternity.
You would become of the my Priests, you would answer only to me, and you would be responsible for collecting any information on the current state of the Sith Empire-

“No” she interrupted “I will take the role of one of your priests if I agree , but I will forefront your operatives’ training, and my right hand will remain under me” indicating to Kieran

The High Priest looked at the priest to his right who bowed his head ever so slightly he then looked back to Jannella and Kieran
Very well” he began but then added “if you wont divulge intell on the Sith then you must act as an advisor for any operations that we may be planning is that acceptable to you?

Jannella restrained the impulse to kill the High Priest and his Priests right then and there. She looked at Kieran, she knew she had his loyalty and his support and while she never verbally expressed it was very appreciative. She gave him a slight nod before bringing her attention back to the High Priest

One more thing… I will need all the data you have access to on Holocron Construction techniques, provide that then you have a deal” with that she grinned and folded her hands in front of her.

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Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 5:09 pm
by Jacobi Wylcott
The proceedings were going smoothly, or at least so Kieran thought. The Krath were posturing for Janella’s allegiance but she was stalwart and would not fold or bend the knee to these fools. Kieran was appreciative of this fact as her being subject to others only meant she’d be put in danger from all directions but if she was to head things then the only threats could come from those subject to her - it was more directional and easier to gauge this way.

“To your offer I must decline.” Kieran added, “My loyalty is to my mistress alone. If that loyalty means that I should train your operatives and lead your warriors then that is what I shall do. But my allegiance is not up for bargaining.” He didn’t trust the High Priest but he had to acknowledge the influence such a secret society would ultimately have on things. He didn’t want to be harsh or threaten to alienate them with his stance - but some things he considered nonnegotiable and Kinta was just that for him.

“That said, what does the command structure look like? What is the martial strength of the Krath? Manpower, stockpiled weaponry, munitions, vehicles, starships. I want an entire manifest. In addition,” Kieran added, “Lady Vetasa will require private quarters in this,” he frowned, looking around, “hovel. In fact an entire floor dedicated to her of which I will oversee the security thereof.” Giving them a place to conduct her studies and rest without worrying about treachery would do them some good.

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Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 7:52 pm
by Kell Sangros
Inwardly she smiled, saving his life was quickly turning into the best decision she made since this trip started. Outwardly she gave no expression. The room was very quiet and still as the High Priest contemplated the newest addition. He knew the priests would have issue with this but the High Priest knew that this woman was the key to the Krath’s ascention. Through her they would bring the War-Bringer and the True Sith Emperor into their rightful places.

After a few long moments, the High Priest bowed his head in acknowledgement “Let it be as you say” he said and then clapped his hands. Servants appeared at the doorway “Escort our friends to Sub Level-C” it was mainly a guest floor but it had now become Kinta Vetasa’s private domain.

When they arrived and were left alone, she sat in a chair and ran a hand through her hair. She looked up to Kieran “Thank you” she said. She would make sure from here on out that he always had a place in any venture she embarked on. She was exhausted as it felt like the first time since landing on Onderon that she had a breather.

You are quite handy Kieran” she said “of course my first instinct was to start killing but, when we sat down I felt something in the Force, almost as if we were being presented a gift I cannot quite explain it, they mentioned the War-Bringer” she paused “The only one I know who goes under that title is my Sith Master, I think they are using me to get to him, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. The High Priest does have some strength in the Force but nothing I could not handle” with that last bit she smiled.

After a moment she rose from the seat and went into the kitchen, it was stocked well “At least we wont go hungry” she said as she took a food pack from the dispenser. She wondered if they were being watched at all the thought creeping into the back of her mind. Then she happened to glance at a wall and concealed was a camera. She narrowed her eyes a bit at it. She approached it and put her fist through it.
Kieran, apparently we are being watched, we need to find any and all listening and surveillance devices and destroy them” the anger now rising within her. They would pay for this intrusion.

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Posted: Wed May 22, 2019 7:49 pm
by Jacobi Wylcott
It wasn’t long before the treachery of the Krath was revealed by Kinta and it was Kieran that swiftly went to work scouring the suite in which they found themselves in. Within an hour two additional listening devices had been uncovered yet the bodyguard was just getting started in turning this place inside out. Each device he would remove in entirety from the housing where it was hid and he placed them all in a pile on one of the counters - once they collected everything they’d be making a visit to the Krath equivalent of Sergeant at Arms and it would very likely be a bloody discussion for a lesson was to be taught. Essentially it was all part of curving the loyalty of the Krath to better serve Kinta. If Kieran was to be honest - he’d rather see her elevated by this situation and not her elevating someone else.

Easily it took the rest of the afternoon to completely comb through the entire area but by the strike of the eighth hour the full number of surveillance equipment had been corralled. In total there were nine devices not counting the one Kinta had originally smashed. He put them all in a small tin of water that they’d short out and before he left the room he reported his findings to Kinta. “I’m going to have a little chat with our friends. I will be away for a while but I’ve got to get this place into top shape.” He bowed respectfully to her, “Mi’lady,” he said as his goodbye and departed.

It didn’t take much longer for Kieran to hunt down the sergeant at arms, a Krath by the name of Honalder and he was escorted by a four man group of bodyguards. Kieran walked up to Honalder and threw the tin right at him - the contents spilled over the red robes and the devices clattered to the ground. In startled shock of the aggressive encounter the bodyguards went for their weapons but Kieran - having broken the rust off his skills - was faster. He drew his pistol and shoved it in Honalder’s eye socket. “Stand down! Or else you boys start looking for a new employer.”

With weapons out they aimed at Kieran but without a doubt they were stunned and froze. Honalder was shaking, his hands up. “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot!” He cried to Kieran and his guards alike. “They surveillance was on order of the High Priest. I was just following orders.”

“Me too.” Kieran growled and gripped the Krath by the neck spinning him around and holding him tight to free up his sidearm, he extended his arm and shot the first Krath in the thigh. The wounded man screamed and dropped to the ground. His friends moved to shoot back but held their fire for fear of shooting Honalder. Kieran shoved the Krath forward, ramming him into two of the guards, the third was shot twice in the shoulder. Kieran rushed the fallen pair and put his boot into one’s face and pinning the other’s weapon arm to the ground with his other boot and shooting the forearm. Screams of pain echoed through the halls and Honalder squirmed in terrified grief.

With a heat to his hand he swept out and caught the Krath in the side of the face with the barrel of his pistol. Burnt meat wafted into the air but Kieran wasn’t done yet as he pulled out his knife and knelt over the Krath’s prone body. Pressing the knife into Honalder’s neck to make sure he got the point, Kieran whispered. “The next listening device I find in my mistresses quarters, I’m taking lives and then I’m coming for you. I’ll shove the cameras so far up your tail end that you’ll be taking pictures of your teeth. Am I perfectly clear on this!?”

Honalder whimpered, yet agreed ecstatically. Kieran grunted and ran his knife from the man’s neck upwards and deep across the chin. Red life fluid lent the floor its color as Honalder cried out from the maiming but not debilitating wound. Kieran wiped his knife off on Honalder and sheathed it. As he was walking away the first guard that was shot in the thigh had retrieved his own pistol and was about to engage - Kieran shot him in the gut for his trouble and the man fell back on the verge of death’s hand.

His next stop was the militant wing of the Krath Temple. It was time to get this machine rolling and Kieran would do so with ruthless efficiency. He served Kinta of the Sith Order, he couldn’t spare mercy or compassion for the Sith demanded results and Kieran wasn’t about to disappoint his mistress.

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Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 1:40 pm
by Kell Sangros
When the High Priest learned about Jannelle and Kieran learning of the listening devices, he sent his priests to visit the Sith Apprentice. “Bring her to me” he had commanded of them.

They arrived at her private floor, Kieran was off to deal with the Sgt at Arms. There were four of them all unarmed.
The High Priest requests an audience” one told her

Kinta Vetasa looked at the four of them “Oh he does, does he?” As she said that she took a step towards them, drawing on the dark side fueling it with her anger and hatred she reached out to the throats of two of the priest and with her hand she balled it into a fist , as she did so two of them began to choke until she crushed their windpipes killing two of the Priests.

The Third priest who was the strongest of the four drew on the Dark Side to Force push her using Telekinesis, Kinta flew but had used the Force to control her landing and she landed on her feet. A tsk tsk gesture came from the Apprentice of the War-Bringer. She drew her Lightsaber and ignited the blade and approached the two remaining priests. Drawing deeper on the Dark Side she moved with enhanced speed and beheaded the third priest he was unarmed and his tricks no longer had any affect on her as she had raised her mental shielding. The Fourth priest she brought her lightsaber and removed both the hands of the remaining priest. He screamed in pain as he began to back away from her. As he backed away the doors opened “Tell the High Priest if he wants to see me to come here HIMSELF” and with that she pushed him with the force into the lift. The doors slid shut and only then did she deactivate her blade and clipped it to her belt. She had then gone to the room where a comm. System was, she entered the code for her Master

Master” she began as it began recording “I am on Teta I have the data you require but we need to talk, I have stumbled upon a group of terrorists calling themselves the Krath, they could be trouble for us, If you could meet me on Teta” she then realized she was begin jammed, she tried her best efforts to elude their efforts to no avail. So when Warvanus would receive this message, it would only be her holo and no audio but it would also be severely delayed once it sent that is. It was queued but Kinta did not know this yet, it was clear, She knew what she had needed to do. But first She needed Kieran.