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Sith Capitals 101

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:12 pm
by Jacobi Wylcott
Ok as the last thread I’m not here to insult your intelligence but I’m going to break this down from base level. So if you’ve already got a concept then forgive me but I’m rolling so let’s do this. Everything below is going to be a suggestion. We can change how we do things but currently this is how we roll.

Weapon Types:
Lasers - Use against fast starships and against starfighters.
Turbolasers - big guns. Use against stationary/slow ships. NEVER starfighters. Planetary bombardment!
Ions - useful to disable ships. Bypasses shields.
Warheads - Concussions = like Lasers. Protons = DMG like turbos.
Tractor Beams - For RP. Don’t waste your time.

Each weapon except warheads are broken down in scale C1-C3. C1 is less power higher rate of fire, C3 is the opposite.

Ship Types:
Star Dreadnaught - we don’t get these. Battlestations with engines. DO NOT ENGAGE! EVER.
Battleship/Destroyer - the big head honchos of the fleet.
Heavy Cruiser - biggest ship of the line that is practical for use. Best bang for the buck. Gun platforms!
Cruiser - basic midrange starship. Doesn’t stand out but handy.
Frigate - Usually speedy ships. Used for plugging holes, reacting quickly to crafty RPers and starfighter screens.
Corvette - smallest, fastest ships that are considered capital ships. Usually lightly armed but their speed is unmatched which is a good trade. Speed keeps you alive versus the typical enemy we face which are bigger and have lotsa gunz!

Ship Types CONTINUED: You need to study their firepower on your own. I personally set up a spreadsheet to track EXACTLY what each ship can do, what its armed with etc. If it is important I’ll list it but I’ll pop you up a brief descript to help you understand their typical use.

Naga-class Heavy Dreadnaught - Battleship
Our big boy. Most guns, most shields, slow as history. On paper these puppies are our backbone.

Exar-class Dreadnaught - Heavy Cruiser
Horrifically slow. Not good armament but excellent armor. Good tanks to let the enemy shoot while your workhorses do the damage.

Invincible-class Dreadnaught - Heavy Cruiser
Strong vessel. Definitely a line ship. Plenty of lighter firepower but the shots are more likely to hit. Has warheads. Good ship.

Nightfall Destroyer - Heavy Cruiser
Excellent shielding power, excellent firepower, slightly faster than our sad ships previously listed.

Loronar Strike Cruiser - Cruiser
EXCELLENT midrange ship. For its size it has good weaponry & good shielding.

Neutron Bulk Cruiser - Cruiser
Odd ship. More of a heavy frigate class but its got some weight to it so here it is in our cruiser category. Decent shields, very good light weaponry.

Harrower Dreadnaught (Sith Battlecruiser) - cruiser
Not quite a heavy cruiser but goodness me the firepower! Great guns on this one but the defenses are lax.

Kaloth Cruiser - cruiser
Great weaponry. About all I can say here.

CC-7700 Interdictor Frigate - Frigate
Most valuable tech we have. Gravity Wells! Lots of warheads. Very good ship.

Nebulon B Frigate - Frigate
Balanced frigate, this one is a workhorse.

Everything else, Corellian Gunship, CR90 Corvettes, CR90 Assassin Corvettes, Corsair Battleships. Small fast and reliable.

Don’t think I need to list you of what we have so I’ll spare you that much. Let me know if you need further guidance.