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Development Threads

Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:38 am
by Master Buggie
This came up and the original thread was on the old Tapatalk forum, so I'm copying it over here.
Master Buggie wrote:Since this became a hot topic in the chat, I wanted to provide some clarity after speaking with everyone regarding faction and personal development threads.

The staff opinion is that personal and faction development threads to create something unique are allowed. At all times, development threads must be first approved by the staff. Contact a staff member, the staff member will speak with the rest of the staff, and then someone will get back to you on what the requirements are for whatever you're requesting. In other words, these will be handled on a case by case basis in terms of requirements. Obviously, this rule is in effect so that something silly or overpowered does not get developed. Once you have successfully met those assigned requirements, grab a staff member's ear and we'll review.

Two things to bear in mind with development threads. First, anything you're developing is for RP flavor only; it will never affect a generation and anything you develop can be destroyed, just like any NPC or anything not bound to the SLIU. Finally, anything developed should grant you only a slight advantage in RP; things you've developed are under no circumstances a means to achieve easy wins.

If you've been paying attention to announcements over the past year or more, you will know that there are updates in progress to the Sithlore Interactive Universe. One of those updates is to implement a modification feature. A modification feature will somewhat negate the need for some of these personal development threads. As a result, when the modifications system is implemented (and it will be), the staff will review the requests that have been completed once more.

Finally, just like anything else, think of what's plausible for your character before approaching the staff with a development thread idea. Be responsible with anything you're developing and the development process. It's a privilege to develop and have something unique.

EDIT: Since someone asked for examples on a personal development basis, let's say someone wanted their character to have a replacement limb for one they lost in a podracing accident. Does that need to be researched, designed, and developed? No. RP your character obtaining a prosthetic, and make it as interesting as you want. That's the sort of thing that you just present in character development, which is a natural function of roleplaying using your character on the site. While a prosthetic is unique to your character, it offers no special advantages and it's just part of your character that makes them stand out in a crowd.

Alternatively, what if someone wanted to develop a transformable double-bladed dual-phased lightshield greatsword? That would be something that you're going to have to run by the staff, since it's unique piece of equipment and it would offer you an advantage over other players in RP. Uh oh! There's a number of problems with that request. It's unique, but it isn't a good idea for development thread, because the Force system is highly regulated and that's just a silly request to be making in the first place.

Generally, a faction will request something that may be related to their faction in the EU or in Canon for development to help enrich the faction environment. Let's use the Empire's Death Troopers for example. Clearly, these weren't a thing until only recently, having been made available in Canon. The Empire was approved to develop out Death Troopers and bring them to life on Sithlore. Fun, and a great use of a development thread!

I would expect that explanation is clear enough to handle any further questions you all may have. I'm not going to get involved with every small detail in the "what if" department. Use common sense and use the guidelines above, and everyone will be happy.