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Hello everyone!

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:02 pm
by Sarela Malkova
Firstly, I'd like to say hi to everyone within this community. I usually go simply by the username Mocha, but, seeing as our character names are what we'll be going by, Sarela should be fine. Next, I'd like to say that I've been roleplaying for more than a few years now, and I'm happy to be trying my hands here at Sithlore. It's been a few months since I've done board roleplay and a little longer since I've roleplayed in a game (SWTOR and SWG), so I may be a little rusty at first, and it may take me some time as well to pick up on the rules and knowledge, along with the lore. I'm a big lore buff when creating my character(s), as well as knowing the current time period/year we're in. I've done a little digging, but I've been having a little trouble finding it, which I apologize for if anything in my characters bio comes out wrong because of it, and I'm happy to go through and fix any errors seen. Because of this, I will try and keep dates and galactic canonical information limited to non-existent. I'm also a little excessive when actually making my character, so I apologize if anything is a little over the top...

As a final statement, I just want to say that yes this IS a character that I've made on another site before, but I don't see much problem re-using her so long as the information provided is lore-friendly to Sithlore. If you have any reason to suspect plagiarism, feel free to message me on whichever site you may find this character already on, and I'll be sure to message you back with affirmative that it is, in fact, my character. One reason I'm using her is that I never really got to use her in any roleplays, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to extend her as a person, rather than a simple concept and idea.

Anyways, thanks so much for reading through my little introduction... Sorry that it was so long. Let's get on to meeting Sarela. :)

Sarela Malkova

NAME: Sarela Flora Malkova
AGE: 15
SPECIES: Near-Human

HEIGHT: 5'1”
WEIGHT: 86 lbs


"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end."

Observant, reserved, and detached at times, Sarela Flora Malkova has been subjugated to a life of servitude and oppression. Born to an unknown mother and father, Sarela was raised and protected by the elderly women of the Slums up until a little after her third birthday; when her affinity for the Force was first discovered and documented, and it wasn't long after that the findings were reported to one of the largest slave owners on Orvax IV, Zyrias Forto, along with many others. Within hours of Sarela's apparent manifestation and substantial use of the mystical power known simply as the Force, a bidding war erupted, to which Zyrias easily won with her vast collection of credits, rare goods, and connections. It wouldn't take the Slave Council long before they learned of the elderly women within the Slums, and how they protected and hid Sarela from the Officials; to which the women were quickly and effortlessly publicly executed for treason against their Masters, as a show of what happens when individuals gifted with the Force were attempted to be hidden away. All of which Sarela was brutally forced to watch firsthand as her guardians were slaughtered, hung, and stoned to death by their fellow slaves. And so began her life under the ownership of one of the most influential and notorious slave owners on all of Orvax IV, who she would oddly grow to have a strange bond and something akin to gratitude towards later in life.


An estranged mother of sorts, Zyrias quickly began grooming Sarela to what she thought a woman with Sarela's gifts should be. At only three standard years old, Zyrias was well over a hundred years older than Sarela, with decades of experience under her belt when it came to caring for and guiding her slaves to what she saw as acceptable. Within only a few months, Sarela was taught to read and write, along with basic math; what was and wasn't proper edict when addressing those above you, and what not following orders would entail.

By the time of her seventh birthday, having been Zyrias most prized slave for well over four years, Sarela could name every other slave owner on Orvax IV, where they lived, and what types of slaves they kept, from the acceptable to the less savory types. Little did she know, Zyrias wasn't teaching her all of this just so that she would know the occupants of the slave owned planet. Her motives were less than genuine when it came to what she would expect of Sarela in the years to come.

Over the years that would follow, Sarela would come to love a handful of things. Flowers, for one, along with flower arranging, and painting being another. Teaching herself through books supplied to her, she learned which plants were indigenous to what planets, which were edible and which were poisonous. Which flowers and plants could be used to heal and cure, even crafting a few homemade remedies for pain, headaches, and other minimum discomforts using the knowledge she was quickly accumulating. By the age of eleven, she could be considered among the best Botanist and Apothecaries on Orvax IV. Her strong connection with the plant life around her was no doubt aided through her connection with the Force. Though, already at such a young age, her connection to the Force was tainted by everything she'd endured over the years; all the beatings, whippings, and displays of indecency shoved upon her. Darkness was already stirring, and once one makes the connection to the Dark side of the Force, it's near impossible to remove such taint. Something Sarela had no idea how to contain or draw away from, instead simply feeding off her ever growing feelings of loneliness, depression, and hatred towards not only her Owner but every slaver on Orvax IV.

By the age of thirteen, Zyrias plans for Sarela were coming to fruition. She began teaching the young girl how to not only act like a more mature lady but to dress like one as well. The elderly woman, now well around the age of 117 standard years, that had shown the girl something akin to kindness, at least kindness when it came to one's slave, now began to show her ruthless and bloodthirsty side. She began teaching Sarela about her plans to assassinate those that she saw as a direct threat to her slave empire, using Sarela as her personal weapon.

Her knowledge of plants became more sinister; rather than healing, she learned to mix certain plants together to create deadly concoctions. Flower arranging and painting was traded for which places a knife could instantly kill someone; which was many, apparently. In the ten years that Zyrias had owned Sarela, it wasn't until these teachings that the elderly woman bought Sarela her first, though not only, gift: a small crystal necklace, which could be used to store an array of different poisons to use in different situations. As months passed, Sarela's depression deepened; dreading what would be expected of her within the year, unsure with herself if she'd be able to actually kill another living person. It was only through feeding, fanning, and growing the darkness within herself she was able to power through and overcome the storm of emotions constantly churning through her.

Only a month before Sarela was to carry out her first assassination for Zyrias, the political hierarchy of Orvax IV would be shattered for generations to come; not only was Zyrias, one of the oldest and most influential slave owners assassinated within her own home, something everyone thought as impossible, most of all Zyrias herself, but much of it would be bombed and destroyed in the hours to come after her death. Her slaves would become nothing but cattle, sold to the highest bidder like nothing but animals. But, for Sarela, the impossible had happened; with her Master's death, she found her freedom at last; Zyrias second and last gift to the girl she had begun to think of as almost like a daughter.


Using the credits and jewels stolen from Zyrias most prized possessions, Sarela crafted herself into the semblance of a well-off young woman traveling and seeing what the Galaxy had to offer. Searching for what, she had no idea; all the while, the darkness within her steadily grew, turning into an all too familiar whisper and longing to learn more about her abilities as a Force user.

Months passed and from a small girl, a woman began to emerge. Her childlike features began to take on those of a young lady; her Sephi heritage becoming more defined and pronounced, bringing about exotic features to her face. Her thin frame, from malnourishment, turned from that of a girl, into a woman; much like her face had. By the age of fourteen, it was easy for Sarela, and those around her, to see the woman that she would grow into as the months and years passed.

With so much that had happened to her in her young life already, Sarela could hardly fathom what might lie ahead of her, something which she begrudgingly knew would happen, no matter if she wanted it to or not...


Growing from an environment riddled with servitude and oppression, having served her Master for around ten years, Sarela has a hard time trusting most people. Due to being isolated for a good portion of her life, other than when Zyrias allowed her brief moments of escape; Sarela has grown to have very little to no empathy what-so-ever towards others. Anxiety, depression, and loneliness often plague her, and it's only through embracing the darkness within herself that she's able to numb these feelings, leading towards a sense of detachment when others may interact with her.

The most emotion she shows is through her paintings and flower arrangements, both of which she loves crafting equally. She often equates her remaining sanity to these small tasks, which she would do for hours on end within her locked cell. When painting and arranging many different flowers together into a beautiful bouquet of exotic masterpieces, is when, understandably, Sarela feels the most emotional, allowing for her pain to escape through each creation, and heal her, even just somewhat. Sarela likes to think that each painting or flower arrangement holds a piece of her soul in it, taking away some of the disturbing thoughts that go through her mind at times.

Lastly, and most importantly, Sarela has an unequivocal loyalty towards those she comes to trust unconditionally, however unlikely it is for such attachments to form. Due to this, some of her actions may seem impulsive and destructive at times when it comes to the things and people she's grown to care for, but when you have so little, it's natural to want to protect what little you do have and to help it grow, and flourish like the most exotic of blooming flowers within the most remote of landscapes.


Having the appearance of a young girl still, yet the blooming features of an exotically beautiful woman just beginning her journey in life, it can be inferred that she may be somewhat of a silly child, having no real understanding of the Galaxy around her; holding no real experiences. Though all one would have to do is peel away the extremity layers of her clothing to see the thin-lined whip marks that criss-cross all along her fair-skinned back in irregular patterns. To look at the distant stare in her eyes, as if looking beyond and towards something somewhere, or someplace, else. Look at the straight-faced, unamused set of her exotic features; no, appearances are defiantly not always what they seem.

With natural beauty marks under her right and left eyes, high cheekbones, a soft, elegant face, and pointed ears, each feature helps to give Sarela a sharp, yet innocent look. Matched with often unsmiling and straight lined lips, it can be hard at times to guess what she may be thinking at any given moment or get a pure read on her emotions.

Often choosing to wear black, white, and grey clothing; she's careful to make sure that each color matches well with her dark-grey hair and blue eyes, along with her fair skin. Long, flowy, dresses are some of her favorites, often choosing to allow a bit of skin to show through, as to help situate a sense of maturity that her young age may dissuade from. Even if Sarela may not care about her outward appearances, she's always careful to keep a clean and elegant show; as to keep others from thinking her to be inexperienced and nothing more than a child playacting at being an adult.

Well, if you've made it this far, I just want to thank you for taking the time to read and learn more about Sarela! If anything needs to be changed, please, feel free to tell me and I apologize for any misinformation I may have given when creating her. Anyways, thanks again for reading my post, and I look forward to getting to meet and roleplay with each and every one of you, if possible!

Re: Hello everyone!

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:27 pm
by Kell Sangros
Welcome to SL

You mentioned SWG? Live or on a EMU or both?

I dont know what faction you are leaning towards if any but I do know the Sith could use your character.

You'll find this community to be unique at least in the game play system as well as some awesome writers

Timeline I think and im sure if i am wrong someone will correct me is about 30 After Yavin maybe? I do know it has an alternate timeline of events, again welcome

Re: Hello everyone!

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:47 pm
by Doren Vassyl
Salutations! Though we have often seen slave narratives as a backstory in the past, I must commend you for an excellent reservoir of detail and characterization! One note that I am inclined to throw out, is that a given individual is only considered Force Sensitive after applying for it on the board (the details of which can be found under the Academy and Temple pages if memory serves).Secondly Kell is correct, in that the current timeline is 31 ABY: an updated map of territories can be find under either the Temple or RP Planning pages, and I will note that despite Orvax IV's proximity to Ryloth, the world's jurisdiction might technically fall under Galactic Alliance (the loathsome successor to the Rebellion) authority.

As to what path your character might follow, as one seeking mastery of the Force, and likewise harboring a tortured spirit, the Sith may well be the ideal place for you to blossom (some pun intended). I would also highlight the Blue Star Pirates could make use of an elegant poisoner, and, if the plight for freedom and harmony is your pleasure, you might also consider the Alliance and the Jedi Coalition. I, for my part, represent the interests of the Galactic Empire, and while we can always use promising Force Sensitive candidates for our Inquisitorius program, if we cannot be of service as allies or mentors, feel free to call on my colleagues and I for necessary evil and general plot obstruction. Feel free to PM Kell, myself, or any others for questions, and I look forward to seeing you in action, in character!


Re: Hello everyone!

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:38 am
by Sarela Malkova
Thanks, both of you for the warm welcomes! I roleplayed on both the live server and tried it out on the EMU, but had a hard time finding an active enough community to really get that much into it and invest time into. I was much more active on SWTOR tbh, (I was still pretty young when the original SWG shut down) having roleplayed on it for more than ~6-7 years.

Also, thanks so much for giving me a clear answer on the timeline we're currently in, I wasn't sure if we were in the Hundred-Year Darkness, SWTOR timeline, Darth Bane's era, or pre or post-prequel and all that jazz. I'm also more than happy to keep her unable to even use the Force and go through the applications needed to actually make it official, though I wonder if it would be alright to keep her Force Sensitive as I do know, untrained but knowing it's there due to the slavers? :)
If not, I'm sure I can go through and fix anything needed!

With that said, I suppose it's time for me to actually start thinking how to go about bringing Sarela into the Docking Bay roleplay... And think on which faction might fit her best in the long run.

Re: Hello everyone!

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 9:01 pm
by Ashara Rys

Re: Hello everyone!

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:58 pm
by Kell Sangros
I played on the Tempest server on SWG, and I cant even remember the name of the one on TOR , Ive played on a few SWG EMUs recently on one called Warfront

Whichever path you decide to take will be lucky to have you, I too have to commend you for the amt of detail you have in your character. As Doren said if you got any questions feel free to come to any one of us

Re: Hello everyone!

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 6:48 am
by Sarela Malkova
Thanks, both of you, it's nice to feel welcomed. Still, brainstorming some idea's, but hoping to have something by Monday-ish to give a try.

And tbh, I hardly remember what server on SWG I was on. Was so long ago. My main on TOR was Ebon Hawk.

Re: Hello everyone!

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 1:12 pm
by Kell Sangros
I think thats the server i have most of my toons on for TOR havent played in a very long time

Hit legend status but I should try the newest content out

Re: Hello everyone!

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 1:17 am
by Sarela Malkova
It's been almost a year since I've played, but any content that you've missed is most definitely worth giving a shot. Especially since subscribing once pretty much gives you access to all current story content forever!

It's a fun game, just gets boring after a while. Roleplay, in my opinion, is one of the reasons it still has such an active community.

Re: Hello everyone!

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:54 am
by Kell Sangros
I actually dont RP on those types of games I tried it on Galaxies back during the live days wasn't for me heh

As far as PC / Video games go I got burned on Galaxies as any of my friends vanished makes the game boring lol. and I got bored with TOR and the Bard's Tale which is an old school game I got bored with too.