On the Trail We Blaze {BSP/Open}

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Doren Vassyl
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Re: On the Trail We Blaze {BSP/Open}

Post by Doren Vassyl » Tue Feb 19, 2019 7:35 pm

Disrupting small pools of condescended vapor with every other step, the Imperial scouting party made slow but steady progress forward. As predicted, the brief episode of flooding had swiftly and violently upset the hypothetical water table trapped between the rocky, coral-laden veins, not unlike air bubbles stuck in amber. Still, for now, the path remained clear, and there was no immediately indication that the recon team would be washed away without warning. That said, unbeknownst to the commandos and their temporary overseer, a dull green light had begun to peek out of the occasional crevice. It was a slight, warm glow, but its lack of gusto robbed the Imperials' helmets of any optical insight. Given the almost total darkness of the interior, the night-vision setting was all but mandatory.

The group was hardly concerned with visuals however, as the walls of the cavern shook once more. It was not so severe a tremor as before: but all the same, the seismic interruption necessitated the Captain to bring his wards to a brusque halt. It was then that the ever perceptive KX model spotted something his direct superior did not. "Sir, on the ceiling- if you can call it a ceiling anyways", Kaysix proclaimed, prompting Vassyl's eyes to snap upward. Now, one the of the incandescent interlopers had seemingly increased in intensity, and Doren thought it to be some sort of fleshly vertebrate. Another subtle shift in water pressure rocked the immediate vicinity, and the Captain's eyes bulged in understanding.

Vassyl opened his mouth to shout in warning, but it was already too late. Similar, gelatinous growths ebbed their way through infinitesimal cracks in the walls, and the porous wounds overhead. In moments, the lurid green bulbs rapidly expanded in volume, and clamped down onto the Imperials like some sort of demonic ball pit. Groaning under the pressure of the bloated seapillows, Doren hoarsely labored between strained breathes, "Gyromitra... Aquocobia...". Of all the biological footnotes to have to encounter on the mission, it was just the Captain's luck that this would be the one to pick a fight with the Empire. Fondly hailed as the 'Vampire Fungus', this mycological man-hunter was known lie dormant between periods of flooding, only to absorb the sudden bursts of seawater and stretch out to pilfer nutrients.

One visibly distressed operative had already made the mistake of a sudden, obvious movements, and was quickly set upon by the Gyrometra's spiky orange frills. The fungus fed by osmosis, and while its acids were not biologically suited to digest plastoid, it would only be a matter of time before a hungry pseudodermic extension began to assail skin and bone. Thankfully, it was exactly these sort of encounters with the plant kingdom that predicated the accompaniment of Vassyl's vibroblade. Steadying his breathing and making sure not to shift under the weight of his aggressors, Doren softly called out to Prazutis, who was likely no better for wear than he, "Inquisitor- I could use a little psionic boost. If I can just reach my combat knife, we can cut this colony done to size- I can almost reach-".
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Neive Undant
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Re: On the Trail We Blaze {BSP/Open}

Post by Neive Undant » Wed Feb 20, 2019 5:48 am

Prazutis looked up as the horde of alien parasites dropped onto the men, thinking to himself as he felt through the force for his lightsaber, the metal handle getting hit by one of the pests and knocked away before he was soon buried by the small viruses that now surrounded him and the captain both. Scum of the galaxy, Prazutis thought.
Creatures like this that solely lived to feed off the life force of others. Though, there was a strange interest in things like this. Using the power of others to strengthen oneself. However, the fatal flaw in these creatures: they hold no standards. They hold no sentience and in turn, will destroy anything that is not them. Though, if this way of life could be directed at the exact people that the holder of the ability desired to be gone...
Prazutis opened his hand and grasped his lightsaber using the force’s energy, slowly maneuvering his lightsaber around the creatures. Although the decomposers had made mobility almost impossible for the group, the force had its own ways of dealing with things.
Prazutis listened to his captain and turned his focus to the blade that he reached for, his mind reaching out with the force, away from his own lightsaber hilt, and grasping the handle of the captain’s knife through the energy of the force’s flow.
With relative ease, he closed he space between Vassyl’s hand and the handle of the blade he searched for, before Prazutis reaches again for his own blade, maneuvering the handle past the vermin around him.

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Master Buggie
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Re: On the Trail We Blaze {BSP/Open}

Post by Master Buggie » Sat Jun 01, 2019 4:33 pm

The droid standing over Ashara cocked its head, regarding Buggie and his useless blaster for a moment.

<Ah! Thou must be the protector of the lady, the Rightful Heiress of the Galactic Empire. Well met! One is known as B-GAW9, recently designated as Gawain.>

Buggie did not respond out of confusion. Did this droid really think Ashara was the heir to the Galactic Empire? No way...

The droid regarded Ashara for a moment, before stepping over to a panel in the wall and raising the cover, <My Lady's lifesigns are stable. It appears she has suffered a mental overload of some capacity. Requesting assistance on all known Imperial frequencies. Stand by.>

"Wait!" Buggie cried out, as Gawain connected to the computer terminal beneath the cover, most likely placed there as a means to protect the terminal from the moisture within the cavern.

As Buggie made to stop the droid, Gawain's processors must have detected his intentions, as the droid immediately drew its blaster rifle and pointed it at his chest, <It is paramount that we call for assistance for the lady, the Rightful Heiress to the Galactic Empire. My lady hath informed me that the Galactic Empire hath-- how did my lady say it-- kicked the bucket, but mayhaps there are loyalists nearby on Vardos that may offer help. If thou are not willing to offer help, thine's assistance has been rendered obsolete.>

The droid steadied its blaster rifle, clearly indicating to Buggie what its intentions were for the disposal of Ashara's obsolete protector.

Thinking fast, Buggie replied, "No, no, no! You don't understand! Calling for help on the Empire's frequencies would be really bad because... b-because there's enemies of the Empire out there who might be listening. If they knew Ash-- I mean, the lady--"

<Rightful Heiress to the Galactic Empire.> Gawain interjected.

"Right, that. If they knew she was here," Buggie continued, "They'd come down to finish her off. She's the only hope the Empire has for continuing on. We can't risk sending out a general distress call. There's two of us here to help her. Let's work together; if we can't do this ourselves, we don't deserve to be her protectors."

It took only a moment for Gawain to consider, <Acceptable. What does thou propose?>

"Allow me. This is one of my specialties," Buggie offered, holstering his useless blaster and approaching Ashara.

Buggie laid his chitinous hands upon Ashara's forehead, reaching out with the Force. A dark aura coursed through her mind, and Buggie could feel the remnants of the mental overload that had taken over her. With the aid of the light side of the Force, Buggie reached out and began to ease Ashara's racing thoughts. The healing would, hopefully, bring her back to consciousness shortly, provided Gawain did not suddenly decide to object and level its blaster at Buggie again.

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